Donna, Young Wife Ch. 02


My mouth watered at the idea of making him squirm the way he had done to me. Would he lose control enough to come? I was ready to find out. My eyes returned to his and I saw pure lust there. He had been watching me stare at his cock, biting and licking my lips in anticipation. He began unbuttoning his jeans, revealing that he wore no underwear. My pussy was throbbing again, and a new ache began as his cock appeared. Long, impossibly thick, and with a perfect plum-shaped head, it stood high against his stomach, jutting out from a trimmed thatch of dark hair. He lifted his heavy balls out of their confinement and I rubbed my thighs together again, just thinking about that big sack slapping my ass as he pounded into my dripping pussy. "Up on your knees, honey. I want your hot little mouth." I rose up to my knees sideways in the car, leaning on the center console for support. Wrapping my hand around his rock-hard cock, I began kissing and licking the plump head, trailing along the underside with relish. "Yeah baby, that's my girl."

He slid his fingers through my hair and guided my mouth gently, grinding his hips in a motion that had my pussy twitching. I took his hint and closed my mouth over his rod, taking as much as I could down my throat. I moaned as his fist tightened in my hair, just enough to make me needy, not afraid. "Good girl, suck me, baby. Such a hot little fuckable mouth!" He kept up the sexy words of encouragement as I glided my lips over his massive cock, sucking for all I was worth. I was possessed, wanting to swallow him whole. His cock seemed to be made for my mouth. Where other blow jobs made my jaws hurt, sucking him made me want to open wider and suck deeper than ever before. I became completely absorbed in sucking and licking, kissing and stroking this incredible cock. "Jesus. Fuck. Baby doll, lift your ass up, I need to play with that sweet little pussy of yours." I spread my knees as much as I could on the seat and arched my back, pushing my ass in the air. I felt his hand run over my ass cheeks, stroking and pinching lightly, running his fingers up and down my crack as I rotated my hips in time with my sucking.

He began fucking my mouth in earnest, tugging on my pussy lips and fingering my clit in a rhythm that had me moaning around his throbbing cock. Then he slid two fingers into my soaked slit, began a slow circular motion over my asshole with his thumb, and fluttered his pinkie across my clit and I went wild. I pulled on his cock in a fuck-rhythm that had him moaning, and sucked him deep while massaging the underside of his thick cock-head with the flat of my tongue. "God, Damn. Baby girl, take my cum. Swallow it all down honey, like a good girl. Fuck!" He held my head over his spurting cock as his hot sperm filled my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, but the force of his orgasm sent some trickling back down his shaft. After the final thrust, I began licking up the remainder of cum from his still swollen cock, massaging his balls and thighs. He stroked my head and whispered sexy words. "Hot little mouth fuck, aren't you baby? So pretty with your swollen pink lips kissing my cock like that. Suck the head honey, get every last drop of that cum."

His fingers slid out of my pussy, and gave one more quick rub to my aching pussy lips. When I gasped and thrust toward his hand, he spanked my ass with a quick slap. "No more for you right now, little honey-pot. I want to keep you wet and ready for a while." He tucked his still-hard cock into his jeans and half-buttoned them, leaving a sexy view of his cock-head peeking out of the fly. As he started the engine, I settled into my seat, and started to cross my legs against the unbearable pressure building between them. "Remember what I said Sweet Girl? Legs open. Pussy bare. Lips wet. My pussy." A moan escaped my throat at his firm words, and I lifted my knee and let my leg drop against the door. "Good girl. Now play with your sweet little bare pussy for me. No cumming. Just keep your hot little honey-pot ready for me." He backed the car out, and it was then that I noticed a group of men standing nearby. I looked out the window and a few of them waved, smiling as we pulled away.

My God! Had they been outside when I had been sucking his cock? My bare pussy had practically been shoved against the window! I had been so engrossed in that incredible cock that I hadn't remembered that we were in public again! While it was a bit of a fantasy of mine, I never thought I would actually be able to have sex in front of strangers. But as my fingers played over my clit, I thought about those men watching my weeping pussy hump the air while I sucked a huge cock down my throat. I moaned as I started to feel myself ready to come. "Back to earth, sweet girl." He wrapped his fingers around my wrist and lifted my busy hand away from my grinding pussy. "No orgasm until I say so. Fuck, you're wet." He ran a finger lightly down my still twitching slit, back up again. Lifting his hand away, he brought it back down with a stinging slap to my engorged pussy lips. "No touching this for now. You can't be trusted, I think." He grinned and winked, then sucked his pussy-wet fingers. His eyes grew hot!

