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Dog Daze


"Ariel, don't you dare pee on the bed!"

I smiled at my little joke. Ariel wouldn't do that, of course. Ariel was my adorable, prize-winning Yorkshire Terrier, and she was far too well behaved for that kind of behavior. I had brushed her coat until it shined, and now it was time for our walk.

I attached the leash to her harness and we made our way towards the front door. We stopped briefly by the full-length mirror and made a final inspection. My black hair was cut to perfection and I looked exactly like the serious up-and-coming businesswoman that I was. I was already taking on more responsibility than the typical twenty-four year old, and I had made sure there were no MySpace or Facebook embarrassments hovering around. And certainly no boyfriend embarrassments, either.

I smiled at my reflection, then turned and walked out the door. With Ariel's neckerchief color-coordinated with my outfit, she made the perfect accessory.

Ariel and I made our way down the street until we arrived at Hymie Park. Dogs were permitted to roam free inside this fenced park- assuming they were non-aggressive, of course- so nearly every dog owner in Chrystal Heights' Northlake neighborhood passed through here at some point during the day. We were all at least passingly familiar with each other by sight, even if we didn't know each other's names. And that was inconvenient today, as I knew why the man who was approaching me now was doing so.

"Hello, Erin," he said.

"Hello," I said, after a moment's pause.

"You don't even know my name, do you?" he said, chuckling. "You should, considering you're trying to get Squire banned from the park."

"I am not trying to get your dog banned," I said, my voice cold.

"Okay, you're trying to get the home association to ban every dog over forty pounds from the park," he said, "but you're doing that because of Squire, aren't you?"

I glanced at his dog, who was sniffing thoughtfully around Ariel. Squire's coat was stainless steel-silver with sharp black streaks length-wise along his body. It was a striking two-tone effect that identified Squire as a purebred Chrystal Shepard, a breed of dog native to Chrystal Heights. They were rare and highly-prized due to their unusually high intelligence, but traditionally only single men owned that breed of dog.

"Your dog tried to attack Ariel," I said. "Ariel has the right to come to this park without the threat of assault."

The man laughed. "If Squire had attacked your little dog, you would have taken your dog home in separate pieces. Squire growled at Ariel, and that was only because your dog bit him on the leg, and even then it was only a playful growl."

"Oh, give me a break, Mister...ah...."

The man smiled. "Call me Jack."

I didn't return his smile. "Give me a break, Jack," I said. "Ariel probably bit him because he was trying to mount her. Everybody knows what a randy species those Chrystal Shepards are."

Jack looked displeased at my summation. I may have sounded judgmental, but Chrystal Shepards had a reputation for enhanced sexual instincts. In centuries past- when Chrystal Heights was simply a coastal fishing village- Chrystal Shepards had been used extensively as guard dogs. Men who were gone for a day or several days for hunting or business trips used to leave their wives and children with these shepards for protection while they were gone. However, according to urban legend, there were many reports of the shepards forcefully mounting any adult females in the households, sometimes even while the women were sleeping. Chrystal Shepards allegedly enjoyed mounting human females as much as they enjoyed mounting other dogs, and they were supposedly able to identify adult females by smell. Apparently women over eighteen smelled slightly different from minors, and Chrystal Shepards were able to instinctively recognize the difference.

Granted, I didn't take the stories all that seriously, but, still, Chrystal Shepards did seem to be truly horny dogs. And Mr. Jack could bet the farm I wasn't going to let his dog mount my little Ariel. I didn't care how purebred Squire was.

Jack's smile suddenly returned. He reached out unexpectedly and lightly stroked my hair. "Well, that's water under the bridge, Erin. In fact, since the motion about banning dogs over forty pounds from this park has been dropped, I'll even forgive and forget. All you have to do is put your gorgeous hair into pigtails for me and we'll call it even."

I blinked incredulously. Jack certainly had confidence, I would give him that. Of course, I was about to give him a lesson in arrogance he wouldn't forget. Jack didn't seem to realize he was dealing with a bitch-on-wheels, and I was more arrogant before breakfast than Jack could match all day.

"Well, Jack, you're wrong on both counts. Not that I'm surprised...inbreeding does catch up sooner or later, doesn't it? Not only am I going to get the home association to ban undesirable dogs like your mongrel from the park, I'm going to get them to ban Chrystal Shepards from the neighborhood altogether." I paused for effect, allowing my words to sink in, then continued. "And, furthermore, even if I wasn't busy keeping your ill-bred mutt from polluting the park, I wouldn't subject my hair to your pre-pubescent fantasies even if I was paid to do so. In short, you can go fuck yourself, Jack."

