tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDominance Reversal Ch. 02

Dominance Reversal Ch. 02


Thank you all for your comments and encouragement. I hope that you guys enjoy chapter 2! Let me know what you think! :)

Chapter 2

10:30 AM

I can't help but think how I could possibly get out of this. Here I am sitting on the edge of my bed with a large assortment of overly sexy clothing that I would never agree to wear in a million years. I hold up the black, skimpy panties and my cock begins to stir from within its steel cage. Cindy would never have worn anything this sexy. She was always very conservative with her body, even after making her get the breast implants. Where did she even get these? Before long I can't help but further explore the rest of the attire. The matching bra felt heavy. They appear to have breast forms glued inside of the cups. They looked rather large, maybe size D. Getting more turned on, I set them aside. I hold up the frilly French maid outfit. The cleavage is so very low cut. The skirt is so very soft. I take the outfit off the hanger and lay it out on the bed. I finally decide that I should go ahead and get dressed. I look at the clock, ten minutes had already passed. Cindy is due home in twenty minutes. Standing up I look down at my caged cock. Sadly, I have a feeling I won't be using it for a while.

Reaching down, I grab the panties. They're so small and delicate. Lifting up one leg, I slide one foot in and then the other. Pulling them all the way up I quiver to the feeling of the thong resting between my cheeks. I step in front of the full length mirror hanging on the wall. My cock tries to stiffen at the image I see. The thin cloth barely just covers my chastity cage and nothing else. I cringe at the pain of the steel cage squeezing tighter and tighter on my cock as I become more aroused. Stepping away from the mirror, I head back to the bed. I pick up the bra and try to figure out how I would even get it on. I decide to put it on backwards and slip it back around. After getting my arms through the straps, I immediately begin to rub and fondle my own fake breasts. My cock is hurting so bad right now. Picking up the French maid's outfit, I find the zipper in the front and zip it down so that I can step into it easier. I sit down on the bed so that I can place both feet in at the same time without worrying about losing balance. After getting both feet in, I stand up and pull outfit up. The ruffles from the skirt tickle my legs as I pull the outfit up snugly to my body. After zipping the mini dress up, it seemed to fit my body like a glove. I finish the whole outfit by applying the long haired brunet wig. I quickly ran over to the mirror to see what I looked like. My cock strained more than ever as I got a glimpse of myself. Aside from being hairy, I was one of the hottest girls I have seen. The outfit looked stunning on me. I was amazed on how real the breasts looked. Turning around to get a better look at myself, I notice that the skirt is very, very short. Any amount of bending over would reveal my butt. I look at the time; I have about 10 minutes to get my chores done.

I rush into the kitchen and quickly begin to unload and load the dishwasher. I then wipe down the countertop. Giving the kitchen I quick eye over, I accept it as clean enough. I then walk quickly over to the closet. My arousal rises as I feel the skirt gently rubbing my ass and thighs. Pulling out the vacuum I run it through the living room, bedroom, and guest room. Exhausted and the quick power clean I had just did, I had one chore left to do. Take out the trash. I become freighted at the idea of going outside looking like this. The house to the curb was a good twenty yards away. Even if I sprinted, I would be exposed for a good minute or so. I go back to the bedroom to get the pink bag to add to the trash to be taken out. Halfway back to the garbage, I notice a note at the bottom of the bag. I quickly open it up and read. It says:

"I left you an extra gift, it's in the box in the bottom drawer of your dresser. Hope you like it!"

Opening the drawer I find a shoe box. I pull the box out and open it on the bed. It's a pair of black six inch high heels. I spend no time thinking and quickly slide my feet into them. They fit so perfectly. I get the strap to my left shoe and feed the strap through a hole on the other side. As it slides in, it makes a clicking sound. I just ignore it and make the strap fit snugly to my ankle. I admire how it looks. The ankle strap is so high up and the shoe has the tip open and some of my toes stick out. I do the same to the other foot and click it secure. Carefully I stand up. Walking is so very difficult in these. I decide to just take them off so I can run the trash out to the curb as quick as possible in hopes of going undetected. Sitting back down on the bed, I pull up my right foot to take it off. Confused on how they come off, I first try to find some release button. All I can find is a key hole. I begin to panic. I immediately begin tugging on the strap and nothing budges. My feet are trapped in these heels. I look up at the clock, its 11:57am.

