tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDominating Mrs. Diaz

Dominating Mrs. Diaz


Rachel Diaz was your typical upper-class snob. Her husband was a high-powered investment banker and as a result, Rachel lived a glamorous life-style. She had it all: huge house, fancy Lexus, big pool and expensive clothes. Despite Rachel's perfect life, she was a rude, obnoxious bitch who did not like anyone or anything. Another reason for the Latina's attitude was her stunning beauty and good looks; Rachel was 45 years old but she did not look a day over 30. She had light brown hair with blonde highlights and a body that would not stop. Her perfect olive skin, plump ass and huge chest, a 36D cup to be exact, drove men wild. Rachel's only blemishes were a slight belly and droopy breasts with humongous aereolas, which were the result of having 4 children.

Most of Rachel's neighbors despised her because of her attitude. One of those neighbors, Lisa Sanchez, had several arguments and disagreements with her over the years and dreamed of the day when someone put Rachel in her place. That day was to arrive sooner rather than later.

Rachel's husband had just left for a business trip so she was alone with her two youngest children; the oldest child, Kelly, was away at college. Rachel's two children, Max and Maria, were just like their mother: arrogant and nasty. Max was 18 years old and had inherited his mother's dashing good looks. Max was notorious for picking on other children at school and giving his teachers a hard time. Maria, if it was possible, was even a bigger bitch than her mom. Maria was only 19 years old but she was extremely well-developed for her age; in fact, the young Latina had a 34D cup already and turned on both young and old men when she walked by.

The day began normally enough for Rachel and her two kids. She was preparing to take them to school but as she pulled out of her driveway, her brand new Lexus smacked into something. Rachel responded in her usual way, "What the hell was that! Some moron probably left a bike in the middle of the street." Rachel was right; she had just ran over Jose's bike. Jose was Lisa Sanchez' youngest child and was constantly picked on by Max and Maria.

Upon hearing the noise, Lisa ran out to see what happened. She was infuriated, "Rachel! What's wrong with you? Didn't you see his bike there? You're going to pay for that!"

Rachel never backed down from anyone and was in no mood for Lisa, "Don't take an attitude with me, bitch. Your stupid kid left his bike in the middle of the street, it's his fault, not mine." Rachel got back in her car and sped off to get her kids to school on time. Lisa was stunned but more importantly, she was pissed off. She had taken Rachel's shit for the last time and now she wanted revenge.

Before I continue with the story, let me describe Lisa Sanchez. She was 33 years old and very attractive. She worked out regularly and was in good shape; she had a nice firm ass, wash-board stomach and a great set of tits. Her cup size was a 36C but she had large, dark brown nipples that drove her husband wild.

Lisa spent the rest of the day stewing in her own juices. As soon as Rachel got home she was going to teach her a lesson she would never forget. Lisa knew she could physically dominate the older woman because she was in far better shape. She also had no doubt she could handle Maria or Max. The more Lisa thought about it, the more she wanted to humiliate the entire family.

Rachel returned home in the early evening. She had spent a usual day of shopping and picked up her children at school. As soon as Lisa spotted the Lexus, she took action. She walked over to Rachel's house, hiding a switchblade in her pocket. Lisa angrily knocked on the door and Rachel answered, "What the hell do you want, Lisa? I told you, I don't give a damn about your son's bike."

Rachel's words lit a fire under Lisa and filled her with a rage like never before. Lisa could not take anymore, "You fucking fat whore!" With those words, Lisa slapped Rachel hard across the face, stunning the older beauty. Rachel tried to retaliate but Lisa grabbed her wrists and wrestled her to the ground. Rachel was screaming loudly, she knew Lisa could kick her ass. As soon as the fight began, Max and Maria ran downstairs to help their mother but Lisa was ready for them.

Upon seeing the two teens, Lisa took the switchblade from her pocket and threatened them, "Listen you punks, unless you want me to stab you bitch mother, you will do what I say." Lisa had no intention of stabbing anyone, she simply wanted to scare the family and it worked. Max and Maria were scared stiff.

Rachel was on the ground and stunned; she was helpless against the younger, stronger Latina. Lisa grabbed Rachel up by her hair, "You will do what I say, do you understand me! If you do, no one gets hurt."

Rachel was openly sobbing, pleading with Lisa not to hurt her. Rachel was used to being in control and intimidating people and now here she was, being humiliated in front of her children, "Ok, ok, just don't hurt my kids, please!"

