tagFirst TimeDon't Stand So Close To Me Ch. 03

Don't Stand So Close To Me Ch. 03


Mr. Alberts wandered into his kitchen to start a pot of coffee before climbing into the shower. He had an extra bounce in his step as he busied himself around the house, quietly humming a tune. He felt like a boy waiting for Christmas morning. He couldn't believe his amazing luck. All year long Naomi had been a thorn in his side. Constantly bucking his authority, challenging the need for his assignments, the need for his class! Mr. Alberts loved writing and after college he had decided that the most rewarding thing he could do was to help guide and encourage that love in others. That was why he had become a teacher and how he had ended up in this wonderful situation. Oh how he loved writing.

Naomi was an intelligent girl and a great student. She had a knack for science and mathematics and it was no surprise to him that she was planning on pursuing a career in the medical field. What was surely a surprise to her was that she had a talent for writing as well. Mr. Alberts had recognized it straight off in her earlier assignments. But as the school year progressed and the work became more time consuming, Naomi had put less and less effort into it. It was obvious that she wasn't struggling with the work, she was just not taking it seriously. This was a source of frustration for Mr. Alberts who had a passion for writing and felt like she was openly mocking him with her disdain. When he sentenced her with detention he hadn't known that it was going to go this far. He hadn't really had any plan at all; he just wanted to get back at her for her abhorrent attitude. Not that he was complaining.

The shower hissed to life and he stripped off his cotton pajama bottoms as he waited for the water to heat up. He nodded his approval at his reflection in the rapidly fogging mirror. Mr. Alberts was a young teacher, 29 years old, and he made a point of staying in shape, although he was beginning to get a little softer in the middle than he would have liked. He was six feet tall with well kept, short, dark hair and a booth induced tan. He climbed into the hot spray and began soaping his body while thinking about the last couple of days.

He had to admit that it was all a bit of a surprise for him. Naomi was undeniably hot but the reality of seducing her was more than he had expected. Her sweet innocence, her eagerness to please, her ability to allow herself to be swept away was such an aphrodisiac for the older man. He had never been as turned on before in his entire life. As Mr. Alberts thought about the young girl his cock swelled to attention and he began stroking it with his soap covered hand.

Thrills of pleasure swept up and down his spine as he stroked himself and thought about Naomi's sexy mouth engulfing him. A soft moan escaped his lips as he remembered her telling him that she wasn't good at it. His breathing quickened and his pace increased as he thought about her gagging and telling him it was too big. His orgasm was quickly approaching and he swept his other hand down and began playing with his balls. His thoughts were a jumble of images: her naked body writhing as he sucked on her clit, her soft mouth against his as her cum covered breasts mashed into his chest, and that submissive "Yes, Sir" as she left on Thursday.

It was that memory that sent him over the edge. He groaned aloud as he sprayed cum along the shower wall. His hand kept pumping as his dick began to soften and he let his knees slowly buckle from the intensity of the orgasm. He sat on the floor of his shower and enjoyed the feel of the hot water as his thoughts remained on the lovely teenager and the fun that they were going to have this afternoon. The rest of his morning seemed to drag on as he worked around his house.

He was sitting on the front porch reading when Naomi pulled into his drive. He glanced at his watch and noticed it was 1:45 and he smiled. She was early which meant she was either eager or eager to please. He didn't care which.

As Naomi pulled into Mr. Alberts' drive, her heart briefly stopped in her chest. She shakily got out of her vehicle and glanced up to the porch, seeing Mr. Alberts outside of class for the first time. Her mouth went dry as she noticed his casual dress of slightly frayed jeans, a sexy t-shirt and bare feet. Naomi self-consciously pulled at her denim skirt, hoping that she was attractive enough for him.

Mr. Alberts smiled and stood up. He casually leaned one arm against a support beam as he waved to the young girl. He saw her smile blossom as she waved back and began walking toward him. She looked sexy, in a tense way. When she reached the porch her footsteps faltered and she looked shyly up at him before glancing away. "You have a nice house, Mr. Alberts," she said.

"You haven't even had the tour," he replied with a laugh and then opened up the front door and stepped inside with Naomi in tow.

