Dominance Reversal Ch. 03


"Thanks a lot." he says as he walks into the house.

"I didn't know Cindy got a maid. How long you been here?" he says as he obviously checks out my short skirt and high heels.

"Just a few days" I say.

"That's cool." he sates as he heads over towards the TV. "Oh, where are my manners. I'm Richard by the way."

"I'm Jaclyn, nice too meet you." I say.

He began browsing the movies and selects a few comedies and a few horror movies.

"Thanks again for letting me get some movies. I was bored out of my mind over there." he chuckles.

"No problem at all, I'll let Cindy know you came by." I say.

On his way out he drops a movie and continues to the front door and opens it. I bend down to pick it up for him and call him back to let him know he had dropped one.

"Thanks, I'll see you around." he says. I shut the door behind him.

My heart is racing from what that just happened. I can't believe I pulled that off, and it was fun being mind fucked by that twenty or so year old man. I must admit, he is quite the eye pleaser. He definitely does look good. The excitement from all of that had my cock straining full force on my cage again. I try to focus on cleaning again to get my aching cock to settle down.


I hear a door slam in the front yard. Cindy must be home. I just keep cleaning hoping to impress her with the lots of work that I had done while she was gone despite the few minutes of interruption from Richard.

"Hey Jaclyn, I see that you have done quite a lot of work while I was gone." She praises while setting some bags down on the table.

"Thanks, I did work hard." I said.

"I can tell" she adds. "You didn't do anything naughty while I was gone, did you?"

"Nothing but cleaning" I say. "Oh another thing, Richard came by wanting to borrow some movies. I just let him grab a few."

"Oh no..." Cindy says as she bolts over to her DVD collection. Cindy begins chuckling.

"What's so funny?" I ask.

"You know how I said I had multiple copies of our little movie we made the other night?" she laughs. "I had one copy hidden in one of the DVDs cases that Richard took.

"What the Hell. You need to go down there and get it back from him right now!" I yell out.

Cindy draws her hand back and slaps me across the face, "I told you not to ever talk to me like that again." She yells back.

I begin to tear up. Cindy had never struck me before. I have however hit her on several occasions when I had came home late from work drunk over stupid stuff.

"You can go get the movie your damn self if you want. I'm not the one to be embarrassed." She said.

"I can't." I say.

"Why can't you?" she replies. "You were ok enough to let him in the house when you could have just ignored the door."

"That's different. This is our home and I felt comfortable." I say.

"No excuses. Go get it if you don't want him to see it." She says.

I let out a sigh and decide to go next door to get the movie back from Richard. Cindy doesn't allow me to change into something less revealing and provocative. I walk outside and make my way towards his parent's house where he's staying. I get more nervous as I reach the halfway mark, the point of no return. I notice the neighbors across the street are having a BBQ. The eyes of the large party pierce me like daggers. But strangely, it turns me on that they're eyeing me like a fresh piece of meat. I reach the neighbor's yard and head for the front door. I ring the doorbell.

"Hello, can I help you?" Richard's mother says.

"Uh... I'm the servant for Cindy next door.... She sent me over to retrieve a movie from your son." I say with an obvious shake to my voice.

"Oh I'm sorry, you just missed him. He just left to go visit a friend of his and I believe he took the movies with him." She said. "I'll let him know as soon as I see him that she's looking to get them back."

I nearly die right there. I turn and walk away without saying a word. I begin to cry as I head back to the house. What an embarrassment it will be when Richard finds out the maid of the house is actually me. I make it back to the house and slam the door.

"You get the tape Jaclyn?" I hear Cindy shout from the living room.

"No." I say. "He wasn't home."

"Aw, poor thing, I'm sorry. It's not that bad." She says. "Here, take a look at this."

I look at the TV and it's a video of me and Richard from earlier today.

"Look at this" she says, "Watch Richard."

The video plays on and it's when he was leaving. The video shows him clearly dropping the video on purpose. When I bend over to pick it up he was staring up my skirt and smiling. I can't believe he would do such a thing.

"It seems like he really likes you." Cindy says with a grin on her face. "I also like how you were talking with him in your feminine voice. I want you to use that voice from now on."

At this point, I'm still upset that he'll see the video of me committing myself to Cindy. But I don't feel so bad now that I know he was attracted to me. This is weird to be but for some reason, I'm starting to like the idea of men lusting for me.