Lisa led Rachel and her two children into the kitchen, "Ya see Rachel, I am going to teach you and your two brats about respect. When I'm done with you, you will not think you're so high and mighty. If you guys do as I say, I will not hurt you. If not, I will cut all of you. Now, I want Maria to bring me a camcorder and do it quickly." Maria thought it was a strange request but she was too frightened to ask questions, she ran off and returned with the Camcorder.

Lisa's plan was working perfectly, "Now, all of you, take off your clothes, if you don't, I'll be awfully angry." Rachel wanted to resist but she saw the hatred in Lisa's eyes and feared for her children's safety. She stood up and began to undress. She took off her tight-fitting sweatpaints; she was wearing a white, lacy thong which rode all the way up her large ass, covered in cellulite. Her belly was covered in stretch marks. Next, she took off her shirt to reveal a white bra which barely contained her fat, heaving tits. Tears began to run down her beautiful face; never before had her children seen her like this. Lisa motioned to Max who took off his shorts and tank top; Max blushed as he stood in his underwear. Next, it was Maria's turn. The young girl slid off her tight spandex shorts. Unlike her mom, Maria's ass was in perfect shape, you could bounce a quarter off it. Maria then slid off her skimpy shirt to reveal an unreal set of tits. She was wearing a black bra with her heavy hangers getting ready to spill from their cups. Lisa could not believe how busty she was; even Max stared at his sister's perfect body.

Lisa turned the camcorder on and began to record the family, standing in their underwear. Rachel demanded that she stopped, "Listen you sick bitch, knock it off right now." Rachel was determined to save her family, she lunged at Lisa and tried to catch her with a punch to the face. Lisa was far too nimble and athletic for Rachel; she quickly dodged Rachel and grabbed her by the hair. Lisa flung Rachel to the ground and began to rip at her bra; Rachel tried to fight back but it was no use, Lisa tore her bra right off revealing her cow udders. Rachel's tits dropped all the way to her naval and her aereolas were several inches wide. She screamed and pleaded with Lisa but it was no use. Lisa then began to pull on her thong and after several moments managed to pull it from Rachel's massive ass. The snobby bitch was now completely naked. Max and Maria looked on in absolute awe; they could not believe the way their mother was being dominated. Max was also in awe of his mom's tits; they were the biggest things he had ever seen. He was also in awe of her pussy which was covered in pubic hair. Rachel had not shaved her pubic region in years, she always wanted to but her husband loved the way it felt against his dick.

Lisa straddled Rachel's waist and sat on her, forcing her to remain on the ground, "I want you two to strip now. If you don't, I'll beat the shit out of your mom!" Max and Maria knew Lisa was not joking. Max slid off his underwear to reveal a rather large penis covered lightly in pubic hair. Lisa didn't think Max's would be so big. Maria was blushing, she didn't want to get naked in front of Max but she had no choice. She took off her thong; her vagina was covered in a neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair. When she took off her bra, Max nearly fainted; Maria's tits were perfect. They were huge, round orbs without any sag and the nipples were already becoming erect. Max knew it was wrong but he dreamed of sucking on his sister's massive titties.

Lisa dragged Rachel by the hair over to a kitchen chair and used her own underwear and bra to tie her hands and legs. Rachel was helpless. Her large tits hung down to her naval and her hairy pussy was exposed; she wanted to die. Lisa was recording the whole scene which added to Rachel's humiliation.

Lisa dragged both Max and Maria over to their mother, "Now, I want you to suck on those titties or else!" Rachel struggled against her bonds and screamed with her all might but after a couple of hard smacks across the face, the hot Latina simply sobbed and hung her head in shame. Neither Maria nor Max were virgins but they were revolted by the thought of touching their mom's boobs. They both wanted to die but they had no choice; they lowered their mouths to their mother's tits and began to suck on the huge nipples.

Max could not believe how busty his mom. After a few moments, Max's penis was becoming erect. Max knew it was wrong but he was overcome with lust. He began to tongue his mom's aereola and suck on her fat nipple like he was a baby breastfeeding. Low moans began to escape from his mouth as he was becoming more and more turned on. Within minutes, the his penis was fully erect. Lisa simply laughed to herself and taped the incest show.

Meanwhile, Maria was struggling to wrap her mouth around her mommy's massive tit. She circled her tongue arond the dark brown aereola and sucked on the nipple. She couldn't believe she was doing this but what was worse, she couldn't believe that she was actually enjoying it. Her mom's tit smelled wonderful, just like the perfume she wore; Maria was becoming more and more caught up in her mom's breast. She did not realize it but her pubic hair was becoming covered in juices. Lisa noticed how the young girl was getting off on this.

