tagMind ControlDollhouse Ch. 01

Dollhouse Ch. 01


All characters in this are over the age of 18.


"It's okay, my parents are out of town." Alice whispered into the ear of Marcus as the two stood kissing on the front porch of her house. The two college freshmen had just returned from their first date, and Marcus had walked Alice to the front door. Who said gentlemanly courtesy was dead? What had initially been intended as a simple, respectful kiss goodnight had been prolonged by Alice gently holding him to her; their tongues had danced inside one another's mouths. As they stood, leaning against the wall of the house, Marcus could feel his erection growing as thoughts of the beautiful red head before him raced through his mind; he knew that with the way they were pressed together, she could feel it growing as well. That's why, when the invitation inside came, he answered with a breathy "Okay..."

Alice opened the front door and led him by the hand through the darkened two story house. Despite being told that they were alone, the 18 year old Marcus still did his best to remain quiet; he even flinched as the stairs squeaked on his ascent. Alice laughed lightly at his nervousness, continuing to pull him up to her bedroom. It, too, was dark. The only light came from her computer monitor, which had flashing colorful geometric patterns dancing across the screen as a screen saver; the moving light cast constant, different colored shadows in the room. He did a quick scan, noting that it was a fairly typical, and plain, bedroom with one exception – a large dollhouse on the dresser. It was a model of a three story house, with some type of architecture that would cost a fortune if that were an actual house. But instead of an open front, there was a huge piece of hinged plexiglass covering it, complete with a latch to hold it in place. The thing was so big that it seemed out of place up there. He was almost mesmerized by how out of place it was; his attention was snapped back to the present when two thin arms snaked around his waist from behind, and warm lips kissed the back of his neck.

"Do you want to play with dolls, or do you want to play with me?" She teased, having caught him staring at the dollhouse. His cheeks flushed red with embarrassment as she pointed it out.

"Sorry babe. I guess it kind of... um... distracted me." Marcus replied sheepishly. Alice let go of him and took a few steps backward; he turned to watch her as she moved back toward the bedroom. The red head was grinning from ear to ear when she reached down to the hem of her tight fitting t-shirt and pulled it up and over her head, revealing her bare breasts to him. There she stood, with her rich red hair falling to her pale shoulders, in only her skinny jeans. Her breasts, on the small side, jutted out toward him with rock hard nipples. She reached up and lightly tweaked one pink nipple, rolling it between her fingers and lifting slightly before letting it drop; this caused her small, perky tit to lightly bounce in front of him. Marcus' mind was definitely off of the dollhouse now.

"I guess I'll just have to do something to keep you focused." Alice replied, licking her lips and beckoning him closer with a finger. Entranced by her beauty, Marcus walked forward toward her and leaned in for a kiss. His eyes drifted closed as he felt their lips touch; he could feel her hard nipples pressing against his chest as she leaned forward against him. Her arms came up and wrapped around the back of his neck, holding him against her; his hands explored her back, being daring enough to roam around front and tentatively squeeze her breasts. When she didn't put up any objection, her small tits filled his kneading hands.

"Open your eyes," she whispered, her lips so close to his that he could feel her mouth brushing lightly against his with every syllable uttered. Slowly, in a haze of lust, he complied; his eyes were open, looking directly into hers. She was just inches from him, and staring intently into his eyes. It was so intense that he found it slightly unnerving. A nervous laugh escaped his lips.

"Heh... What's up babe?"

"Don't move an inch." She said, unlocking her arms from the back of his neck and taking a few steps back. "I want to play a game."

"Um... what kind of game?" The words came out of his mouth before he tried to move, despite what she said. But, upon attempting, Marcus found himself rooted on the spot in her bedroom. A feeling of panic quickly shot through his body. "Hey... w-what's going on here?" He tried moving his arms, finding them locked and unresponsive. His legs were the same. Even moving his head was impossible. He could only stare straight forward and speak, it seemed. "What did you do?!" Panic reached his voice. The half naked Alice giggled, and sat down on her bed.

"I told you, silly. I wanted to play a game! I like to be in charge, you see." As she reclined on the bed, Alice's hands began to lightly roam her body; one hand moved up to her breasts, fingers teasing gently across the flesh. She used a much more delicate touch than he had, tracing her fingertips slowly around the bottom swell of her breast, moving up to the nipple; there, she traced light circles around the pink tip before gently pinching it, eliciting a light gasp from her. "And... mm... I kind of have... an ability, to make anything I want happen. I kind of forgot to mention that."

