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Doing What I Must


(This is not a quick wank story or even a wank story. This was inspired by some ideas I ad while working and my goal was to portray this situation as accurately and as realistically as possible. A relationship is a relationship no matter if it is man/wife, bf/gf, or Dom/Sub.)


It was eleven o'clock at night when I decided that enough was enough. My submissive for nine months hadn't showed up for our weekend get-together. Normally, this would have warranted a phone call to tell me she was going to be late or even to let me know she was alive. However, since she had been late the last few weeks in a row, I had a feeling that her absence was due to disloyalty instead. As I put on my shoes, I attempted to call her cell with no success. As I went to my car, I started coming up with viable scenarios on why she would not have called.

The drive to her college dorm was a thirty minute one, long enough to stew over her recent behavior. It was nine months before when I met her through a BDSM forum and we hit it off almost immediately. At first, she was very obedient and we pushed each other like a good couple would. It only took a month for me to offer her my crimson colored collar to wear which she accepted with much happiness. Over the last month, however, I had noticed changes in her. I blame a portion of it on the fact that she reenrolled in college to finish her degree and the time being in the dormitory had shown her the temptation of life outside of my watchful eye.

I had been to her dorm a few times since she went back, so it as easy to find a parking space and walk straight to the front door. The person minding the desk confirmed that she was still in her room and didn't lift a finger to stop me from walking straight there. On the ugly brown door was a red bra that I recognized almost immediately. Remembering my college days, I knew that the bra on the doorknob meant a visitor and not to be disturbed. My own rage prevented me from being nice.

I started turning the knob and discovered that it was unlocked. As I looked where her bunk was, I saw her in her naked glory. Her nipples were being crushed under the weight of someone wearing all black. I saw her legs wrapping around his body pulling him as his sorry excuse for a penis was rubbing against her shaven lips that rightly belonged to me. They were unaware of my entrance into the room until a loud clearing of my throat surprised them. He immediately jumped off of her as she reached for a blanket to cover her nakedness. It was then I noticed my collar was still around her neck.

The gentleman sat next to her on the bed, his eyes looking down to the ground knowing he had been caught. He wore a black long sleeved t-shirt and black cargo pants. His face was white like correcting fluid although I wasn't sure if it was his natural skin tone or the fact he had been caught. His millimeter peter was already retreating into his pants although I noticed he didn't make a move to zip his trousers.

"So this is why you didn't show up tonight, Slut," I said as I looked at her. Her eyes were also towards the ground although her nipples were nice and hardened like I prefer. It would take a bit of willpower not to succumb to my urges, but I knew I had to do what I must.

"John, I..."

"Silence, Slut! Did I give you permission to call me by my real name?" By now, my ire was raised exponentially. It seemed her college tenure thus far had eradicated the respect I have enjoyed for nine months as well as erased the protocol she was to follow. I then looked towards the boy who was keeping his mouth shut. It was time for her lesson to begin.

"Slut, on your knees now!" I commanded. As she did her duty, the boy opened his mouth to speak before I interrupted him.

"May I help you, Ghost Boy?" I sneered.

"What are you doing to her?" he asked almost whiningly.

"I am merely reminding her of her place. She is doing the duty that she is entitled to by the red collar around her neck. Now you may either sit there and wait for me to include you or you may leave. The choice is yours." He sat there quietly while she was already on her knees. As I started to undo my pants, she reached up and tried to help before I stepped away.

"I find you naked with a total stranger and now you want to play? Hands behind your back, now!" I commanded. In fear, she complied which caused her smallish breasts to protrude a little outward. I slipped my pants down enough to bring my cock out which not only earned her attention, but also the attention of the wannabe Goth on the bed. I stroked it a few times right in front of her face.

"Open your mouth, now," I calmly told her. She opened her mouth as instructed and I started easing the first few inches of my cock in. Without my consent, she closed her mouth to which I pulled out in response. The frown on her face told me she knew her mistake. Instead of trying again, my mind conjured a different plan.

"Open," I said again. She opened her mouth again expecting me to slide it in until I looked towards the bed. "You," I pointed to the Goth boy. "Slide your cock into her mouth."With less than a moment to respond, his four inches was all the way into her mouth while she kept it open. I then kneeled down onto the floor and started whispering in her ear.

"Well, slut, you may begin to suck him off and make sure you enjoy every drop of cum he unloads inside your throat because it's the only cum you will be swallowing tonight." I then reached behind her neck and unbuckled the collar before sliding it off of her. I then stood and began to head towards the door before she yelled.

"That's my collar! I earned it. What right do you have to...? "

"The same right I had to give it to you to claim you as mine. As of right now, you are no longer my slut and can sleep with any of these boys you choose. Your things will be on my porch after lunch tomorrow and I expect them gone by Monday morning or they will be donated to Goodwill. Enjoy yourself," I said as I walked out her dorm room.

I walked towards the front door of the dormitory before she yelled for me again. By this time, she wore a pink robe that barely hid her top half of her body and her eyes were tear- filled. As she tried to reach for me, I backed away. She started whining in a high pitched squeal how wrong she was and how she wanted to make it up to me. I simply turned and walked out the front door leaving her in a crumbled mass on the floor. As I got into my car, I tossed the collar onto the passenger seat before buckling in and driving back home.

It was a quiet ride home except for the ringing of my cell phone every five minutes. As I made it to my house, I noticed the small lake nearby where I used to take her to relax as a couple. I took the collar and threw it into the lake as far as I could before retreating into the house. I started packing the things that belonged to her that I didn't buy into a cardboard box. Her toothbrush, some of her clothes and some of her other possessions were soon in the box and out on the porch as I said it would be.

The next morning, I cancelled her credit cards and turned off her cell phone since I had been paying them off for the last several months. Her arrival was expected and she again apologized and asked for a second chance, but I remained firm. She turned to walk away before I told her that I shut everything off. She began to cry again as I walked back into my house and went to my room. As I logged onto the BDSM forum, I posted the announcement that I was without a sub and waited for the pm's to begin.

I found out a few weeks later that she left school and moved back to her parents' home. She never made an appearance on the BDSM forum again and I found myself hoping she learned from her mistake. Meanwhile, I began to see another college student and start her training although it will be some time before I collar her.

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