tagIncest/TabooDoing What's Best for Auntie

Doing What's Best for Auntie


Author's Note: Here is a sequel to "Auntie's Plaything" that I was inspired to write. Some of the suggestions are from a lovely reader named Mel. I hope she likes what I've done with them. ~~BrettJ

Alicia McQuaid, would never, ever have believed that when she went to live with her staid, librarian aunt that she would encounter a sex fiend like you only read about in books and on websites. But that's precisely what she got when she moved in with Amelia. Amelia's lovers catered to her every whim, most of them were women and almost in awe of the powerful influence that Amelia held over them. Within a few months, Alicia had proved invaluable to her beautiful, magnificent aunt. Entirely too proud to be cowed completely, her aunt had recruited her into the world of carnal evil and listened to some of Alicia's suggestions. One such suggestion was to place a personal ad in one of the underground newspapers. Within a month they had a response from several interested young girls, but there was one in particular who interested them both.

The girl's name was Melissa and her pictures revealed a very, sweet, innocent-looking young lady who had a face like spun sugar. There was just such a look of innocence about her that both Alicia and Amelia were smitten by it from the very first second. Amelia pulled her niece into the bedroom and had Alicia face-down in her cunt a few minutes after seeing the girl's photos. Alicia was commanded to eat her aunt's pussy and not to stop until she had made Amelia cum at least twice.

"I hope you enjoyed that, little bitch," Amelia sighed as she emerged from the crest of her 3rd orgasm. "I couldn't help it, that sweet little face ... I could just imagine us making her our pussy slave and watching her cum. She's just so exquisitely beautiful."

Alicia licked the pussy cream from her face and ran her fingers along her aunt's smooth body. Her mother's younger sister was a powerful looking woman and her body belied her true age. She only appeared to be in her 20's. She told her niece-slave-lover that she believed getting as much sex as you possibly can kept a person young. "So isn't it good were both such sexual deviants?" Amelia chuckled to her niece.

"Don't forget about mother," Alicia giggled. After she had returned home to visit with her now-divorced mother, she and Eloise had torn up the sheets for about a week. Living with her fiery redheaded mother, she was as much a pussy slave to her parent as she was to Amelia. Her only chore was to worship and adore their sweet, dripping lesbian cunts and to live for their desires. Even her education now took a back seat to the carnal desires of her aunt and mother. Fortunately, the younger girl was such a natural-born pervert, it was all second nature to her by now.

"Mother said she wants us all to have a little visit next month," Alicia said as she rubbed her aunt's shoulders. Making sure her lover was comfortable after sex was very important in her new positions. She saw that Aunt Amelia was scanning the girl's response and if the broad smile on her face was any indication, sexy little Mel was going to be visiting them as well.

"Listen to this, sweetheart," Amelia told her niece. Alicia loved it when her aunt called her by such endearments, she knew that despite her position, her aunt really cared for and cherished her.

It read:

Dear Misses Amelia and Alicia;

My name is Melissa and I have just turned 18. I hope you like my pictures.

I live with my divorced mother and younger sister. Things here are not very good. I love them very much, but my Daddy lost his job and cannot pay the alimony and support the courts ordered him to pay us. Mommy is very sad all the time and I have been trying to find work to help us pay the bills. I know that I am pretty and I thought perhaps I could model or be a stripper to earn some extra money. A friend at school showed me the newspaper and I saw your ad. I know that I shouldn't be thinking such naughty thoughts, but I have always been a naughty girl at heart. My friend and I have messed around a little and it she told me that I should write to you. She also took the pictures.

If you would let me come and stay with you for a while, I would be willing to do anything you wanted. Anything, and I really mean that. I am a gentle girl, but think I could be wild and naughty if you liked. I was on our school's gymnastic team and am very flexible. I hope that you will write me back and let me show you that choosing me was a good decision.

Hugs and Kisses, Melissa

Alicia saw her aunt's face and the sensual, pleased smile she wore. "You're going to do it, aren't you Aunt Amelia? You're going to invite her to stay with us and make her your pussy slave?" She practically shivered herself at the delicious thought of it.

"No, darling." Amelia said. Alicia spun around, stunned. She thought the pretty, strawberry-blonde had captivated her aunt, she didn't understand.

