Doing Bella


After sneaking up the stairs, Bob's heartbeat surged. It was 2am. In spite of his adrenaline rush, Bob crept down the hall like a thief in the night. The house was quiet. Although Bob knew the women were sleeping soundly in their beds, he was prepared to retreat if he heard an errant sound.

Even though he could wait until another night, he doubted his wife would interrupt his scheme because she was out cold in their bedroom at the end of hall. An evening of alcohol and a couple of prescription sleeping pills guaranteed her absence from the pending drama.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom on the left, his daughter, Liza, was in a similar state as her mother. Although Liza and her girlfriend had already drunk too much at the club, Bob insisted they both have one more drink with him before heading to bed. What Liza didn't know was he had slipped one of her mother's sleeping pills into her nightcap.

He stopped and listened at Liza's door. He couldn't hear any voices or see any lights shining under the door. He knew his daughter was fast asleep but it was Liza's guest, Bella, which absorbed his interest. His mouth went dry as he thought about sexy Bella. Bella the tease.

Bella was Liza's new friend from college with odd traits. A literal bastard. A Nordstrom's junkie without a father to bankroll her habit. An excitement addict that would always look for trouble but then chicken out at the last moment. A model that shunned the runway but craved the attention. She didn't have a driver's license but was always borrowing friend's cars for a few days. A real mess.

At the beginning of the semester, the two girls had started hanging out and going to clubs together. Soon, they had become close friends and co-adventurers. Bella was a redhead, but not too red, closer to bright reddish brown. In a group of women, she was the one that glowed. Bella brandished steel blue eyes that trapped you into staring at her. Both features on their own were formidable but together, she was the most captivating woman he had met. But when he first saw Bella in tight, cutoff jeans, Bob could taste his lust for her.

She had legs built especially for those short shorts. Long. Firm. Sexy. Not an ounce of wasted curve. Legs made to wrap around his waist. Her shorts were cutoff just above the beginning of her ass, which was only hidden by the denim's frayed edges. When she sat or bent over, her ass was on full display. Even though Bella was great to look at, she also helped pull Liza out of her shell.

Extroverted Bella got Liza to do new things. Dancing. Surfing. Backpacking. Attending small theater productions with aspiring young actors. Liza was happy when she was around Bella instead of being depressed and lazy. The girls shared clothes and secrets. Maybe, one secret too many.

Onetime, when he wore a new suit he had just purchased, Liza mentioned that Bella thought Bob was handsome. His daughter was trying to get him to blush but it didn't work. Instead, Bob didn't react since he already knew Bella's feelings because, behind Liza's back, Bella had been teasing him for weeks. Short skirts. Big smiles. Promising eyes. Lingering touches when they passed in the kitchen. Yes, Bob already knew that Bella was interested in him.

Likewise, Bella already knew Bob was interested in her too. By the way he stared at her body, his sexual desire for her was evident. While Bella wasn't shy about displaying her body, Bob wasn't shy about showing his interest in it. Without caring that Bella knew his inner thoughts, he freely let his eyes caress every inch of her young, hard body. In fact, whenever Bella had dinner at his house, he couldn't stop looking at Bella.

Bella noticed his roaming eyes but no one else did. At first, Bella seemed uncomfortable with his lurid interest but that awkwardness soon passed. Sometimes, she even tried to match his stare with her own. Once, after Bob had openly stared at her cleavage, Bella let her eyes drop to his crotch and gave her lips a little swipe. Then she looked up and gave him a sexy wink but it ended in a laugh and a smile right before she ran away. She reminded him of a neophyte that got to the head of the line for the tallest roller coaster and then retreated. He had almost caught her twice before she escaped.

The first time, Bob had just arrived home from a late night at the office and Bella was sitting side ways in his recliner with her legs stretched over the padded arm. She was wearing a short dress and her long legs were on display. Bob concentrated on the fuck-me heels and bare legs. One leg bounced up and down while her tall heels rocked back and forth off the ball of her foot. Even though she knew the chair was his, Bella gave Bob a challenging look and said, "You don't mind if I sit here do you? We are getting ready to go out to a club and I want to rest my feet."