Poor Rachel was trying with all her might to resist the urges building in her body. She knew this was the most hideous thing she could be forced to do but her children were driving her wild. Her nipples were now rock solid and she found herself thrusting her tits outward, trying to get them deeper into her children's mouths. Her hairy pussy was now coated in her juices which were freely flowing from her pussy. As her son and daughter sucked on her nipples, Rachel lost all control, "Ah, ah, ah, yeah, yeah, oh, ahhhh." Rachel's eyes rolled to the back of her head and she licked her lips. Her juices now exploded out of her pussy and she thrust her chest all the way out.

Lisa had broken this snobby, rich bitch and she loved it, "Well, well, well, looks like the fucking bitch enjoys incest! HAHAHAHA!" The best part of this was Lisa had recorded Rachel's orgasm at the hand of her children.

Lisa's plan was just beginning, "Ok, that's enough! Maria, get down on your knees and lick your momma's crotch. Max, you keep sucking on those fat tits." The thought of Rachel being eaten out by her own daughter drove Lisa wild; in fact, Lisa noticed her own nipples were now rock hard and her crotch was quite wet. Rachel pleaded with Lisa to stop but she knew it was no use. There was even a part of Rachel that needed her daughter to eat her pussy; Rachel needed release, she was ready to explode.

Maria never performed oral sex on a girl before and was grossed out by her mom's pubic hair which ran all the way down her thighs and up to her naval. Maria felt ashamed of herself but she was attracted to her mom. Rachel's heaving tits, her pussy, her ass, they all turned Maria on. She lowered her head to her mom's cunt and slowly began to lick her pussy. Rachel's body jerked as soon as her daughter's tongue touched her, "Oh, oh my, ahh." Maria noticed her mom was becoming aroused and this made her thrash her head around quicker and harder. After several minutes, she was eating her mom's pussy like a pro.

Poor Rachel was losing all control. Her son, Max, was still sucking on her fat titties; her nipples were now hard as rocks and Max's penis was still fully erect. But to make it worse, Maria was eating her mom's pussy like a wild woman and Rachel's body was losing all control. Rachel began to thrust her wide hips up to meet her daughter's mouth; Rachel's bulging belly was slamming into her daughter's face. The Latina's big, saggy tits were slapping against her stomach as she literally began to fuck her daughter's face. Lisa was taping the family's orgy and cheered them on, "Yeah Rachel, take it, you slut bitch! Fuck that girl's face!"

Lisa's rants only seemed to make Maria even hornier as she bit down hard on her mom's clit. This pushed Rachel over the edge; she lifted her entire ass off the chair and slammed her belly hard into Maria's face. Rachel's pussy exploded, shooting her juices all over Maria's face, "Ohhhh, ugggghhhhh. Oh my god!" It was the most powerful orgasm Rachel ever had.

Lisa had unbuttoned her pants and began to finger her pussy; watching Rachel dominated like this drove her wild but she had to continue with her plan. Max was now forced in between his mother's legs while Maria returned to licking Rachel's saggy tits. Max had eaten pussy before and he worked his mom over like a regular pro; it wasn't look before Rachel was fucking her son's face with her fat belly and hairy pussy. Within minutes, Rachel had another orgasm at the hands of her children.

Lisa was now completely nude. Her pussy was on fire, she needed release, "Max, baby, come over here and make me cum." Lisa rested her hips against the table and spread her legs wide. Her cunt was cleanly shaved and was ready to explode. Max lowered his head to the woman's cunt and began to lick and suck on her twat. Max could not believe how good this felt; the smell of the woman's pussy drove him wild. It did not take long for Lisa to cum on the young man's face. She bucked her hips wildly against his face and covered him with her juices, "Oh baby, that's it, make me cum, make me cum!"

Watching her son please Lisa made Rachel even more humiliated and the fact only drove Lisa more wild. Lisa finally untied Rachel from the chair, "You're not done yet, whore. Get on the floor." There was little resistance from Rachel, she was physically and mentally beaten. Lisa turned to Max, "Ok baby, you look like you need a good fuck, go for it!"