"I will let you come, though. When we get to my place, you will start coming and you will keep coming until you can't move. I am going to slide my cock home into that hot little pink pussy, sweet baby. You are going to fuck every last inch, aren't you?" I nodded, mesmerized by his smoldering green eyes, dark and filled with straight lust. "Yeah! You are my sweet little angel, just ready to fuck. Keep moving those hips, honey, show me how you like to fuck big cocks." I was dripping cream at his hot words again, arms raised above my head, lip between my teeth, and my hips were indeed grinding against air, trying to fuck an imaginary cock. "Almost there, sweet pussy. Then you'll get what you need." We arrived at his house and my legs were so week he had to carry me in like a new bride and set me down on his king size bed. "Well Donna, tonight you become what you've always wanted to be." I looked him over and my eyes stopped at his crotch where I could see a noticeable bulge. I began to feel a tingling in my loins.

He reached over to me and began to rub my vagina. I jumped at his touch and he said, "Baby girl, tonight you will be taken. Taken the way you have always dreamed. Tonight your imagination will become reality." He continued to rub my clit as he spoke and my breathing was getting more and more shallow with each word he spoke. "You will obediently give in to my every wish and you will enjoy each second of your submission. When I am done with you, your only sexual pleasure will be derived from me and my friends." I heard the "my friends" but passed it off, not seeing anyone else around. He picked up the pace of clit manipulation and my body shivered as I came at the mere thought of it all. "Come and kneel between my legs, Baby Girl". I was weak kneed as I stood up, and then did as I was told. My head was just above his crotch as I pondered the size of the package inside his pants. "Put your hands on me Donna, feel your first monster cock." I began to squeeze and stroke his cock thru his pants and was mesmerized.

"You are so big. Your cock is hard as rock. I fumbled at the zipper and when I finally pulled it down, out sprang the biggest cock I ever saw. It hit me across the face upon release from his pants. He then grabbed it and rubbed his cock all over my face. I moaned in pleasure as he bounced his cock off of my lips. "Give me

your hands Baby Girl." He took my hands and placed them on his ten inch shaft. He guided my hands up and down his massive shaft. I was amazed at the size of his cock. It was almost as thick as my wrist and I could barely close my fingers around it. I used both hands to jerk him. He then instructed me to suck him. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and he put his hands on the back of my head to shove his tool in. I could only manage to put about 5 inches inside. "I want all of it inside, Donna, all of it!" He proceeded to push my head further down his cock as I tried to adjust to having my face stuffed with so much cock. He stuffed 2 more inches in my mouth as he pushed harder, and I felt his cock pop into my throat and I gagged.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and I tried to catch my breath. He gave me a moment then shoved it back in. "Take your cock, Baby Girl!" he yelled. He held on to my head and began to fuck my face. "Look at me Baby Girl, while I fuck your face." I looked into his eyes as his cock fucked my tiny face. He threw his head back in ecstasy as he loved my sexy sweet mouth's work. "Yes, my cock my little naughty wife, suck my cock. I'm going to fuck you real good." I moaned in approval as I felt his orgasm approaching. He began to move my head faster and faster and I moaned louder and louder. "AAAAHHHHHH" He yelled, as he held my head in place, as only the plum size head was in my mouth. I felt a hot liquid coat my tongue as he unloaded his semen in my mouth. He withdrew his still shooting cock and aimed at my face as I slurped up his sperm. My right cheek took the first blast followed by two long ropes creaming my right eye. I was still nursing when he jacked his cum on my forehead and even more shot out and plastered my nose and ran down to my mouth.

