tagHumor & SatireDon't Open 'Til Xmas

Don't Open 'Til Xmas


'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring--wait! was that a thump downstairs? Wakened from your light, anxious slumber, you quietly slipped from your bed, your nighty swishing around your thighs. Silently making your way down the stairs, you peek your head around the corner of the stairwell. You can't believe what you see! Pulling presents out of a soot-coated sack is Santa Claus!

Ducking back behind the wall, you turn to bolt back up to your room, when you hear his deep voice boom out, "Where are you going, little girl? You can't fool Santa Claus; come back here!" Timidly, you move into the living room to be confronted by Santa. Shaking his finger at you, Santa admonishes, "Only naughty girls are awake so late on Christmas Eve." You gasp, knowing well what it means to be on Santa's "naughty" list. Seeing your expression, Santa laughs his booming Ho-ho-ho! "No, little girl, the stories aren't all true. But, since you're on the "naughty" list, you will only get one present." Sitting down on the big, soft easy chair, Santa thumps a gloved hand down on his thigh. "Now, come here, little girl."

Still unsure, you move to Santa, and sit down on his lap, your legs down between his thighs. Santa runs his hand up and down your back. "Now, there's no need to tell me what you want 'cause Santa already knows." Taking both your hands in his, he continues, "Besides, I've already got your present." Nudging you off his lap and to your knees between his legs, he places both your hands firmly between his legs. "Here's your present, little girl." Lightly, you squeeze, barely moving. "Well?" Santa scowls, "aren't you going to open your package?" Suddenly, your hands take on a life of their own, fumbling with his belt buckle and the buttons at the front of his pants.

Finally, you pull open his pants, freeing him. Your eyes widen in wonder as you lovingly wrap both your hands around his cock. "Oh, Santa! I've never gotten such a big package before! And it's sooo heavy!"

Easing your hands off his cock, he grasps the base of his mostly-erect penis with one hand, and holds your head still with his other, tilting it back slightly. "You," he pronounces, "are a naughty girl." Then he starts to slap your face with his cock, the head striking your cheeks...your lips...your jaw...your chin. When the head hits your temple and forehead, you can feel the thick length of it all the way across your face. Finally he stops, splashes of precum dotting your face, and releases his cock; it moistly bounces against your face once again. "Now, suck it," Santa demands.

Eagerly grabbing it in both hands, your fingers not even close to closing around it, you open your mouth wide to take it in, idly noting about an inch- and-a-half of his cock thrusts out of the top of your hands. Slathering the head with your tongue, you start to jack him off into your mouth, and Santa moans in appreciation as you feel his cock harden completely. "That's it, naughty girl," Santa croons, "suck on your present," still holding your head with one hand.

You feel the slight temperature change as your nighty is pulled up to your waist, then a cool hand squeezes your ass. You jerk in surprise, but Santa tells you not to worry; it's just one of his helpers. Santa reaches down with both hands to play with your tits through the nighty, tweaking your rock-hard nipples. His hands leave your tits, and you feel the nighty get tight in your chest, then RRRIIIIIP! it's off you. Removing your top hand, Santa moves it down to his huge balls--you imagine you can feel the cum sloshing around in them while you fondle his balls--then holds your head in both his hands, and starts to fuck your mouth.

The hand on your ass slides around to your hip--the soft cloth of the sleeve brushes across your back, the fringes of the cuff lightly tickling you--and up your side, to stop at your shoulder, tracing idle patterns there. With the arm around you, you feel the press of their body on your side, then your breast is cupped and squeezed. You hear a soft, feminine voice in your ear, "Santa, she's got nice, big tits, just like Mrs. Claus."

"Yeah," Santa grunts, "same with her plump ass."

Still holding your tit, she moves slightly away from you, then SMACK! on your ass. Moving back against you, she giggles in your ear, "And her ass bounces just like Mrs. Claus's," and her wet tongue plunges into your ear.

