tagBDSMDon't Lie Ch. 02

Don't Lie Ch. 02


Saturday Dawn and I had breakfast in bed before she road my cock though two orgasms. For some reason I was not allowed to cum. We then decide on what I was going to make for dinner before Dawn went to the store.

While she was gone I was to clean the house and do the laundry. I never realized how much Dawn did in the house. Though I did some work around the house Dawn did most of the cleaning, but for the most part I never noticed it before.

When Dawn came home I started on dinner. It wasn't that complicated of a meal but it did seem to take most of the afternoon. Dawn went into the den where our computer was and stayed in there most of the afternoon. Every hour or so I was called into the den and I would have to lick Dawn to orgasm or she would bend me over a chair so she could fuck me. One time she had me suck on her dildo while she took a few pictures with her digital camera. She also set up a tripod so she could take pictures while she was fucking me. This way both of us were in the picture. I wanted to ask what she was going to do with the pictures but I was afraid she would take it the wrong way and I would wind up with a paddled bottom.

By six o'clock dinner was almost ready except for the main course which was still in the oven. Dawn told me it was time to get ready for our guest. We first went to shower together. After which Dawn had me put on dark tan stockings, with a seam running up the back of each leg. After the stockings I put on a black satin garter belt and black satin panties. A black satin corset came next but this time Dawn put breast forms in the cups. I was then told to put on my makeup while Dawn got dressed.

At the time I was hoping Dawn had a dress or something for me to wear. Being dressed as a girl in front of my oldest friend was bad enough but wearing only girl's underwear would be almost too humiliating.

When Dawn was dressed in a red mini-dress she came over to me and looked at my makeup. She then picked up the mascara and said. "For day wear this is good but for tonight I would like it a little heavier." Dawn started applying more mascara and more eye shadow. She also removed the pale red lip-gloss I used and applied a deeper red lip-gloss.

When I looked at myself in the mirror I could see it was heavy, heavier than Dawn ever wore it. I was going to say something about it but the look in Dawn's eyes told me to just keep quiet.

Dawn next went into the walk in closed and came out with a wig. It was a blond wig that was pretty close to my color hair. Before she put the wig on my head she put a nylon net over my real hair. Once the wig was on Dawn brushed it out and put a few bobby pins in it to hold it in place.

Once my wig was on she handed me a pair of four-inch stiletto heeled open toed shoes. While I got those on she went back to the closet and came out with a very short black satin dress. She unzipped the back of the dress and held it open for me to step into it.

It wasn't until I had the dress on and looked in the mirror that I realized what kind of dress it was. The skirt of the dress was very short. In fact it was so short when I bent over the slightest bit at the waist the back of the dress rose up and exposed my stocking tops and garters. If I bent over a little more my panties would show. The collar of the dress wrapped around my neck and it had white lace fringe. There was a small white apron on the skirt and a white bib on the chest.

I saw this dress before but I couldn't put my finger on where I saw it. It wasn't until Dawn put on the white lace-fringed headband that I realized it was a French maid's uniform. I had mistakenly told Dawn I would love to see her run around the house in it. Well it wasn't a mistake but it definitely came back to bite me.

Dawn saw my recognition and said, "I guess you remember this outfit. Tonight you will be the perfect maid. You will curtsey when you are told to do something and when ever you are spoken to. You will not sit at the table during dinner and you will be on hand at all times to take requests. I expect all orders to be obeyed promptly. I hope you understand what is expected of you because if you fail I will punish you like I did Thursday night." Just the thought of being paddled almost brought tears to my eyes.

Dawn took several pictures of me in my uniform as I stood in front of her. She had me poise in different ways and even had me curtsey for her. Toward the end she had me lift my skirt till my panties came into view before she took several pictures from different angles. It wasn't until that moment that I realized I had a hard on. After telling me I like being sissified I was sent to check on dinner. I curtsied and left the room.

I barely knew what I was doing. I could barely think straight and all I could think about was what Pete would think of me once he saw me. This had to be the most humiliating thing Dawn could do to me. I was so upset I almost started crying. I checked on dinner seeing I was told to though I really didn't care how it turned out. I also realized if it didn't turn out perfect I would be on the receiving end of the paddle once more.

