Doing Alice


Bob adored his daughter and there was nothing he wouldn't do for her. So, when Liza begged if Alice, her best friend, could live with them, Bob agreed. It wasn't odd. Alice's parents were going through an ugly divorce so it wasn't unusual for him to agree to help. Alice was her sensitive friend going through a difficult time. It made sense.

The girls would share the same bedroom and could drive together to their morning classes at the local college. His neighbors thought this was wonderful example of his typical charity. But in this case, Bob agreed, not because his daughter asked, but because Alice was insanely hot and he knew she had a crush on him. She had the crush for years. To make matters worse, he had similar feelings about the petite little red head. In the back of his mind, Bob wanted to take advantage of her close proximity to coerce his way into her panties. It didn't matter he was more than twice her age.

Bob was proud of his life. He had a successful business. Good marriage. Big house. Loving family. He even had a 55' Sea Ray moored down at the marina. But he would lose it all if any one found out what he planned to do; yet he couldn't stop himself. She had the body and the face to make him risk it all.

Always moving, always busy, Alice had a big, bright smile that lit up the room. But when they were alone, her eyes smiled too. Her green eyes sparkled as she told him about her favorite poems. After he feigned interest and asked her to read some poetry for him, she was like a new puppy filled with energy and excitement. But, as the words of some romantic French poem left her lips, Bob's eyes traveled over her young, exciting figure. Although immediately aroused by her body, he waited for the right moment to make his move.

After Alice moved in, Bob felt a sensual undercurrent between them whenever he spoke with her. While normally deferential, when they were alone, her manners bore a hint of flirtation but nothing too obvious at first. His wife and daughter were always around but that didn't stop Bob from trying to draw Alice closer. He kept pursuing her.

He always sat next to her while watching a movie or eating a meal. He always hugged her goodnight. When his family was out of the room, Bob continually flirted with Alice but normally she shied away when things got too intimate but Bob sensed she wanted more. It was like a skittish fawn warily approaching a stream while knowing a crocodile lurked below the water. She was aware of the danger lurking below the surface, but she still wanted a taste.

As time passed, the flirtation between them grew more serious. Now, Alice didn't pull away as quickly when he hugged her goodnight. Even better, Alice started to take the initiative. Without anyone else knowing, Alice continually deposited small gifts in the top drawer of his large wooden desk in his home office. These offerings were small like a chocolate truffle she wanted him to taste or newspaper articles she wanted to share, but he looked forward to these small tokens because it showed she has feelings for him and was willing to hide her acts from his family. This made him feel closer to her. Excited by her.

Unlike his wife, Alice hung on his every word. She was excited by what he had to say. Whenever she had a problem, Alice came to him to resolve it. Every time, he succeeded and became her hero. He knew she would be his soon.

Weeks passed as they continued to secretly flirt. He made a point of always complementing her when they were alone. His soft pleasing words were followed by lingering touches when they spoke. When they were alone, his fingers became familiar with the small of her back and the rise of her ass. He was testing how far she would let him go while accosting her. Alice must have been tempted because her gifts became more personal.

His favorite gift was a juvenile poem written in flowery penmanship. It was such a bad poem but yet so promising. He kept it hidden from his wife in his wallet. The purple pastel paper was folded into a square and signed with an "A". It read, "Summer promises whispered, secret dreams seek ground; Turn around and see me; lift my veil and discover; treasures shared in the dark, only two will ever know."

For the next two weeks, Bob wanted to privately thank Alice for her poem but the time was never quite right. His wife and daughter were always around and he didn't want to embarrass Alice. Actually, he wanted to be alone with Alice because he wanted to seduce her. Between the lines of her poem, Alice had invited him into her bed and he wanted to RSVP. She may be reluctant but he would convince her.

Late on a Thursday night after he had barbecued all afternoon, the moment seemed right. When he went inside for another beer, Bob found Alice doing the dishes before bedtime while his wife and daughter were upstairs washing their hair and then afterward, his daughter was going to color his wife's hair so he knew he had a decent window of opportunity.

He stopped to watch Alice. Unaware that anyone was behind her, Alice hummed to herself while she discretely moved her hips to the song in her head. Very sexy. Highlighted by the single overhead light above the sink, Alice was wearing thin pajama bottoms and a short, white t-shirt.

