tagGroup SexDoing Darien and Derek

Doing Darien and Derek


This is the second part of a two or three part series I sent to a couple a couple of years ago. He was gay and wanted fucked. She was his friend, not his lover. She wanted fucked, too. She was a very hot babe and I was more than willing to fuck him just to get a sniff of her. Alas, it didn't work out. And in the meantime I lost part one and part two. This is the first time I have submitted a story. I hope I get the procedure right.

Gradually, I return to the real world, and we leave the Outback with many people watching us as we head for the door. You two really don't give a fuck, but I am hoping I haven't been seen by any of my tight-assed friends. They aren't as kewl with bi-sex as I am. In fact some would shun me if they knew. I really wouldn't give a fuck either, but some I might have to work with. Oh, well; I really enjoyed our sex so far.

As we approach the car in the dark, Derek is trying to feel me up, and I am trying to feel you up. I am wild for a taste of your pussy. You want me to drive since I have had no alcohol. But I want Derek to drive while I ride with you in back. Derek gets behind the wheel settling that argument. I just hope he can make it to the motel, but I am too much in heat to do the right thing, i.e., drive. I just want your pussy, and I don't give a fuck about anything else. Hell, by this time, I would fuck you on Main Street at high noon.

Derek drives very carefully to the motel, but manages to watch our every move in the mirror as he drives. He sees me kissing you, though you aren't willing to fuck me in the back seat. You keep repeating, "After Derek. After Derek."

I growl, "Fuck Derek."

"That's right," you say. "After you fuck Derek, then you can fuck me. But not before, you asshole." I laugh at your epithet, but agree.

"OK. I will fuck Derek first. But right now, God dammit, I am going to eat your pussy or know the fucking reason why." And before you can react, I am out of my seat belt and between your legs. Raising your skirt, I grab at your panties and tear them in two.

"Easy, Howard," Derek warns from the front seat.

"Turn the fuck around, shut the fuck up, and drive, asshole," I yell at him. Smiling, he turns to watch the road.

I unbuckle your seat belt and pull your sweet cunt to my face. My tongue and nose part your sweet lips together, and I slurp your sweet nectar as I inhale deeply, breathing in your sweet scent, the scent of a woman in heat. I lick and suck, lick and suck. I can't get enough.

Slipping to the floor on my back, I pull you along, giving you no choice but to sit on my face. I grab your ass, and pulling your sweet ass back and forth, I lick you from asshole to clit. I am in heaven. Derek asks, "Are you OK, Darien?"

"Shut the fuck up and drive," you say with strange voice. "Just shut the fuck up and drive."

You are really feeling it now. That sweet hot torment is building within you, and now you are the one who would fuck at high noon on Main Street. You are so fucking hot, you would fuck your own brother if his was the only cock available. But mine is available, so you lean forward and free it from my slacks. You watch that hot, stiff cock as you grind your ass into my face. The cock is mesmerizing. It twitches uncontrollably. A drop of pre-cum appears at the little hole in the end of my cock, and you bend forward to lick it off. As your tongue touches it, a muffled groan escapes my lips, muffled by your sweet cunt. I pull your cunt hard into my face as I suck your clit life the mad man I am. You scream through clenched teeth and my cock twitches hard and semen flies spurts from in for the second time tonight, but this time it finds your chest, and your face. And since your mouth was open as you gasped for air, you taste my cum for the first time tonight. You start to gag, but then gain control and swallow it. It won't be the last time you eat my cum tonight.

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