At five to eight Dawn came into the kitchen and asked for a glass of wine. I just finished pouring it when the doorbell rang. I looked at Dawn who looked back at me. Neither of us made a move toward the door until Dawn said, "What are you waiting for you silly bitch. Answering the door is what maids are for." With out even thinking about it I curtsied and left to answer the door.

I went straight for the door. I didn't dally nor took my time. When I reached out to open the door I saw my hands were visibly shaking. I tried to calm myself until I heard Dawn's heels clicking behind me. I knew she was watching so I took a breath and open the door.

When Pete saw me I could see he was surprised but not overly so. Then he took a good look at me. As I curtsied he asked, "Rich is that you?"

Before I could answer Dawn said from behind me, "No Rich isn't here tonight. This is my sissy boy maid Richie. Sissy boy Richie would you step a side so Peter can come in."

I didn't realize I was blocking the doorway and I quickly stepped to the side. I could tell Pete wasn't sure what to make of situation he found himself in. Dawn on the other had things under control.

She walked up to Pete wrapped her arm in his and said, "Please come in. Sissy boy Richie has a wonderful meal ready and I'm dying for some manly company." I'm sure Dawn knew how much that comment hurt.

Pete was still unsure of what to make of the situation so he asked. "Are you two sure you want me here. I mean this is a little weird for me."

"Of cause you can leave if you like but this is part of Richard's punishment. If you're offended by it I sorry we won't involve you again," Dawn told him though you could see she was disappointed.

"Its not that I'm offended but I never seen anything like this. I mean Rich is my friend and you are his wife I'm not sure how I fit in." Pete told her though he kept looking at me.

Dawn turn to me and said, "Sissy boy Richie would you like to explain to Peter why he's here."

I really didn't know what to say seeing Dawn and I never covered this part so I said, "Mr. Peter I lied to Miss Dawn about the intimate relationship we had when we were teenagers. This caused Miss Dawn quite a bite of humiliation once she found out about it and as punishment I must be humiliated to earn back her trust and respect."

Pete realized what was going on and he said, "So this isn't a normal thing for you two. I mean Rich doesn't always dress like this does he?"

"No this is his punishment. Normally he is every inch a real man as anyone I know but for the next few weeks he will pay for humiliating me and lying to me. Now please come I and eat," Dawn told him.

Pete smiled and said, "Sure why not. This might be fun." For some reason I didn't like the way he said that.

"Pete where's your brace and your crutches?" Dawn asked once he decided to come in.

"I had the brace removed yesterday and all I need is this cane. I start physical therapy on Monday." Pete told her as they walked into the dinning room.

I followed Dawn and Peter into the dinning room. Once there I was told to get a glass of wine for each of them. When I came back I found Dawn giggling and Pete was chuckling about something that was said while I was gone.

Just after I served the salad Pete said. "Dawn tells me I should have tried to fuck you in the ass. She says you really love it when she does your, what did you call it Dawn. Oh yes your sissy pussy. Is that right, do you love it when she fucks you with a strap on dildo?"

I wanted to find a rock to hide under but instead I curtsied politely and said. "Yes sir it's true I like it when she fucks me with her cock." Pete and Dawn laughed at this. After I brought out the main course I was told to wait in the kitchen until I was called.

I could hear them talking to each other but they were talking softly and I couldn't make out the words. For the next thirty minutes I waited to be called back in and in the mean time all kinds of things when through my head. It was positively a nigh mare not knowing what they were talking about. When I was called back in I wish I wasn't.

Once I cleared the dinner plates I served cake and coffee. When I was standing next to Pete Dawn said, "Go ahead see for yourself."

Pete slid his hand up my leg and under my skirt. At first I wanted to back away but one look at Dawn and I knew I had better not. His hand passed the tops of my stockings and right up over my cock. Being manhandled was humiliating enough but when he found a hard cock in my panties I wanted to crawl away and die right then.

Pete chuckled and said, "Your right the sissy boy is rock hard. He must really get off on being humiliated." I was then told to leave them.

