Don't Ever Give Up Ch. 05


Tim listened carefully for any reaction - he'd finally gotten out what he needed to say. He didn't hear anything; knowing Julia, she was holding her breath now.

A burst of wind suddenly gusted across the deck, and it brought with the easily recognizable scent of her perfume. That left no doubt in Tim's mind that she was behind them.

"How long have you known this, bro?" J.T. asked helpfully.

"No idea, man," Tim replied. "Three or four months, at least."

"Three or four months?" J.T. asked, genuinely shocked. Ever since they'd heard Julia's gasp, it was almost as if J.T. and Tim had been reading a script. J.T. knew what his best friend was feeling, and was asking him questions designed to help him get everything out. Apparently, Tim had gone off-script.

"You've known this for three or four months, and we're just now having this conversation?" J.T. reiterated. "Jesus, Tim. I knew you were an idiot, but you might be the dumbest person alive with a Doctorate."

"I know, man."

"You might have lost her tonight, dude," J.T. said. "You know that, don't you?"

"Trust me, J.T.," Tim replied. "I know. I waited five minutes before I left the house, and I had a 25-minute drive over here. I had half an hour to ponder what my life would be like without Julia in it."

J.T. looked at him intently now. Tim imagined Julia was doing the same.

"I came up with a bunch of different outcomes. They all suck."

J.T. grinned now. Finally, he looked over his shoulder, and the look on his face confirmed what Tim already knew.

"You need to tell her all this, Tim," J.T. said.

"He just did."

Tim turned around to see Julia standing just in front of the doorway. Now he knew why she hadn't made any noises in the past few minutes. Tears were streaming down her face, and judging by the dark spots at the top of her dark brown dress, they had been for quite a while.

"Aw, jeez, Jules," Tim said, genuinely upset because she was crying. "Come here."

He could tell she wanted to, but she hesitated. Tim took a step toward her and locked his eyes onto hers.

"Please, Julia," he said. "I've fucked up so many things with us. Let me make it right."

That worked, because Julia closed the small gap between them with speed that would have made Carlos proud, and immediately buried her face in Tim's shoulder.

J.T. picked up his empty beer bottle and turned to head for the doorway.

"I'll take your morning flight," J.T. said. "Take tomorrow off. Stay here as long as you'd like."

Tim nodded. "I'll pick up one of yours next week."

"I figured. You two have a good night," J.T. replied. "Just please, don't break my chairs."

Julia pulled her face away from Tim's body for a second and delivered something that was half-laughter and half-crying. It made Tim want to simultaneously rock her to sleep while promising everything would be ok and bend her over the railing on the deck. J.T. turned off the lights in the main room before disappearing down the stairs.

Tim led Julia to the chair he'd been sitting in and pulled her down on top of him. She was still crying, and Tim was stroking her back and playing with her hair, trying to calm her down.

"It's OK, baby," he whispered. "I'm sorry."

Suddenly, she pulled up and looked him in the eyes.

"Did you mean it? What you just said?"

Just briefly, Tim looked away. He knew answering this question with the truth could lead to some pretty severe consequences, but he was tired of pushing Julia away. He'd been lying to himself for some time now, and now that he knew that's what it was, he simply couldn't anymore.

"Every word, baby," Tim answered. "I can't promise it's going to be easy or that I'm going to be able to change overnight. I just need you..." he trailed off.

"You just need me... to what?" Julia replied.

"Nothing," Tim answered. "I just need you. The rest of it is going to have to work itself out."

Tim could see the waterworks fire up again in Julia's eyes, and though he was generally against Julia crying period, much less being the reason for it, he was willing to make an exception this time.

"Oh, God," she sobbed. "You have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to say that."

"Probably about as long as it's been the truth."

There were so many things they needed to say, so many topics they needed to discuss. But as Tim tightened his grip around Julia's back and she snuggled up even closer to him on the deck chair, he realized those discussions would have to wait. The emotions of the day - the past week, really - were too much for both of them. Within five minutes, both were sleeping soundly on the deck.


The first thing Tim felt when he woke up from what felt like hibernation was warmth - incredible, overwhelming, all-encompassing warmth.