Rachel tried to get up but Lisa grabbed her arms and pinned them over her head. Rachel was terrified of her son getting her pregnant, "Please Max! Don't do this, it's wrong. Please!" Her pleading did no good; Max seemed to be in his own world, his cock was rock hard and he needed release. Max slid his cock into his mom's hairy twat. Rachel could not believe how big her son was nor could she believe how he filled her pussy. Max quickly began to thrust his cock in and out of his mother's twat. Rachel's body was once again betraying her; her eyes were rolling to the back of her head. After several seconds of her son fucking her, Rachel started to raise her fat ass off the ground and thrust her hips to meet his cock. Lisa taunted the bitchy woman as she reached another orgasm. Rachel called out in pleasure, "Ah, ugh, ugh, ugh, ah, ohhhhhhhh!" Rachel's fat tits slammed up against her fat belly as her son shot load after load of his seed into her hairy twat.

Maria could not believe the way her mom's body drove her wild. She eagerly fingered her little cunt as she watched her brother unmercifully fuck her mother. Lisa was still not done with Rachel, "Ok Max, get off momma and get on the floor. Your fat bitch mom is gonna ride that big dick! Maria, get over her baby, I want you to sit on Max's face!"

Rachel could not believe that her son's penis was still hard; it looked as if he could fuck her all night. Rachel did not try to resist, she knew Lisa controlled her. The busty Latina grabbed on to her son's shoulders to balance herself and lowered her wide hips and cellulite filled ass onto his penis. Rachel's eyes glazed over and her breathing picked up as Max filled her pussy. Upon Lisa's commands, Rachel began to grind her hips on her son. You could hear his dick sloshing around in her moist cunt. Rachel began to ride her son harder and faster. Her fat belly slammed against his stomach and her tits swayed back and her forth; her nipples were once again rock hard.

Meanwhile, Maria straddled her brother's face and began to rub her clit against his mouth. Maria could not believe how good it felt to have her brother tongue her cunt. She began to thrust her hips harder against his face and pretty soon, she lost all control. Maria's eyes rolled all the way to the back of her head as her juices flowed from her tight, little cunt. Maria had the most powerful orgasm she ever had, her body began to shake as she called out, "OHHHHH! Ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhh!"

Rachel looked on with lust as her daughter's tits bounced on her chest. Rachel finished riding her son's cock and gently lifted her daughter off Max's face. Rachel's eyes were filled with lust and passion. She looked at her daughter and began to passionately kiss her. Lisa stared on in amazement, recording everything on the camcorder. Rachel lowered her head to her daughter's magnificent tits and began to eagerly lick and play with her nipples. Within seconds, Maria's nipples were erect and she grabbed her mother's head closer to her tits. The young girl's pussy became moist as she lost control of her body. Maria was filled with passion, "Oh Mommy! Oh my god, Mommy!"

Rachel was too horny to stop. She left her daughter's massive tits and licked her stomach and then lowered her head to Maria's twat. Rachel had never eaten pussy but she needed to taste her daughter. The once proud woman began to dart her tongue in and out of Maria's twat. Maria was no match for her mom; her juices literally exploded from her twat and on her mom's face. Maria's knees buckled as she collapsed to the floor and yelled out from the intense orgasm, "Oh shit, oh yeah, oh, oh, oh, oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!"

Lisa could not believe how she ruined Rachel and her family! She even had the tape to prove it but she wasn't quite done. Max had once again become fully erect after watching his mom eat out Maria. Lisa decided to help him out. She straddled his erect penis and lowered her pussy on him. Lisa needed release and she knew Max's penis would make her cum. She began to thrust her hips and tight ass against his cock. She stared at Rachel and licked her lips, taunting the woman with her words, "Oh yeah Max. That's it baby. Make me cum, fill me with that penis!" She began to fuck him quite hard and reached an orgasm within seconds. Max once again filled a pussy with his seed as Lisa called out in pleasure.

Lisa had two more tricks up her sleeve. She was pretty confident Max had one good fuck left in him and she knew Maria needed some cock, "Ok kids! How about Max fucks his big tittied sister!" Rachel was determined to stop this, she didn't want Maria getting pregnant. She once again lunged at Lisa and once again was stopped. Lisa caught the older woman with a punch to her fat belly, sending Rachel to the floor.

Lisa still wanted to torment the bitch. She grabbed Rachel's hair and forced her face to her cunt, "Ok slut! Eat me!" Lisa slammed her pussy to Rachel's mouth and began to grind her ass against her face. The control that Lisa had over Rachel turned her on; it drove her wild. Only after a few seconds, Lisa's pussy juice was covering Rachel's face. Rachel hated to admit it but being physically humiliated by this younger woman turned her on; her nipples were rock solid and her pussy was once again moist as she was forced to lick Lisa's pussy, which was filled with Max's semen.

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