You could imagine how confused I was I mean I was being humiliated by my wife and my best friend. I was dressed in a maid's uniform, a very revealing uniform and I had a hard on that wouldn't quit. I was so confused I couldn't think straight. I didn't have time to sort it out as I was called once more back into the dinning room.

Dawn stood and said. "Peter's leg is bothering him, will you refill our coffee cups and bring them into the living room where Peter could stretch out his leg."

When I refilled their cup and brought them to the living room I found Peter and Dawn sitting on the sofa together, They weren't next to each other but they were within arms reach of each other. After I placed their cups on the coffee table in front of them Dawn told me to stand by the door in case I was needed.

I had a clear view of them from where I was standing. I watched as Dawn placed her hand on Pete's shoulder and asked, "So how's the girl situation going?"

Pete sighed and said, "Still not to good. I'll be truthful. I'm getting frustrated. I mean I'm use getting it almost every night but since this knee went out I haven't had even a one-night stand."

Dawn stroked his arm and said, "That's two bad I know how I get every month during my period when I can't have sex. I can't imagine going a month or more with out it."

"Yea try two months. It should be a crime," Pete told her before he said. "You know since you want to humiliate your husband why don't we get it on and make him watch?"

At that very second I hated Pete with every once of my being. Dawn put that matter to rest quickly when she said, "I'm sorry but I'm a married woman and I would never cheat on my husband no mater how much he hurt me."

What she said after that surprised me, "I'll tell you what I can do though. I'll have Sissy Richie give you a blowjob, as long as I can watch. It wouldn't be like she's never done it before."

Pete though for a while and said. "Why not she was pretty good a few years back and I could used the action."

I couldn't believe this was actually happening. Did my wife just offer my best friend a blowjob that I would have to give him? Did this really just happen?

I was brought out of my thought when Dawn shouted. "Sissy Richie get you sissy ass over here."

I shook my head as if coming out of a dream and walked over to where

Dawn was sitting. She gave me an evil smile and said. "Sissy boy Richie my friend here needs some attention. Get on your knees and take out his cock."

I wanted to say no way I'm not doing it. But the look in Dawn's eyes told me I better not even think about refusing her. So I slowly sunk to my knees in front of my oldest friend.

When I reached up to unzip his pants Dawn said, "Shouldn't you ask for permission first Sissy boy?"

I had no idea why I had to ask permission since she told me to do it but I did anyway. "May I take out his cock Miss Dawn?"

Dawn laughed at me and said, "Not me you silly pansy. You have to ask the man for permission."

I turned my head toward Pete and said, "May I take out your cock."

"I don't know you didn't say please now did you. Maybe you really don't want to suck my cock," Pete told me.

I looked at Dawn and I could see she was getting mad so I said pleadingly, "Please Mister Peter may I please take out your cock."

Pete chuckled and said, "That's more like it. Now you really sound like your begging for it. Go ahead take it out, take out a real man's cock."

God I felt like crap at this point but I had to continue. I reached up and unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his slacks before I lowered his zipped down. I reached into opening of his boxers and pulled out his flaccid cock. I thought he would be hard by this point but he was as soft as if he had just emptied his balls. As soon as I wrapped my finger around his cock I felt it stir to life.

I knew I had to as for permission to suck his cock after all that was why I was here wasn't it. I mean Dawn did offer him a blowjob didn't she. I turned to see what Dawn was doing when I saw a flash. It was Dawn taking another picture of me.

Dawn smiled and said, "Ask for permission pansy."

"Please Mister Peter my I please suck you cock." I asked Pete.

He smiled and said, "No but you can kiss it till its hard and then I'll let you suck it."

I started kissing his cock and each time my lips made contact with Pete's cock Dawn took another picture. His cock slowly came to life though it seemed to take a long time as if he wasn't turned on by what I was doing. I tried moving my hand up and down but Pete slapped my hand away and told me to use only my lips.

I kept kissing his cock on the head and on the sides till he was almost completely hard. Then Pete said, "Okay sissy, now use your tongue and get every inch of it wet."

I licked and licked his cock over and over until I thought I had it wet but Pete wasn't satisfied so he told me to continue. I continue licking till I thought my mouth was as dry as a desert but I had to continue.