The source of his physical warmth was obvious - he looked down to see Julia still sleeping peacefully with her head on his chest. Tim was never going to be a poet, but the recollection of what he'd said earlier made him feel pretty warm on the inside, too. But there was something else there, too, and in his groggy state, it took Tim a few moments to realize what it was:


Raindrops on his face had woken Tim up, and they started falling a bit more consistently as he lay there. There was no awning or cover of any kind on the deck, so he and Julia were fair game for whatever the elements wanted to throw at them. Within a minute or two, his hair was soaked, as were his right arm and his right leg. Julia took the brunt of it, since she was covering up his left leg, left arm, and most of his stomach.

He looked down at her again. He couldn't see her face because she'd twisted into a sort of fetal position, with the back of her neck facing him. Her dark hair was getting darker with the rain, and he had to force himself to fight the temptation to run his fingers through it.

It took five or ten seconds for him to realize that he didn't have to fight that temptation anymore, and a smile slowly spread across his face. Still, he was a little tentative as he gently pulled his fingers through her soaked hair. But damn, did it feel right, Tim thought. Before long, he'd moved to her right arm, and was gently stroking her shoulder when she stirred.

She lifted her head slowly and looked Tim straight in the eyes. She seemed to hesitate for a minute before finally croaking out two words.

"Wasn't... dreaming?" They seemed to be two separate thoughts. She looked so helpless curled up on his chest, and the pleading look draped across her face shook Tim to the core.

"No," Tim said, smiling as widely as he could without getting overly cheesy. "You weren't dreaming."

Tim was pretty sure she started crying again right then, but with the rain coming down, he couldn't be positive. Even still, he leaned down to her and did something he'd have never done in the past - he kissed both of Julia's eyelids, trying to scare away any tears if they were there. He followed that with several kisses across her forehead and down both cheeks.

Julia shifted slowly, unfurling herself and laying directly on top of him. The little bit of makeup that had survived her earlier tears was streaking down her cheeks, and several strands of hair were plastered to her face. Still, Tim never remembered her looking more beautiful. He never remembered anyone looking more beautiful.

She crawled up his chest until her face was level with his, and she perched herself on her elbows for a fleeting moment. It was almost as if she was searching his soul herself, to make sure none of what he'd said earlier was a lie.

Julia must have decided he was genuine, because she dipped her mouth down, brushing their lips together before quickly pulling away. A playful smile pulled at the corners of her lips and she dove down again, this time catching his bottom lip between hers and sucking gently before pulling back up. She started down a third time, but he snaked an arm behind her neck and pulled her down, forcing their mouths together as she let out a muffled squeal.

Her brown eyes continued to sparkle as he held her down, thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth tenderly yet with enough intensity to let her know he was serious. Julia met him with just as much passion, seemingly trying to fuse their tongues together - which was fine with Tim, because he was trying to do the same.

He ran his hands up and down her back, rubbing her body through her damp brown work dress. When his hands reached down and cupped her ass through the dress, she whimpered into his mouth.

They lay like that for ten minutes, just making out on one of J.T.'s lounge chairs sometime after midnight. Tim hated to pull his lips away, but when he did, he trailed kisses all over Julia's forehead, her cheeks, over the bridge of her nose and down to her earlobes. He traced her jaw gently with his tongue and made sure to hit several places on her neck and throat where he knew she was sensitive.

Julia, on the other hand, was content to just lie on top of Tim and enjoy the sensations he was giving her. He'd done this many times before, peppering her head, neck and shoulders with soft, gentle kisses, but this time it felt new to Julia. For the first time, she knew the kisses and caresses and gentle bites were more than just simple foreplay.

Tim dug his head under Julia's chin and dipped his face into the little bit of cleavage he could get to with her dress on. She rested her chin on top of his head and let out not-so-subtle moans whenever he hit a sensitive spot - which was with almost every kiss.

Meanwhile, Tim's cock had wasted no time getting ready for action, getting hard virtually the moment their lips met, and throughout the high-school style make-out session, Julia repeatedly ground her pelvis into his dick. She was creating as much friction as she possibly could through their many layers of clothing.