He led the girl around his house, pointing out various things of interest and making idle conversation. He could tell that Naomi was nervous and he wanted her to relax. Having her here and away from the school gave him the opportunity to teach his favorite student a great many things. They had all afternoon, and he wanted to make the most of it.

"And finally," he said with a grandiose gesture, "my study. This is my favorite room in the house." He led the girl into a small library. Bookshelves dominated one entire wall and there were two very plush chairs facing a large, comfortable couch in the center. The room was well lit by bay windows and it had a small wet bar opposite the bookshelves. Mr. Alberts gestured toward one of the two chairs and Naomi sat down while he headed over to the bar and uncorked a bottle of wine.

In between the chairs was a small table with a reading lamp and a paper. As she sat, she noticed that the paper was one of hers from earlier in the school year. Her brow wrinkled in curiosity and she picked it up to thumb through it.

"I really liked that one," he said from over her shoulder causing her to jump. She looked like a kid with her hand in the cookie jar but his smile eased her tension. She tentatively took the offered glass of wine as he made his way into the other seat. He clinked her glass and toasted, "To the joys of creative writing!"

Naomi blushed and took a sip of the wine before looking back at the paper with confusion. "Why do you have this here?"

"I wanted us to talk about your writing, Naomi. I think that you have real talent," he gestured to the paper. "As you might remember I gave you an 'A' on that paper. I did so because I liked what you had done. I was impressed. Naomi looked down and blushed as Mr. Alberts complemented her writing.

"I know that I have been really hard on you lately and I wanted to apologize for not being clear as to why." She squirmed a little as he explained, feeling guilty for acting like such a child in his class.

He took the paper from her hand and opened it up to show here some of his comments. "When I read this I saw real potential in your work and I was eager to see your skills blossom. As the class progressed I became frustrated at your cavalier attitude and rather than teach, I punished."

"Do you really think that I can be a good writer too, Mr. Alberts?"

"Of course you can, Naomi! You already have talent, you just have to learn how to use it. Do you think I learned how to write overnight?"

Under the weight of Mr. Alberts' beaming smile Naomi couldn't help but grin back. Once the ice was broken, the two of them fell into an easy conversation as they sat and drank their wine. He told her about his college days and why he loved writing so much. He told her of his time teaching in Europe and how he couldn't wait to get back. The two of them were laughing and enjoying themselves and before she knew it, Naomi was starting her third glass of wine.

Naomi didn't know if it was the alcohol, but as Mr. Alberts talked she found it was getting harder and harder to concentrate on what he was saying. Her mind kept straying back to her last two detentions and she was surprised when she interrupted Mr. Alberts' story with a giggle.

He faltered as the girl giggled and the corner of his mouth quirked up in a wry grin. "What's so funny?"

Naomi instantly blushed and tried to come up with a reasonable excuse.

"I was just thinking, is all," she responded, eyes glittering. Mr. Alberts grinned back at the girl

Naomi turned serious then, and slowly asked, "Uhm, Sir? I wanted to ask you something..."

There was that 'Sir' again, causing Mr. Alberts' cock to rise. "You can ask me anything, Naomi."

"You see, I just was wondering, and you don't have to tell me, but I was hoping you could, uhm, what's your first name?"

He laughed loudly and a huge smile split his face. He stood up and grabbed Naomi's hands pulling her to her feet and into his arms. He kissed her hard on the mouth and the young girl melted against his chest. When he broke the kiss he put his lips next to her ear and whispered, "Erik."

"Erik Alberts. That's a sexy name," Naomi whispered back, then made a move to resume kissing him.

He smiled as he kissed her before sliding his tongue into her mouth. The two of them stood there, bodies pressed together for a few minutes before Erik began backing up. He lifted Naomi off the ground and she shrieked as he fell backward onto the couch pulling her over with him. Her yelp turned into a laugh as the two bounced for a moment. Erik's lips quickly found hers again as his hands began roaming her body over her clothes.

Naomi passionately returned his kisses as she ground her tiny body into her teacher. She felt like she could not get close enough! As the intensity of their kissing increased, Naomi could feel her panties getting wet.