Finally Pete told me he was hard enough so I took his cock head into my mouth. Pete pulled his cock out of my mouth and he slapped me with it several times across the face he even hit me in the eye. I was surprised by how much that seem to hurt.

I didn't know why I was being treated this way until Pete yelled as he continued to slap me with his cock. "You stupid bitch never suck my cock with out permission."

I could hear Dawn laughing off to the side as I was being cock whipped, but I couldn't look at her. To stop the abuse I begged, "Please sir please may I suck your cock."

Pete stopped slapping me and said, "That's more like it now you can suck my cock. But only use your mouth, keep your hands behind your back." I clasped my hands behind my back and took his cock in my mouth.

At first it wasn't too bad as I worked my lips up and down his cock. But soon the strain wore on my back and I was having a problem staying up off his legs. When I took his cock in as far as I could with out choking I started moving my mouth faster on his cock to bring him off quickly.

Pete didn't want to cum to quickly he grabbed my head to slow me down and said, "No you cum hungry slut. I want a nice long blowjob. I want it to last so your pretty wife can see what a cock-sucking fag she married. This way maybe I can get her pretty ass into bed so she knows what a real man is like."

At that point I wanted to bite Pete's cock off but I wasn't in any position to defend myself and I really couldn't hurt him or anyone. So I gave him a nice slow blowjob like he wanted.

After about fifteen minutes of my sucking his cock Pete took my head in his hands and he started moving my head up and down on his cock. At first it was the same rhythm I had been using. Then be moved my head faster and faster. When he pushed down on my head his cock would hit the back of my throat till I felt my gag reflex kick in. When I thought he was close to cuming he pushed my head so hard his cock forced it way into my throat. I felt my stomach turned over to where I thought I was going to puke. Pete eased off but in the next second his cock was in my throat once more.

For the next few minutes Pete forced head down on to his cock repeatedly till he started moaning and grunting like he was close to cuming. Just when I thought he was going to shoot his load in my mouth and finally I would be done he pulled his cock out of my mouth. I open my eyes to see what was going on and at the same instant a huge wad of cum shot out of his cock and into my right eye. Pete fisted his cock and four more loads shoot out and landed on my face and hair.

When I thought I was through I heard Dawn say, "Now scoop the cum off your face and eat it."

I couldn't see Dawn as my eyes were covered in cum but subconsciously I turned in her direction as I started to scoop cum from my face with my fingers before bringing them to my mouth to be clean. Once I had my eyes clear I could see Dawn had our digital movie camera and she was taking a movie of me.

I froze in shock but Dawn said, "Don't stop now cum slut you only have half the job done."

I wanted to cry put instead I cleaned my face as Dawn and Pete remarked about how much I loved his cum. When I was done cleaning my face I had to clean Pete cock and any of his cum that landed on his boxers. But of cause I had to ask for permission to do it.

When I was done cleaning Pete's cock he pushed me away and zipped up his pants. Then Dawn asked, "Well all better now. Did my maid do a satisfactory job?"

"Not bad though she need to practice her deep throating skills. I thought she was going to puke a couple of times," Pete told her.

Dawn laughed and said, "I'll work on it. Maybe you should come back next week so you can evaluate her training."

"I'd like that if you don't mind. I wouldn't mind getting my pipes cleaned once in a while. At least until I can find a real girl to take her place," Pete told her.

Dawn giggled and said, "Why would I mind. After all what else is she good for?"

Pete got dressed and left soon after. I had the kitchen to clean and the dishes needed to go into the dishwasher so Dawn walked Pete out to his car. I watched from the kitchen window as Dawn and Pete talked. I was worried that they would kiss or something. But they just seemed to talk for a few minutes until Pete through his hand in the air before getting into his truck and drove away.

Dawn came back into the house and went into the den. It wasn't until I had the kitchen cleaned and all the pots and dishes either washed or in the dishwasher before I saw Dawn again.

When Dawn saw I was finished in the kitchen she took my hand and pulled me into the bedroom. In the bedroom I saw there was several pillows in the middle of the bed and both wrist cuffs were out. She tuned me around, unzipped my uniform, and removed my wig before she pulled me over to the bed.

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