tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDonna's Bitch Ch. 06

Donna's Bitch Ch. 06


Authors note

This is technically a crossover chapter. Two characters from another show appear in this chapter and while some may ask what they're doing in the 70s I would like to remind everyone that 70s show had many celebrity guests stars so I think you can forgive me for this... can't you?


"Are you sure about this mistress?"

"I'm sure, don't worry Jackie we'll be fine, I promise."

With that Donna took Jackie by the hand and led her bitch into Point Place's one and only sex store.

Jackie had never been there before and couldn't help her eyes wandering over the many tools for afflicting pain and pleasure. There were whips, paddles, ropes, and all sorts of bondage goodies which Jackie couldn't even begin to name. And of course there were lots and lots of dildos.

While Jackie's eyes were taking in the contents of the store, Donna's eyes were drawn to the one thing that was different about this place from last time she was here. The store was exactly how she remembered it except for where a middle-aged man sat behind the counter before now there was a blonde haired girl not much older than they were staring at them.

The blonde gave them a nod and a friendly smile.

Donna felt Jackie squeeze her hand tightly. The redhead was unsure whether it was the frightening array of toys on the shelves or the blonde's smile that made her girlfriend nervous but either way she felt inclined to comfort the brunette who had come to mean so much to her.

"Jackie, we can leave right now if you want." Donna said turning to her girl.

"No, I'm ok mistress, I'm just a little nervous. I've never been in a place like this before." Jackie reassured her mistress.

"Alright, but if it becomes too much for you just tell me ok?"


Donna and Jackie spent a few moments browsing through the store, picking a few items up to look at them more thoroughly. Some they could recognise, but others they could not.

After a while a voice broke them from their concentration, "Can I help you?"

It came from the blonde who still sat behind her desk and didn't seem to be in any hurry to leave it.

"No thanks, we're ok, we're just browsing." said Donna.

"Ok." said the blonde who allowed them to browse for a few more minutes before asking, "Is she your bitch?"

"Excuse me?"

"Is she your bitch?" the blonde asked again, "I couldn't help overhearing when you came in that she called you mistress. Plus you have a very distinctive Dom vibe about you and she is so obviously a Sub. Also, when you came in here you were holding hands. So I would assume that your in a lesbian BDSM relationship and you're the mistress and she's your bitch. Am I wrong?"

Donna stood there for a few moments letting everything the blonde said sink in before turning to see Jackie was just as bewildered as she.

The redhead thought about her options.

She and Jackie had been fighting so hard to keep their relationship a secret but they had come here looking for more than just toys, they needed advice, she needed advice and maybe, just maybe this blonde could help her.

Biting her lip Donna turned back to the blonde and went with her gut instinct to tell the truth and let the stranger know the secret she and her new lover had been trying to keep to themselves.

"Yes... she's my bitch."

"I knew it," the blonde said clapping her hands together and grinning widely, "I fucking knew it. I knew from the second you walked in that you two were lovers. I'm never wrong about these things, it's a gift. Oh my god, I just have to say that you two make such a cute couple. I mean look at you red, you're still holding her hand so protectively, you're going to make such a great Dom."

"Ok first of all the names Donna." said Donna, somewhat miffed about being referred to by the same name as her boyfriend's father, "And who are you anyway? And where's Mr Wolf? And what's a Dom?"

"Mr Wolf?" asked Jackie.

"My uncle," the blonde said quickly, "he runs this store and he doesn't much like people calling him that, he's not a very big fan of fairytales. As for who I am, I'm his niece... obviously and I'm running this store today as a favour to him. My name is Chloe Sullivan and a Dom is someone who dominates somebody else, like your little brunette friend there."

"Ok then." Donna said turning back to the many items on the store before suddenly turning back to Chloe, "Wait a second, what do you mean I'm going to make a great Dom? You know nothing about me, how do you know I'm not already a great Dom?"

"Because you reek of inexperience and yet untapped potential." Chloe said shrugging her shoulders.

"And your instincts told you this did they?" Donna said impatiently.

"Yes as a matter of fact they did." said Chloe, don't get me wrong I think you could be great, you just like a little... experience... and knowledge."