"Darling girl, you've been such a treasure that you deserve a reward. I'm going to invite her here and make her your pussy slave. She will share your room and bed and attend to your every whim. Of course, as you do whatever I wish, I'll reap the benefits as well." Amelia grinned and smiled happily as her playful niece sat on her lap and snuggled close.

"Oh God, Aunt Amelia, what a thoughtful gift. Thank you, I love you so much," She beamed. "Are you going to write her back and invite her to stay with us?" Alicia questioned.

"No darling, as she is to be yours to train and play with, I think you should write the letter," Amelia instructed. "Let her know that we're offering her a job as a maid with a small living stipend, I can afford that and she'll be given days off to visit friends and family, otherwise, she will be expected to live her. If she's as smart as she seems, she'll understand. We'll go shopping and buy her some cute outfits and when she arrives, her training will begin. Do a good job on her darling and when your mother comes for her visit, we'll have an adorable little surprise to spring on her, won't we?"

"Oh God Aunt Amelia, it all sounds so evil and delicious," Alicia squealed, covering her aunt's face with sexy little kisses. "God, we're both such perverted lezzie sluts!"

Alicia went to her aunt's computer, composed a letter and had Amelia check it before she sent it. On her aunt's suggestion, she enclosed a nice photo of the two of them at the beach. It was nothing lurid or shocking, but young Melissa would be able to see the bodies of the women she would be serving. She added her aunt's Cell Phone number at the end and sent the letter Special Delivery so that Melissa would receive it as soon as possible. Two days later, the phone rang and it was Melissa. Amelia handed her niece the phone and let her talk to the girl. She saw her niece's expression as she and Melissa conversed, she seemed to get happier and happier and almost had an expression of arousal on her lovely face.

"Oh God Auntie, you should have listened to her, I'm sure she knows the score, but what a voice. It was all honey and sweet, but I can't wait to have her beautiful face between my legs, licking my cunt," Alicia sighed. "Please, can we go upstairs, I need to be with you now, I'm so fucking horny," She groaned.

"Of course, darling girl," Amelia grinned, thrilled this was all working out so well. "I'll never turn down a good romp between the sheets and you deserve a treat for initiating all of this in the first place."

Alicia never knew what to expect when her aunt said something like that, Amelia liked to keep her lover on her toes. I might be anything from an all-girl orgy to a new piece of sexy lingerie or shoes to a rousing fuck with their favorite strap-on. This evening, Amelia's knowing hands massaged warm oils into her niece's body, bringing her to a fever pitch. Then Amelia got a little rougher and got Alicia braced for what was to cum. Out came the strap-on and by the time it entered the blonde's neatly-shaven cunt, she was moaning and begging for it.

Alicia knew that some of the people in her past might label her evil, queer, perverted ... and what of it? She had never been happier in her life, every day brought her a constant string of happiness and orgasms. She was in the best physical shape of her life, she could have any lover she chose and was a hot little seductress now, confident in her own body and sexuality. She had been able to seduce any woman she wanted into her bed since learning the lessons her aunt had imparted ... black, Asian, Hispanic, redhead, older, younger ... the 19-year old wore her sexuality like a badge of honor. On those rare occasions when she craved cock, no man alive had been able to resist her ample sexual charms. She liked cock on occasion, but men were such simpletons, that was a belief she shared with her aunt and mother. Flash a bit of cleavage or show an expanse of leg and they were putty in your hands.

Alicia went out shopping the next day, well-armed with her aunt's credit card. She wanted to buy things that would make Melissa's transition easy and show the girl exactly what her new role would be. There was a boutique that Amelia and Alicia frequented, it was run by a lovely black woman named Chenade who was close friend of Amelia's. Her smile showed how happy she was to see Alicia. She had become a "friend" recently as well. Chenade hugged her and Alicia could tell the young woman was hoping for a little fun.

"Hey baby, it's so nice to see you," The girl smiled. "What can I do for you?"

Alicia briefly outlined the situation and what it was she was looking for. Chenade had everything she required and there was a nice-sized pile when they finished. Alicia knew her aunt's position as head librarian paid fairly well and she had a very tidy sum banked from investments, but this was going to be expensive. Fortunately, Chenade came to her rescue.

