Donna & Kevin Forever


With Donna's legs resting on his shoulders, it was natural for him to reach around them so his fingers met on her Mount of Venus, although he didn't know that was what to call it. As gently as possible, he curved his hands downward and spread the edges of Donna's slit farther open. A cloud of incredible fragrance arose, filling his nostrils, and making him even more intoxicated with love for her than he had already been. Kevin raised his head to gaze at her face. She smiled back at him, and he took that to be permission to continue with the experiment he had started.

The next thing he did was to turn his head and resume licking the juices off the insides of her thighs. They were just as delicious as they had been earlier, and he made sure none of them were wasted. The feel of Donna's legs under his tongue was something foreign to his experience, as was everything else he was doing, and her soft, smooth skin felt as delightful to his tongue as her nectar had tasted. After licking up everything he could find there, He started looking for more, but first he raised his head to speak to his beloved.

"Do you like what I'm doing, Sweetheart? Do you want me to keep doing it?"

"Oh, yes, My Love. It feels wonderful! If you want to keep doing it, I want you to."

Kevin very much wanted to keep doing what he had started, and the next place for his mouth was at the apex of her legs -- her crotch -- where more of the juices had trickled down. As his tongue sluiced up what was left, which were even more delicious to him than when he had done the same thing to her thighs, he heard Donna starting to moan. He knew what that meant, and Kevin smiled inwardly as he began applying his tongue between an inner and an outer lip.

The texture there was even better than Donna's thighs and crotch had been. Her light brown hair was fluffy, and her skin was soft and her movements under his face were becoming much more pronounced. When Kevin started eating her pussy, Donna had already been squirming from her excitement but, by the time he reached the end of the outer lip and kissed her Mount of Venus, her pussy was writhing, and her moans were louder and starting to end in whimpers.

Kevin raised his head briefly and looked over Donna's womanly form at her sweet face, and he smiled at the way she was responding to the new way of making love. Her whole body was rocking from side to side on the old bed; her face was a mask of sexual bliss, with her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open. His actions were extremely pleasurable to him in every way, but knowing they were bringing joy to his beloved immensely increased his own happiness.

Ever since the first time on that same bed, Donna had taken extreme delight in making love with Kevin, and that day was certainly no exception. Her incredible man, whom she still thought she didn't deserve, was doing something new, and the pleasure he was giving her was incredible. His mouth or his lips or his tongue, or whatever he was using on her private parts, was sending waves of pure joy crashing through her body.

After kissing her mons, or Mount of Venus -- Donna wasn't sure what to call it -- he raised his face to look at her. She had her eyes open, although slitted, and she saw him, with his mouth smeared with what she knew were juices from her pussy. Before she could say anything to encourage him or thank him for doing such wonderful things for her, Kevin's face disappeared below that same mound and, seconds later, she felt that unidentified giver of joy caressing her again, sending even more pleasure flooding her entire being. While her body pitched and tossed on the bed, it continued providing its delights to her pussy.

After Kevin had finished licking Donna's second outer lip, he raised his head again to survey her delightful form. What he saw was gratifying in the extreme. The body of his beloved was thrashing about on the bed, obviously at a high level of arousal, and her pussy was thrusting up against his face. She was ready to climax - that much he could tell -- but he didn't know what to do next. He remembered something he had heard about a woman's clitoris or man in the boat, and how contact with it could drive her wild and bring her to an orgasm, so he looked more closely at the place that had felt so wonderful to his mouth. The fragrance of her juices was so delectable at that close range that he almost forgot what he was looking for, until he found it.

He saw how swollen and rosy pink her pussy lips were and, at their junction, and also swollen was something that resembled a lovely pink pearl. Kevin wondered if that was the magical place he had heard about, and decided to find out. Before doing that, however, he placed his tongue just below the adorable pink hole where he knew his cock would be later, and started to lick up the freshest nectar. At the contact, the movements of Donna's body became even more frenetic, so he knew he was on the right track.