With three minutes left I carefully walk to the garbage and bring it to the door. My heart begins racing. My hands start to shake as I reach for the door knob. It's noon on a Friday. Everyone's either at work or school. I try and build up the courage to step outside. Time is ticking and I don't want to upset Cindy any further. I grab the knob, turn, and open the door.

I squint as my eyes adjust to the bright outdoors. After checking out the area, I make for the curb as no one is in sight. Walking quickly as I can, I carry the trash for what seems like miles. My heels echo off the neighboring houses as I tiptoe in them. I pick up the pace as I get used to walking in the six inch heels a little more. Almost there, still no one in sight. I think I might get this done without being seen. Upon arriving at the can, I drop in the bag and look around for anybody. There is still no one around. I begin making my way back for the house. The clacking of my heels sound much louder now that I have my back turned to the street. I'm hurrying as fast as I can. My heart feels like it's going to burst. Halfway there! That's when I hear a car horn. I stop and turn around and see that it's Cindy. Fighting the embarrassment, I keep on going to avoid anymore eyes on me. I make it home and hold the door open for Cindy.

"Hey there Cutie!" Cindy says in a teasing manner as she enters the house. "I see that you just finished your chores."

"Sure did." I snap back. "Now that you've had your fun, give me my clothes back and stop playing around"

"I'm not playing around, and that's no way to talk to me. You need to learn some manners and that's precisely what I'm doing."

I just stand there with nothing else to add. What does she mean by all of this? How come Cindy is reacting so dominantly?

"So, how are you liking your new clothes?" she asks me sarcastically.

"I'm ready to get out of these things. I do not like this one bit."

She doesn't say anything as she walks up to me. Her soft hand reaches down and lifts up my skirt and with her other hand; she grabs my panty covered cage inspecting it entirely.

"That's not what your caged up cock is telling me."

"But I..." I interrupt.

"You what? It's obvious that your teeny tiny cock is straining to become erect. Would you like me to help out your caged cock problem Honey?" she asks in a cute manner.

I just nod and fight back my urge to tell her not to call me Honey.

Cindy still holding my cage begins to pull me into the bedroom. My balls and cock ache to badly. Upon entering the bedroom she pushes me down onto the bed. I start getting more excited. Just as before, she begins binding my hands and ankles to the posts of the bed. She double checks the bondages to make sure I am secure. After she is confident that I can't escape, she begins removing her tight jeans and her blouse. My cock throbs harder and aches more as I see what she's wearing underneath her clothes. She's wearing a full body stocking that hugs her beautiful body in all the right places. The crotch is open in the stocking revealing her hairless pussy. She is wearing nothing else except for a necklace around her neck that has keys on it. I assume they're for my chastity and my shoes.

"Honey, if you're expecting sex tonight, that's all up to how you react to what I have to say. I don't want you to say anything unless I tell you to. You either nod or shake your head. You got it?"

I look up to her and nod my head.

"Good ." she says with a smile. "Are you liking your outfit?"

I nod.

"Do you like my outfit?

I nod.

"Do you like my hairless body?"

I nod.

"Do you think I liked my body before you made me alter it?"

I take a deep breath and nod.

"I've made an appointment for you tomorrow. I want you to get all of your body hair from the neck down removed like you had me do for you. I think you'd look much sexier in your girlie clothing if it was gone." She said as she paced around the room. "You want to look sexy for me don't you?"

I start to tear up a little. I nod.

"That's a good girl." She said.

Cindy began rubbing up my thigh. "It pleases me that you are willing to stay committed with me." She says as she leans in to give me a kiss.

