tagIncest/TabooDoing Mom and the Maid

Doing Mom and the Maid


Doing Mom and the Maid


Sahil - Me, the author aged 20 years
Arun - My dad, aged 45 years.
Ami - My beautiful and hot mom aged 43 years
Parvati - Our household's maid aged 31 years


Hello everyone, I am Sahil. I am a 20 year old guy living a well off life in Ahmedabad, Western India. I live with my parents, my dad - Arun and my mom Ami. Being a well off family we have a maid Parvati aged 31.

My dad is mostly out of town around 20-25 days a month as he is a senior sales executive in a large corporation. Due to his company's clients being scattered around the globe he needs to travel a lot. We have no complains though as he brings in a lot of money enabling us to live a very decent and comfortable lifestlye.

My mom Ami is a homemaker and enjoys taking care of her only son - me. Since dad started touring a lot she has started working out and has been doing all sorts of yoga and aerobics to keep herself in shape. And boy, the workouts have done a lot of good to her. She is one fine piece of ass. She is 5"6 and weighs around 120 pounds. She has got milky white skin, long flowing jet black her which extend up to her ass. Her blue eyes, a rarity amongst Indian women makes her look like a sex bomb.

Being well off has its perks. We have a full time maid help employed in our house. Her name is Parvati and she has been working in our household since the tender age of 18 when she ran away from her abusive husband to whom she was married at 16 against her will. My parents being the kind people they are gave her shelter in our house and employed her to do the menial chores like dusting, cleaning, laundry etc. She considers us as her family and basically depends on us for her survival. She is very beautiful considering her rather background. She has the curves that most guys would die for. From what I understand she must be 34-26-36. Add that a voluptuous body and an admirable complexion of whitishness and duskiness. I must admit I grew up in my whirlwind teenage days fantasizing about her as my object of lust while "helping myself" to some relief. Being the shy guy I always was around girls I never made a move on her. Although I never left an opportunity to stare at her cleavage when she was squatting on the floor while mopping the floor, nor did I let the opportunity of staring at her posterior when she bent down to pick something up. I never made a move for the fear of rejection and the fear of her telling about my exploits to my parents. Boy, that would be an embarrasing situation.

Now that the reader has a backdrop knowledge lets get into the specifics about how my life turned upside down one fateful day.

It was one of those days when dad was out on business to London. It was a Sunday and there were only the three of us in the house. I usually go out in the morning to play cricket with my friends at the University grounds. I generally leave by 7 and come back by 11 when the sun starts to kick the heat up.

On this fateful day I was feeling a little queasy and didn't want to go in the first place but on the insistence of my friends, I still made it to the ground to play. Midway through the game, I was feeling a little sleepy and felt like I had a fever or flu like thing. So I decided to come back home at around 9:30.

When I entered the house I didn't see anyone on the ground level. I thought maybe mom was still sleeping and Parvati was cleaning the first floor. As I was feeling lonely I decided to go to my room, take a shower and rest for a while.

My room is one the farther end of the first floor so I have to pass by my parents' bedroom first before reaching mine. I noticed that the door to my parents' room was left ajar. So I noticed to check in and see whether mom had waken up or not.

As I entered her room the sight in front of me left me utterly dumbfounded. I was about to yell out mom's name when I entered the room to find if she was sleeping or in the shower. But I totally lost my voice when I saw what I saw on her bed. Lying on her bed were Mom and Parvati - the maid, completely naked and in a 69 position. Parvati was eating my mom's pussy and my mom was devouring Parvati's cunt like a bitch in heat. Both women were moaning and groaning. Then suddenly in a matter of a few seconds they started groaning louder and louder. I realised that I was witnessing both of them climaxing at the same time.

I was so shocked and confused at this point of time I didn't know what to think and what to make of the images that were in front of me. Should I shout at them and demand an explanation? Should I call dad? Or should I just stand there and watch? The last option seemed to be the better one because by that point of time I was gradually beginning to like what I saw in front of me. I have always been a fan of lesbian porn and here right in front of me were two beautiful women going at each other pussies in a mad frenzy of lust.

My cock was as hard as it could get by now.

Suddenly, Parvati caught a glimpse of me standing on the door and screamed. My mom got startled on hearing the scream and looked in my direction. She could not say a word but immediately pulled at her towel to cover her naked body. Parvati grabbed another towel that was lying on the side table next to the bed and tried to cover herself.

Both women kept looking at me and I kept looking at the both of them. From the looks on their faces it appeared that neither one of them had an idea as to how to talk to me about what I had just witnessed.

I decided to break the silence and asked "Mom, what is going on? What is the meaning of all this?"

Mom looked down and clearly felt ashamed at what she had been doing.

I asked again in a higher pitch "Mom, I am talking to you. What is going on over here?"

Sensing that mom was too ashamed to speak out Parvati said referring to me by my nickname "Baba, please don't be angry. Just give us a chance to explain everything."

I nodded signalling her to speak.

"Baba, you know that your dad is away from the house for almost the entire month. Your mom has been feeling lonely without your dad ever since he started touring so much. She knows he means well for everyone but his absence for so long makes your mom feel lonely."

"Whats that got to do with all this?", I said.

"Well Baba, you know that everyone has some needs that they need to fulfill. Your dad's absence leaves all these needs unfulfillfed. Your mom needs someone she can talk to and someone she can share her thoughts and feelings with. She also needs to fulfill the needs of her body which include sexual desires." she said.