"Again you know nothing about me, who used to tell me who I am and what I do or do not know?"

Chloe picked up the item nearest to, "what's this?"

"Erm... I don't know."

"A cat of nine tails... what's this?"

"... weird clothes pegs?"

"Wrong, their nipple clamps..." seeing Donna was getting angry and Chloe changed her strategy in a hurry to get her point across, "Ok something else... how many times a day should you whip your bitch?"

"I... I..."

"It's a trick question honey... you whip her as much as you feel is necessary. You see my point is not that you're not a great Dom, but you could be a great Dom... with a little... training." Chloe said suggestively.

"Oh... and who would train me?" said Donna suspiciously, thinking she already knew the answer.

She was correct.


Donna sighed and looked Jackie. Normally she wouldn't have given this woman the time of day, but since starting her relationship with Jackie, Donna had been having some insecurities about her own abilities as a mistress... or Dom as this woman called it. If this Chloe Sullivan could help her better understand how she needed to treat Jackie it could help her keep the brunette who had come to mean so much to her.

Reluctantly the redhead sighed and said, "How much do you charge?"

"Charge... Oh honey, no charge, I just enjoy bringing people together. Besides, there's nothing like introducing a couple into the world of BDSM, especially one so obviously in love as you two are."

"Ok... so when do you want to do this? And for that matter how do we do this?"

"Simple, in the back of the store right now."

"But... aren't you supposed to be watching the store?"

"Well yes, but it's a Monday morning and the store is always dead around this time. Why do you think my uncle let me watch it? For that matter what are you doing here. Shouldn't you two be in school?" the reaction on Donna's face told Chloe she had been right once again, "Oh naughty, naughty. Skipping school, I should spank you both for that... or I could just spank your bitch, once for her and once for you if you'd like?"

"Look, we don't have all day, so either get to your point or else." Donna said.

You don't mess around to you... I like that... I'll tell you what Donna... let's take a few minutes to discuss this in private... you know Dom to Dom."

"... Ok..."

"Great..." Chloe slowly slid off the stool she had been sitting on. As she did so she smoothed down her short skirt and reach down to pull her panties back up, "Ok Lana sweetie, why don't you come out and keep Donna's bitch company while the grown ups talk in the back."

Slowly a long haired brunette girl crawled out of where she had been crouching in the small space under the desk. The fact that she was blushing bright red and her face wet with cream left no mystery about what she had been doing down there.

"Donna... Donna's bitch, I'd like you both to meet Lana Lang. She was once my best friend... now she's just my own personal little bitch. Say hi to everyone Lana."

"...Hi..." Lana said weakly still embarrassed at being caught eating her mistress's pussy.

"Ok Donna, let's go and talk in the back as our bitches get to know each other better." said Chloe leaving to go to the back of the store.

Donna reluctantly followed her, taking one last look at Jackie before she followed the blonde into the back.

The two brunettes stood around in silence for a while before Lana finally asked, "So, how long have you two been together?"

"... about a month... you?"

"Two years."

"Wow really?"


There was silence again.

"... so... so how did you two get together?" asked Jackie.

Lana blushed again, "I was bitching about my latest boyfriend drama, she lost her temper with me and one thing led to another and now here we are..."

Seeing this wasn't good enough for Jackie, Lana decided to clarify her story, "... it doesn't feel like two years, it feels like a lifetime ago but once upon a time I was kind of... a cock whore I guess... or at least that's what my mistress calls my previous life... if you can call it a life... one meaningless relationship after another... just looking for love in all the wrong places not realising that I could have everything I ever wanted in the arms of my best friend."

"... do you think... do you think you were always gay?" Jackie asked.

Lana sighed, "... no... although I'm not sure what I am. For a while I wondered if I was... you know... gay... but then me and my mistress had this three way with one of our male friends and I enjoyed it too much to be a pure 100% lesbian. But what I do know is that although I enjoyed the sex with Clark it in no way could compare to being with my mistress, and I don't think it's because she's a girl... I think it's because I'm in love with her. In some ways what happened with Clark and the others was good for us in the long run because it's made me realise that although I'm attracted to many men, and women, at the end of the day it's my mistress Chloe who I want to be with."

"... and... and does she feel the same way?" Jackie asked.