She wanted to see Mr. Alberts', no, Erik's muscular chest again, so she reluctantly pulled away and sat up. She stared hungrily for a moment before running her hands down his chest to the hem of the shirt.

Naomi quickly removed the garment then resumed kissing him, writhing against his warm skin.

His hands traveled down her body and onto the bare skin of her upper thighs. He slid them up underneath her skirt and grabbed her ass over her panties, pulling her hips tight against his hard dick.

Erik slid his fingers inside her panties so he could feel the smooth skin of her perfect behind. She moaned into his mouth as she felt the heat of his fingertips against her skin. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down to her thighs but couldn't get them off from his current position. He grunted in frustration and then pushed himself into a sitting position without breaking their kiss. He then quickly shifted his weight and Naomi fell backward onto the soft couch. She grinned up at him and raised her hips as he stripped her panties off and tossed them over his shoulder before leaning back into her arms. He groaned into her mouth as she dragged her fingernails across his naked back and he ground into her bare pussy.

Naomi loved feeling the full weight of a man on top of her. She moaned into Erik's mouth as he pressed his body closer to hers. Wanting to feel the warmth of skin-on-skin contact, Naomi reached down and slowly started to work the layered tank tops she was wearing off her small, tanned body.

Erik pushed himself up so that he could watch her take off her shirt. He had never thought a girl removing her shirt could be so erotic before watching this girl, who at the start of the week had HATED him, take off her own shirt without prompting because she wanted to be naked with him. It was a testament to his willpower that he didn't cum right then and there.

When she finished with the shirt she unhooked the bra and quickly discarded it so he could mash his bare chest into her young breasts.

Naomi didn't know if it was the wine or that fact that she was in Erik's house, but she felt less hesitant and ready to make a couple of moves on her own. As Erik pressed his chest against her hard nipples, Naomi allowed her hands to roam down his back and dip into the waist of his jeans. She lightly drew her fingertips up and down his tight ass, pulling him closer to her dripping pussy.

He moaned and pushed his hips harder into her naked pussy. This girl was amazing! He had never been so turned on or felt as alive as he did when he was touching her. The contact was electric and he couldn't get enough.

His whole body was covered in a light sheen of sweat and he couldn't catch his breath. He was losing himself in this girl and he loved it.

He pulled back and his hands flew to his jeans, quickly unbuttoning them and sliding them off.

Naomi smiled as she watched Erik undress. She sat up and grabbed his hands after he tossed his jeans aside, before he could remove his boxer shorts. She looked up at him and reached toward his cock. Naomi gently traced the outline of his dick through the cotton, and started pulling on him the way she had in the classroom on Thursday. She grinned as she saw Erik's eyes roll back as he gave himself over to the pleasure induced by her hands.

His knees wanted to buckle from the sensation of the young girl's hand working his erection through his boxers. After a moment she stopped stroking him and it was her turn to pull his underwear off. As he stepped out of his boxers, she leaned back and began removing her skirt. She was on her back and her legs were pressed together and in the air as she worked the garment over them. Erik had a clear view of her naked, hairless pussy and he was suddenly overcome with a desire to taste her. Naomi had just fished her feet out of the skirt when she was surprised by his hands forcing her legs apart so he could drive his tongue into her waiting cunt.

"Oh YES!" she shouted.

Erik was a man possessed. He lapped at her pussy, licking every inch that he could reach. He used his nose to rub her clit as his tongue acted like a tiny red prick inside her gripping tunnel. She began to squirm her hips and he clamped his hands down on either side of her to pin her against his face. Naomi was moaning aloud and she used her own hands to pinch her nipples as she arched her back in ecstasy.

Naomi couldn't get enough of the tongue inside her. The walls of her pussy tightened as her first orgasm ripped through her body, but Erik wasn't going to stop. Naomi kept bucking against his face, and she wanted more. She needed more. She needed to be filled by more than a tongue or fingers. She tightened the hold she had on his head, and pulled him up so that he was all the way on top of her. She looked into his eyes, and pleaded, "I want to feel you inside me."

Erik's heart skipped a beat as she asked him to take her virginity. "Are you sure," he croaked, praying to God that she wouldn't change her mind. Never in his life had he wanted to be inside of a woman as much as he wanted to now.

