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Door to Door Salesgirl


Late one afternoon a few summers ago, and just before dusk, the door bell rang. I must tell you that I was a pretty miffed at the time.

My wife, Betty, was away visiting her sister in Boston -- we're both retired -- and I had the house all to myself. I was enjoying some really hot porn on my computer, which I usually have to sneak around to watch when Betty is home since she finds the stuff disgusting. So, the interruption was not welcome.

I went to the door -- the cat followed me, as usual. When I opened the door I was delighted to discover the cutest little redhead standing there and a delightful strawberry blond standing next to her. They looked to be high school or maybe college age. The really cute one had long red tresses which fell past her shoulders, but just how far down her back I could not tell. Her complexion was that of a typical redhead, ivory skin and the obligatory freckles on her turned up nose. Her youthful beauty and freshness was almost overwhelming, and as an added bonus, she was blessed with more than ample pert breasts.

The other girl was lovely too; taller than the redhead and with short hair. She had very long legs and a nice figure, but not as impressive in the boob department as the redhead. But no slouch either. Both wore very low cut sleeveless tops showing a lot of cleavage like you see so some much these days in both young and older women, alike.

The redhead stood before my door holding a stack of glossy brochures and she wore some sort of name badge. As soon as she saw me, she started her "pitch." The other girl just stood one or two steps back, looking completely disinterested; in fact, she looked quite bored.

"Hi, my name is Amber. I represent Allied Entertainment Publishing and I am working to earn enough money to go on a field trip with my class to France next semester. It's an opportunity of a lifetime. I just need a few minutes of your time to see which of these magazines you would most like to order." She paused and seemed to be trying to get some of the printed material out to show me before she continued her sales pitch.

"Oh. Well Amber, its really hot and humid out there, so why don't you and your associate come in and you can show me what you've got where we'll all be more comfortable; and, I won't have to keep the door open and let all the air-conditioned air out." I told her.

The fact that I hadn't said "I don't want any" and had not slammed the door in her face, not doubt, kept her hopes alive of a sale.

"OK ... sounds like a good idea. Oh, and she's not my associate ... she's my big sister. Mom said I shouldn't go by myself to houses of people we don't know."

The cat was winding his way between my legs and he almost tripped me as I stepped back to allow the girls through the door.

"Damn cat!" I yelled.

"Oh ... what a sweet kitty." Amber said as she knelt down next to me to pet him.

"His name is Patch." I said. As Amber stooped in front of me to pet the cat, her low cut top afforded a wonderful view of her lovely breasts. It was clear she wore no bra and I even had a fleeting glimpse of a nipple when she bent to retrieve her materials as she stood up. Her sister just stood outside the door.

As Amber stood, I pointed toward the living room. "Why don't you spread your brochures out on the coffee table? Oh and do please come in ... I don't think I got your name, my dear." I directed the latter to the 'big sister' who still hadn't made a move to come in.

"Jenny." The girl standing outside said. "Hey, I'm cool; I can just wait here." She added.

"No, no ... I insist. It's much too hot and muggy out there. Besides, I'm sure your mother would prefer that you keep an eye on your sister ... you know, in case I'm a serial killer or something." I said, and chuckled.

"Come on sis, its OK." Amber said to her sister; she was bent over petting the cat again and giving me another glorious view of her beautiful breasts. So Jenny came inside and I closed the door.

As we all walked into the living room, I asked; "Can I get either of you something? Water? A soda?"

"Hey, a beer would be nice." Jenny said and laughed.

"Sis!" Amber exclaimed, perhaps thinking her sales opportunity was about to evaporate with such rudeness on the part of her older sister.

"I'm sorry my dear, I'm afraid I'm not much of a beer drinker. But I do have a very nice Chardonnay if you'd like." I suspected she hadn't been serious about the beer. She was probably just trying to shock me, or irritate her sister; so she was somewhat taken aback by my genuine offer of wine.

