tagBDSMDon't. Stop.

Don't. Stop.


"Please stop. Please."

"Don't you want to cum? I thought you wanted it desperately." His voice purrs when he's completely turned on. It was purring now as his fingers moved lazily, almost without purpose. The tips brushed her clit, held it just enough to push it sideways and cause another burst of quivers.

"Yes, Please. Not like this. Please stop. I want you inside me."

"How do you want to cum? Do you want to slide down onto my pole and fuck me til you can't stand anymore?"


"Do you want me to grab your ass, pull it up in the air, stuff my cock in your pussy and pound you until you can't take it?"


"Do you want me to push your legs in the air while you're on your back, grab your tits, pinch your nipples and fuck you until you've cum all you can?"


"Which do you want first?"

"Please. Please stop. I'm going to cum. I don't want to cum like this. Please." The distraction had worked for just this long. Now the pressure was back. His fingers brushed up over the squirming nub again, making her groan loud enough to call it a yell. "Please."

"How do you want to cum first?"

"On top. Please. Let me sit on you. Oh please stop."

The fingers withdrew. Her body shuddered in their absence and she gasped and moaned. She wanted them back. Her pussy was grasping the air, fluid was trickling past her anus and she could feel a cooling puddle underneath her ass. It felt nice and soothing.

Two days ago he'd come and whipped her bottom raw. Now tonight, he'd tied her hands as soon as the door was closed. She never knew what to expect from him and the hesitation she felt and showed had given him time to grab her wrists and wrap them together.

He'd pulled her to the bed by the ties and tossed her across it. Before she could gather to react, he'd tied her hands down and moved to her legs. With her face to the bed, he'd run his hands over her back, kneading and smoothing. Knowing her muscles and soothing her being.

Now, face up, hours later, he was still touching her. She'd had just a nightshirt on. A large denim button up shirt she wore for bed. It was unbuttoned now to just below her nipple line and her tits were heaving trying to bound out. Every so often his hands would pull one side or the other open and form around her breast, pinching the nipple or circling it or just brushing it.

His fingers had been moving down her thighs and were on their way back up to her center. They moved toward her ass and as the thumb ran over her swollen lips, it plunged inside and made her gasp and squirm. It slowly withdrew and pressed the flaps open. As though they needed urging. She could feel how wide open they were already and it took little more than a nudge for them to flare out wanting to wrap around and suck him in.

The tip of the thumb bumped its way lightly to the top of the oval and she felt it nearing her stiffened clit. A sudden tap on her wet lips, a slight squelching noise and she knew what was coming next. Another tap, another and, though she had steeled herself, the next one made her cry out. He kept up the tapping until she started begging again. She really was shameless.

"Please. Please stop. Please. God. I don't want to cum like this." She pulled against the ties.

"I told you it was okay if you did. We can just have this tonight. You can get your fucking tomorrow." He was purring. She could just see his cock at the corner of her vision and it was rock hard, red and oozing pre cum. The thumb bumped down on her nub once more and got the response he wanted.

"Please. Please let me fuck you. Please stop. I want you inside me when I cum."

He smiled and pulled the fingers back. She felt another leak of wetness trickle past her anus. "Please." She whispered it this time.

"Don't you want to cum?" He was checking the bindings on her ankles. She was yanking and tugging so much. They were firm and tight.

"Yes. Please." She could hear the desperation in her own voice. How could he not? She was reduced to pleading not for release and relief, but for him to keep tormenting her. "Please, not like this."

It was as he had told her from the beginning. Each sub is different. Each has their own triggers. It's not a pattern of behavior and response that he seeks. He seeks to know her to her very core. For each, there is a series of rewards and punishments that she will crave and avoid in equal measure. He doesn't just act like a high school kid giving automated lines seeking responses that will eventually get him laid. He wants to know her truly. Her utmost self, bare and open. Her naked soul.

She was squirming and quaking. Again, past her boundaries and again willing, wanton and needing. She wanted the thumb back. She wanted to take him inside her. She wanted him just to fuck her. Take her and lose himself within. She thought about sitting on top of him and feeling him throb and grow until he bursts. The tips of his fingers were making light circles that brushed her nub. She could feel the tremors starting anew.

"Please. Please stop." It had been mere minutes since the last spate of pleading. She was openly begging now. "Please."

"Do you want to fuck me?" He purred. There was a huskiness to his tone that told her he was ready to finish with her. Her heart sped up and she felt it pounding in a rhythm with the grasping of her opening. Another drizzle and she was again aware of how cool and soothing the pool beneath her was. She was drenched.

"Yes. Please let me cum on you. Please fuck me. Please."

Her legs came loose. The relief flooding through the muscle fibers made them shake. There was a shimmering flowing through her nerves and when he lay over her to reach above her head and untie her hands, she pressed fully against him, pushing her nipples at him, trying to shove her breasts into his chest.

Her legs were shaking so much she couldn't wrap them around him, but his legs held them apart anyway. "Do you want to cum all over me?"

"Yes. Please."

"Will you shove your tits in my face and fuck me til you cum?"

"Yes. Yes. Please fuck me. Please let me cum."

He rolled over and lifted and she slipped so easily down onto him that she hadn't time to wonder how open she was. He groaned loudly and as she pushed her breasts at him, a torrent of feeling broke within her, bathing them both.

His hands stroked her buttocks and back until she came a second time and only them did he ask "do you want to cum again?"

"Yes. Please." His face buried between her mounds, kissing and nibbling her chest. His hands lifted her, dropped her back and ran the length of her spine. As they got to her hair, she came again. This time he let her relax against him. Let her relax the rest of the night. Gentle orgasms and knowing kisses.

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