Dominating J.Lo


Jennifer Lopez was on top of the world. She was engaged to Ben Affleck, had a hit movie coming out in a couple of weeks and was as popular as ever. With "Gigli" ready to hit the screen, the talk shows were lining up to get an interview with Jennifer. Everything was absolutely perfect for J.Lo as she prepared to appear on Good Morning America in New York City.

But not everyone was soaking in fame and fortune. Mariah Carey's career continued to go into decline. It had been a couple of years since she produced a hit song and there was no interest in her from the movie industry. But somehow, her agent managed to get her a spot on Good Morning America's Summer Concert series. Mariah was scheduled to perform a single she hoped would turn her career around.

Unfortunately for Mariah, she wasn't completely thrilled when she found out who else was appearing on the show that day...

"GOD DAMN! Freaking Jennifer Lopez. I can't stand that stuck-up bitch. She thinks her life is so perfect. She better stay the hell away from me."

Mariah's agent tried to soothe things over but he realized there would be trouble if the two divas bumped into each other.

J.Lo showed up for her interview looking as beautiful as ever. She had on a relatively short black skirt which outlined her enormous ass. She also wore a white silk blouse and a great push-up bra to accentuate her smaller breasts. Her hair was done in a bun which allowed J.Lo to show off her radiant face.

Her interview went extremely well. Jennifer was all smiles and giggles as people fawned over her and raved about her star power. After it was over, she returned to her dressing room for a quick nap.

Mariah's performance took place after J.Lo's interview but it wasn't a success at all. The crowd hardly noticed the former diva as she sang her heart out. She had on tight, short denim jeans and a gray t-shirt which revealed her enormous bust. No one seemed to care. After she was done, there were only a smatter of applause and not one autograph seeker. She was furious. All she wanted to do was go to her dressing room and disappear.

On her way back to her room, Mariah was walking with her head down, dejected. She couldn't see what was in front of her. All of a sudden, she slammed into another person, sending the other girl to the floor. That girl, was Jennifer Lopez.

J.Lo wasn't in a forgiving mood, "What the hell is wrong with you, you dumb bitch! Watch where you're going. No wonder your career has gone to shit."

Upon hearing these words, Mariah became consumed with anger. She was speechless and her face was bright red, she was about to explode.

J.Lo continued to insult her, "Get the hell out of my way! What's wrong with you? Too stupid to speak."

With that, Mariah snapped. She delivered a solid punch to the Latina beauty's face. Lopez was stunned as she rocked on her heels. Blood started to drip from her nose, it was nearly broken.

"You bitch! Look what you did. You're gonna pay!"

J.Lo tried to retaliate by smacking Mariah but she grabbed Lopez's hand right before it was about to make contact and twisted her arm behind her back.

"OW! Get the hell off me! You damn has-been, leave me the fuck alone."

J.Lo was grimmacing in pain. It was clear that Mariah was much stronger and could easily have her way with her.

"I don't think so, fat ass. You're coming with me."

J.Lo struggled to get free and started to scream but no one heard her. Mariah dragged her by the arm into the dressing room and threw her on the bed.

"If you don't let me go, you'll be sorry! I mean it."

Mariah only laughed at the threat. "Nope, you're the one who will be sorry, lard ass."

Mariah waited for J.Lo to stand up and delivered a vicious punch to her stomach. J.Lo nearly doubled over in pain. The breath escaped from her body and she feel to her knees. She was gasping for her air.

Carey only laughed harder and went in for the kill. She slapped J.Lo hard across the face and J.Lo collapsed to the ground. Carey kneeled over the fallen star and ripped her silky blose from her body. Next was the skirt. Within minutes, J.Lo was on the ground, half-dazed, lying in her bra and thong.

She tried to plead with Mariah, "please, I'm sorry. Please don't do this. I'll get you a job. Please!"

Mariah wasn't having it, "sorry bitch. You're gonna learn that I'm still much better than you."

Mariah sat down on top of J.Lo's stomach and pinned her hands over her head. Lopez struggled mightily but she was no match for her attacker. Mariah lowered her head and laid a wet, long kiss on J.Lo. Jennifer wasn't a lesbian and had never even kissed a girl, she wanted to gag.

