tagGroup SexDon't Take on Female Wrestlers

Don't Take on Female Wrestlers


I'd been on the wrestling team at college, so when these two chicks challenged me to a match I thought they were kidding. But no, they were dead serious.

"You think you're a match for the two of us?" Gail sneered

"I wouldn't want to hurt those pretty frames of yours," I said. "You're too cute to get hurt."

"Don't dare call us cute. And don't worry, we can take care of ourselves," she said.

"I just don't think there's any point in it, You could get hurt. Forget it it."

And that was it as far as I was concerned. I turned away.

"We'll be stripped down, of course," Jo said. "Does that make any difference?"

I turned back. Those two broads just might have done some wrestling. They were built well enough. Five foot nine, both of them, well stacked under their sloppy sweaters. Gail was in tight pants, with long, slim legs that seemed to go nearly up to her armpits. Jo had a waistline I could almost have got my two hands round. And the prospect of getting my hands round any part of those two blondes was attractive, certainly.

And stripped? They'd look good in wrestling gear. "What kind of stakes have you two schemers got in mind?"

"Nothing much," Jo said. "I guess the winner can decide."

She had to be kidding! But maybe she wasn't. "Alright, you're on. Where do we fight?"

"We've got a studio with a nice open space," Gail said, and gave me the address. "Tonight at seven?"

"Who's refereeing?" I wanted to know.

"Oh we don't need a referee."

I got to the studio in good time. I had my gear with me, but Gail took my bag from me. "You won't need that. I told you we were wrestling stripped. The bathroom's there, and the studio's that door on the left. See you in five."

So that was the way of it. I was being had. Or was I? Maybe the three of us peeled ass naked wasn't such a bad idea. The wrestling couldn't last for long, and then what had she said? The winner can decide. My only decision would be which one to screw first. I went into the bathroom and stripped to my shorts and jock strap. I wasn't going into that room stark bollocks naked and maybe find a crowd of spectators. The girls were already in the studio when I went in. They were stripped alright.. Ass naked, beautifully muscled legs, tight little buns, tits that more than fulfilled the promise of those bulges under their sweaters. By the look of them they already knew a thing or two about wrestling, but they were going to learn some more when I got my hands on those naked bodies.

When they saw me there were cries of protest. "I said stripped," Jo yelled. "That means bollocks naked, not hiding the meat in a pair of shorts." And right away, without a bell or any rules, the wrestling started. One each side of me they grabbed my shorts and hauled them down to my ankles. Then my jock strap, and my prick was standing up like a pole. A strong hand grabbed it, and when I grabbed at an arm I discovered just how I'd been had. Their bodies were oiled all over, and there was nothing I could grab onto.

It was fun while it lasted, with their naked bodies slithering against me and my hands slipping over well oiled thighs and tits and bulging buttocks. But eventually they had me on the floor, and suddenly one of them was on top of me, pinning my pelvis down, while the other squatted with her knees on my shoulders. That's when I realized this was the first time I'd been underneath with a girl lying on top of me. My prick was realizing it, too, thrusting against the naked body above me.

And then I realized another thing. The knees that were holding me down were connected to a pair of muscular thighs, and the thighs were almost joined at the top with a gaping vulva between them. The knees shuffled forward and separated to pin my arms to the floor, and a naked ass was all I could see, the cheeks round and smooth and shining with the light reflecting in their oily surface. A trickle of sweat was running down between the cheeks, disappearing deep into the crack between.

My captor must have leaned forward, because the dark crater of her anus opened and seemed to wink at me, with her open cunt hole close by. I don't know whether I was really pinned helplessly, or whether I was just too cunt happy to move. I know I was fascinated by the view of genitalia I'd never had before, just inches from my eyes, not a mysterious slit in the base of a pubic mound but a bulging organ hanging down, with a fleshy lip protruding from each side of a wide, wet cavity. If my prick was ready for action pressed against the hot slippery flesh above it, this cunt was like an overripe fruit, burst open and dripping with juice.

A few drops of that sexy cunt juice fell onto my face, and then the cunt could evidently wait no longer. The ass cheeks separated more, the crack between widened, the hungry vulva seemed to open its mouth more and lowered itself onto my face. For a few moments I licked the hanging lips before sucking one of them into my mouth, and then the open cave was pressed against my mouth like the wettest of wet kisses. Again it paused, while I licked the wetness and probed inside, and then Gail---or maybe it was Jo---sat right down on my face and my mouth was forced up inside a cunt that seemed to open even wider to take me into its depths.

I was past thinking about wrestling. I'd even forgotten about Jo---or was it Gail---who had been pressing my pelvis to the floor while my face was being used as a vaginal masturbator. I don't think I was even aware of the erection that was pressed against the flesh above me. But whoever was on top of me was evidently well aware. As soon as my head was pinned down by what I thought of later as a pussy-press, Gail---or was it Jo---relaxed the pressure on my body. I must have unlocked my legs from around her, because I was aware of being able to roll over and free myself if I wanted to. But evidently I didn't want to. I was eating pussy like I'd never eaten before, and I had no intention of going on a diet.

A moment later I was being pinned again, but this time it was by legs pressing each side of my pelvis. And then the prick I had almost forgotten began to receive the kind of sensations it liked best. My knob was being gently rubbed, not by cool fingers but by something hot and wet. Then it was being enclosed and squeezed as if it was being sucked by a hungry mouth. And at last the cunt above me slipped slowly down the shaft of my prick, and I felt the weight of a pair of ass cheeks once more pressing me to the floor.

I had never before been the fuckee, always the active partner. It had always seemed somehow unmanly to lie passively under a woman. But here I was, unmanly or not, lying passively under two women being fucked at both ends, my mouth pressed into the soft female flesh above me, excited by the sexual stimulus of the most intimate cunnilingus---and I must confess the fact of being a virtual prisoner of two naked sex mad girls was a stimulus in itself---and now, the girl above me was sitting on me with all her weight to take my prick as far up inside her belly as it would go.

The cunt enclosing my prick began to masturbate me as she raised and lowered her body, slowly at first, then faster and faster as the demands of her cunt became more urgent, thumping down harder and harder onto my thighs. There was no question of waiting for the girl to cum so that we could cum together. I was out of control. My whole being seemed to pour out of me as every part of my prick and my balls throbbed, the cum spurted out deep into her entrails, my pelvis heaved to press myself further inside her, and I would have cried out with the intensity of the orgasm if my mouth hadn't been totally enclosed by a spasming cunt. I couldn't cry out myself, but Gail and Jo were making up for my silence. The girl sitting on my face was screaming. "He's making me cum with his tongue! He's got it right up inside my cunt. Oh my god, it's wonderful, I've never had a cumming like this!"

The girl fucking my prick was yelling. "He's filling me with cum. I can feel every spurt of it, right up inside. Fuck, fuck, fuck, I never want to stop, fuck, fuck, fuck."

But she did stop, eventually, after she'd drained every last drop of cum out of me and I lay limp under the dead weight of her body. And then my mouth was released from tongue-fucking a cunt that had soaked my face and filled my mouth with its nectar.

Who won? I think I did. I was fucked both ends at once.

-The end-

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