"Um, yeah! You did! This REALLY isn't fun anymore." Marcus replied, struggling to regain some of his mobility.

"Oh, it's a lot of fun for me. Watching you there, so panicked... it's getting me so wet right now. But it gets even more fun when I do other stuff. See, when I say I can make anything happen... I really mean it."

Marcus felt his hand moving, though he was not in control of it. Whatever she was doing, she'd taken full control of his movement capabilities. His hand went down to his pants, quickly unbuttoning and unzipping them and letting his hard cock slip out. It bobbed there in front of him, the tip already glistening with precum.

"I can make your cock get bigger, or smaller." She said, watching as his hand moved back to his side; he was left there with his cock pointed straight at her, but completely unable to do anything about it. "I could make it go away completely. I could give you a nice tight pussy instead. And let you try to explain that to girls when I compel you to hook up with them. I can do anything." There was a dangerous smile on her lips as she said it. Alice unbuttoned her jeans and wiggled out of them, leaving her laying on the bed in a pair of green panties. "You're my toy. And I love to play with my toys." Her fingers hooked in the waistband of her panties and tugged those down and off. Marcus could see her soaking wet, completely shaven pussy nestled between her legs; she had a small camel toe, with a finger slid into the cleft and began rubbing.

Marcus felt himself moving toward her, reaching down to pick up her now discarded panties. He watched from his mental prison as he draped the cloth over the tip of his penis and just left them hanging there. For some reason, this was more embarrassing to him than anything else that had gone on so far. He didn't start to stroke himself, or pleasure himself in any way. Marcus was just left standing there with a pair of green panties dangling from the head of his cock.

"Do you like being a toy, baby?" Alice asked him, slipping a finger inside of herself; her back arched slightly at the penetration. "Do you like having a hot girl control you? Hmm?" She was dirty talking him, and he could see that it was only fueling her lust. She was so wet that he could hear the moist sounds of her finger slipping in and out of her drenched cunt.

"What do you think!" Marcus said in a rage; he would have lunged at her, wrapped his fingers around her throat if he'd been able to move a muscle. "This is bullshit, Alice! Let me go!"

"I don't know," She replied, tauntingly. Her other hand snaked behind her head and pulled the most lifelike dildo from underneath her pillow. Her finger stopped pumping in and out of herself as soon as the tip of the dildo reached her pussy; Alice moaned loudly as she slipped the tip inside of her. "You look like you're enjoying it to me. You're still rock hard." She smirked. He knew that meant something bad. As soon as the thought passed through his mind, he felt a sudden, intense pleasure spread throughout his body; his knees would have buckled if he'd been able to move. But he was locked in place as the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced rocked him. With a groan he felt the semen start to move up his shaft and fire hard from the tip of his cock, splattering the inside of her panties with shot after shot. He could see the dark stain quickly forming on the outside of the cloth, and watch his cum dripping from the inside. He came for a full minute before finally stopping, leaving her panties a soaked mess. All the while, Alice was rapidly fucking herself with the dildo; she seemed only dimly aware of the mess that he'd made. Marcus was forced to stand there and watch as she brought herself to a loud orgasm, a stream squirting from her pussy as she came; he was blasted with it, drenching his clothes.

Alice laid there, panting with the dildo still lodged inside of her pussy; she was grinning from ear to ear at the sight of a cum-soaked Marcus.

"Was that so bad?" She teased, crawling up to her hands and knees scooting toward him; Alice reached for the drenched pair of panties, pulling them from his still stiff cock and holding them out in front of her. "And what a naughty toy! You made such a mess out of my favorite pair of underwear. Can't you control yourself?" She asked, mockingly, as she dropped her undies onto the floor. As she said it, he felt another wave of pleasure coming over him; before a word could come out of his mouth, Marcus groaned and more semen began to stream from his cock. It didn't shoot out like before, but instead impotently oozed from the tip and drippled down onto the floor. She was clearly playing with him again, and was laughing as the final spurt of dripped from his cock and landed on the carpet.