Her sleeveless t-shirt was cut short enough to expose a narrow band of Alice's flat stomach. He loved her tiny, tanned waist and imagined his hands wrapped around her. Holding her. Possessing her. He then imagined slipping his hands inside her t-shirt to fondle those magnificent breasts. Over time, he had caught brief glimpses of her breasts when she was picking up a book or when her robe was loosely tied.

But it was always too dark or too quick for him to see much, so Bob knew he wanted to see more of those soft orbs and nuzzle his face between them. Even more, he wanted to feel her nipples grow hard between his lips. Standing there in the dark, Bob continued to visually fondle Alice as his eyes drifted down her body.

She had a magnificent tight round ass that looked great perched high on her long legs. As with all young women, Alice's cotton pajama bottoms were a little too tight. Decorated with little hearts and red lips, the bottoms were too long and pooled around her feet so she had to shuffle around in them so she wouldn't trip. Bob smiled as he realized she wasn't going to be able to run away in them and escape.

Through the thin cotton bottoms, Bob could see Alice was wearing a pink thong. A dainty thong covered in lace and held together with thin straps. The thong snugly wrapped around her hips and peeked out of the top of her pajama's waistband on both sides. Standing in the doorway without her knowing, he visually traced the thong down to where it disappeared between her firm ass cheeks. Lost in lustful thoughts, Bob imagined if he pulled Alice's pj's down those long legs, the lacy thong would barely hide her young pussy.

Bob had always liked Alice's tight ass and thought back to the times he had, "innocently" rested his hand on Alice's bottom during a long conversation while his family was out of the room or when he hugged her goodnight. Bob thought about the soft skin of Alice's ass cushioning her flexing muscles. Even when he held Alice too long, she never pulled away or stopped him while he "innocently" touched her. He felt his cock stir while thinking about touching her even more intimately.

Spurred by lust and alcohol, Bob decided he was going to make his first move tonight but beforehand, he turned around and listened to make sure his wife and daughter were still busy upstairs. It was quiet. They never did anything quickly and they so he decided he had about an hour before he would see them again. It was more than enough time to persuade his little sweetheart.

Satisfied with the impromptu situation, he snuck up behind Alice and carefully placed his hands on the exposed skin of her hips. His temperature immediate rose. As he grabbed her, his cock grew even more at the touch of her soft skin. Trapped between Bob and the counter top, Alice was startled until he whispered, "Alice, I loved your poem. It was so romantic and heartfelt."

Although Bob didn't remove his hands from her bare waist, she relaxed. Inspired by her cooperation, he gave her a kiss on the cheek from behind. It was a lover's kiss. Soft and tender. Embarrassed, Alice responded, "Thank you, Mr. Thompson."

She blushed but continued doing the dishes while looking at Bob's reflection in the window above the sink. Her big green eyes sparkled at him. Bob looked back at Alice and smiled but then purposely, he lowered his eyes to her breasts. Without a bra, her pink nipples were easily seen through the thin cotton top. He loved it when she pranced through the house while bra-less.

As he overtly stared at her tits, he noticed Alice's nipples growing hard in her tiny white t-shirt. Her breasts were the size of softballs and were too big not to wear a bra but Bob was thankful for Alice's indiscretion. Her soft round orbs stood high and proud on her chest. Adding to her sexiness, the front of her t-shirt was covered in little wet spots caused by the splashes from washing the dishes. Alice must have noticed he was staring at her breasts because, almost on cue, she puffed out her chest. When he looked back into her eyes, he knew she was aware of his desire because she blushed even more.

Unlike his wife who always wore too much perfume, Alice smelled fresh and clean. Bob leaned closer and whispered into her ear, "What did your poem mean, Alice? It was so sensual and mysterious. It was just like you."

With a flutter of her long eyelashes, Alice dropped her eyes and mumbled, "It was nothing, Mr. Thompson. It was something that just came to me late one night. I thought you might like it."

Bob pried more, "Alice, what were you thinking about late at night to write such a beautiful poem? There was so much deep-felt yearning in those words. So much desire. Your feelings must have been very strong. Why did you think I would like the poem?"

