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Don't Get Caught


The only sound in her room were the keys ticking along with her out of control typing. To her, the sound was booming, the light coming from her computer was too bright. She got up from her chair and crept to the door peeked out of her room. Down the hallway her parents were sleeping soundly. She gently shut the door and replaced the towel at the bottom of it to keep the light in and her secrets safe.

She rubbed her tired eyes as she plopped back down in the chair. It was 2:27 and she was exhausted. But her pussy was too wet to let her go to sleep now.

Ninerzfan77: What are u wearing?

Pinkraspberries: I can't tell u that!

Ninerzfan77: C'mon!! U won't skype... at least tell me what ur wearing!

In truth, she didn't want to. She was wearing a pair of sweatpants and her volleyball practice shirt. Her hair was in a bun on top of her head and she had her retainers in. She looked in the mirror and giggled at the zit cream in spots all over her face. She wasn't above lying though.

Pinkraspberries: I'm just wearing my normal pjs... a thong and a cami

Ninerzfan77: mmm what color?

Pinkraspberries: pink

Ninerzfan77: is that the thong i bought u?

Pinkraspberries: yep

Ninerzfan77: why don't you take it off for me

Pinkraspberries: but if I did that I'd get pussy juice all over my chair...

Ninerzfan77: god u r making me so fucking hard

It was true enough, she had been rubbing her clit while she waited for his responses. Her hips instinctively moved in a rocking motion. She could visualize mounting him and riding his thick cock right on this very chair. Her face flushed.

Pinkraspberries: what do you want to do to me?

Ninerzfan77: i want to pull your shirt down and suck on those sweet tits to start

Pinkraspberries: is that all?

Ninerzfan77: then i would rip off those panties and eat dat pussy until you cum

Ninerzfan77: then i would give u this dick and fuck you for hours im so hard rite now it hurts.

Pinkraspberries: baby that sounds soooo good. i want you so bad right now. i want to suck that cock until you explode in my mouth.

Ninerzfan77: I'm coming over.

Pinkraspberries: Wat?

Ninerzfan77: i'm coming over, open your bathroom window, ima climb the roof.

Pinkraspberries: you sneak in, my parents will hear you.... you know how they are! we may be 18 but it's still their house! we'll be in deep shit if they find you!

Ninerzfan77: stop worryin about them all the time. we're going to move intogether anyway, r we just going to pretend like we're not fucking then?

Pinkraspberries: ... good point. But it's late...

Ninerzfan77: Then we'll be real quiet.

Ninerzfan77 has signed off.

Shit. She ripped her clothes off and frantically dug through her panty drawer to find the pink thong he had given her on her birthday. She pulled it on along with a lacy camisole. Her heart raced as she picked all the dirty clothes up off her floor and shoved them in her hamper. She flicked her purple lighter until the flame spurted out and lit the candle on her desk. Taking a deep breath, she silently opened her door and tiptoed down the hall to her bathroom. She practically spit out her retainers and ripped the hairband out of her hair. It fell to her shoulders in a disheveled mess. She splashed water on her face and rubbed the cream off with a rag. She looked in the mirror.

Although not entirely satisfied with her appearance there came a knock on the window. Lifting the glass slider out of the pane to open it as quietly as possible, she let him in. He shimmied in through the tight opening as best as he could, being six feet tall and muscular. She was in his arms the moment he stood. The smell of his cologne made her quiver. He tilted her face up and kissed her roughly, jamming his tongue into her mouth. His big hands roamed over her body, cupping her perky tits, squeezing her bare ass.

"You're so sexy," he breathed, his deep voice making her knees weak.

"Let's go in my room," she whispered back.

Her heart was pounding as they slipped out of the bathroom. She motioned to him to be silent, though he was already aware of how much trouble they'd be in if they woke her parents. She was still nervous as she closed the door to her room behind them. He sat down on her bed and pulled her onto his lap. They didn't speak. She relished his big soft lips on hers, but kept an eye on the door and an ear perked for any sounds coming from down the hallway. Eager hands tried to push up her camisole, but she shied away, too afraid to relax. She could swear she heard footsteps on the other side of the door.

"C'mon baby," he whispered.