My final biting remark delivered, I turned to leave. I know how to make a dramatic exit. Jack's voice followed me as I left, however.

"You'll be back, Erin. You'll see. And you'll be begging me to fuck your ass when you do."


I woke up the next morning in a foul mood. I hadn't cared for Jack's threat when I was leaving the park the day before, and I was going to address that later today when I met with the head administrators of the home association. Jack was going to learn not to mess with me.

I sat in bed for a minute, trying to clear the sleep from my brain. Something was off and I couldn't put my finger on it. Then, finally, it hit me.

My hair was all the way down to my waist.

I blinked and leaped out of bed. I reached behind me, and, sure enough, my hair was all the way down to the top of my ass. That was impossible, as my hair had been barely past my shoulders when I went to sleep the night before. Heart pounding, I raced to my bathroom and looked at my reflection.

My hair now flowed down my back like a black silken waterfall, the ends hovering just above my ass. My heart was pounding, and I forced myself to calm down. I had to think things through. How the hell could this have happened? It had to be some kind of weird cellular thing or something. Or a freak shampoo accident. Everything else seemed normal, so it was apparently just my hair that was affected.

I pulled the mass of hair together and wrestled it into a ponytail. The weight was unfamiliar, but not incapacitating. I was now thinking a little clearer, and I knew what I had to do. I had to go see Gustav, my hairdresser.

I got dressed and put the leash on Ariel. I locked the door behind me and we turned to make our way to the car, but Ariel and I stopped when we noticed a figure casually walking along the sidewalk. The figure was whistling a jaunty tune and holding the leash of a Shepard who was sniffing at an unoffending bush.


I was hoping he'd continue walking, but he smiled broadly when he saw me.

"Good morning!" he said, his eyes running along the length of my ponytail. "Why, that's delightful hair you have this morning, Erin. Why, if someone were to give you perfect hair for pigtails, I'd say it would be about that length...wouldn't you agree?"

I suddenly felt breathless as the significance of Jack's words struck me. Pigtails. My hair. Suddenly it was clear. Somehow, some way, Jack had done this to me. Well, he wasn't going to get away with it.

The dam inside me burst. "If you think I'm going to cater to your twisted little fetish, you're insane, Jack," I said, my teeth clenched. "I'm going to get my hair fixed right now, without your help. And as soon as that's done, I'm going to get you and your stupid dog kicked out and arrested, and not necessarily in that order!"

Jack burst out laughing. "Really?" he said. His voice took on a solemn, mocking tone. "Mister Jack, you are charged with growing Miss Erin's hair. How do you plead?" He laughed again. "Be real, Erin. All I asked for were pigtails. Still, you're continuing to be very uncooperative. Have it your way, then. Have a nice trip to the hairdresser."

Jack casually strolled away and I glared at his back. I couldn't wait to take him down. First, however, my hair needed emergency service.

Gustav, my stylist, was cool as a cucumber despite my walking in with hair two feet longer in length than when I left the salon two weeks ago. "Oh, sweetie," he said, "with all the chemicals in things these days, who knows what happened? Don't worry, sweetie. We'll fix it for you, 'kay?"

I nodded, my faith in Gustav undeterred. Looking at the mirror in front of me, I saw him strike a dramatic pose as he sawed through my ponytail. I felt the weight of the hair dropping gradually as the long strands piled on the floor. "Don't worry, sweetie," he said. "This style will scream, 'I am a woman of power, hear me roar!' but without the whole butchy thing. No dreadful butchiness for you, sweetie!" His scissors and comb moved confidently over my head.

At last he finished, and I was pleased with the result. In fact, my hair looked better than it had before. It was feminine, but distinctly business-like. A perfect balance. I paid Gustav and added a generous tip, feeling better already. Gustav patted my hand. "Oh, you sweet thing, you look so fetch! Go get 'em! Rawr!"

I left the salon feeling like a million dollars, my dignity intact once again. Jack was certainly going to be disappointed, and I was entirely fine with that idea. Putting Jack into his place had definitely shifted to the top of my priority list, however. I couldn't give him a chance to stir up any more trouble. So I headed towards home so I could speak to Nancy, the president of the Home Association for Northlake.