"Now it's time for you to have your pussy reamed." He lifted me onto the bed and placed me on my back and spread my legs wide. He pushed aside my thong and put his giant cock at the entrance of my pussy. I actually squealed in anticipation of penetration. He swiftly shoved half of his cock into me and my eyes bulged and I screamed out, "It's too big! No please take it out. Please stop." He had no intention of stopping. He was going to fuck his little "BABY GIRL" hard and deep. I tried to thrash away, but he had my legs pinned to his shoulders so there was no escaping. He let his cock rest there momentarily and then began to stroke me slowly. He steadily picked up the pace as I wailed and groaned. I had never had a cock anywhere near this large inside of me and knew I was going to be pummeled by his cock. But I also realized that my pussy was soaking wet and I began to feel more comfortable with his size. He started to fuck me harder and harder. He was taking long strokes and shoving his pole in all the way. I squealed on every down stroke.

He pushed my legs back towards my ears for maximum penetration, and proceeded to batter my tight pussy. He looked down at my cum soaked face and said, "Take my big cock, Baby Girl. Take it all the way in your pussy and love it! Am I fucking you Donna? Am I?"

"Yes!" I panted. I was hysterical with lust. "Yes, Yes. You're fucking me like I've never been fucked. Fuck me harder. Fuck meeeeeeeee!!!"

He then started to furiously pound my pussy. His hips were a blur as he battered my body. My pussy began to explode as I began to cum again. "Oooooohhhh, yyyyyeeeessss! I'm cccuuuummming!" He picked up his pace again an jack-hammered my pussy. I went into orgasmic convulsions as I came, and he just continued to beat my slit with his huge shaft. As my orgasm subsided, he was still pounding me then grabbed my arms to pull me on top of him. His cock slid all the way to the hilt and he spun me around so that I was facing away from him. He grabbed my hips and began to lift me up and down on his swollen rod. I started to fuck him back by pushing myself up and down, using his thighs as leverage. I bounced on his cock at a blinding pace. This guy met every down stroke with an upstroke of his own. The sound of flesh slapping flesh echoed in the room. I threw my head back and screamed continuously as his enormous cock abused my pussy. He was delighted by the gripping of my vaginal muscles and increased his force and reached around and started twisting my nipples.

He moved to the edge of the bed and put my feet on the floor and ordered me to fuck him. I deliriously pogoed on his fuck stick. I could feel his eyes watching as my beautiful ass vibrated with every stroke. He then popped a finger into my puckered asshole and it took me to another level. "Yeeesssssssssss!" I yelled out, and savagely jumped up and down on his cock. He pushed me onto the floor and entered me from the back. He grabbed my hips and proceeded to pound me. This man was in control and he was deep-dicking my pussy over and over again. He was literally lifting me from the floor and fucking me. I wailed like a talking rag doll as I thrashed and squirmed. Jetty's co-worker was thoroughly fucking me. I felt as if I might pass out from the intense pleasure of being ravaged and overwhelmed by this giant cock. He pistoned in and out of me faster and faster as he neared another climax. He squeezed my hips harder, and with one final brutal stroke, began to unload inside of me.

"I'm cummmmming, Baby Girl!!!!" He flooded my pussy with cum as he held my ass tight against his pelvis and drowned my womb. I felt my own orgasm come down as my pussy was now overflowing with his fuck juice. I shook violently and screamed out as I came. The guy collapsed on top of me and looked down at my cum covered face and said, "This is only the beginning Donna. Your erotic journey has just begun." I felt his cock twitch against my back and a finger in my pussy. I had no idea what was next. I suddenly became aware of another man watching from the doorway. He approached me and told me that he wanted me to make love to him like I had done his friend. My face became totally red, but at the same time I realized that I was as wet and excited. He shoved his tongue in my mouth and I shivered as he kissed me so savagely. I reached for his cock and it had to be at least eleven inches long. My fingers could not wrap around all of it, and I was afraid that I couldn't take him in, even as I madly began to stroke his length.

He bent down and sucked hard on my nipples. His hands pulled me at the waist and he started to finger me very rapidly. We fell onto the bed, he pulled my legs apart, and again he shoved his tongue into my mouth in a deep kiss. He started to work the head of his penis into my pussy and I let out a cry as he began thrust. I moved my hand down to feel his balls and I found that as much as he was fucking me, only half of his cock was entering me. This so turned me on that I grabbed his ass and begged him to fuck me as hard and deep as he could. He started ramming me hard and I started to thrust my own hips forward and within seconds I was having the first orgasm. I rolled him over and sat on him, his full hardness up in me, and I began to rock urgently on him. I came again, this time screaming, and I felt my pussy juices explode from within and roll down his exposed shaft. He then moved over across the bottom of the bed and worked his way between my legs. He started kissing my legs and knees.