Very slowly, he advanced his tongue upward, lapping up all the juices and probing into the sides of Donna's inner lips. When he reached the pink pearl he had seen, the most natural thing in the world was for him to take it into his mouth and gently suck on it. As he did, his tongue brushed against the swollen sides and top of the little cutie, and it seemed just as right and natural to lick her there. With every movement of his tongue or flexing of his cheeks while he sucked, the thrashing of her body and the thrusting of her pussy against his face became more pronounced, so he was sure he was doing it right. Donna knew he was doing something perfectly, but she was too busy sobbing and whimpering in bliss to tell him.

Until she gave a great cry of ecstasy and started cumming. In the past, when he had been lying above her, her legs had squeezed his, and her hands had wrapped around his neck or shoulders when she was cumming. With his head where his hips had usually been, she gripped him tightly with her thighs and her hands also grabbed his head, pressing it into her pussy. This was a new and totally wonderful experience for both of them, and they both reveled in it. Her legs, holding Kevin's head a willing prisoner, swung from side to side. He hung on to her thighs, enjoying the wild ride, and kept her clit inside his mouth while he sucked and licked it.

"Oh! Oh!" Donna cried out ecstatically as she climaxed, with her back arching, driving her pussy into the face of the man who had just brought her to a new kind of orgasm. She totally relaxed after that, releasing Kevin's head and leaving her legs draped over his shoulders.

He saw and smelled a great wealth of her fresh juices, and eagerly began licking them from her thighs, crotch and all around her pussy. Rather than lick them from the lovely pink hole that had produced them, he realized they would be needed for lubrication, so he left them. His cock was demanding a turn with the wonderful pink and white place that had just given so much pleasure to his mouth, and Kevin was avid to be fair. First, though, he wanted to let his beloved catch her breath and rest a moment from her momentous climax so, still kneeling between her legs, he leaned back to wait for his sweetheart to be ready.

She opened her eyes, a blissful smile still across her face. "Oh, my love, that was wonderful. I had an orgasm, different than ever before." Still lying on her back with her legs spread, Donna snuggled her head and body into the pillow and mattress, because she wanted his cock in the same place his mouth had just been.

"You know what I want to do now, don't you?" he asked, smiling at her sweet face.

"Of course, and I want you to do it too." Donna smiled back, loving her man even more than she had that morning.

They had made love in the more conventional way often enough that they knew what to do next. She reached down and held her pussy lips apart and he walked on his knees, holding his erection in one hand and aiming it at the dripping hole she was creating. Kevin leaned forward, placing his other hand beside Donna to support the weight of his upper body and pressed the tip of his cock against her wetness. He rubbed the tip in the natural lubrication that he had left there for that purpose. As always, he was not wearing a condom. They both knew themselves and each other to be free from any kind of disease and there was no chance of her becoming pregnant, although they both would have been elated if she could have.

With his cock centered, Kevin gave a firm push and the head wedged into the wet hole being held open. Donna sighed happily at the delightful and familiar feeling of her and her beloved beginning to share their bodies for their mutual happiness. She spread her thighs wider and hooked her ankles around his legs so she would be able to pull herself forward, meeting his strokes and impaling her pussy on his cock.

"I love it when you do that," she told him. "Every time, I love you even more." Kevin smiled back and sincerely assured her the feeling was entirely mutual.

Still guiding his shaft and supporting his weight, he thrust his cock forward again. Donna sighed happily at the increased pleasure throbbing through her body and urged Kevin to continue. He had no need to be convinced, and another thrust buried another inch into the wet place where they both so badly wanted it. After another stroke, enough of his cock was imbedded in Donna's pussy that he no longer needed to guide it, and he placed his other hand on the mattress beside her. With his next thrust, he leaned forward and kissed her open mouth, his cock and his tongue sliding into her simultaneously.