Unfortunately, when I got to Nancy's home, the house was dark. She wasn't home. So my ultimate revenge was going to have to wait. Unsatisfied, I made my way home. I could wait a day or two to deal with Jack.


I woke the following morning instantly registering that my long hair was back. All the way down to my ass again, no less. Teeth clenched, I threw off the covers and stomped my way to the bathroom. I wiped the sleep from my eyes and glanced in the mirror to confirm that my hair was indeed long again. But this time, it wasn't just long.

My hair had turned golden blonde.

My eyes widened as I gasped in surprise. A soft wave of pure golden blonde flowed over my shoulders and down my back, stopping once again right at my ass. Blonde hair!

I stepped back from the mirror, heart pounding. I blinked in shock. How the hell did he do this? How the hell could anyone take me seriously when I looked like a bimbo beach bunny? What could I do?

Jack. Damn Jack and his stupid dog! Grrrrrr!

I raced to Gustav's salon. I walked straight in, ignoring the fact that he was with a customer, and that was a mistake, as Gustav saw me and nearly shaved a stripe in the woman's hair that he was working on. Scandalized, he fanned himself for a moment, then bustled me into the next chair and told me to wait while he finished with the now stewing woman. Fifteen minutes later he had cleared his schedule for the day and he went to work on my hair.

Platoons of color shades were mixed into my hair, and chemicals flowed generously. The smell of various concoctions hovered everywhere, and nobody dared light a cigarette for fear of blowing up the salon. Scissors and razors slid around my head, and hair flew freely through the air. My scalp burned and tears from the fumes wet my cheeks, and Gustav worked like a warrior through it all.

Hours later, we had to admit defeat. The colors refused to cling to my blonde, and my hair was growing back even as Gustav cut it. In a moment of desperation, Gustav had even shaved my head bald, but the smoothness had lasted mere minutes before blonde stubble appeared. Gustav was aghast and I was pissed, but it was obvious there was nothing a mere hairdresser could do against whatever Jack had done to me. Which meant there was only one thing to do.

Teeth clenched, I grated out, "Put my hair in fucking pigtails."

Gustav patted my hand mournfully. "Don't worry, sweetie," he said. "Pigtails can be so chic." His hands stroked my shoulders in sympathy, however.



I fumed as I left the salon and made my way towards the dog park. Because of the length of my hair, Gustav had tied the twin pigtails off on the top of my head. That kept me from sitting on my hair while I was driving, but it gave me an embarrassingly bubbly sex kitten appearance. I was so going to kill Jack the first chance I got.

I stomped my way to the park with Ariel in tow, and, sure enough, Jack was waiting there. He took one look at my hair and offered a broad smile.

"Well, now, look at you!" he said. "Don't you look adorable!"

"Screw you," I said, pigtails bobbing. "You got what you wanted, alright? Pigtails. So fix my hair already."

Jack chuckled and shook his head. "Oh, I don't think so, Erin. You did not put your hair in pigtails when you were supposed to, so I'm not feeling inclined to fix your hair. However, because you look so cute right now, all you have to do to earn my good will once again is flash me your bare boobs for...hmmmm...let's say sixty seconds. That should suffice, don't you think?"

A wave of indignant anger swept over me. "What?!?" I screamed. "You're out of your mind! I am not showing a pervert like you my tits under any circumstances! I'm not!"

Jack simply shrugged. "Suit yourself, Erin. You still don't get it, do you? Ah, well." Then he turned and walked away.

I walked Sofia home. I looked in the mirror as soon as I entered, but there was no change in my hair. I was beginning to regret my outburst, as it only served to make Jack mad. Not that he could do any worse to my hair- alright, he could do worse, but I didn't think he would, since he obviously liked the blonde pigtails- but I couldn't get rid of this embarrassing hair style until Jack gave his...permission. Grrrrrr!


I woke up the next morning, and I knew immediately that something was different. I sat up, then gasped as I surged forward from unfamiliar weight on my chest. My head jerked down, and I realized that two huge bubbles inside my tee-shirt were jiggling and still hadn't settled down from my abrupt sitting up movement.

Eyes wide, my hands flew to my boobs. I sputtered as I realized I was cupping melons that were easily three cup sizes larger than I had gone to sleep with. This wasn't happening. I did not have these ridiculously swelled tits! I didn't!