Lana smiled, "Not a day goes by without my mistress telling me how beautiful I am... and how lucky she is to have me... and how much she loves me... God, it's been two years and hearing her say those words to me still warms my heart."

"... what about before?"

"Oh that, that was her establishing her dominance over me. It gives her a huge thrill to let other people know that she can have a member of her own sex go down on her at the click of a finger."

"But didn't you find it humiliating?"

"I would have if it was about humiliating me, which it wasn't."

"What was it about then?"

"Punishing me."

"Punishing you, punishing you for what?"

"For not bringing her to orgasm for a fifth time." Lana grins mischievously.

"But... but didn't we interrupt?"

"That's no excuse. I should have been able to bring my mistress to orgasm with or without any distractions. I failed her, therefore I deserve to be punished." Lana said matter of factly.

Jackie nodded slowly. She wasn't sure what was more perverted, the logic, or the fact that she not only understood it, but agreed with it.

More silence.

"Does she ever... you know... call you bad names?" asked Jackie.

"All the time."

"And does it... does it..."

"Does it turn me on?"


"Fuck yeah. I love it when she calls me her whore, her slut, her bitch, anything as long as she calls me hers."

They exchanged a knowing smile.

"I know exactly what you mean, I love being Donna's bitch." said Jackie.

At that moment Donna and Chloe reappeared from the back.

"Ok Lana, take Jackie into the back and... prepare her. Myself and Donna are going to collect a few supplies for our little training session, and I expect you both to be fully naked, weighting and willing when we're ready, or else." said Chloe.

Lana nodded and slowly walked to the back, Jackie following closely behind her. As they walked through the back of the store Jackie couldn't help notice that it looked more like some kind of mediaeval dungeon than anything else. There were many devices hanging from the brick walls, some which Jackie could name, others were completely alien to her. There was various different boxes lying around in storage and a desk with a few chairs surrounding it. From the ceiling hung something that looked like handcuffs only there was a large bar separating the cuffs.

"It's probably better if we strip here." Lana said, as she lifted her top over her head and began removing the rest of her clothes.

Jackie agreed with a silent nod. She tried to concentrate on removing her clothes but she couldn't stop glancing over at the other girl's body. Lana was truly beautiful and it was obvious that the brunette worked out.

Lana looked back at her and smiled. It would appear that Jackie wasn't the only one taking an interest in her fellow bitch's body.

"Come on, let's go." Lana said, taking Jackie by the hand and leading her towards a door.

"Where are we going?" asked Jackie nervously.

"To prepare ourselves for our mistresses." Lana said, as she opened the door to the stores only toilet and let Jackie inside.

It was a tight fit but both women could just about get inside it with the door closed. There was a window behind the toilet with that special kind of tinted glass which means that you can't really make out what's on the other side of it. Jackie couldn't help notice the items spread out on a small window seal. Most of the items she couldn't recognise, although there was a few dildos and even a riding crop. All the items didn't seem like things you would necessarily find in a toilet.

Picking up one of the items Lana held it up to Jackie and said, "This is called an enema bag. Do you know what it does?"

"... No..."

"It clears out your bowels to make sure your nice and clean up their when your mistress wants to use your butt hole."

Jackie blushed. Not long ago she would if slapped this girl for even suggesting that she would have to endure such a thing, but since becoming Donna's bitch Jackie had found that there was nothing that she wasn't willing to endure for her mistress.

"... How... how does it work?"

Lana smiled, "Well when I'm done lubricating you I'll slowly insert this nozzle into your anus and slowly fill your bowels up with water. When your bowels are full you simply... release into the bowl and then you do me... if that's ok."

"Alright." Jackie said, turning around and leaning on the toilet so that Lana could have better access to her ass.

Lana smiled at Jackie's submissiveness as she took out a tube of KY jelly and squirted some on her finger.

"What's that?"

"It's a lubricant jelly, I'm going to need to loosen your butt hole for the penetration."

"Oh..." Jackie said, a little disappointedly.

She had become very fond of rim jobs, both giving and receiving, and had been looking forward to having this beautiful woman's tongue licking her puckered little rosebud.

