tagMind ControlDollhouse Ch. 02

Dollhouse Ch. 02


"Hey! HEY!" Marcus yelled at the retreating form of Alice; trapped behind the plexiglass, he banged his tiny fists futilely against the surface. The sound reverberated within the room of the darkened dollhouse, but he had no doubt it was too quiet to be heard outside of that see-through wall. Not that there was anybody out there to hear it anymore, anyway. The bedroom door had closed, and Marcus was left alone inside of that dollhouse.

Once the shock and embarrassment of what had happened wore off, Marcus found himself shivering; he dully noted that he was still nude, and it was fairly chilly. The wooden floor beneath his bare souls was almost icy to the touch, and certainly unpleasant for the prolonged contact. He wrapped his arms about himself, almost idly, as he tried to raise his body temperature. As the shock wore off, he began to take stock of his situation. He tried to reason with himself; certainly this was some kind of horrible dream, the voice in his mind said. Any moment he would wake up in his bed, safe and warm... away from this insanity, and this humiliation. He pressed his eyes tightly shut, as if he could channel himself into that reality. But no matter how hard he tried, and how strong he wished, he was still standing nude in the dollhouse every time he opened his eyes.

He sighed, hope evaporating quickly. Marcus gave the plexiglass one more, half-hearted strike with his clenched fist before he turned around. The room he was standing in was on the first floor of the house, and appeared to be the living room. There were no lights on inside of the house, so the only illumination came from the light of Alice's computer monitor in the room behind him. Because of the omnidirectional light, the illumination within the room was dim at best, and cast long, eerie shadows. He couldn't help the twinge of fear that flared up inside of him. The logical part of his mind tried to assure him that there wasn't anything in the shadows to be afraid of... but the part of his mind that realized he'd just been shrunk to six inches tall realized that any sort of crazy thing could be inside of this place.

He took a few steps into the room, determined to explore his surroundings. It didn't surprise him when he found that the lamp was purely decorative, and didn't work at all. Nor did it truly surprise him when he sat on the couch, only to find it was simply a piece of fabric stretched over a wooden base; it wasn't as cold as standing on the floor, but it wasn't comfortable by a long shot. He'd just pulled his feet off of the cold floor when a soft voice from the other side of the room grabbed his attention, and made him jump in surprise.

"You must be the new guy."

The voice came from a beautiful brunette woman standing in the doorway that led out of the living room. Much like him, she was completely nude; she looked to be in her mid-thirties, perhaps a bit older, but her figure was still quite stunning. Her breasts were large, D cups easily, though they still maintained a healthy amount of perkiness; there was a gentle sag to them, but for a woman of her age they were almost abnormally firm. Her brown hair spilled just past her angular jawline; the hair framed a beautiful face, with wide, innocent green eyes and a small mouth... which had a sympathetic smile offered his way. He noted that she had no hair on her crotch, leaving the pale white skin smooth. Perhaps it was his eyes playing tricks on him, but he could have sworn that he saw a hint of moisture between her thighs.

As she saw him jump when she spoke, the woman's smile grew just a little bit; it wasn't mocking, but seemed to be from some sort of joke that only she got.

"I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to scare you, it's just... I saw what happened with you and Mistress." The woman paused after saying the word mistress, and audibly sighed. "... and I knew I should come find you. Is it alright if I sit with you?" She asked, taking a few steps toward him.

Marcus caught himself staring at her frame, and it took him a few delayed seconds to get around to responding to her. He blinked his eyes a few times to clear his mind, and attempt to get his focus back to where it should be.

"Yeah, of course. I'm just a little... shaken, I guess." He replied to her, and swung his legs off of the couch; when he planted his feet back on the cold floor, he realized that his cock had grown to fully erect again. He tried to cover it with his hands, but didn't do a terribly good job of hiding it. The woman sat down next to him, and reached over to gently lay her hand atop one of his.

"It's okay. It's not like I haven't seen one of them before. And I'll be seeing plenty of it. There's no need to be ashamed."

Marcus felt himself blushing a bit at her touch, and the boldness of her statement. He had to clear his throat before, very shyly, removing his hands from his penis. She kept her hand atop his.

"It's... still a little hard to get used to being naked in front of somebody I've never met before. And... um... being in a fucking dollhouse while I'm at it. What's going on? Who is she? Who are you?" Marcus asked, looking over to her; he had to try very hard not to let his eyes drift down to her breasts, with the nipples erect and pointing directly at him.