A loud clap of thunder shattered their silence, causing them to pull apart for just a moment. A second later, the rain doubled in intensity, soaking any parts of their bodies that had somehow managed to avoid it. Tim sat up in the chair, forcing Julia to do the same. Her feet touched ground on either side of the chair as she straddled his crotch.

The thunder and driving rain did little to temper the mood, though, and within seconds, he gripped the back of her head and pulled her down into another wet, steamy kiss. She started running her fingers up and under his dress shirt, and they broke their embrace just long enough for Tim to pull it and his undershirt off. The two items of clothing landed in a sopping mess a few feet away.

Tim's hands were working their way as far up Julia's thighs as they could go with her dress in the way. Her nipples, now wet and cold to go along with her arousal, pointed out through her dress and bra like darts, and he couldn't resist the urge to bite down on one of them, causing a shiver to run up and down her spine.

Tim slid the bottom of Julia's now-drenched dress up and over her hips, revealing a pair of red lace panties he'd bought her on one of the rare occasions she had dragged him out shopping. He'd really liked them then - he wasn't so much a fan of them now. He rubbed her pussy through them with the palm of his left hand and roughly kneaded her breasts with his right hand while she licked across his collarbones and down his upper chest, eventually stopping at his nipples.

Finally, Tim slipped a finger under the red lace and directly into Julia's pussy, which was dripping from more than just the rain. She let out a deep groan and immediately collapsed against his chest, making it tough for him to move the finger in and out. Still, he wiggled it around as best he could. He figured she was having a mini-orgasm just from his finger.

Julia pushed herself off Tim's chest and stared into his face. It didn't take much of that before he quickly stood up, picking Julia up and standing her up next to him. As she kicked off her shoes, he wasted no time removing her dress, relishing the revelation of each new inch of bare skin. Her dress joined his shirts on the ground, and he slid her panties down her shapely legs as she unhooked a matching red bra and added it to the pile.

Their joint actions left Julia completely naked, but Tim still had his pants on. Julia quickly fixed that, dropping to her knees and deftly negotiating his belt buckle despite the driving rainstorm. It took some effort, but she slid Tim's pants and boxer shorts down to his ankles, chuckling slightly as his throbbing cock slapped her lightly on the jaw.

Tim stepped out of his shoes and his clothes, and they stood there with each other for a few moments, ignoring the rain as it washed down all around them. In the back of his mind, Tim recognized that there was something symbolic about this whole thing - just a few hours ago, he'd finally admitted to Julia how he felt. Now, they stood here naked in front of one another under the moon, with the rain wiping clean a slate that was full of mistakes and gargantuan fuck-ups on his part.

He took a second to really look at her. Stray strands of dark hair clung to her cheeks and her forehead. Her makeup was all but washed away now, but her eyes danced around playfully as he took in the sight of her. She had the smile to match, and as his gaze intensified, Julia bit her lip, almost as if she could sense what he was feeling and was matching him every step of the way.

Suddenly, Tim scooped her up and pressed her body into his as he French kissed her. She locked her hands behind his neck and jumped up slightly, wrapping her legs around his lower back. They were in the right position for it, but Tim resisted the urge to settle Julia on top of his cock.

Instead, he walked both of them over to the hot tub, which J.T. kept covered up when it wasn't in use. He sat Julia down on the edge of the bulky brown plastic cover and gently laid her down before leaning into her. All at once, they melted into each other, their tongues and lips becoming virtually inseparable. He wasn't consciously aware of entering Julia, but he could feel his cock being drenched in Julia's hot, sticky warmth.

Tim was in absolutely no hurry whatsoever, so he took his time. Julia's legs were still locked around his lower back, and he used the leverage he got from having his feet planted on the ground to forcefully drive into her with stroke after stroke. He wasn't going fast enough to make himself cum, but he was certainly pounding her hard enough that a quicker pace would have sent him over the edge.

They never broke their kiss, even while Julia reached and rode through what Tim guessed was her first real orgasm since the week before, when he'd made her cum twice in five minutes, once with his tongue and once with his cock. He'd do his best to give her a few more of those tonight, but he was going to make damn sure she came with him when he was finally ready to explode.