Her eyes were locked with his. The look on her face silently said, "What are you waiting for?" He kept staring at her as she leaned back against the other arm and stretched out so her red mane hung down the other side of the chair. Her tight dress displayed her upturned breasts and tiny waist to her full advantage. As Bob stood there, she continued to challenge him with her look.

Accepting her dare, Bob set down his brief case and started to walk over to her. He said, "You're in big trouble, bad girl." Her eyes got bigger but she didn't back down as he approached. Then Bella looked behind him and her face changed to fright. From behind him, he heard Liza say, "That's dad's chair. You better get out. He hates when anyone else sits in it."

Looking guilty, Bella quickly got out of the chair and slipped past Bob but the smile on her face said he had missed his chance. As she passed him, Bob's muscles twitched with desire to reach out and touch her.

Earlier that evening, he had almost caught her again. Dressed for clubbing, she had caught him looking at her legs in her short skirt just as his daughter left the room to get her purse. Leaning against the wall, she stood there and let him visually fondle her. When their eyes met, Bella's eyes smiled.

Bella's puffy red lips pouted as she shook her head to reprimand him, "Liza wouldn't like you looking at me like that." To further taunt him, she raised an eyebrow and added, "What bad thoughts are you having, Mr. Thompson?"

She looked down and pulled up the hem of her skirt further up her thigh. Not a lot, but just enough to promise more. The exposure of her forbidden flesh ignited a furnace inside his loins. With a sexy voice, Bella asked, "Were you looking for something, Mr. Thompson?"

Her flirtation was obvious but very effective. Only pretty girls could get by with such brash behavior because of their years of experience with male attention. Bob was in no mood to be teased. When he stood up to confront her, she giggled and ran after his daughter to escape but, as she ran around the corner, she looked back at him with a twinkle in her eyes. He could have caught her but Bob let her escape.

Tonight, she wouldn't escape. He would call Bella's bluff and the evening would end differently. Essentially, she was alone with him while the other women slept.

Lost in desire and driven by his need to touch Bella, Bob opened his daughter's bedroom door and, after making sure no one stirred, snuck into the dark room. The French country inspired curtains were drawn back leaving the large windows exposed. The frilly room contrasted with his dark lust. The room was filled with moonlight and old stuffed animals. Everything was quiet except for the heavy breathing from the sleeping girls. The two twin beds with white sheets and fluffy comforters were set on opposite sides of the room.

On one side of the room, Liza slept on her side facing the window. On the other side of the room, Bella slept on her back with the sheet pulled down to her waist and her arms above her head. Bella appeared to be frozen mid step in an elaborate dance move. Although asleep, she was still wearing earrings and make up. He moved closer for a better look at his quarry.

She had puffy red lips, cute little nose and a strong jaw. Her tousled reddish brown hair stretched across the pillow like unattended ivy. Her snow-white skin was flawless and her red hair ignited his passions.

Standing above her, he opened his robe and exposed his naked body to his sleeping victim. If she awoke unexpectedly, he had nothing to be ashamed of since a lifetime of exercise had been good to him. Also, in regards to the size of his cock, Mother Nature had dealt him good cards. As he looked down at Bella, he pulled on his already erect cock. Considering how petite she was, he wondered how he was going to slip his shaft inside her.

Moving to the head of the bed, he leaned over and rubbed his cock along her hand. Her skin was soft. As he moved his cock up her arm, he left traces of precum along the way. Charged even more by the sight, he pulled down her covers and sat on bed without her noticing. With the sheets pulled back, Bob caught a whiff of her floral perfume. Still asleep, Bella looked delicious in her little nightgown.

The off-white cotton nightie was made from floral lace with scalloped edging and tiny eyelet cutouts. The gown was supposed to be romantic yet still innocent. Instead, it stoked Bob's fiery lust.

The gown was gathered just under her breasts by an elastic band and was held up at the shoulders with slender little cords. The gown's fabric was not transparent but still thin enough that, in the bright moonlight, he could the see the dark shadows of her nipples. Placed high on her breasts, her nipples were as round as Morgan silver dollars. Looking down her slender body, Bob noticed the laced hem of her gown ended a couple of inches below her pussy.

In the moonlit room, he touched her toned arm but she didn't stir. Determining Bella was vulnerable; Bob continued to caress her as she slept. She was soft. Smooth. As his fingers explored her exposed skin, he wanted to know how every inch of Bella felt. His hands, barely touching her sleeping body, traveled from her calves to her neck while his fingertips traced the hollows of her body along the way.