She shook her head and moved to the door. Silently twisting the knob, she braved another peek down the hallway. Darkness and silence greeted her. Coming up behind her, he swept her hair off her shoulders and began kissing her neck and ears -- knowing, from many late night make-out sessions, that her neck was her weak spot. She arched her neck into his gentle kisses. Tingles shivered down her spine. He moved down to her shoulders and even managed to plant one on her collarbone. When he pulled her closer to him, she could feel his erection pressing into her backside. She arched her back, wagging her ass back and forth. He grunted his approval and rested a hand on her hipbone, swaying with her. The anxiety was melting away. She instinctively felt safe, pressed close to his muscular frame.

One of his big hands found her nipple stiff against her camisole; while the other took a handful of her dark hair and gently pulled it. Her breathing immediately became heavy, desire blossoming with marked intensity in her pussy. A moan escaped her throat, and, forgetting all about getting caught, she turned around and pressed her lips to his. Her warm tongue slipped into his mouth. The white cotton shirt he had worn was soon on her floor. His smooth, rock hard body made her face flush and her hands wander. As promised, he pulled her shirt up, exposing her small, but perfect tits. He bent and took one into his mouth, then the other, leaving a wet kiss where his nibbling and sucking had turned her red.

Without warning he lifted her up and positioned her bent her over her bed. He spanked her harder than she was prepared for causing her to squeak and bite her lip. The pink thong slid easily down her smooth buttocks, though it clung to her slit where her wetness had spread. With her cheeks spread apart, he saw her pussy swollen and shining in the dim light of the candle. He slid his left index finger inside of her, letting it swim in her honey. When he removed it he fought the urge to suck it clean. Her smell and the way she tasted literally made his mouth water. Instead, he rubbed the wetness over her pink star. She moaned into the pillows, the sensation causing her cunt to clench. He spit on her ass, rubbing it into the hole with his thumb.

He leaned over her, pressing his erection against her and asked, "are you ready for it?"

"Please, fuck me, baby. Please."

She rolled onto her back, spreading her legs for him. He took off his pants and rubbed his cock at the sight of her spread, eager, and pinching her own nipples. Instead of giving her what she wanted, he went to his knees and devoured her. The taste was intoxicating. He prodded her clit with his tongue, over and over again, finding that rhythm that made her arch her back and clutch the covers. She felt his fingers press into her and he immediately began stroking her G-spot. She felt her orgasm building and desperately ground her pussy into his face. She needed more. She needed relief.

His cock was throbbing, swollen beyond its limits and demanding release. He waited until he was sure she was ready to come and stood, quickly pressing his cock into her wetness. She stifled a moan by biting on her hand. The first thrust sent waves of pleasure through the both of them. Her orgasm was almost upon her. Penetration was only a taste of what she needed and she was about to reach down to exact relief herself; but he caught her hands and pinned them up over her head with one of his. She moaned in protest, grinding against him as best she could. His pace increased, his thick cock gliding easily in and out of her, the sound of him slapping against her the only break in the silence. His balls began rising, the tightness building in him signaled that he was almost ready. He let go of her hands and rubbed her himself until he felt her pussy tightening around his dick.

Her muscles from her head to her toes clenched as the wave of pleasure coursed through her body, none as tightly as those wrapped around him. She felt her pussy flooding with moisture. Her heart was again racing and she fought to stay quiet.

Abruptly he pulled out of her. Before he could rub his orgasm out, she was there. The glistening head pressed her sweet little lips aside and disappeared into her mouth. She pumped the base of his shaft and sucked him until he moaned. The warm load squirted into her mouth and down the back of her throat. She waited until he was completely finished to lick the excess cum off his head.

He was leaning down to kiss her when they heard a door open down the hall.

"Fuck! Get in the closet," she whispered and frantically threw his clothes in after him.

She grabbed her clothes and jumped in bed, pulling the blankets up to her chin. She rolled onto her side and shut her eyes just as her bedroom door clicked open. She could practically hear his heart beating in her closet. Her own heart was hammering so hard she could guarantee the covers were moving along with it.

"Sweetie? Are you awake?" Her mother whispered to her.

She adjusted her position sleepily and said nothing. The door hovered open. She prayed her mom couldn't smell the sex that so obviously hung in the air. Quiet footsteps approached the bed. The sound of her candle being put out followed. Then, the door clicked shut once again. Silence. She was too afraid to move until the door down the hallway closed. Throwing back the covers she rose and opened the closet to reveal her naked boyfriend.

Smiling she said, "Same time tomorrow?"

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