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Don't Let It Go To Waste


The wall had my back, as I kicked the toe of my pink Cons into the floor and contemplated how it was I got here. It started with a bout of "drink and mail." Far more dangerous than "drink and dial," which only embarrasses you with friends and ex-lovers. "Drink and mail" can embarrass you with complete strangers, including pop culture idols whose shrine you worship at.

I had always believed I had the perfect pick up line for Dave Grohl. Then one lonely Saturday night, I let Jose Cuervo talk me into e-mailing it to the Foo Fighters home page. "In an alternate reality, on the way home from work I screwed my courage to the sticking point, and stopped into the Satyricon, and you bought me a beer, because drummers dig me." I followed this opening line with a rambling description of that reality, complete with a major brawl between Courtney Love and I.

The resulting reply was a history lesson, on Scream, Bleach, and his invitation to join Nirvana in 1990. Feeling stung by the tone of the e-mail, which I imagined to be penned by some pimply faced intern, and sarcasm being my nature, I hit reply and wrote "Just my luck, I would have screwed Pete and not Ringo."

I thought that would be the end of it, but the next day I got another e-mail praising the creativity, if not the historical veracity or grammatical correctness, of the scenario, "Especially, the cat fight. Do you think Linda and Yoko ever pulled each others hair?" A flirty correspondence sprung up, then tickets and this invitation by FedEx. And here I stood, feeling ill at ease, waiting.

And then he appeared, looking like my idealized high school boyfriend, the scruffy face, the hair just asking to have fingers run through it, black T-shirt and lived in Levi's. I smiled my mood lightening. I watched him make the rounds, laughing with friends, giving hugs to women, lighting up a cigarette as two men cornered him and engaged him in serious conversation, slowly working his way over to collect two beers and make his way to where I stood.

Offering one to me he said, "So drummers dig you, huh?"

Accepting the beer, I grinned and said, "Yeah, you tell me why."

We talked for a minute about everything and nothing in particular; he took a drag off his cigarette, and gave a nod of acknowledgement to a group across the room. "Hang around for a bit, I want to talk to you again." And he was off.

I finished my beer, and drank another. He'd been working the room for about an hour, and suddenly looked trapped. I decided to make this an opportunity to reinsert myself into our conversation. I grabbed two beers and made my way over to him. He saw me coming and drained the bottle he had been nursing. I handed him a new one and pulled out my lighter to light the cigarette he placed between his lips.

"...what about Metallica?" the other party was asking.

Without looking at the other party, I ran my fingers through Dave's hair and said "Metallica are a bunch of whiny pussies that ruined Napster for everyone."

Dave laughed and said, "That's why drummers dig you. Do you want to go someplace a little more private?"

"Only since I got here," I replied. "Excuse us." I smiled at the other man as Dave led me off. "So where are we going? Up to your room and we can compare tattoos? Or the nearest broom closet?"

We stopped and he backed me into the wall, and ran his hand up under my shirt, brushing his thumb over my bra and hardening nipple. He held my gaze. I exhaled a breath that I didn't know I had been holding; I reached up and pulled his face to mine. It started slowly at first, a tentative touch of lips and exploration of tongues, building to a rolling boil of passion. As Dave broke the kiss, I raised myself on my tiptoes trying to follow, and I heard him say, " The broom closet is closer." He ran his hands over my shoulders, and leaned in and stole another kiss, before saying, "but I am dying to discover your tattoos."

"Whatever...just kiss me again before you take me there." I said and wrapped my arms around his waist, pulling him into me as his lips devoured me again.

I put my hands on his chest, and pushed him away slightly. With heavy breath I said "You better take me there soon, or some lucky Paparazzi is going to shoot the picture of a lifetime."

He grinned and took my hand. "One flight and then, we'll catch the elevator. I don't want to go through the Lobby..." He let it trail off and shrugged.

"What room are you in?"

"513," he said opening the door to the stairs.

"I'll race you," I said sprinting past him, and getting a good head start, but he caught me on the third floor, and took what little breath I had away by kissing me again. He caught my lower lip between his teeth, and gently pulled away, before running his tongue up my jaw line to my ear, where he whispered "That was not fair." His hands found my breasts, and slightly teased the nipples, and nibbled on my ear lobe before whispering "But neither is this," My knees gave out slightly as he abruptly let go of me, running up the remaining flights taking the stairs two at a time.