"You're going to get the special discount, baby," Chenade grinned at her. She motioned to one of her salesgirls, a lovely blonde named Divini, to take over for her. She escorted Alicia to the back room and she slithered out of the black leather pants she had been wearing. "C'mere baby," Chenade purred. "Come and eat my hot, juicy black cunt, earn that discount, you gorgeous, blonde lezzie whore. Gawd, you're such a good little cuntlapper, eat my twat bitch!" Chenade screamed. Alicia didn't come up for air for over 30 minutes and when Chenade and she had each had a few orgasms, Chenade got dressed and went back to work. Before Alicia could get all of her own clothes on, sexy, busty Divini rushed into the back room.

"I begged Chenade to let me come back here," The blonde breathed as she gathered Alicia in her arms and kissed her hard. "I could hear you two back here and I've never been with a woman, but I've wanted to fuck her since she hired me! Then I saw you and I wanted you, too! Let me eat your pussy please? I want to do it!"

Alicia stretched out on the chair she was sitting in and grinned. "Go to town, baby," She smiled. Men were not always the only ones who could be putty in your hands. An hour or so later, she left the shop with Chenade's personal Cell number in her pocket and a lunch date with Divini for later in the week.

Alicia was so excited that night that she could barely sleep. Amelia had sent Melissa enough money to take a train and then a taxi to their door. She was told be be there by no later than noon and told she would be punished if she were tardy. Amelia told Alicia that she was going to change her clothes and Alicia could use the shower and do likewise. They still had 90 minutes before Melissa's arrival.

Alicia knew she wanted to present a contrast, so she decided that she would dress in a feminine and attractive manner, a pretty, gauzy blouse and short skirt with high heels. She decided not to wear stockings, but made sure to shave her legs and pussy so that everything would be smooth and silky. She styled her hair a bit so it formed a golden halo about her face and found the pair of heels she knew Amelia would like. She giggled as she thought of how Melissa would be surprised when she took control. Alicia was not afraid to cede control to someone as strong as Amelia, but she had learned her lessons well and would be training Melissa thoroughly.

At 11:45, the doorbell rang and on the other side was Melissa. She was wearing a pretty pink skirt and a gauzy white blouse, her heels were high and she had sleek, long legs for someone who probably stood only 5'3" or so. Her face was positively angelic, but Alicia knew that looks could deceive. She brought the girl indoors, gave her a welcoming hug and sat her down in the living area.

"I want to make sure, absolutely sure, that you know what is in store for you Melissa," Alicia smiled. "You're here to be a sex slave, a fucktoy, MY fucktoy, do you understand? `No' will not be a word allowed in your vocabulary as long as you live here with us. If I say rim my asshole, you'll do it. I serve my Aunt Amelia, so you will as well, but you'll be my property and stay with me. Is this agreeable to you?" Alicia asked, her nipples already stiff.

Melissa was almost perched on the edge of her seat. "Oh yes miss, please miss, it sounds so fun and naughty. I think I'm really a dirty little girl at heart, I've had all these thoughts for so, so long. I want to serve you well miss, if you want me to ... do things ... now, I'd be happy to!"

Alicia smiled. "In time, little girl, in time. Don't call me `miss' though, it's too easy to slip up. From time to time, my aunt and I go out in public and we don't want everyone catching on. I am Alicia, as long as you defer to me and show me respect, that will be fine."

"Yes mi ... yes, Alicia. Oh, I'm so excited," Melissa almost squealed.

"She's going to fit in very well around here," Amelia said as she entered the room. Alicia almost gasped, obviously her aunt had dressed to stun and intimidate. She wore a snug, black evening gown, slit high on one side, black stockings slightly evident, stiletto heels on her lovely legs. She had worn the diamond necklace and matching earrings given to her by one of her several admirers, although who remained a mystery. Alicia saw the stunned look on her new toy's face.

"You're even lovelier than your pictures, welcome to your new home," Amelia offered graciously as she sat down. "Alicia has explained the rules?"

"Yes mi ... sorry, yes Amelia. I defer to her and she defers to you, which means I defer to you as well, right?" Melissa said, hoping she'd gotten it right.

"Yes, although there may be some exceptions," Amelia nodded. She poured them all a glass of wine. "From here on in, you will be our little lezzie slut. You will be treated well, but you are a sex toy and will be treated as such. We won't trouble you too much with cooking and cleaning and you will be exhausted from serving our horny bodies and cunts. How does that sound to you, Melissa?"