Donna reacted to both of them, licking the bottom of his tongue with the tip of her own and releasing her pussy lips to reach up to grip Kevin's upper arms. She felt his cock surging into her and flexed the muscles in her legs while she pulled back on his arms, thrusting her pussy forward to meet it. In two more combined strokes like that, his dark pubic hair and her soft brown bush were mingling. Kevin slid his hands under Donna's raised arms so he was supporting the weight of his upper body on his forearms and they lay like that for almost a minute, kissing and letting sexual joy inundate both their bodies.

With their mouths still pressed together, Kevin slowly drew back his cock, paused when just the head was still in Donna's pussy, and slowly drove his entire shaft into her. As she had before, she thrust her body back to meet hers, and they came together with a satisfying wet sound. Their mouths separated and they murmured their joy at being together again on Donna's old bed, and prepared for many more of the same kind of strokes.

Many more is what they got, because they took it easy, and were in no hurry. Eventually, they would have to return to their apartment and pick up the children from the Browns, but they had hours to spend together, and they intended to use as much time as they wanted. Over and over, Kevin slowly drew his cock back and plunged it forward, and Donna slid toward him on the bed and met every stroke. As they continued making their slow, sweet love, her level of pleasure mounted, and her movements became more erratic. She started rocking from side to side, under him, and her happy cooing and murmuring started evolving to blissful moans.

Kevin was having a wonderful time too, as he always did with Donna. Although not schooled in the amorous arts, her love for her man and her natural sensuousness helped her provide him with exquisite pleasure. Even more important, for him at least, was the knowledge that the woman under him was receiving genuine and intense delight from what they were doing. These factors, and everything else about their tryst, were steadily bringing him closer to his climax. He could feel it building up, like a volcano preparing to erupt.

"My Love," she whispered to him. "I'm almost ready for an orgasm."

Kevin smiled, remembering how she had mispronounced the word "organism" the first time she heard it. "I am too, Sweetheart," he responded.

Although also unschooled in the art of making love, he had learned some things about Donna's body and her reactions during their previous love-making, including a little while earlier. He had learned the pink pearl that had felt so wonderful in his mouth and under his tongue was also very sensitive when massaged by his cock, so he moved slightly higher on her body and continued stroking. Besides the increased contact with her clit, he started driving his cock in and out faster, because his volcano was close to erupting also.

The warm wonderful feeling, that Donna had gotten used to but that could never grow old, for her welled up inside her body. "Oh! Oh!" she joyously cried out as she started cumming.

Kevin continued pounding his cock into his sweetheart's pussy as her movements under him became more erratic and she dug her fingernails into his back. The pain was trivial compared to the immense joy he felt at feeling and seeing Donna in the throes of cumming under his body. Knowing his own climax was imminent, he plunged his cock in and out until she uttered another cry, louder and even more filled with ecstasy. Her back arched, driving her pussy against him, and her arms and legs squeezed him tightly, as she reached her second orgasm of the afternoon.

Although Donna relaxed under him, Kevin continued driving his cock in and out of her, until the volcano inside him erupted. He ejaculated a big wad of cum into her pussy, and kept filling her over and over with his cock until he had pumped out two more bursts of semen. When he was through, his movements stopped, and he relaxed on top of her, still supporting his weight on his elbows and forearms.

Donna opened her eyes, looked at Kevin's face above her and pulled it down so she could kiss his mouth. He responded, but they kept their mouths closed. After another long, warm kiss, she looked again at the man she loved more than she could have ever thought possible, and he looked back at her with almost identical thoughts. They lay like that, whispering of their love and their coming marriage until Kevin's cock softened and slipped out of the most perfect place in the world for . it to be.

After a shower, where they spent as much time caressing as washing each other, and getting dressed, they were ready to leave and rejoin their children. Although Donna was not related by blood, neither she, nor Kevin, nor the children nor either of the Browns ever thought of her as being other than the mother of Kerry and Kate. When they arrived at the apartment house, Fred and Wilma surprised them with the invitation to join them in the big dinner that had already been prepared for all six of them. They would not need to go out to the restaurant as Donna and Kevin had been expecting to do.