"Damn it, " I muttered climbing with less enthusiasm than I had started with. When I reached the room he was sitting on the bed, his shirt and shoes off, legs crossed at the ankles, hands clasped behind his head, leaning against the headboard and a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin on his face. "I win," he gloated.

I started to pull off my shirt, and he said "Uh-huh. I want to watch you undress as my prize." He slid to the end of the bed, and put his feet on the floor, pointed to the spot in front of him and said "Here."

I moved in front of him, "Turn around, bend over, and take off your shoes." I did as I was told, and started to untie my shoes. I felt his hands start an exploration from my hips over my ass, slowly to the inside of my thighs, two fingers rubbing with the slightest pressure on my pussy. Involuntarily, I let a small moan escape my lips. "Now stand up, face me and unbutton your shirt slowly, starting at the bottom." He leaned back on his elbows, with a grin on his face as he watched. He saw me eye the hardening bulge in his jeans, and casually began to stroke it.

As I reached the top button, I turned letting the shirt slip off my shoulders, and said "The first of two," and revealed a dragonfly tattoo on my shoulder. I completed the turn, and asked "What next?"

"Jeans," he said. I worked my hips a little as I slid the jeans over them. When the jeans hit the floor, I stepped forward and put my foot on the bed, displaying the second of my tattoos located on the inside of my thigh. "Number two. A Foo Dog."

Dave sat up and put his hand on my knee, leaning in to inspect it. "They put those at the gates of China Town."

"And Imperial Palaces as guardians..." I paused distracted, as he began rubbing my pussy again, "against heathen invasions."

"As seems to be happening now," he said with a voice thick with irony.

I pushed him back on the bed, straddled him, leaned in and gave him a hungry kiss. My pussy did a slow grind on his very hard cock still confined in his jeans. I caught his moan of desire in the kiss. His hands found the lock on my bra and picked it. He began fondling my breasts, as he discovered the small rings he raised himself on one elbow, slightly unseating me. "You didn't say anything about piercings. Any other surprises?" He said unevenly through the kiss.

"I swallow," I said unbuttoning the fly of his Levi's. He moved in and took a nipple in his mouth, his tongue playing with the ring. I ran my hand inside his pants and stroked his hard cock. "What do I have to do to get you out of those pants?" I asked, absently circling the tip of his cock with my thumb.

He rolled me off of him, and stood at the end of the bed to kick his jeans into the corner. "Now you," he said pointing to my panties. I slid them off and shot them at him. He caught them and smiled. "Barbarians at the gate." He brought the panties to nose before tossing them in the direction of his jeans.

Dave crawled onto the bed above me. I wrapped my legs around him. "The vanquished have a last request...strike hard." I closed my eyes and surrendered as he entered me hard and fast. My back arched and I cried out. I reached up and grabbed the hair at the back of his neck and brought his mouth to mine. "Fuck me hard," I repeated in between kisses. I ran my hands down his back and grabbed his ass trying to propel his thrusts deeper.

He found his rhythm and I began meeting him thrust for thrust. I could feel the tension building and knew I was about to lose myself in ecstasy. I reached over and grabbed a hand full of bed sheets and let myself go. I arched my back and ground my pussy against him, crying out "Oh God, Yes."

"That was impressive," said Dave.

"Mmmm... Roll over Cowboy. I want to ride you."

He rolled onto his back, bringing me with him. I adjusted my position so only the very tip of his cock was in my pussy. I began fucking him shallowly, never taking more than an inch of his shaft inside me. I could tell how maddening it was, he kept trying to bury himself deeper, but being on top I had the control to counter his thrusts and keep my position. Finally he asked, "Please...more," and I took his entire length into me. Pausing for a minute, I enjoyed the sensation of him grinding is cock deeper in me. I raised myself to the tip of his cock and let gravity bring me down. I did it again, but this time Dave grabbed my hips and I let him control the speed. The ride got faster and harder. I felt myself cumming and grabbed his wrists to steady myself. My passion broke on the down stroke. I threw my head back, and thrust my pussy against his cock, punctuating each thrust with "Yes." I felt Dave cum a second behind me. His fingers tightening on my waist, his back arching, forcing his cock deeper, I felt his spasms of release.

I collapsed forward on him and said, "THAT was impressive."

Neither one of us moved for a second as we caught our breath. Eventually, he brought a hand up and brushed a strand of hair from my face, "One question..."

"Mmmmmp..." I said half asleep.

"So...do you really swallow?"

I folded both hands on his chest and rested my chin on them, so I could look him in the eye as I answered. I smiled at him sweetly and said, "Don't let it go to waste."

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