"Apparently not," Alice answered herself with a giggle, as she fell back onto the bed. "It's kind of cute, watching you cum like that. Your face scrunches up really tight, like you're trying to fight it." As she reclined on the bed, Alice made a gesture with her hand; Marcus felt his body responding to whatever it was she had initiated in him. This time, it was apparently stripping out of his clothes. His mind sat idly by while his body responded, quickly removing his t-shirt and stepping out of his jeans and boxers. Once he was nude, he finally was directed to sit on the edge of the bed.

"I could just make you cum all night so I could watch your face. But, I really don't want that big of a mess on my floor..." She said with an over exaggerated sigh. "Unless... Oh, I have a great idea! Would you like to play dress up?"

"No!" Marcus quickly said, but his protest was in vain, His body was already standing and moving toward her dresser. He watched as his body opened the second drawer below the large doll house, and to his horror saw that it was her underwear drawer.

"Pick a black pair!" Alice called from behind him, "That way we can see your mess better."

And Marcus did just as he was instructed; his hands searched through the drawer and pulled out a pair of black panties, stepping into them and pulling them up without hesitation. He closed the drawer and turned to face Alice. Never in his life had he felt so embarrassed as he did standing there in women's underwear. His cock bulged obscenely in the front of the already too-tight undies; the tip of his penis barely fit beneath the elastic waistband. Almost as soon as they were up, the orgasms started to hit. He knew that it was Alice behind it, but his mind barely had time to register it as the pleasure coursed through his body. Cum started erupting from the tip of his cock, trapped between there and the soft fabric of the panties. He groaned as he felt the sticky liquid quickly coating the front of the garment, and slicking his member in the process. But unlike before, his cum never tapered off. It just kept firing and firing, one hard shot after another. The pleasure became almost agonizing for him, his eyes rolling back in his head as the continuous orgasm rocked his body. Minute after minute passed by as he came, and Alice began to masturbate in front of him again. His mind could only take so much, and Marcus lost consciousness as cum continued to pour from him.


His eyes slowly drifted open, and he found that he was laying on his back, on the floor. His eyes focused a bit more, and saw Alice on top of him, her wet cunt pressed to his mouth and his tongue lapping feverishly at her. Apparently, he noted, she could still control his body while he was unconscious. Though he had stopped cumming, he was incredibly uncomfortable in the drenched panties in which she still had him. He could feel his seed, now cold and sticky, covering his crotch and inner thighs. He wanted so badly to get out of what he was wearing.

Alice began to grind herself on his mouth, reaching down and intertwining her fingers into his hair. Her juices began to flow more freely, directly into her mouth; when she came, it was a flood of squirting as she sprayed directly into him, leaving him no choice but to swallow or choke. Gasping for breath, Alice rolled off of him and collapsed at his side.

"Oh, Marcus. You're so good at licking pussy. I had no idea you'd be like that." As she spoke, she reached down to gently grasp his covered member; it was so sore from all of the ejaculating that he couldn't help but gasp, and wince in pain. "Aww, poor baby is spent. Well, I don't want to break my toy on the first night. I'll just have to put you away and save you for later." She said, removing her hand.

"... what do you mean, put me away?" He asked, looking up to her. "You can't be serious. You can't keep me here, somebody will come looking! You can't just hide a grown man in plain sight!"

"Oh, don't worry silly." She said, standing up. "I'll take care of all of that. Now, hold still. This might feel a little... strange."

And, whatever she did, it certainly did feel strange; it felt like hands were gently massaging his body, everywhere. There wasn't a muscle that didn't get affected, and he loathingly admitted that it felt good. But, almost immediately, he started to notice something even more strange: it looked like Alice was growing larger above him. Every second that passed with this strange feeling, she got bigger. His head turned to the side to witness that it wasn't just her growing, it was the entire room. Inch by inch, Marcus shrunk until the red headed woman above him towered like a skyscraper. Once it stopped, he was only six inches tall. He'd shrunk completely out of the cum stained panties, thankfully, and was now completely nude. She reached down to pick him up, easily scooping him into her palm; all of his body was engulfed in her hand, except his head. As she lifted him upward, those tits which had seemed to small moments ago, were now mountainous. His tiny little legs kicked futilely against her palm. She carried him over to the dollhouse and unlatched the plexiglass covering to set him down on the first floor. With a little wiggle of her fingers as a wave, Alice turned and headed out of the room, leaving Marcus alone to discover what lay in his new surroundings.

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