"You'll get used to it," She assured him, her fingers gently squeezing his hand. "It was hard for me, too. I've been in here for... wow, I can't even remember anymore. Time kind of ceases to stop when you're stuck in something like this. I lost count of days a long, long time ago." There was a bit of sadness in her voice as she said that.

"Well... who are you, at least? How did you end up in here?"

Her fingers began to trace idly on the back of his hand, almost teasingly. Despite wanting to, Marcus found himself simply sitting there and allowing it to happen.

"I'm Monica," She replied, tracing a lazy circle with her index finger. "I used to own this house. I've been in here ever since Mistress showed up on my front door."

Marcus blinked at that, staring dumbly at the brunette woman next to him. "I thought that she said this was her parents' place?" He paused, as he had to think about the second part. "And why do you keep calling her Mistress?"

"She told you that, huh?" Monica replied. Her fingertip slowly traced up and down the back of his hand before it moved to his leg, making a lazy circuit up his thigh. "You're not the first person she's told that to. I think she uses it as cover, to lure people inside." Monica shrugged, though, as her hand teased closer to Marcus' raging erection. "This used to be my house, a long time ago. I lived here with my husband and my daughter. This used to be her room. And her dollhouse." Monica's fingers had wrapped around his shaft, her tiny fingers gently squeezing as she stroked up and down one time.

"Why do you call her Mistress?" He prompted again, shivering as she stroked his cock. He was confused at the fact that he hadn't stopped her from touching him, let along not saying anything to her about it. He just sat there, letting her stroke him.

"I can't call her anything else," She answered, stroking back up the length of his prick. When her hand reached the top she ran her palm over the head of his cock, dragging it against the opening and smearing the already present pre-cum around in her hand. "Like, I literally can't. She did something to my mind. My daughter's mind, too. We can't remember what her actual name is. But even if we could remember, we can't call her anything except Mistress no matter how hard we try. She likes to play with our minds. Make us forget things... make us do things." Her pace was picking up now, stroking faster; every stroke included her rubbing her palm over the tip of his penis. He began moaning as he felt yet another orgasm building.

"Do things?" He asked, his breathing speeding up; his hips bucked to meet each stroke of her hand, trying to bring himself closer to orgasm.

"Like this," She said, nodding down to her hand. "She likes to play with us. Treat us like... well... dolls. I have to do this," She said, speeding up her strokes to an almost furious pace. "Mistress makes me... need to pleasure the other dolls. My daughter's curse is different." Monica said. She slipped off of the couch and onto her knees in front of him, not once releasing his cock. Now, with him in front of her, she leaned forward and nestled his penis between her generous tits while she stroked, causing them to bounce with the motions of her hand.

"What... oh god," He moaned, throwing his head back and closing his eyes. "what is her curse?" He asked, bucking his hips. The feeling of her hand, of soft breasts on both sides of his cock... it was too much. With a moan, he released; his cum rocketed up and fired out of his penis, hitting the underside of her chin and splashing back down to her breasts. He heard her giggle when the spurts began to hit her, and her hand stroked him until every drop had been milked out of her. He opened his eyes to watch her bring her hand to her mouth, licking his seed from around her fingers. She then lowered her mouth to his prick, wrapping her lips around the head to clean the excess cum from him; the sensation of her warm mouth around his penis sent shivers through his body, and he came again, firing another strong stream of cum into her mouth. Monica, surprised, squealed as the cum shot into her mouth. Her eyes went wide as she struggled to contain each shot; with extreme effort, she swallowed that load as well and pulled back from him, looking to him with curious eyes.

"My, my," She said, lifting her breasts up so that she could lick the cum from them as well. "It looks like Mistress made you a little sensitive. Maybe that's your curse..." All spoken between licking herself clean. Marcus was blushing rather deeply, averting his eyes from the woman in front of him. Just watching her lick her own breasts had him on the verge of cumming again, and he didn't want to fire another load so soon.

"You said... that your daughter has one, too?" He asked as he tried to get his mind off of the nude beauty before him, his eyes focusing rather intently on the floor several feet... or, at his current size, several inches from him. "What is it?"

Finished cleaning herself, Monica pushed up to her feet. "Come with me. I'll let you meet her." She said, rather than telling him. Marcus, feeling he was under enough control that he wouldn't cum from looking at her, got to his feet and followed her.

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