Emboldened by her continued slumber, Bob pulled the edge of her nightie up far enough that he found her little cotton thong, a tiny pink triangle sprinkled with little white hearts. With his fingers, Bob lightly rubbed the top of her pussy mound. Underneath the fabric, Bob could feel the crest of downy fur on the top of her pussy. Motivated by his intimate snooping, Bob pulled the elastic aside and he explored further into her hidden treasures.

When he found her clit hiding between her lips, he slowly circled the little nub with his thumb. As he circled, her clit grew harder and peeked out from its hood. Taking his time, he slipped his other hand under her nightie to fondle her flat, washboard tummy while making sure he she didn't wake. Touching her youthful body made Bob's cock ache even more with desire for her. With the palm of his hand, he circled her belly button with his caresses while letting his fingers explore down to the waistband of her panties.

Shortly, her body responded to his attention. At first, her pussy became warm and then slightly moist at which Bella smiled in her sleep. When he infiltrated her dreams, her legs parted a little and her nub started to swell as it ventured out of its hiding place. Then, she murmured her enjoyment.

Looking down at his sleeping prey, Bob knew that Bella was going to be the anvil to his hammer. Even if she fought him at first, Bella would comply with his demands and then enjoy it. Overwhelmed with a surging sense of desire for Bella, he removed his hand from inside her thong and gently shook her until she slowly awoke.


Stuck in the twilight of a racy dream, Bella looked into the eyes of Mr. Thompson. With a tickle in her tummy, she wasn't sure if her head was spinning because the evening's wine or because the man who had bewitched her was so close. Happy to see him but not knowing what to say, she just smiled at his handsome face and waited for him to say something first. In return, his dark brown eyes glared down at her as if he was waiting for something too.

As her fog of sleep dissipated, Bella remained silent, but her face turned quizzical as she realized he was touching her. His hand was under her gown and caressing the expanse of skin between her belly button and thong. Although his hand felt good touching her, she knew it was wrong.

Still not fully awake, Bella remembered Liza was asleep in the next bed. Panicked by the fear of discovery, Bella glanced over and saw Liza's sleeping silhouette carved out by the moonlight. Afraid of hurting Liza, Bella took hold of Mr. Thompson's hand and tried to remove it but she couldn't. He wouldn't allow it and she wasn't strong enough to stop him. In a hushed voice, Bella said, "Mr. Thompson, I don't understand. What are you doing here?"

In an authoritative tone, Mr. Thompson replied, "You have been a bad girl, Bella. You have been teasing me for too long so I am taking you up on your offer."

In an instance, Bella's mind replayed all of her flirting with her new friend's dad and she knew why he was there. A flash of excitement and dread slammed her. With the burden of guilt, Bella looked over at Liza again to confirm she was sleeping and quietly said, "Please stop. I am so sorry. I didn't mean for it to go so far. I was only having fun. There was a misunderstanding and I won't let it happen again."

Mr. Thompson remained silent. Not knowing how to respond to his silence, Bella looked around. She finally noticed his robe was open and his cock jutted straight up from his lap. She was shocked. Her eyes locked on his threatening shaft, even as her head moved back and forth to protest. Bella tried to say something but her lips moved without a sound. Until that moment, Bella never realized penises got so thick and long.


While Bella was spell bound by his cock, Bob looked down at her young body. Even on her back, her cone shaped breasts rose from her torso like the Alps. No longer wanting to wait for Bella to peacefully surrender, he started his main assault. He placed his large hand over her breast hidden under her thin nightgown and squeezed her tender flesh. Before she could react, Bob informed her. "Tonight, I am going to take everything you have promised to me. You can fight it or just lay back and enjoy it like a bad girl but, either way, you are mine tonight."

Tearing her eyes away from his erect cock, Bella resisted. In desperation, she begged, "Mr. Thompson, please don't. What will Liza think?"

He responded in a low voice, "She will never know how bad you have been because she is sound asleep. When you two got back from clubbing all night, I secretly gave her a little sleeping pill. We will be all alone until the morning sun." He then added, "Since we are going to be close friends now, call me Bob."

Frantic but still very quietly, Bella pleaded with Mr. Thompson, "Please stop. I'm scared. I promise not to tease you again."