Mariah wasn't done. She reached down and took off J.Lo's bra, revealing her small breasts and perky nipples. Mariah mocked her, "Damn. Looks like all the meat on your bones is in your ass!"

She took the bra and tied J.Lo's hands over her head. Jennifer was kicking and yelling but Mariah was too powerful. Mariah lowered her head down to J.Lo's breasts and licked her nipples. J.Lo's eyes fluttered. She was surprised that it felt good. Mariah continued to work her tongue and in a few moments, Lopez's nipples were rock hard.

"Damn, J.Lo, looks like you're a dike after all." Mariah then smacked her hard across the face again. It stung Lopez and tears began to trickle down her face.

Mariah picked herself up and began to pull the thong out from J.Lo's massive booty. J.Lo started to scream, "HELP! Someone, help me."

Mariah quickly sprung into action. She took J.Lo's thong and after a brief struggle, got her to open her mouth and shoved the panties down her throat. J.Lo was helpless. Hands tied and gagged. The tears were freely flowing now.

J.Lo had a neatly trimmed muff. Mariah nearly drooled at the sight of J.Lo, she had such control over her. Mariah took off her own clothes now. When she took off her bra, her boobs sagged slightly and her aereolas were large and pink.

She laid her body over J.Lo's and began to grind her hips over J.Lo's pussy. Mariah's pussy began to tingle as her breasts pushed up against J.Lo's hard nipples. As much as J.Lo hated this attack, her body was betraying her. Her eyes began to close and her pussy became moist.

"Damn, you like this, don't you slut. Well, there's plenty more!"

Carey got off of Lopez and kneeled in front of her moist crotch. The aroma was intoxicating. Mariah stuck her tongue into J.Lo's crotch and worked her mouth over her clit like a crazy woman. Mariah's head was thrashing in between J.Lo's legs. Lopez couldn't take this for long. Her eyes rolled to the back of her and she began to pump her hips to meet Mariah's tongue. Within minutes, J.Lo literally ejaculated into Mariah's mouth. Her juices shot out of her. It was a feeling like never before. She moaned through the thong stuck in her mouth...


Mariah's face was covered with J.Lo's juices. She licked them off her lips. And took the thong out of J.Lo's mouth.

"That was great you damn bitch! Now suck on these!"

Mariah brought her massive boobs to J.Lo's mouth and her forced her to suck on her nipples. J.Lo never dreamed of doing something like this but she had no choice. Mariah grabbed her head and forced her head foward. The Latina was at her mercy. Mariah moaned with delight as J.Lo sucked on her breasts. It was clear J.Lo was new at this, she was sucking on it like a breastfeeding baby.

"See you whore! They're real, aren't they."

Mariah pulled J.Lo off of her and slapped her again just for fun. J.Lo lowered her head and whimpered like a dog.

"Tell me to fuck you! Ask me to fuck you, you bitch."

J.Lo was terrified..."Fuck me. Fuck me, please!"

Mariah grabbed J.Lo and brought her hips up to her's. She began to thrust her hips wildly against Lopez's. J.Lo was like a rag doll in her arms, she couldn't prevent her juices from flowing once again. Pretty soon she was at her breaking point.

"Ahhh, God, that feels good. Ahhhhhh, yes, yes, yes!"

Mariah and J.Lo collapsed onto the floor, both drained. They lay there for a few minutes but Mariah wasn't done.

She took J.Lo and leaned her over the bed and exposed her fat ass.

"Look at that ass!" Mariah took her three fingers and rammed them straight up J.Lo's butt. It was clear that this wasn't a virgin asshole but J.Lo screamed nonetheless.


Mariah fingered fucked J.Lo's asshole, Lopez's body soon began to shake and seize as Mariah brought her to another orgasm. Soon J.Lo's eyes bulged out of her head and she passed out. Her body couldn't take anymore.

Mariah looked at the fallen star and laughed to herself. She decided there was only one thing left to do. She took a pair of scissors and cut the beauty's hair, completely off. By the time she was done, J.Lo had a near crew cut. The Latina star was passed out, she couldn't do anything.

Mariah got dressed and looked back before she left..."Don't you ever mouth off to me again bitch!"

With that she left. And J.Lo remained on the floor. Her hair was all around her, her pubic hair matted with her dried juices and her hands tied over head.

Looks like she'll watch what she says next time.

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