tagIncest/TabooDoing The Nine Sisters Ch. 07

Doing The Nine Sisters Ch. 07


Ch. 7 Pi Beta Phi

The deadline for doing all nine houses was coming up fast. I had to bag three more in two weeks. Two of my ten pledge brothers had made the nine.

Number seven came from the most unexpected way I could imagine. Half of the house was incredibly impressed by it; the other half either kept silent or was a little disgusted.

You see, number seven, the sister of the Pi Beta Phi sorority, was my own sister Jamie!

The summer before college I had committed incest with my other sister and Jamie's twin, Jennifer. All through the contest I had kept Jennifer apprised of my progress. In fact, she had been the Delta Gamma score for my pledge brother, Tim. It had been funny watching Tim try to keep that bit of knowledge from me, not knowing that I had been watching it all happen in the video room.

Well, it started when Sigma Pi and the Pi Phi's had a Caribbean Party. Jamie arrived with three of her sorority sisters, all clad in multi-colored sarongs. She came up to me and gave me a hug, asking where the bar was. I led her over and got her and me a Cup of "jungle juice."

"So, how's it going, Joe? Do you like being a pledge?"

"It's fun, but I'll be glad when it's over."

"Yeah. So, do you want to dance?"

We went out on the dance floor, doing two fast and one slow dance. Then we returned to the juice.

"So, you going to give me the grand tour or what?"

"Sure, Jamie. Come on."

I took her around the house and introduced her to my brothers. We went to the pool room, the dining room, the trophy room. I thought nothing of it when she asked me to show her the upstairs.

We poked out head in several of the "sleeping rooms" as we called them to the public, or the "fuck chambers" amongst ourselves. Jamie scooted into one and beckoned for me to follow. Once we were in, she turned and locked the door.

"So what am I, chopped liver?"

I looked at her, bewildered.

"Come on, Joe. You didn't really think you could fuck our sister all summer and I wouldn't find out?"


"It's okay, Joe. But I do have to wonder, is Jennifer that much sexier than me?"


"Then why haven't you put the moves on me?"

I sat on the bed, trying to make sense of this very weird conversation.

"Jamie, it never occurred to me. You've always been the serious, reasonable one."

"You mean boring!"

"No, I don't. You know I love you. Also, you've been with Steve for so long…"

"Steve? He's the biggest cunt-hound you'll ever meet. Besides, once we got to college, he introduced me to my wilder side."


"Yup. Steve is really into threesomes. Nothing gets him hotter than seeing your dear sister eating pussy or sucking another guy's cock."


Jamie came over and sat next to me on the bed. She put her arms around me and hugged me, and I returned the embrace.

"So, little brother, unless you find me ugly, would you do me the honor of giving me some of what you've been giving Jennifer all summer?"

I'd fucked one sister, so I guess doing the other one wasn't that big a deal. I answered her with a kiss.

We both got up and started to undress. My sister was wearing a black push-up bra and panties. As she stripped out of them I saw that she had a much better body than she let the world see. Her tits were bigger than Jennifer's, and her pubic bush black and much thicker. Once she was naked she took off her glasses and let down her hair. She no longer looked like my sister, but like a hot woman who wanted to get fucked.

Once I was naked Jamie got on her knees and took my cock in her hand. Her eyes looked up and me as she twirled her tongue across the head and down the shaft. She gently cupped my balls and rubbed them.

"Little brother sure has a nice cock." She really went to town on my manhood, slurping at it like an ice cream cone. I tried to hold off cumming, but she was just too good at giving head. I exploded in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.

"Your turn, little brother. Eat my pussy!"

She sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. I had never seen this side of Jamie, the dominant confident one. I liked it.

I stuck a finger into her vagina as I licked her clit. She responded immediately, letting out little whimpers and shifting her hips on the bed. As I built her I up got bolder and moved my lubricated fingers to her anus, a trick Jennifer had taught me. She didn't stop me so, before long, I fingering both of her holes as I stimulated her clit. She was rewarded with a shattering orgasm, screaming my name as she climaxed.

Jamie looked at me, lust in her eyes. "Okay, Joe. Now fuck me!"

I reached into the side table and got out a condom. Jamie took it from me and rolled it down over my cock. She lay on her back and I guided my latex-covered penis to her cunt.

"Fuck me, little brother!"

I gave her everything I had, pounding into her pussy with lightning speed. Her big tits wobbled as we fucked and I reached down and grabbed them. I held onto them hard as I nailed her. Her pussy was spewing juices and I felt my balls getting very wet with her cunt oil.

Jamie grabbed at my back and my ass as I humped at her. From the feel of it, I would have claw marks when this was done, but I didn't care. I was too caught up in the moment.

"You like this, Joe? You like fucking your big sister with your big cock?"


I tried to turn her over, but it turned into a wrestling match. My sister was strong, but I was still a little bigger than her. Finally, I got her off me and on her knees.

"I'm going to fuck you like a dog, you sexy bitch!"

"Do it, little brother. Do it!"

I quickly got back in her, holding onto her ass as I fucked her hard. I could see her pussy lips stretching as my cock went in and out of her. I got deep enough so my pubic hair was mashing against her and my balls were swinging wildly and hitting her clit.

"Oh, yeahhhh!" she screamed. "Fuck me!"

"Jamie, I'm going to fuck your ass!"

Before she could protest I withdrew my cock and slammed it into her asshole. She screamed in pain but didn't stop me.

"God, you're too big Joe! Your cock is going to rip me apart!"

"Too bad!"

I banged my dick in and out of her ass like I had never been fucked before. Her ass was super-tight, and clenched at my invading member, adding to the great feeling I was getting on my cock.

"You like it up the ass, sis? You like your little brother fucking you up there?"

"YESSSS!!! Fuck my ass, Joe!"

It didn't take long for me to get that familiar feeling in my balls. I told Jamie I was going to come and she slid forward and turned on her back.

"Cum on my tits!"

I quickly shucked the condom and started jacking my dick. My fist whirled up and down my shaft. Jamie reached up and started fondling my balls.

"Oh yeah, little brother. Shoot all that sperm on my tits. Give me a monster load! Yeah! Do it!!"

With that, I climaxed, covering her tits with my cream. One shot even hit her on the cheek and she wiped it off and licked it off of her hand. I continued pumping as I spewed more and more semen onto her.

When I was spent, I leaned down and kissed her. She pointed to her tits and I got the message. Her breasts got quite a tongue bath as I licked my sperm from them. The last bit I kept in my mouth and shared with Jamie with a kiss.

"Wow, sis, that was incredible!"

We got dressed and I returned her to the party, then, went to find the pledge trainer. He was shaking his head as I approached.

"Jesus Christ, Joe. Your own sister?"

"Hey, she's a Pi Phi."

He laughed. As we went to the scoreboard, several of my brothers made comments ranging from awe to disgust. I knew they all just envied me my two sexy sisters who gave it up for their own brother.

Seven down. Two to go!

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