He turned me onto my back and moved up and slipped his tongue into my pussy. He began lapping at my flower and tonguing my clit. I laid back and tried to hold the conversation with the first guy, but to no avail. I relaxed and let the second man love on my pussy with his tongue and lips. He sucked each lip into his mouth and I could feel his tongue swirling over it, then repeating the same with the other lip. He then began sucking my clit. Stabbing at the nerve with his tongue which sent chills up my spine. I felt him move up onto the bed and take my ankles in his hands. He lifted my legs up and parted them wide. Moving closer into me I felt his cock head part my lips and with one solid thrust felt his cock slide inside my walls. The sensation of his long cock filling my empty pussy made me moan. He fucked me in slow rhythmic movements, giving me time to adjust to his size as he worked his cock in and out. I could look down and see his shaft emerge from my swollen pussy and saw only half his cock wet from my juices.

He pushed more and more into me until I felt his balls resting against my ass. He put my ankles onto his shoulders and held onto my knees and began a steady rhythm. He had me moaning around his friend's cock as I felt the first of several dozen orgasms that day to wash over me. He lay down on top of me and began sucking my nipples. The guy in my mouth held onto the heels of my pumps as his brother romped me good and deep. I felt my juices wash over his shaft as he kept the steady pace going. The guy's cock was so hard in my mouth that I kept sucking him and took him into my throat a bit more than half way. He was moaning saying he was about to cum and I kept sucking and tonguing him until he pulled from my mouth and jerked his cock while coming on my face and tongue. I took him back into my mouth and sucked the head feeling his balls empty in my mouth as I swallowed his hot cum. He moaned out repeatedly as I coaxed his balls to give me all his cum. I continued sucking his head and running my tongue over the slit.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and sucked each nut and running my tongue across his sac before taking his still hard cock back into my throat once more. The one kept fucking away at my pussy as the other moved away and took a seat on the chair near the bed. I wrapped my legs around my penetrator and took everything he was giving me. He began pounding faster and harder, going fully deep inside my walls as I told him to slam me harder. His moans were echoing thru the room by now and I felt his balls slapping my ass with each thrust. His cock was so hard and slick from my juices that I would contract my muscles to give him a tighter grip. He started to grown and before I knew it, he had pulled himself from my pussy and in one quick move was straddling my chest and shooting his thick white cum onto my tongue, face and boobs. I licked at his cock head as he jerked his cock onto my tongue and into my mouth. Savoring his taste I closed my lips around his cock head and moved my hand along his shaft feeding myself his sticky cum.

I looked at him standing there; his cock was stiff and pointing in my direction. He got back on the bed and lay down on top of me. I felt his hand slip under my ass and lift me off the bed slightly. He ran his cock over my pussy until he felt the opening, and with a hard push, it sunk in until he could go no further. He thrust it harder and deeper while he held me from underneath. I could feel his finger running back and forth across my asshole and in moments I was close to cumming. He stopped when he knew I was close. For an hour he alternated between licking my pussy and sinking his thick cock inside me, never letting me cum. The walls of my pussy felt as though they were sweating and the wet spot beneath me was getting bigger and bigger. My arms were sore and I wanted to spread my legs even more. I had never been teased like this in my life. My clit was so swollen that even the softest touch sent hot prickles though me. My hands immediately traveled to his ass. I slid myself down a little and was able to spread my legs a little more.

His cock was sliding in and out of my while he pushed against my clit with his pubic bone. My whole body felt like it was on fire. I was so close and begged him not to stop. He continued past my point of no return, and I have to tell you that I had never had an orgasm like that before. I came almost violently, and when that was finished, I came again right after. My legs locked and my head thrashed as he came for the second time. I came 5 times in about 10 minutes. When he untangled my legs after we were done, I knew he was pleased with our fuck session.


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