"Why don't you go have a bath, you've had a long, busy day." Cindy says. "Come sit down and I'll help you get undreassed.

She first unlocks my heels and slides them off my feet. She wastes no time and helps slide off the rest of my clothes. I'm able to walk comfortably to the bathroom without the tall heels now. When I make it in the bathroom there is already a bath drawn for me and the room is candle lit. I slowly ease myself into the hot bath and begin to relax. My feet are sore from all the walking around I've done today and it's nice to be able to relax for a change. These past few days have been crazy. This is my moment to relax. But I can't keep my mind off of Richard. What will his reaction be to my video? The bath slowly cools and my fingers are now all pruney. I get out of the bath and begin to dry myself off. Cindy must have heard the bath begin to drain. I hear her bark out at me to user he body lotion after drying off. I begin to apply the sweet lavender body lotion all over my smooth body. I'm still not used to having a smooth body. I quickly finish up and leave the bathroom and head into the bedroom. Cindy welcomes me to sit down. She happens to have another pink bag that's full of who knows what. I notice the bag is the same that my maid's outfit was.

"You've been such a good girl today, haven't you?" She says emphasizing girl.

"I guess." I say.

"You don't guess, you know you did good. Just admit you were a good girl today." She says.

"Yes, I was a good girl today." I say.

"You got the house looking great today. Despite me having to smack you earlier, you have really come along in your new role in this relationship." She says. "But a few punishments here and there were predictable I suppose."

"What's in the bag?" is what I want to ask here, but I've learned to just go with the flow.

"I know you're eager about the bag. I bought you a couple presents while I was out today." She says. "You've really improved these past few days and I thought it was time to reward you some."

I try my hardest but it was impossible to repress back a smile.

"I had already opened this so it could go on right away." She said. "It's a fish net body stocking."

I knew exactly what it was. I had tried so many times to get her to wear one.

"Here put it on." She said handing it to me.

After struggling to get it on both feet I was able to slide it up by body and have my arms snaked through it. The tight netting felt great on my body. The crotch was open and my ass and chastity gage was left uncovered by netting. My cock quickly filled it's prison.

"Mmm, only thing you need to make that look amazing is a nice set of breasts." She said. "Come lay down."

As I lay there, she same and sat right beside me, her hands quickly began to rub all over my body.

"How badly do you want to cum tonight?" she asks me bluntly.

"More than anything." I say.

"Good. You'll get to tonight if you really want to." She says.

"Oh I do, I'll do anything to get to cum." I say.

"That's good to hear, because I got more gifts for you." She said while reaching into her pink bag.

She pulls out a long slender box. She turns to where I can't see and opens it up to pull out the item. It's a purple dildo in the shape of a cock; it even has balls to it.

"This is for you." She says handing it to me.

"And what am I supposed to do with this?" I say.

"Put it in your butt." She says handing me a bottle of lube.

"I'm not gay, things don't go in my butt." I say to her.

"You don't have to be gay to enjoy anal pleasure. If you are afraid, you don't have to cum tonight." She adds.

"No, no. I want to cum" I say, "but do I really need to use this?"

"Yes, but you need to hurry. I'm going to go to bed if you can't make up your mind." She says.

I frown, "Ok, I will."

I generously add lube to the purple cock. I apply it in a fashion that I would have applied it to my own cock. It's been many days since I've even touched it. I quirt a dab onto my index finger and apply it to by anus. I gently ease the cock up to my entrance and push on it slowly. It refuses to slide in at first but after some coaxing, the thick, twelve inch cock's tip gets sucked in to my virgin ass. Cindy lets out a sigh as she is fixated at watching it slide in. She urges me to push it deeper. I slowly push it in inch by inch. The bulbous tip brushes past my prostate and by cock jumps at the sudden foreign pleasure from my ass.

"I see that you're liking it, your cock is making that apparent." Cindy says while rubbing my thighs. "Pull it out and re insert it."

I pull it out and the tip pops out of my ass. This time it's easier to slide back in. I push it in deep enough to where the head of the cock is right on the pleasurable spot. My cock has precum beading up at its tip. Just then, Cindy puts her hands at the base of the purple dildo and slowly forces the entire length into my ass. A moan escapes my lips.

"Hmm, you're liking this aren't you?" Cindy asks.

I let out a deep moan and nod.

"Would you like me to let your cock out and make you cum?" she asks.

I nod and smile.

"Ok, I'm not going to bind you but you have to give me my word that you won't touch your cock or disagree with anything I tell you to do." She says sternly.