Throughout her orgasm, Tim continued to saw in and out of her pussy at almost a perfect 45-degree angle, and he saw Julia's eyes roll back in her head each time he bottomed out and drove in as deeply as he could. She might have had another orgasm immediately following the first - then again, it could have just been one really long, low-intensity orgasm. He didn't know, and didn't really care since it looked like she was enjoying it either way.

Julia unlocked her legs and slowly backed away from him, scooting backward on the covered hot tub until she had enough distance between herself and Tim to turn over onto her hands and knees. She looked back at him over her shoulder and winked as she crawled to the far side, right next to the railing at the edge of the balcony. While standing on the ground, the railing was four and a half feet off the ground - not exactly something she could bend over. The hot tub gave her an extra foot and a half though, and he watched as she rested her ample chest on the polished wood posts and thrust her ass back at him.

Tim wasn't sure if the hot tub cover could support both their weights, but he didn't much care. He quickly scrambled on top of the tub and walked on his knees to where his prize awaited him. As much as his cock was screaming at his brain to put it back in her pussy, her ass looked so delicious that he simply couldn't resist the temptation to lean down and have himself a taste. He slowly dragged his tongue from right below her asshole and down over her pussy, spending considerable time on her clit before reversing direction. He darted his tongue around her asshole a couple of times, but didn't spend much time there - they'd experimented with anal sex and ass play a few times, but it always required gentleness and patience. Tim wasn't inclined to show much of either right then.

Apparently, neither was Julia, who whimpered throughout his tongue play, but as soon as he stopped, promptly looked back at him with a pleading look on her face. That was all it took for Tim to square his hips up against Julia's ass and thrust his cock into her pussy from behind.

"FUCK!!" she cried out into the otherwise quiet Durham night, clearly unconcerned about anyone in the neighborhood who might hear. This townhouse was at the back of the group of houses, so there was no one directly across from them. Still, Tim was pretty sure she'd woken up some neighbors with that, but he didn't care. Certainly not enough to stop what he was doing.

He left his right knee on the cover and planted his left foot, giving himself a little bit of leverage. Using that, he increased his speed while randomly slapping either ass cheek. Tim enjoyed watching her ass jiggle ever so slightly each time his hand landed, and Julia's ever-increasing moans just encouraged him.

Pretty soon, Tim fell into a rhythm where his balls were slapping against Julia's clit with every stroke. He looked down to see Julia playing with her left breast with one hand, pinching the nipple coarsely and squeezing as hard as he ever had. He could feel her other hand between their legs, feverishly rubbing her clit and occasionally his cock as he pounded it into her mercilessly.

Tim reached up and grabbed a tuft of Julia's slick hair and used it to pull her head back, increasing his grip on her hip with his other hand. He closed his eyes and turned his head upward as the building sensations continued to wash over him. The rain, falling as hard as it ever had, pelted his face and chest, but he barely noticed.

He looked down and saw the rivulets of water cascading down Julia's back, forming a pool in the middle that routinely rushed down either side and over the edge like a waterfall. He released his grip on her hair to rub his hand up and down her back, and then used the index finger of that hand to tease her asshole.

Besides her exclamation when Tim first entered her from behind, neither of them had spoken in a while, so it surprised him when Julia moaned out, "Tim! I want to cum."

Tim couldn't help but smile. Julia was as self-confident and in control as any woman he'd ever met, but occasionally she got the urge to be submissive. Most nights, she told him she was going to cum, and he'd pick up the pace to make sure it was a good one. This time, she'd said "I want to cum." That meant she was close but wouldn't get off until he told her to.

Armed with that knowledge, Tim moved his free hand back to her hips, gripped both sides tightly and began pumping in and out of her tight pussy as fast and frantically as he could. He knew she would do her best not to cum until he said to, but under normal circumstances, this pace would hit her like a freight train.

Maybe a minute later, Julia started screaming with her mouth closed, leading to a kind of high-pitched humming. She'd done that once or twice before, and Tim knew that meant she couldn't hold out anymore.

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