tagLoving WivesDonna Earns Her Commission Ch. 01

Donna Earns Her Commission Ch. 01


"Excuse me?" Donna couldn't believe what she had just heard from her Client Mr. Taylor. Did he really just ask her for a blowjob to get him to sign the real estate sales contract?

"I think you heard me very clearly Donna. I want you to get down, pull my cock out, wrap those full, dick sucking lips of your's around me and give me a blowjob. That will get my signature on your contract, and future business as well." Tom Taylor said as he stood in front of Donna.

Stunned, Donna stood on shaking legs in front of him. Sure, she knew women who would trade sex to get contracts signed, but she had never even thought about it, until meeting Tom Taylor. She started off dressing like she did for any client, professional, with a hint of sexiness. Since that first day showing him and his wife houses, Donna had grown more daring in her dress. Every day seemed to bring a sexier outfit out of the closet. Today was the culmination though. She had snuck one of her daughter's mini skirts out and found an overly tight jacket to put on, with nothing under it except a very small demi cup bra that barely held her 38D's. She didn't know why, but she wanted this man with all her being, but she couldn't bring herself to make the first move. She was trying to be the proper wife, but losing the battle with every passing second.

Laughing a deep laugh, he looked Donna in her eyes and said "I know you want this as much as I do Donna. I'm not blind. I've noticed the way you have been dressing. That skirt you're wearing is so short I'm sure it didn't come out of your closet. I bet it belongs to your daughter. If we keep this up for another week you're liable to come to a home showing naked. Not that I would complain if you did. Why don't I get things started?"

With that, he reached down and pulled his zipper down. The noise of his zipper sliding down the only sound in the room. His eyes holding her gaze as he reached in and pulled out his semi hard cock. Once it was free he glanced down and Donna's eyes followed him.

"OH MY GOD!! MR. TAYLOR!! PUT THAT THING AWAY!! You're going to get us both in trouble. What if someone comes in? How, what will we tell them?" Donna couldn't believe that she was standing in front of this man who had pulled out his cock.

"Well I look at it this way Donna, you haven't slapped me yet, and you can't take your eyes of my cock, so you must be tempted. Come on, just touch it. See how it feels in your hand. I'll bet you like it."

Donna's breathing had grown ragged as she couldn't take her eyes off it. That was the biggest cock she had ever seen. She considered her husband big, but this was bigger than his, and it wasn't even hard yet. Her eyes flicked to the door a couple times, then she took a final deep breath before she moved her hand away from her side and towards this monster that was growing out of his pants. When her finger tips brushed against it she jerked her hand back like she had been burned. Then she tentatively she reached out again, only this time her fingers wrapped around his cock. She stood there just holding it in her hands. Almost like she was weighing it.

"See, I told you that you would like it. Look at how it's growing. I know I like that way your hand feels. So warm and soft. Why don't you slide your hand up and down it. Then you will see how big it really is."

Smiling at him, Donna started stroking his cock in very slow motion. Her hand sliding from top to bottom. At first her strokes were light and soft. Almost like she was afraid she would hurt him. As she grew more confident her strokes started getting bolder. She started letting her thumb rub across his cock head. Spreading his pre cum along his shaft, and using it as a lubricant. Her hand sliding with more ease as she coated his cock with his pre cum.

"Yeah, that's nice Donna. Keep stroking it like that, baby." Tom said

Donna kept stroking him as she took a step closer to him. Their bodies almost touching. Then as she took one more deep breath she bent her knees and sank down to the carpet in front of him. When she looked up she saw the big mushroom shaped head right in front of her eyes. Her eyes just fixed on the head as she kept stroking it. Looking at how red and swollen it was. The clear pre cum leaking out of the opening. Leaning closer Donna inhaled deeply to breath in the scent that she was so close to. Then she leaned a little closer and swiped her tongue across the head. Bringing it into her mouth to savor the taste.

"HMM, I like. Maybe I should put the entire thing in my mouth? What do you think Tom?" Donna asked with a wink.

Before Tom could answer Donna, she raised up on her knees and captured his cock head between her lips and started a gentle sucking motion. Her tongue washing back and forth across it. Her mouth sliding down on his cock. She managed to get half of it in on her first try, but she wanted it all. Taking it out of her mouth, Donna used her tongue to lick along the sides. Her saliva coating the entire length. Then lifting it up she captured one of his balls in her mouth. Gently sucking on it and bathing it with her tongue, before moving on to the other one. This action elicited a moan from Tom, and his knees buckled ever so slightly.

Taking her mouth off him she looked up at him with a smile and said, "I take it you approve?"

Tom just stared down into those sexy green eyes for a moment before he said, "baby, you have no idea how that feels. I knew you would be good, but I never knew how good."

Blushing, Donna brought his cock back down to her mouth and slid it between her lips. Holding onto his thighs she resumed sucking. She was determined to get it all the way down. Her mouth was bobbing up and down his shaft. Saliva coating his cock, and running down her chin. His fingers ran through her hair as her head bobbed. Donna's wet sucking, the only sound in the room. On each pass she managed to swallow more and more. She was now able to get most of it down, but she wanted it all. With drool running down the front of her jacket Donna made one last push. As his cock head slid deeper down her throat she was able to relax enough to where the rest of it followed. Her eyes bulged when her nose managed to bump into his groin. "She had done it!!" She thought to herself.

Pulling back she looked up at him as his cock slid out of her mouth. "Damn!! I didn't know if I could do it or not, but I did. Now I want the prize that comes with that thing." Then she redoubled her efforts. Her tongue lathering his cock as she sucked. Making sure to lick along the underside where he was so sensitive. Occasionally she would let her teeth drag across the head, sending shivers down his body.

Feeling his balls tighten he looked down at Donna "I'm getting real close baby. Look up at me when I cum. I want to see those sexy green eyes when I fill your mouth."

Pulling back off his cock Donna wanted to make sure when he came that she got to taste every drop. She didn't want it going straight into her throat. Her tongue washed back and forth across his head as she reached up with her other hand and started playing with his balls. Her mouth working together with her hands. Stroking him while she provided just enough suction. His hips started moving with her hands. He was getting closer, and she knew it. She felt his cock swelling even more as he was almost ready to explode. The next sound she heard was a gasp come from him as his cock started spurting. The first shot covered her tongue and that was followed by what seemed like a damn bursting. Her mouth was quickly filled by the sweetest, creamiest cum she had ever tasted. After swallowing the first mouthful she found her mouth filling up again. With her cheeks bulging a second time he finally seemed to be drained. Her mouth was full of cum, and some that had escaped was running down her chin.

Pulling off his cock she leaned back, and looking at him opened her mouth, showing him a mouthful of his cum. Making a big show she closed her mouth and swallowed every drop, then used her fingers to scoop up what had escaped down her chin and sucked them clean. After catching her breath she leaned forward and gently sucked his cock back into her mouth, cleaning him, and getting what cum remained.

Once his cock popped out of her mouth he looked down with a huge grin. His fingers running through her hair, he said "Come on Donna, you need to show me that house you just sold me. That way you can help me break it in the right way."

With that he helped her up and they ended up in a deep open mouth kiss. Her body pressed tightly against him. "MMMMM, let's drive my SUV. It will be much more comfortable than your BMW." Donna said with a wicked grin.

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