Alice didn't respond and kept looking down, so Bob pried some more, "When you said, "Treasures shared in the dark", were you thinking about a boy, Alice? Of touching him? Or of him touching you? Making love?"

With those last words, Bob thought he saw Alice jump as his words hit her, but Alice, still not looking up, only nodded yes. Bob followed up with another question. Teasingly, he asked, "Alice, do I know this boy you were thinking about late at night? Would I approve of him. I only want the best for my beautiful Alice? Would he treat you nicely?"

Alice's eyes rose up and looked at him in the window's reflection. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Hoping he wouldn't pursue the subject any farther, her green eyes pleaded for his sympathy. As her face became even more flushed, she nodded her head, yes.

Bob lowered his voice to a whisper and asked, "Alice, I think I am embarrassing you so it must be very personal. Is it something we should keep a secret?" When Alice nodded yes again, Bob waited a moment and then proceeded, "Alice, were you thinking about me?"

Alice lowered her eyes again and searched for an escape but finally she whispered back, "Yes but I cannot help it. I tried to stop but I couldn't. Please don't be mad."

With her admission, Bob knew that he had her now and tried to decide what to do about it. For a moment, he considered stopping but he couldn't let go of her hips or rather wouldn't. Instead of leaving, he pressed her against the counter, trapping her. Since he had gone commando because it was so hot outside, his hardened shaft was easily felt through his light cotton shorts. He wanted to see what Alice would do next.

The look on her face was priceless. It was a mixture of pain, shock and desire. Trying to act like a good little girl, Alice responded quickly, "Mr. Thompson, I am sorry I gave you the wrong impression but you have to stop that right now. You shouldn't be touching me like that. It's not right."

As Alice feebly tried to get away, Bob grabbed the countertop to block her escape. Bob replied, "Are you just teasing me Alice? After your gifts and your poem, I thought you wanted your fantasy to become reality but I didn't realize you weren't mature enough to handle it. You have just been flirting with me without really meaning anything you have said. You have been lying to me."

Alice replied, "No, that is not true. I really like you but we cannot go any further. It was just a little poem that I should never have shared with you."

"That's to bad Alice. I thought you liked me as much as I like you. I was hoping to work something out between us but instead I have to ask you to leave. I cannot live with someone who is just teasing me, lying to me." Bob waited for the last words, his threat, to sink in.

Alice stopped trying to escape and looked at his reflection to see if he was joking. When she realized he wasn't, Alice pleaded, "Please don't make me leave. I have no where else to live."

When he saw the worry appear on her face, Bob placed his hands back on her tiny waist and continued, "See Alice, I have a problem. You aren't the only one thinking about us together. I have been thinking about you a lot but my problem is that I cannot stop myself anymore. You are on my mind all of the time and it is affecting my life. You need to do something about it. But if you don't want us to be together, I am left with no alternative. You cannot live here anymore because I will not be able to control myself. Especially if you continue living here with me but you remain off limits. It will drive me crazy. I hope you understand."

Alice pleaded, "Mr. Thompson, please don't make me leave. I want to stay and I am sorry. I really like you but it would be wrong for us to do anything about our feelings."

Bob said, "In that case, maybe you should go upstairs and start packing. But first, you will need to think of an excuse for my family why you need to leave."

Bob pulled away just slightly to give Alice the illusion of being able to escape but she didn't leave. He could tell Alice was torn and didn't know what to do. Changing the subject, Bob asked, "Alice, how much have you been thinking about me?"

"I cannot tell you. I'm embarrassed."

Alice stopped doing the dishes but left her hands in the water as he closed the trap again and tightly pressed his groin against her ass. He could feel her body heat through both of their garments. When Alice realized her escape was cutoff, his hardon was nestled between her firm butt cheeks. As she struggled to get away again, she rubbed against him even more and made him harder. It was a perfect fit. Bob slowly increased the pressure and then withdrew as if he was fucking her.

As he pressed his rigid cock against her soft flesh, he asked, "Alice, I think about us together, naked, all of the time. Do think about us together? Alone. In bed?"

As the pressure increased, Alice moaned as her eyes fluttered, "Yes, but I know it's wrong."