"Oh Amelia, it sounds like paradise!" The girl trilled in her soft, gentle voice.

"Go upstairs, second door on the right," Alicia instructed. "On the bed, there is a box and I would like you to put on everything you see there. Then you are to go to the next bedroom and join Aunt Amelia and I. Your new life is about to begin. Don't dawdle darling, we'll expect you in 20 minutes," Alicia instructed. The girl ran upstairs the minute Alicia had finished speaking.

"All this time getting prepared and you're already getting me naked?" Amelia teased.

"Oh shush, you lezzie whore, you know you love it," Alicia said impudently, sticking out her tongue. She linked her arm through Amelia's and they went upstairs together.

Amelia and Alicia were lazing in each other's arms when Melissa entered the room. She was smiling from head to toe as she wore her maid's uniform. It fit her nicely, although snug. Cut low in front, it revealed her sexy young tits and tanned skin. The skirt was short and hugged her delightful derrière quite well. Alicia had thought to include expensive fishnet stockings and high stilettos as well. The word "eye candy" was a perfect description.

"I feel so sexy, I've never worn anything like this," Melissa smiled. She looked at her two "employers" and hoped things would heat up soon.

"That will be your day-to-day uniform, although there are others," Alicia instructed her. "Come over here and kiss me, then Aunt Amelia. Be a little naughty and then we'll take it from there."

"A-all right," Melissa said nervously. She perched gingerly on the bed and let Alicia draw her close for a kiss. She darted a surprisingly-skilled tongue into Alicia's mouth and when Alicia broke the kiss, she turned to Amelia and did the same. Both women were panting a bit when Melissa finished.

"She's going to fit in very well around here," Amelia grinned. "All right dear, why don't you undress my niece and get her off? She's been such a good little slut lately, I want her to cum. I want to eat your horny little box, you're a sweet little peach Mel. I want to take your panties off and feast on your box," Amelia hissed naughtily.

"There'll be a problem with that ma'am," Melissa said as she flipped her skirt up. "Alicia didn't give me any panties to wear." She moved close to Alicia, kissed her again and began sliding her hands over the blonde. The two blondes were now kissing as auburn-haired Amelia slid the stockings down so she could have unfettered access to their new toy's juicy cunt. She kept it nicely trimmed, although Amelia preferred her pussies bare. That would be Alicia's choice to make though, Mel was to be her little toy. From the squeals she could hear from her niece and the slurping sounds, Mel was already proving to be a naughty lezzie pig though. They had made the right choice, it was obvious from the start.

It was almost like a feat of magic how fast Melissa had Alicia out of her clothes. Now she was face-deep in cunt and there were not even the merest moments of hesitation. She wanted to please Miss Alicia and it sure didn't hurt that Amelia's tongue was doing things to her horny pussy that she had never felt before. She didn't know if she should talk or remain silent so Melissa muffled her yelps of pleasure in Alicia's shaved box. She had enjoyed two mini-orgasms by the time she came up for air.

"The outfit is cute, but for what I want you to do next, it isn't practical," Alicia grinned. "You've made me cum, little whore, but I always remember Amelia is # 1 in our household. Auntie, you seem to love the little bitch's cunt, do you want to sixty-nine with her?"

"You unprincipled slut, you know the answer to that," Amelia laughed, removing her evening gown. She loved the way the two younger women took pleasure in the curves and contours of her body. Boldly, Melissa reached out and touched her. "You're ... you're both the most beautiful women I've ever seen," She gasped.

"That's good darling, because you'll be seeing a lot of us," Amelia chuckled. "Have you ever done a sixty-nine?" The teenage blonde shook her head. "All right, we'll show you how and pay attention, it's my favorite number," Amelia smiled.

Melissa proved to be a fast learner and made Amelia cum before she had her own orgasm. The two women explained to her that she should be free to talk and use expletives if she felt the urge, that she was their toy but would enjoy experiences with them that would be more liberating than anything she had known in her life. Alicia discovered that her little toy was an accomplished cook, so she told Mel to put her uniform on and make them a small meal. Melissa grinned and got dressed and scampered downstairs. The look of happiness on her face was almost joyous to watch.

"She's made to serve, that one," Amelia said as she cuddled Alicia in the bed they often shared.

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