tagGroup SexDonkey Show Ch. 01

Donkey Show Ch. 01


© Ms. Linnet 14/08/2009

Well, my story starts two years ago it was my forty-ninth birthday and I wanted to do something before I was fifty. I don't know what it was I wanted to do, but for all of my life I had been stuck in this town.

I am Arianne. I am 5'1", 118lbs. I have long dark brown hair that I can sit on and brown eyes; my breasts are a firm 36C, or at least they were.

Yvonne, a girlfriend of mine, was going to Mexico and the girl she was going with dropped out at the last minute so she asked me if I wanted to go with her. Well I had to think about it for all of ten seconds and shouted, "YES," into the phone.

I went to work but my mind was not in it and my boss told me to sit at the bar and have a drink rather than try to serve them.

The bar closed at one in the morning and I was wasted. I had been on tequila slammers and I had been going round for round with Carl, a guy who was a fuck buddy of mine. We had known each other since high school and as he was a good fuck he was always worth being with when the time of the month was right. I don't know what it is about the few days before my period but I can not get enough cock, and any cock will do. Tonight it was Carl who was going to fill me full of cum.

Carl lived on a farm with his sister Rachel. Rachel was the brains of the family and had been rearing horses for many years. Their breeding program was in full swing. Most of the stud horses were in use most days. One of the Arab stallions, Khartoum I think his name was, had kicked the door of his stable in trying to get to the mares that were in heat. I guess for a filly this strong stud was just like Carl was for me; a fuck buddy that would visit them when the need arose. I guess he thought he had gone to horse heaven as he got to fuck every day.

We finally got Khartoum back into a stable then we had to go to the field and get Nipper, a male donkey that had always been around the farm. I never knew why he was there until this night but once we got him and took him to Khartoum the reason became quite clear, as the massive Arab stud calmed down and rubbed up against the donkey and began eating some food.

I was amazed at the reaction and asked if that always happened and Carl just nodded, pushing me into the stable that Khartoum had previously occupied. He pushed me to my knees. We were fucking doggy style in seconds; my knickers had been pushed to one side and his cock was pumping into my slit like a piston on a steam train. I was screaming for him to fuck me harder and harder. I did not want loving; I wanted sex dirty and hard fucking and that was what Carl was all about. He finally shot his load deep into my cunt; it seemed like hours that he was fucking me and I enjoyed every second of it. Carl always seemed to be able to last longer when he had a drink inside him and I guess the time it took us to round up the horse helped him sober up enough to improve his performance further.

We pulled a blanket over us and fell asleep in the straw where the horse had probably pissed and we had fucked. I awoke when I heard a scraping noise. It was the door to the stable being forced open. A beam of sun light streaked across my face, shocking me into realizing that the day had come far too early for my liking. Carl was still out for the count and snoring away oblivious to the world.

It was Rachel who had opened the stable door. "Hi there Arianne. It's that time of the month again is it?" she asked smiling at me, "There is coffee in the wet room, and if you are hanging around there is a pair of jeans you might want to put on."

Her eyes flashed down to my legs, that still had my knickers wrapped around them.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"Quarter after seven, why?"

"Fuck it I am supposed to be on a plane to Mexico and it left fifteen minutes ago."

"Oops! I will pour the coffee," Rachel said turning and walking away. As I pulled my knickers up I smelt terrible, a mixture of tequila, spunk and horse pee; what a combination. I got to the wet room and Rachel handed me a coffee.

"Girl you look awful go and take a shower, I will get you some breakfast."

At the back of the wet room there was a shower and I stripped off and stepped in. The door was broken but I didn't care; the water made me feel good and alive again. Rachel came back with two doorstep bacon sandwiches and a towel.

"Here, put these on; we were always about the same size so they should fit."

I stepped out of the shower. I dried myself off and put on the clothes that Rachel had given me. Pulling on the clean underwear I said, "I guess you were right. Just think of the money we could have saved if we had stayed together."

"Yes, but you did have to go and fuck my brother!"

As she said this Carl walked in. Seeing the bacon sandwiches he just said, "Food," and headed for it. Rachel just grabbed the plate saying that it was mine and he had a stable door to fix.

It was Saturday. I was supposed to be on a flight to Mexico but instead I was in a stable mucking out with an ex girlfriend. As we worked away we chatted and she asked me what I saw in her brother.

I told her, "Nothing really. The only merit he has is that he is built like a donkey."

She laughed, then asked, "Why would you want to be fucked by an ass when I could arrange for the real thing?"

I could not believe the words that were coming out of her mouth.

"What? You think I would let a horse fuck me?"

She said, "No but it turns me on to watch the horses breeding."

She then said, "I often watch the studs mount the mares and dream that I am the mare that they are fucking."

"But you are an out and out lesbian. You have been since the first time when me and Yvonne had that game of truth or dare and you certainly know how to eat pussy. I know first hand how good you are at that."

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