Bob said, "It isn't wrong. It is just delicate. We just need to be careful. If you can change your mind about us, you can stay here."

"How can I stay after you know how I feel about you?"

Bob reassured Alice, "Let me tell you. I would expect you to act on those feelings if you weren't lying go me. If you really liked me and weren't just teasing me, nothing else would matter. Feelings as strong as ours are quite common between adults but no one ever talks about it. They just keep it a secret."

Bob changed the subject again, "Do you think about me a lot?"

With his cock still sliding against her ass, Alice responded, "Yes but Liza is my best friend and you are married. Your wife has been so nice to me. Mr. Thompson, I shouldn't...If any one ever found out about us, I would have to leave and lose my best friend. I want to stay here but...Oh god."

When he heard her moan, Bob knew his fawn would drink from the water very soon. As she continued to struggle, Bob's cock grew harder, longer, so he continued to slowly thrust against her. Now, Alice had ample evidence of his desire for her and finally, she no longer resisted. But it wasn't enough, he wanted her ask for it. With a twist of his head, he nudged her head over.

Quivering, she moved her head slightly to the left to expose her neck to his lips. Tenderly, he kissed her long neck and could see the goose bumps rise as he peered down the front of her body. He could feel her surrender as she let her body melt against his without any resistance.

Alice physically stopped struggling although she verbally protested. It was like she was caught in a trance as she stated, "Mr. Thompson, we really shouldn't be doing this."

Now, he knew he could have her at any time. Even though the timing wasn't perfect, he couldn't help himself. With each thrust of his hips, he squeezed her harder against the counter top. Finally, Alice started moving her hips back to meet each thrust as he kissed her neck. His cock was still nestled between her soft ass cheeks and he imagined his cock buried deep between her legs. Excited, he slowly thrust his hips against her sweet cheeks again and again.

Bob asked, "Do you want to stay?"

Alice tentatively replied, "Yes."

"Will you do as I tell you?"

"Yes" While he listened for his wife and daughter, his cock screamed for more of this little girl. Bob whispered into Alice's ear, "Good, but since we think about being alone together so much, what should we do about it?"

Alice's body melted into his as she responded, "Mr. Thompson, I don't want to hurt anybody. Lily and your wife have been so good to me and I cannot imagine not living here with all of you."

"Then, you can stay, but remember, you have to keep our feelings for each other a secret. Don't tell a soul and no one gets hurt. You can continue to live here if you cooperate with me. We can work it out."

Bob reached down and ran his fingers along her thin waist. Her skin was so soft and forbidden. When his fingertips found the waist band of her exposed underwear, he slipped his fingers around the lace band and pulled up on her exposed thong straps.

Bob's advance must have scared Alice because she tried to flee and responded, "Mr. Thompson, please don't. I should go upstairs before Liza misses me."

Lowering his voice, Bob demanded, as he pulled harder on the thong, "No, you are staying right here. You are mine. I am tired of you being so sexy and teasing me. Don't move."

Alice obeyed but she was obviously surprised by the pressure of her panties pressed against her pussy. Still not surrendering, Alice slightly struggled as she tried to find relief from the compression by rising up on the balls of her feet. Bob adjusted as she continued to seek an escape. Finally, the inappropriate pressure must have sparked something inside of Alice because she finally surrendered.

Accepting the pressure inside her pants, Alice pressed back and rotated her hips to counter his movements. When Alice started to moan, he was sure he hit the right spot as he pulled the material tighter against her pussy. Another moan escaped her lips, as Alice's head fell back. Bob told her, "Don't move until I say you can leave."

Alice was pressing her entire body back against him as she responded, "I want you Mr. Thompson, but I can't..."

Bob, glad that Alice couldn't see the smile on his face, said, "Too bad, Alice. It is hard to be poet without experiences. Too bad, I wanted to hear more poetry from you."

Abruptly, he let go of her thong and listened for a sound from upstairs. He didn't hear any threatening sounds so he slid his hand along her tiny waist until his fingers found the hem of her t-shirt. As his fingers slipped inside her t-shirt, he asked, "Good poetry cannot be written until you have felt and lived the emotions in your poem. For instance, have you ever felt unbridled passion or desire? Have you ever been the object of a man's insatiable lust?"

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