But as Lana pressed her fingers to her tightest of holes and began to massage the entrance to her back passage Jackie couldn't help but moan in pleasure. The pleasure increased as Lana slid first one, then two of her fingers up to the knuckle inside Jackie's tight butt hole.

"Your ass is tight... but it's not virgin. I'm guessing your mistress likes taking you this way." said Lana as she moves her fingers slowly in and out of Jackie's ass hole.

Jackie blushed, "My mistress Donna has expressed a lot of... interest in that hole."

"I bet she has," Lana said smiling, "and who could blame her? You have a very beautiful little bottom, Jackie."

"Thank you." said Jackie, blushing a deeper shade of red.

"I suggest you give yourself an enema at least a few times a day. It will help keep you clean and ready when ever your mistress becomes... interested in your beautiful little bottom."


Lana spent a few more minutes fingering Jackie's back door, perhaps a little longer than necessary, before pressing the nozzle of the enema against her fellow bitch's ass hole.

"Jackie, I'm going to push the nozzle into you now and then I'm going to fill your bowels with water, ok?"


The lubricant made it easy for Lana to slowly insert the nozzle into Jackie's behind. The sensation of the water filling her bowels reminded Jackie of when her mistress Donna fills her ass with her big strap on cock. Only this time her bowels were being filled with liquid instead of unyielding hardness. Jackie would have thought that this would have been easier, but the liquid was tickling the inside of her colon and the more that filled her the more she felt the urge to take a dump.

Finally just when she thought she could take no more Lana removed the nozzle and stood back. Jackie couldn't stop herself, she just had to let go.

Sitting on a toilet in front of another woman was an interesting experience for Jackie. Not one she was in a hurry to repeat, but at the same time the sexual stimulation had suddenly turned into one of humiliation, which for some reason turned her on.

"Ok, now me." Lana said, when Jackie had finished.

Jackie flush the toilet and switch places with the other brunette who handed her the lubricant and an enema bag. Jackie knew this was a different bag partly because it was full and partly because she saw the empty one lying on the side.

Putting the other bag down for a moment Jackie squirted some lubricant on to her finger and began to rub it on to Lana's anus.

Since the first time she and her mistress Donna had started having sex Jackie had started to notice the beauty of another woman's body. Lana was incredibly beautiful and the sight of her bent over in such a vulnerable position was incredibly intoxicating. As she slowly slid a lubricated finger into her fellow bitch's butt Lana let out a low moan which made Jackie feels so powerful.

Jackie had rimmed her mistress's tasty ass hole many times and had done many wicked and wonderful things with the redheaded beauty but she was always submissive in everything they did together. She loved everything they did together and wouldn't change it for the world, but this... this was... this was different... this was... kind of... fun.

"Your ass is also tight..." Jackie said biting her lip, "Is it virgin?"

Lana looked over her shoulder at Jackie and smiled, "... No, my mistress also expresses a lot of... interest in that hole."

"What kind of interest?" Jackie asked slyly.

"Just the usual stuff." said Lana dismissively, "You know, shoving her tongue, her fingers, and all kinds of dildos, most of which strap round her waist, up my eager little bottom!"

"Don't you mean she likes to shove her tongue, her fingers, and all kinds of dildos, most of which strap round her waist, up your eager beautiful little bottom?" asked Jackie in mock innocence.

"Yes, right up my eager beautiful little bottom!" Lana giggled.

The laughter somewhat disrupted the sexual tension between them, but did not destroy it. They were both incredibly attracted to each other but they both knew they would have to save it. They couldn't keep their mistresses waiting now could they?

Lana definitely wanted to try and sample some of this delightful girl. She knew that there was a good chance that her mistress would allow her the privilege of enjoying this beautiful fellow submissive girl and her pussy was dripping with anticipation. Well anticipation, and the fact that there was a beautiful girl's finger working its way through the sensitive walls of her rectum.

Jackie desperately wanted to fuck the other brunette and hoped against hope that her mistress would allow her the honour of worshipping her fellow bitch's body with her tongue and/or fingers. It was hard for Jackie to control herself as she continued to slowly finger fuck Lana's ass, preparing it for what was to come. But it wasn't only the enema Jackie was truly preparing Lana's ass for.

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