"So you mean to say that you and mom share everything with each other including your bodies?", I retorted in a puzzled state of mind.

"Yes Baba, we do that. And both of us are happier this way." said Parvati.

I was shocked. I was confused. But above all, I felt turned on by all this in a sick and perverse way. But I didn't know what to do next.

Just then, mom pulled up the courage to look at me and said something.

"Look Sahil, I understand that is difficult for you to understand and digest mentally but what Parvati said is true. We like being in each other's company. She has no one else in this world and since your dad started travelling I feel that I only have her. You are at your college all day and are busy in your own life. That leaves me only with her and I like her company. I did not want you to know all this in this fashion but it was sooner or later going to come in your knowledge." Mom said.

"But mom, does that mean you are a lesbian?" I said, still more confused.

"No, I am not a lesbian. I still like the feeling of a cock inside me but since I don't want to cheat on your dad with another man. Your dad loves me but I still need to fulfill my needs. As it is your dad has sex with me only once a month when he is home and is relaxed. Thats not enough for a woman like me with a healthy sex appetite. I need more and Parvati fulfills my needs. I fulfill hers."

All of a sudden Parvati started grinning. Mom and I noticed her grin and asked her what was so funny.

Parvati said referring to my mom in the traditional way of addressing her employer mistress "Memsaheb, I have a wonderful idea. Since you thurst for a cock inside you I have an option that will satisfy you and still fulfill your condition of not cheating on your husband."

"What? How do you intend to accomplish that feat?", mom asked.

"You can have Sahil Baba's cock inside you. He is a young and virile man who can't get enough jerk offs watching his dirty magazines. I've spied on him many time in his teens when he used to sit in front of his computer and jack off to dirty videos.", said Parvati.

Mom and I were shocked to hear Parvati hear this. But from the looks of mom's face I thought that she liked the idea. So did I!

Parvati came close to me and grabbed my fully erect cock through my shorts.

She grinned "Memsaheb, I think Baba is ready to fill your tank with his juice."

Mom stood up, dropped her towel and came towards me, completely naked.

I was speechless. I decided to play along with this game. Boy was I lucky. I was going to get to fuck my hot mom.

Mom grabbed my dick through my pants and let out a moan. Her beautiful tits were erect. Her pussy was shaven just like Parvati's. Her skin appeared to be radiating sexual energy. She looked like a goddess.

She began undressing me. In a flash of an eye I stood there completely naked in front her with my 7 inch manhood saluting her naked beauty.

Mom guided me towards the bed and motioned me to lay down on my back. I complied.

She got down on her knees and gently slid her mouth on cock and in an instant swallowed it to the base. I gyrated as a wave of pleasure spread from the top of my spine right towards the edge of body. She began licking the tip of my circumcised penis in a nice rhythm making me moan with ecstacy. The feeling of my mature mom's tongue encircled around my virgin penis cannot be described in words. It is something that only the truly fortunate can experience.

My mom bobbed her head up and down on my shaft making me moan like crazy. I was gradually begin to tense up and realized I was about to cum.

"Mom, I am gonna cum", I warned

But kept on going at it harder and harder on my dick. I couldn't hold it any longer and felt a wave of pleasure engulf me as I spurted wad after wad in my mom's mouth. My mom hungrily gulped down every last drop.

"I am not going to let you go so easily son. I need some of that cream of yours inside my belly." mom said.

She stood up immediately and kissed me. Our tongues twirled around each other as I felt the breath of my cum drenched mom mixing with mine. It was such a turn on that I became hard once again.

My mom felt my erection against her thigh and assumed the cowgirl position. She guided my dick right up her pussy. It was unbelievable experience. The pleasure of losing your virginity to one's own mother is disgusting yet so pleasurable. The sheer taboo of it made my spine shudder.

Mom started bouncing up and down on my shaft as her tits bounced beautifully with each bounce. I got up from my waist and sucked her tits.

Mom was calling out my name and groaning at the same time. I could tell from her face that she too was enjoying this taboo. I too was groaning "OH MOM, OH MOM, THIS IS AWESOME. FUCCKKK... FUCKKK.. FUCCKK YOU MOTHER... I LOVE YOU... THIS IS SO GREAT".

It was a good thing that I had cummed a while earlier. This helped me work on mom for a lot longer than what most virgins can expect their first time out.

This wild fuck session lasted for around ten minutes before I splashed my virgin load in her pussy. Mom screamed and climaxed roughly at the same time with me. It was fantastic.

We both lay in each other's arms for a while before both of us realized that Parvati was filming both of us on her camera phone and masturbating watching us perform the taboo act.

She stopped recording and came over towards her and the three of us kissed each other very passionately.

"Thank you for bringing us mother and son so close together." I told Parvati with a smile.

Parvati reciprocated with a smile and signalled mom to get off me.

She took mom's place and climbed on top of me in the cowgirl position. My dick was hard yet again to my surprise. She fucked me very wildly. She treated me like a rag doll as she fucked me. She dug her nails on my shoulder as she wildly gyrated during her orgasm. I came soon after her.

We lay there in each other's arms all naked and sweaty, a happy family assured of many more such happy moments to come in the future.

Boy, Life was Good!!!!

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