Naomi's eyes were locked with his as she slowly nodded.

"Are you sure?" he asked again.


It was the barest whisper but the sound rang in his ears like a gong. A shiver passed through him as he reached between their bodies and positioned himself against her soaked lips. He gently dragged the head along her slit to get it wet before pushing slowly into her.

He locked his lips against hers and the two of them shared muffled groans as he tenderly entered her with an agonizingly slow pace. "Naomi, baby! You feel so good. You are so tight. Oh God!"

His pelvic bone finally reached hers and she wrapped her legs and arms tightly around his body. She sighed and buried her face into his neck as, for a moment, they just held each other.

Naomi gasped a little as Erik slowly moved inside her. It stung a little but she was so overwhelmed by the feelings of intimacy that she hardly noticed. She unconsciously moved her body in time with his as he started gently thrusting.

He kept his pace slow and careful as he slid in and out of the girl's tight pussy. His eyes were closed and he was kissing her with abandon. He moaned deep in his throat at every twitch of her tight muscles around his throbbing member. Her nipples dragged against his chest. Both of their bodies were covered in sweat as he continued enjoying this beautiful girl.

The girl's pussy was crushing his cock in a burning furnace. He could feel his orgasm building even as he struggled to hold it off. He sawed harder into her as he reveled at the sensations this girl was giving him. Erik wasn't going to last much longer and he voiced his thoughts to the gyrating girl, "Naomi! Ungh, I don't want it to end."

"Oh please, Mr. Alberts! It feels so good, don't stop...MMMMMM! Erik, don't stop!"

Her words were too much for him and with a cry mixed of ecstasy and despair, Erik jerked his cock free of her pussy. He pressed it tight to her firm stomach and covered her abdomen with cum. He stifled her cry of protest by kissing her hard on the mouth, moaning into her tongue as he ground his slippery cock against her. Erik felt like he came for an eternity as he rose to his shaky knees. Erik smiled as he gazed down at his beautiful student. She was flushed and sweaty, eyes filled with passion and lust. Legs spread with her swollen pussy still on display. Her young body was covered in his cum from the bottoms of her breasts to her navel and the white semen was a remarkable contrast against her tanned skin.

"Naomi, that was... amazing." The girl was still staring up at him, with an almost surprised look on her face. She hadn't realized she'd be able to bring her teacher this much pleasure when the whole thing started. Erik rocked back and sat down on the couch at Naomi's feet. He didn't think his knees would be able to support him for awhile.

Naomi was beginning to blush under Erik's gaze, but she didn't want to move. She could hardly believe that she'd just had sex. She smiled to herself, thinking that her older sister was right; sex truly was amazing.

Erik found that he couldn't stop staring at Naomi. He wanted to lay next to her and hold her, but he found himself wondering how much farther he dared push her. Slowly, Erik rose and procured a towel from the bar, bringing it to Naomi so she could clean herself off.

"Thanks," said Naomi, softly, as she accepted the towel. As she wiped off his cum, Erik wondered if it was possible for the girl to look more erotic. Naomi finished cleaning herself off and slyly tasted a bit of Erik. Although it couldn't have been possible, Erik swore his cock twitched.

"So, uh, when is my next detention?" Yes, it's definitely possible for her to be more erotic, Erik thought.

Erik had to cough to hide his surprise before asking, "I'm not sure what you mean, Naomi. You've proven to me that you have taken your 'extra credit' assignment very seriously. You've earned that A."

"But I thought I had to blow you first?"

"Naomi, Sweetheart, you don't need to serve any more detentions with me. "

"Oh," responded the girl, looking down. Erik's cock definitely twitched that time, though he had no idea how. She actually seemed disappointed!

"What if I want to?"

Erik froze. He hadn't counted on Naomi becoming so willing to please him. He would have to tread very carefully to avoid hurting her.

"Are you sure, Naomi?"

"Yes, Sir." Naomi looked her teacher directly in the eye. "I'm positive."

"Well," began Erik, "Uh, why don't you think about it for a day or so then come by after class on Tuesday?"

"Sure!" Naomi responded, with a grin. 'Good, that'll give me some time to figure out a way out of this,' thought Erik, with an inward sigh of relief.

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