Donna Carter


Donna Carter clutched the robe closed at her throat and walked around the corner of her house. She had heard something outside the window as she was dressing, and had snuck out of the bedroom. She peered into the bushes, and then said: "Come out of there right now, Danny!"

Danny Peters emerged from the bushes, sheepish but with a large bulge in his pants that he attempted to conceal with his hands.

Donna Carter stared at the young man, and shook her head. "Come on in Danny, we need to talk about this," Donna said. Danny was her son's best friend, eighteen years old and taller than Donna. She marched into the house confident that Danny was behind her and not even thinking that he was staring at her round, plump, smooth ass through the short thin robe. Her long smooth legs were displayed beneath the robe, and her blonde hair was piled in a haphazard bun.

"OK, that's far enough young man," Donna said when they reached the laundry room. "What's the idea of lurking around outside my window?" she tried to glare at the young man, and realized he was staring at her chest. Her robe had slipped open just enough for him to see a glimpse of cleavage, her heavy coconut sized breasts straining against the flimsy bra she had put on that morning.

She clutched her robe closed and stared hard at the Danny. He twisted and turned, and then seemed to come to some decision. He hopped up on the dryer, and before Donna knew what he was going to do he had peeled his shorts down, revealing a large, stiff cock.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Carter, but I was jacking off to you," he said, trying to make his voice as steady as possible. He expected her to slap him and run away at the sight of his cock - he knew he had a big one at ten inches, and it was rock hard after he had seen her in her underwear.

It stuck up proudly from his sparse crotch hair, fat and wreathed in veins with a plum sized purple crown. He smiled into Donna Carter's dazed face; she reached out to steady herself and he automatically grabbed her hand and guided it to his fat cock. "See how hard it is, Mrs. Carter?" he said, holding her little hand against his rampant manhood.

"Danny, my god, you can't spy on me like that!" Donna said, and tried to ignore the way the fat piece of meat felt in her hand. She tried feebly to tug her hand away from his stiff meat, but he held her wrist firmly.

As though in a daze, she wrapped her fingers around the fat base. "I should call your mother," Donna said. She could not believe the size of this young mans cock - it was twice what her husband had, and much harder.

"I couldn't help it, Mrs. Carter," Danny said. "You just looked so fucking sexy in your bra and panties. Here," he said, and then reached out and opened her robe; pushed it down her shoulders so that her breasts were concealed only by the small bra she was wearing.

Donna shivered, and told herself to let go of the young mans cock, told herself to regain her control. Instead, she squeezed it harder and finally looked away from it. "Ohnnm, yeah, that feels fucking good, Mrs. Carter!" Danny gasped. "You don't mind if I feel your tits do you?" he said.

"Danny, of course I do," she gasped, but did not try to stop him as he reached out and cupped her large, firm breasts in his hands. He lifted them slightly, then began squeezing them. Donna reached out with her other hand and put it on the washer beside the young man. She realized with shock that she was running her left hand now up and down the length of the eighteen year olds straining penis.

She shifted slightly, and the robe fell a bit further down her arms as Danny grinned and began mauling her heaving breasts with more force. "Just jack me off while I feel your tits, and no one ever has to know!" Danny said.

Donna shook her head. "No, Danny, that's wrong!" she protested, and then moaned loudly when he pulled her bra down, causing her big, firm tits to spill out of the sexy little garment.

"Ohhhnnnn, noo, Danny, please, we can't do this!" Donna gasped and protested as he began once again playing with her now naked titties. He pinched and rolled her sand dollar sized nipples in his thumb and forefinger.

Her hand was running steadily up and down his fat fucker now; Donna could not believe what was happening. She had brought the young man in here to chastise him, and now he was feeling her up while she gave him a hand job. He squeezed her soft, coconut sized breasts harder, bringing a soft moan ton the woman's pouting, full lips, and then twisted and pinched her stiff nipples; they poked from her heaving, sensitive globes like little fingers, and Danny grinned as he saw the woman's eyes roll into the back of her head, as he felt her small hand working harder at his stiff piece of meat.

He was watching her mouth sag open as she tried to stop moaning, and had a sudden idea brought on by the sight of her luscious, full lips, shiny with pink lipstick.

"Give it a kiss. Mrs. Carter," he suddenly said, and moved one hand from her breast upwards till he was grabbing a thick tangle of her hair.

She shook her head and protested, and the young man pulled her head down until her moist, plump lips were rubbing against his purple cock knob.

Donna did not know what to do. She never blew her husband, but the smell of the young man's young cock was invigorating, and his hand roughly squeezing her breast had her head whirling with lust.

Against her better judgment she allowed her jaws to slip open slightly and gave the purple head a small lick. It was like an electric shock went through her, and she heard the young man's satisfied moan.

"Yeah, do that again, Mrs. Carter!" Danny enthused. Donna once again licked the fat knob; the young man was pressing downward and humping upwards, and for some reason Donna found herself opening her mouth wider until Danny's fat cock knob slipped into the ring of her lips and past her even white teeth till it was pulsing on her tongue.

Donna made a soft moaning noise, but could not stop the sick urge to start rubbing her tongue over the smooth cockhead. She felt him tugging on her hair, and allowed her head to slip down a bit more, till three inches of his cock was resting in her hot, wet mouth.

"Suck on it, Mrs. Carter!" Danny exclaimed. He could not believe this was happening, but he was not about to let the older woman think about what she was doing. "Suck on it!" he said, and drew her head down a bit further, then let out a long sigh when he saw her cheeks collapse around his rampant manhood.

Danny smiled gleefully and began moving Mrs. Carter's head up and down, fucking her slurping mouth on and off of his swelling dick.

Donna had her eyes shut as the young man fucked her mouth - she could not believe how sexy it was to have the fat shaft trapped between her lips, pressing her tongue down, and then his cock was swelling and spitting seed into her mouth. She swallowed thoughtlessly as the young man bucked and shot his load of cum into his beautiful neighbors mouth.

It was just all the better that the beautiful neighbor was also the mother of his best friend.

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