Slowly tiring of teasing you, you sense her standing beside you, then feel her hand on your head, too, as he fucks your mouth. You look up and see her deeply kissing Santa, and notice her Santa's-helper suit is barely long enough to cover her pussy; from where you're kneeling, you can see her glistening inner thighs. Feeling one of the hands release your head, you see Santa tugging at the back of her suit, then he breaks the kiss to whisk it over her head. Santa tightens his grip in your hair--your head rocks back and forth with each of his thrusts--as she pulls away her hand to play with herself; she obviously enjoys his hand playing with her ass--and her finger in her cunt-- and writhes and undulates her hips slowly. You hear the smack on her ass as Santa tells her, "Get your toy out of the sack."

You're treated to the view of her lovely ass so close to your face, as she bends over to rummage in the sack. You watch as she finds the toy, then steps into some straps, before turning back to you, stroking her hand up and down the thick dildo she strapped on. "This is for you, Honey," as she steps past you, raking the nails of one hand down your back, then digging into your ass when she kneels behind you. The head of the strap-on prods your sopping cunt, then the thick head starts to slip inside you; you moan appreciatively, despite Santa's cock in your mouth, then you feel like the wind is knocked out of you when she slams the rest into you, her hips spanking your ass. And pulls out, and rams in again. Pulls out, rams in again. And again. And again. Her nails biting your ass, you start moaning incessantly, your hips rocking, your big tits bouncing every time she slams all the way into your cunt. Even louder as her fingers start stroking your clitty. You feel the tension growing, your orgasm getting closer and closer, so close to cascading over you.

"Enough!" Santa booms out. "I want some of that hot pussy. Take off that thing, and lay down." Santa's helper does as she's instructed, her hard nipples pointing at the ceiling, her thighs spread wide. You can feel his hard cock brushing against your ass while he repositions you on your hands and knees, then it's slipping between your thighs, brushing your belly when you feel his hand firmly grip the back of your neck. And pushes down. You can smell his helper's wet arousal. "Eat her pussy," he commands. You taste her sweetness on your tongue, feel her wetness on your lips, feel the big head of his cock--thicker than the dildo--brush against your pussylips, seeking...you moan in anticipation. Feeling the big head of his cock pushing in, you gasp and cry out, your pussy opening, opening to accomodate the thick cock, feeling like he's never going to stop sliding into you.

By the time he pulls out all but the head of his cock, you're whimpering as you eat his helper's pussy. By the end of the third stroke, all thought of eating out her pussy is gone, as you wail in pleasure, barely muffled by her cunt. By the end of the fourth stroke, your inner thighs are quivering uncontrollably. "Oohh...ohh SHIT! Oh, yeah, so good! Oh, yeah, oh yeah so good please don't stop...please!" By the end of the fifth slow stroke, your hips are humping spasmodically. "OhgodyeahfuckFUCKMEEE!!"

Your orgasm explodes over you, radiating from your stuffed pussy, and you're dimly aware of Santa starting to spank you, grunting "Naughty girl! naughty girl! naughty girl!" with every CRACK! against your ass. Oh so slowly you come down, still feeling Santa stretching your tight little pussy, steadily fucking you, your ass burning--you vaguely wonder if the tales of Rudolph's nose were mistold, and it was really a naughty girl's ass glowing. With Santa's huge cock flowing in and out of you, it isn't long before waves of pleasure start washing over you again.

Raising yourself slightly, onto your elbows, you look back over your shoulder at Santa Claus. "Oh, Santa, this is so good. I love your cock. Thank you! Please don't stop, please! Can I be one of your helpers? I'll do whatever you want. I love your cock...please don't stop fucking me!"

"No," Santa replies, "I don't need any more helpers."

"Oh, no! please! I love your cock...oh SHIT it's fucking HUGE! I'll do whatever you want...!"

"Whatever, hmm? Well...."

"Yes, I'll do whatever! Just keep fucking me with your beautiful cock. I'll do anything you want me to. Anything. EVERYthing!"

"I don't know," Santa says. You start to sigh. "Maybe...." He grabs a thick handful of your hair, pulls, arching your head back, pounds his cock all the way inside your cunt, his balls bouncing heavily against you. "Anything and everything. I'll remember that. Understand?"

You nod your head the little bit you can, and whisper, "I love your huge cock...."

"Ho-ho-ho!" he booms out. "Looks like Santa'll be cumming more than once this year!"

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