Considering herself a surrogate mother, Wilma started doing what mothers do all over America -- planning the wedding of her daughter. That was fine with the main participants in the coming nuptials, because they knew she would enjoy doing it and it would relieve them of most of the work and responsibility. They had both been married before, so this wedding would be fairly casual, as would the reception that would follow. With the whole-hearted agreement of the principals, Wilma and Fred had arranged to have the wedding at their church, performed by their pastor, and it was already scheduled for two weeks from the following Saturday. They had also arranged a family friendly location near the church for a reception following the wedding.

Donna and Kevin had considered a civil ceremony, but that would have distressed their dear friends, so they readily agreed with the site of the wedding. They actually preferred that anyhow, because the city hall weddings they knew about were too perfunctory for their tastes. Kevin's first wedding had actually been similar to that kind of rite, and he had always felt somehow cheated. Besides that, to him and to Donna, something as important as pledging eternal devotion to one another seemed to rate something better than such a strictly functional and impersonal setting.

With the date and place set, they would start inviting friends close enough to be invited to such an occasion. Kevin's family had never been close, and he sent them announcements, because it seemed like the thing to do, but he didn't expect them to attend. He had never bothered to keep up any kind of a relationship with anybody from his youth or college days. There were a few fairly close friends, and he invited them, as well as most of the employees at his CPA firm.

Essentially, Donna had been disowned by her relatives, who considered her barrenness to be a punishment for some kind of terrible sin, and she didn't even send them that much. She did invite Mrs. Ortiz and the rest of the staff at the daycare center, as well as all the children who were regular attendees there, considering that entire group to be more family than the people who were blood relatives but had shunned her. It was left to the operator of the day care center to secure the required permission from the parents of those children. No difficulty was expected, because the mothers and fathers all knew about Donna's miraculous way with children, and expected the day to be a wonderful and completely safe adventure for them.

Besides that chore, Donna asked Mrs. Ortiz to be her matron of honor, and two of her friends among the other teachers to be bridesmaids. Of course, Katie was to be her flower girl; nobody else was even considered. Kevin asked two accountants from his firm to be his groomsmen and the awesome assignment of best man was given to Kerry. The little boy, who would be wearing a suit for the first time in his young life was proud of being chosen, and told his daddy that he would do it better than anybody else ever had, even though he professed some ignorance about what he would be expected to do.

The wedding was truly a joyful event for all who were present and for the participants in particular. Katie preceded the procession down the aisle, strewing flower petals all about, until she reached the altar. "Hi, Daddy," she greeted her father, who was waiting there with his groomsmen and best man. It had been decided earlier that she should join her friends from Mrs. Ortiz's establishment after completing her part of the festivities. Since it was a Saturday, some of the mothers and fathers had volunteered to attend and look after their children and others, and they were seated in the pews, interspersed with their young charges.

The bridesmaids followed, treading on Katie's handiwork and, after they were in place, all the people there held their breaths in anticipation of one of the climactic moments of the event. After some discussion, it had been decided that Donna was entitled to wear a traditional white wedding gown and Wilma Brown, as part of her role as Mother of the Bride, had helped her choose it. True to tradition, until she entered the chapel, Kevin had never seen it, not even a picture, although he had paid for it cheerfully. She was accompanied by Fred Brown and behind her, guarding the train of her gown, was Mrs. Ortiz, who had earlier confided that her given name was Guadalupe.

After kissing Donna on her cheek and handing her over to her bridegroom, Fred joined his wife in the front pew of the church, and the happy couple walked up onto the dais, where the waiting pastor took a step forward to meet them. The groomsmen and the bridesmaids stood around thinking they should be doing more than they were, but Kerry performed his job admirably.

When called on to produce the wedding ring that was to be placed on Donna's finger, he did so, after searching through four pockets. "Here Daddy," he announced, handing it over after finally locating the small circle of gold.

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