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Donna From Next Door


This entire Fall has been a boring part of my life. I go to work at the Massage Therapy College where I teach, I come home to an empty house most evenings.

Sure, there are 2 or 3 clients a week to perk me up, but these are mostly chubby housewife types with sore backs and arms.

Still, they are company, and fill the gap.

My lovely wife Lee is gone 5 days out of 7, she is in the last stages of internship. She always wanted to be a Doctor, it wasn't in the budget until one day 3 little diamonds came up in a row on a slot machine in Reno, and our life changed!

I often busied myself around the house, just to kill time. I am not used to being by myself, more than 20 years of marriage with Lee always there is normal to me.

Lee and I have a free lifestyle usually, although lately she has been tired and snappish. I guess that is understandable, considering the strain she is under.

We have new neighbors, and a huge new home right across the road from us. It upset me at first, but in short order I came to like Donna, the mother of Lisa and Kathy. Both the girls are in my current class, which is fun since they are both simply stunning.

Add in completely uninhibited and you see my point!

The few times I met Donna, she is always polite, friendly, and she is a slightly older carbon copy of her two daughters. But she is reserved in manner, so our relationship is pretty much a wave and "Hi!".

I had noticed that there were almost no visitors, even the two Daughters weren't dating, which was a surprise.

So one Sunday afternoon while working out in my yard, I noticed Lisa and Kathy come screaming down their driveway on their bikes. Legs flashing, they waved and me and yelled out the familiar "Hi, Teacher Ted!" and then they were gone.

I turned back to the Rose bushes I was pruning, when I heard an engine start. A few seconds later, an old truck came slowly down the road, and went out of sight.

I didn't think too much of that, but then I thought I heard a door slam shut. Just down the road from us is a turnout, that goes down by the creek. Almost no one goes there, although there are a couple of young boys who come up from time to time to catch Crawfish.

I started to return to my pruning when it hit me! If the engine started just up the road, someone had to be waiting! There were no homes up there, just a couple of wide spots. If they went just down the road and stopped, then why?

I knew that Lisa and Kathy were long gone, one would need to drive very fast to even keep up with them on the winding two lane blacktop.

DONNA....I realized! She was up there alone, and there is a path from the lower turnout right up the hillside into her yard!

I dropped my shears and trotted down the driveway and up hers. I looked around as I approached the house, nothing.

Then as I started around the side of the house, I head a muffled cry, and a man's angry voice. As I stepped around to the big double doors by the pool, I could see Donna down on her back, and a man pushing at her, I realized he was trying to control her arms and she was struggling.

I let out a bellow and headed for him, I saw him jump back and turn, I saw his hand come up, realized it was a gun.

The rest was a bit of a haze, I was suddenly on him, slashing, scratching, beating at him. This was no fistfight, I was an animal fighting for my life! I was trying to kill him, tear his arms and legs off, not out of anger, out of sheer terror! I managed to get the fingers of my right hand into his face, trying to tear his eyes out, as I beat at his head and body with my free hand. He was on his back, trying to swing at me, but I was too big, too strong.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the pistol skitter away, oddly it seemed to spin in slow motion as I continued to claw at him.

Then he jerked loose and ran. I dropped to my hands and knees, gasping for breath.

The next sound I heard was Donna moaning, I managed to get up to go check on her. She lay back against the wall, she had scooted about 10 feet during the scrap. She had on a white robe, nothing else. She sat with her head in her hands, as I reached down and pulled the robe together, covering her bare body.

"Are you all right?" I asked her, stupidly. She looked up at me, and got up. Then she grabbed me and sobbed, still terrified.

Finally I got her to sit down, and reached for the phone to dial 911.

It took nearly 20 minutes for the Sheriff to arrive at our Country location. They ran around for awhile, bagged the gun, took some scrapings from under my fingernails, and some blood spatters off my clothes. The intruder had obviously been intent on rape, but never got quite that far because of my interuption.

Then finally we were alone. Donna made some tea, we sat and talked for quite awhile. As we were talking, I happened to feel an odd sensation on my ribcage and reached down. My hand came back bloody! I pulled up my shirt and took a look, he had gotten off one round, the bullet has passed by my right ribcage, cutting a tiny furrow about 3 inches long.

I hadn't even heard the shot, or realized he had fired! Donna exclaimed "Oh My GOD! You are hurt!"

I looked closely, "Just a scratch" I told her.

But I was bleeding like a stuck pig, I take blood thinners, which added to the mess.

Donna ran to the bathroom and grabbed some towels and bandages. "Off with the shirt" she ordered.

I sensed her needing to take control, to combat the shock of what had just almost happened to her. I slipped off my shirt, laying the towel down to protect the couch. The blood had ran down my side and soaked into my pants and underwear.

"Off with the pants, too!" she said. I hesitated, she said, "I have seen men before, off with them!"

I stood up and stripped off my jeans and underwear, suddenly glad that I had put on fresh clothing before coming outside.

Donna wetted a washcloth, and wiped up the blood, just weeping now. Then she applied some salve, and a neat bandage.

She went into the bedroom, and came out with a robe and handed it to me with a smile.

I slipped it on, pulling it tightly around me. "Thank you" I said. "No, thank you! she exclaimed, and then the tears came in a flood!

I pulled her into my arms, and just held her, she held me back. We sat like that for a very long time, then I felt her hand slide inside my robe, and touch my chest lightly. The sensation was so sweet, I automatically started to get an erection.

Not wanting her to know, I started to pull away, she held me tighter, and said, "No!" Her hand slid down to my crotch, wrapped around me, and just held me.

I have to say, this felt strange. Here we both were sitting naked in our robes, cuddled up on the couch, with Donna just holding my erection in her right hand. No stroking, nothing, just holding me.

"Can you? Will you...." she uttered. I slipped my hand inside her robe and touched her right breast. She let out a hiss between her teeth, as I let my fingertips brush her nipple.

"It's been so long..." she said, and she slid the robe back off me, staring at my erection. I just continued the gentle touch to her breasts, first one, then the other.

They felt and looked fuller than her daughter's, the nipples had the crinkly look and feel of a mature woman, rather than the soft and smooth feel of youth. With a groan, I buried my face between them, reveling in the moment.

I let my left hand slide down to her hip, then around the front. She parted her legs to ease my access, I found the softness of her and brushed lightly against her wetness. She felt damp, soft, the pubic hair was full and natural.

Then her hand began to move on me. If possible, I got even firmer, as her hand began to slowly roll my foreskin back to expose me to her gaze.

"Big" she said with a shudder. Then she slid her right leg up and over me, reached down and held me in position, and slid down to cover my shaft.

I went into her easily, this was no overly tight young girl, this was a mature woman. She took me all, settled her full weight on me, and just stopped there. I saw her eyes flutter, then she lifted up, up, up. Just as I was about to pop out, she settled back down with a deep groan.

This went on and on, so slow. I felt myself building, she was too.

Finally, after what seemed to be hours, but was really just a few minutes, there was no holding back! I felt my first spurt, she dropped down firmly just as I started, and held herself there. Then she clamped down hard with her vaginal muscles, and I was gone!

It was one of those incredible orgasms, they happen rarely. She clamped down the second time, and she went off, too! We were lost in the moment.

Just as I began to relax, I heard a noise. Looking over, there stood Lisa and Kathy! Both had a shocked look on their faces, eyes as big as silver dollars!

They looked at me, then at their Mom. Then Lisa said, "Hi, Teacher Ted!" and started laughing...

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