"I promise, just let my cock out." I moan.

"Put your arms behind your head and just relax." She says.

I put my hands behind my hand and interlock my fingers. Cindy lets go of the cock after pushing it balls deep in my ass. It just stays there. My cock is now painfully throbbing inside it's cage. Cindy reaches into the bag once again. This time she pulls out some leather straps it looks like. She sits down at the edge of the bed and she reaches down to her feet and from what it looks like, she pulls the straps up to her knees. She then reaches back and pulls the massive dildo out of my ass causing it to make a popping sound as the tip is pulled out. She brings it in front of her and it disappears. She then stands up and pulls it all the way up and tightens the strap in the front like a belt. When she turns around she has a smile on her face. I look down and the massive cock is now erected between her legs.

"Now that I got you warmed up to my cock, I think it's time that I get to have some fun with you myself." She says.

"You can't be serious." I stammer.

"Oh but I am. Turn around and get up onto your knees and lay forward onto your chest." She orders.

I hesitate for a moment and she slaps my thigh.

"Do it now or you won't have another opportunity to cum for at least a week!" she yells.

I quickly roll over and present my ass to her.

"That's my slut." She says sweetly. "Now, spread your cheeks for me."

I reach behind me and grab each cheek with my hands and spread my as apart. Cindy approaches me and puts a hand on my ass and gives it a squeeze. I feel the head of her cock being rubbed up and down the crack of my ass. Before long, she gently guides it in. She slowly thrusts it in, pushing it gently trying not to hurt me. My hands are replaced by hers.

"Oh my, you have a very firm ass." She says, "how is this feeling?"

"It feels good." I moan out.

"Good." She says.

She picks up the pace and leans in closer in her thrusts, pushing her cock deeper and deeper every thrust. My caged cock begins swinging back and forth as she starts to pound me harder. I can feel the balls of the dildo starting to slap against my own. I can do nothing but just bight my lip and be the receiver of this pounding. After a few minutes of this, she has me flip over. She pulls my ankles to where my ass hangs off the edge of the bed. I watch the side mirror as she inserts the twelve inch dildo into my ass. I don't know how it's possible but it all disappears into my ass. She puts my ankles up onto her shoulders and grabs a hold of my thighs and squeezed my legs together as the thrusts begin to be more and more rough. She stops for a moment to catch her breath. I lay there with my eyes closed panting myself from the rough sex that I'm receiving. She leans in to give me a kiss.

"I love you Jaclyn." She says after breaking our locked lips.

"I love you too, Cindy" I say.

It feels weird saying that. Hell it even feels weird hearing those words from her mouth. It's been so long since we acknowledged our love to one another. With that, she gathers the keys around her neck and reaches down and unlocks the chastity cage and frees my cock. It's already soaked from all the precum that I've been leaking. My cock is already erect at full strength. She picks up the pace again, pushing her cock in and out. While still thrusting,, she grabs up the lube and puts a little in her right hand and grabs a hold of my cock. She starts to gently rub up and down my shaft. Her thrusts into my ass match the strokes that she has on my cock. I start to moan out louder. Her sensing me getting closer to cumming, she pops off the dildo from the harness and lies down beside me. With one hand she is pushing the dildo in and out of my ass, and the other hand she grasps the base of my cock and she sucks in the head of my cock into her mouth. I can feel her tongue sliding back and forth on the bottom side of my cock as she sucks.

She pulls her head up and lets her mouth make a loud pop every time my cock is freed from her mouth. I can't take it much longer; I begin to squirm as my orgasm builds. I start shooting my load into her mouth. She starts humming in acceptance as I fill her mouth with my hot, thick load. Her tongue still working its magic, I twitch under its power. Lying there completely spent, she slurps as she lets the head of my cock slide from her lips. She climbs up onto my sitting on me. She leans in and grabs a hold of the sides of my face and gives me a kiss. As I feel her tongue par my lips, my mouth is flooded with my own cum. I think about fighting it, but I just accept it. After kissing for several seconds, she pulls back and tells me to swallow. I do and oddly, I'm not disgusted by it. She pulls the dildo from my ass and goes to the bathroom to rinse it off. While she's gone I lay there with a smile on my face like it was my first time to ever have sex. In a way, tonight I did lose my virginity. She returns smiling herself. She reattaches the cage to my cock. We snuggle for what seems like hours before falling asleep.

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