In a very even tone, Bob replied, "You are the most fantastic looking woman to have stepped through my front door in years. Because of your teasing, I can only think about you. My life is in shambles because you have enchanted me. So, to end my pain and suffering, you will need to do better than apologize. Bad girls need to deliver on your promises."

Again, she pleaded with him while trying to pull his arm away from her chest, "Stop saying that. Honest, I didn't mean to tease you."

Bob, tired of her resistance, grabbed both of her wrists and trapped them against the rails of the white iron headboard. She was so petite; he could wrap his hand around both of her wrists and the iron railing, at the same time. Leaning forward, he brought his face within a couple of inches of her face and barks in a low growl, "You're lying. You knew what you were doing with that hot little body so stop fucking around. Hold on to the rails and don't let go until I tell you to or you will be sorry. Do you understand?"

As a look of fear crossed her face, Bella nodded yes back at him and looked over to make sure Liza was still asleep. Holding on to the rail as if her life depended upon it, Bella didn't move as he leered down at her. Bob knew he was intimidating her.

Looking her directly in the eyes, Bob insisted, "Instead of flashing me, you are going to show me your sexy body right now. You are going to stop teasing me as if you were a little girl and start acting like a woman. You are going to satisfy me."

While still holding her wrists above her head, Bob quickly placed his other hand between her legs and covered her pussy mound. He had caught Bella off guard. He was smiling down at her when her eyes got bigger. He watched as her mouth opened but not a sound escaped her lips. Through her delicate panties, Bob started rubbing his finger back and forth over her sweet spot again.

Surprised by his rapid advance, Bella was too slow to defend herself as she closed her legs on his hand after he had already started to fondle her. With Bob still holding her wrists, she couldn't move her arms to fight him off so she wriggled around underneath him. Her protesting just seemed to excite him more. With her steel blue eyes sparkling, Bella pleaded with him, "Please don't. I promise to be better."

With a quiet, little laugh, Bob replied, "Of course you'll be better. I guarantee it...because you're going to deliver on your promise. Besides, I know you want me as much as I want you. It would be a crime for you not to give freedom to your feelings. You don't have a thing to worry about because no one will ever know what happened here tonight except for you and me. I promise."

Still trying to break her wrists free from his grasp, Bella's voice changed from begging to bargaining, "Please don't. Not here. Not now. Maybe we can meet somewhere else."

Not fooled by such an amateur ploy, Bob told her, "Yes, bad girl, we are taking care of this here and now. I am not giving you a chance to get away. All of your teasing has me too worked up to stop. Just as you wanted, I have been thinking of nothing else but you. So, tonight, you are all mine."


From the determined look in his eyes, Bella knew Mr. Thompson was doing whatever he wanted to her and she couldn't stop him. She silently cursed herself for flirting with him. Not knowing what else to say, Bella closed her eyes and just rocked her head back and forth between her upturned arms as his thumb rolled over her clit. In the quiet of the dark room, he continued to finger her. But in contrast to his rough handling of her wrists, Mr. Thompson tenderly caressed her clit through her panties. Bella could feel her body respond to his delicate touch.

Bella was confused. She knew this was wrong and Liza would be hurt if she found out but this was something she had wanted ever since she had met Mr. Thompson. She had teased him and hoped he would remember her. Desire her. Even more, she wanted him to pursue her. Everything was happening as she secretly desired but she never imagined it would actually happen. Now that it was happening, she wasn't sure what to do next. Then she realized, she didn't need to do a thing. Liza was out cold and Mr. Thompson had already decided what to do next. She just needed to relax.


Soon, Bob could feel Bella's thighs stop squeezing his hand. In fact, her thighs parted enough to allow him unfettered access. Sensing the tide was turning, Bob reassured Bella, "That's it, baby. Relax. We both know you are a bad girl and you want this to happen too."

Bob noticed that Bella didn't respond to him but also, she was no longer fighting back. Her eyes remained closed but he could feel her thighs part just a little bit more as he continued to finger her. When he gently nudged her thighs apart, Bella moved her knees outward even more. Bob used the opportunity to pull the elastic of her thong aside and slip his finger along her slit. To his delight, she was wet and Bob was pleased that her body encouraged him to continue.

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