I realized I was getting a little wild-eyed, and I forced myself to calm down. I got to my feet and stood up, and it took my boobs several heartbeats to settle into place. I took a breath and walked to the bathroom.

I stood in front of the mirror and slid my tee-shirt over my head. Now naked except for my panties, I looked in the mirror. It was as bad as I feared.

Two huge globes sat high and firm on my chest. Porno tits. There was no way I could go out in public without attracting attention. I had no clue what bra size I would require now, but it had to be at least a double D, probably an E. They were lush and firm and just demanding to be touched. They felt embarrassingly hot and obscene. Guys were going to talk into my cleavage now instead of listening to a fucking word I said.

I had no idea what to do. Hell, I couldn't even get dressed. I didn't have a bra anywhere near the right size. I jiggled over to my dresser and pulled out a tank top. I slipped the tank top on and pulled it down over my swelled bosom. It was a tight fit and created cleavage that would likely cause car accidents, but at least I wouldn't be bouncing all over the place...just jiggling.

I looked through my closet, and I finally settled on a heavy sweatshirt that looked voluminous enough to fit my swelled mammaries. I slipped the baggy top over my head and pulled it down to my waist. It settled into place easily, but something wasn't right. My nipples had hardened. That in itself wasn't unduly troubling, but my eyes widened as the sensitivity in my nipples suddenly expanded what seemed to be a hundred fold. I gasped, my knees weakening from the intense sensations, and then it felt like millions of ants were walking across my nipples and sensitive boobs. I jumped and slapped at the front of the sweatshirt, but that had no effect on the sensations. In desperation, I ripped the sweatshirt off, and, like a switch had been thrown, the sensations suddenly disappeared.

I dropped to my knees, my boobs jiggling for several seconds before settling into place. I dully realized the significance of what had just happened. I had to go out looking like a dumb busty beach bunny. I wasn't going to be allowed to cover my boobs in any significant way. The whole neighborhood was going to get to see me jiggling along with pigtails and huge boobs. And my colleagues would too, unless I got Jack to stop this and fix me.

I clenched my teeth as that sunk in. I was going to have to admit defeat to Jack, dammit. And worse, I was going to have to flash him with these silly bimbo boobs. Grrrrrrrr!


I waited until sundown before attaching Ariel's leash to her collar. If I was going to expose my boobs to the world, I wanted to at least make sure it was dark outside when I did so.

I checked the mirror before we left for the park. My hair was divided into golden pigtails dangling all the way down my back. My monstrous boobs were pressed together and bulging out the top of an overwhelmed tank top. I looked like a sex kitten fetish model, but there wasn't anything I could do about that. I would just go there, show him my boobs for one minute, and then forget this whole situation.

Ariel and I made our way to Hymie Park. Sure enough, Jack was waiting there, looking relaxed. Squire was running loose in the park. He looked up at our arrival and gave a lazy smile.

"Well, look who's here," he said. His gaze dropped to my chest. "Nice rack," he added. Then the bastard smirked. Grrrrrrrr.

I glanced around...there was nobody near by. It was time to get this over with. I reached down and grabbed the bottom hem of my tank top. I took a breath, then pulled my top up over my rounded boobs.

My nipples hardened from the cool night air. My cheeks were bright red, but I continued holding my top up, keeping my breasts exposed. Jack, however, appeared bored, and after thirty seconds, he waved his hand at me.

"You can stop," he said. "You're too late. You were supposed to do it when I told you to last night. Doing it now is a waste of your time and mine."

My eyes widened. "What?!?" I shrieked. "You can't do that! I flashed you my bare tits! I just flashed the whole world my tits! Just like you told me to!"

Jack's eyes hardened. "No, you didn't," he said. "I told you to do it last night, not when it was convenient for you. The only way out of it for you now is to take off your top, drop to your knees and give me a topless blowjob, right here in the park, right now. And I mean a complete blowjob, not a couple of licks and kisses."

I took a step backwards. "You're crazy," I said, "if you think my lips will ever touch your cock. Go fuck yourself, okay? Or better yet, go fuck Squire."

Jack shrugged, seemingly unperturbed. "Have it your way, then," he said. "By the way, I suggest red."

I turned around and walked away. My pigtails swayed back and forth across my shoulders as I hurried away from the horrid man. I had no idea what his parting comment meant, but I wasn't going to stick around to find out. I firmly pulled the resisting Ariel with me. She whined but eventually fell into step with me.

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