Cindy then begins to rub her hands across my breasts as she kisses me. My cock is straining at full force. She slides up on top of me and begins to straddle herself on my chastity belt. I begin to moan as the pressure on my cock begins to become too much.

"I bet you would like out of that wouldn't you Honey?" she teases. "Well, ok. I'll let you out only if you promise not to cum unless I say."

I nod and eagerly wait for her to remove it. She pulls my panties aside. Her hand grasps my cage and she leans in with the key that's around her neck to release the lock. I hear the click and it's pulled off slowly. My cock quickly springs fully erect.

"Oh my!" she says and chuckles. "You really are excited aren't you?

My cock aches for her to touch it. It's throbbing so hard it's bouncing. She gently grabs the base of my cock and begins to squeeze and release. Over and over again, she just squeezes.

"Look how red your head is getting. You must really be horny Honey." She chirps.

She just continues to squeeze my cock. With her other hand, she starts to grab at my fake breasts again.

"I wish these were real. We should do something about that soon." She questions. "What do you think Jake."

I nod in agreement. My mind clouded from her teasing my cock.

"I want to hear what you want, Honey. What is it do you want?"

"I want to get big breasts." I say in a trance.

"Why do you want bigger breasts Jake? Tell me specifically why you want them." she asks.

"I don't know. I think it would feel better, and look better in whatever you make me wear." I reply.

"Do you like wearing girlie clothes Jake?"

I nod.

"That's good to hear. That's really good." She says.

Her hand continues to squeeze my shaft. After what seems like eternity, she starts to get up.

"How would you like to fuck me in my pussy?" she asks as she starts to rub herself.

I smile and shake my head up and down.

"One moment." She says.

She walks out to the living room and gets the bag that she came home with. She pulls out a box of condoms and a big bottle of some clear gel, maybe its lube. She opens up the gel squirts a bunch of it on to my cock. My cock bobs to the sudden cool sensation. She then sets the bottle down and begins to massage my cock with it. She starts off squeezing my cock tightly and jerks me off fast with it. I start to moan as I feel like I'm going to cum any second. I close my eyes and tense up as I get closer to release. But my sensation to cum quickly begins to fade. I open my eyes to expect her to not be rubbing my cock, but to my horror she's still pumping away at it quite vigorously. I look up and connect eyes with her and she was already smiling.

"How does that feel?" she asks in a laughing manner. "It's a numbing lubricant. I picked it up while I was out, what do you think?"

"I can't feel a thing." I cry out.

"Good, that's what I wanted." She says .

Her hands let go of my cock and she starts opening up the condoms. After getting one out of the wrapper, she rolls one down the length of my cock.

"Don't want my pussy to get numb!" she teases.

Before long she's up on top of me again, this time she's actually lowering herself onto my raging hard on. I just lay there restrained as she just rides me for her own pleasure. After riding me for a few minutes, she turns herself around to have her bouncing ass facing me as she riders my cock. I am so frustrated to not be receiving any pleasure.

"Oh my god! I'm cumming!" she shouts. Her voice echoes throughout the house.

I can see her pussy convulsing on my cock. It's gripping and contracting violently around the base of my cock. But I can't feel it.

After Cindy was done riding me for what seems like an hour. She collapses on top of me and turns around to snuggle with me as she catches her breath. I look down and my cock is already flaccid. She removes the condom and to my dismay, she locks down the cage on my cock again.

"Good girl for not cumming." She coos. "If you're a good girl tomorrow and get your hair removal done without a problem, I might actually let you cum tomorrow. Now, I'm going to take your restraints off. I want you to go get a shower and come back for bed. Oh, and hang up your outfit in the closet and leave your panties and bra in the bathroom. You can clean them tomorrow."

Cindy then begins to unlock my heels from my feet and sets them beside the bed. She then takes the restraints off my feet and hands. She helps me undress by unzipping my maid's outfit and undoing my bra from the back. I place everything where they belong and take my shower. After getting out of the shower and dry off. I exit the bathroom to see that Cindy is already asleep. I crawl in bed with her again. I am naked again except for my chastity belt.

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