"Oh ... ah, yeah ... sure, why not." She said as Amber was spreading her glossy sales material out on the table.

"How about you Amber, would you care for a glass, too?"

Amber looked up and glared at her sister, but then accepted my offer. "Yes, please."

I went to the kitchen and took a bottle from the fridge and uncorked it. I grabbed three glasses and carried them, along with the bottle, into the living room and placed everything on the coffee table next to the brochures. I'm ashamed to say, a naughty plan was hatching in my randy old brain that I simply could not resist. Well ... maybe not that ashamed.

I sat down on the sofa next to Amber, being careful not to sit too close. My eyes were drawn to the short mini-skirts both girls were wearing; their shapely legs and plump thighs caused a delightful stirring inside my sweatpants.

"Jenny, please come sit down." I said and indicated sofa. "There's plenty of room."

As Jenny sat on the other side of her sister, she pulled her short skirt down to maintain her modesty.

"You know Amber, it's kind of unusual these days to see young ladies in skirts -- most girls I see these days seem more apt to wear jeans. I must say, it is refreshing to see such pretty girls, as yourself and your sister, in skirts." I told her; as I spoke, I poured the three glasses of wine.

"Oh why thank you ... I thought I'd look more professional in a skirt." She said. I took one of the glasses of wine and handed it to Amber, then gave the other to her sister.

"Yeah, well, Sis made me wear it. I'd much rather wear jeans." Jenny added.

I lifted my glass in a toast. "Well, you both look lovely ... cheers." I said and I clinked my glass lightly against both of the girl's glasses.

Amber put her glass to her lips and tilted it back drinking the entire glass of wine like soda pop. "Hmmm ... it's a little sour, but pretty good ... really."

Her sister hesitated and watched Amber down her glass of wine and then Jenny followed suit, chugging her own glass of wine, as well. From the look on Jenny's face, I got the impression that there might be a lot of competition between the sisters and Jenny was not about to be out done by her little sister.

"We call it 'dry' but you're right, it is pretty good. Would you like another?" I asked the girls.

"Please." Amber said.

"Jenny?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure." She replied, so I poured both girls another glass which finished the bottle.

"Let me get another from the fridge. Amber, please go on with your presentation ... I can hear you quite well from the kitchen." I said. The floor plan of my house is an 'open plan' so there are no walls between the kitchen and the living room, just a breakfast bar.

She resumed her pitch, raising her voice so I could hear her from the kitchen. "Like I said, we carry lots of magazines for just about anything you like, if you have an interest, we have magazines for it -- sailing, golf ... do you play golf? Hunting, fishing, travel, gardening ..."

I returned with a fresh bottle of wine. While in the kitchen, I had an idea that would satisfy a concern I had developed when coming up with my devious plan a few moments earlier.

"No my dear, I'm afraid I am not a golfer -- tried it a few times, but I could never see the joy in searching through the underbrush for little white balls. Ah ... it just occurred to me ... I suppose I should ask if you have ID?" I said. "You know, one can't be too careful these days ... there are so many scams directed at retired people, you hear about these things on the news all the time."

"You are sooooo right Mr. ... ah, I'm sorry I don't remember you name." She said pulling a wallet from her purse.

"John." I told her. She held up her driver's license which was still in her wallet behind a clear plastic window. I took her hand to steady it and leaned in close to see that she was indeed Amber M____. But more importantly, the birth date on her license indicated that she'd just turned eighteen a few months earlier. And knowing her sister to be older, I was satisfied.

I breathed a little sigh of relief -- in Texas, if you mess with a girl under sixteen ... you do hard time.

"And this is my Associate's ID with Allied." She held up another ID.

"Thank you Amber, that makes me feel so much better." I said, pretty much ignoring the other ID.

She picked up her wine glass and drained it again. I took a sip of mine. Her sister, not to be out done, again gulped down her entire glass.

"Whew ... it's kind o' hot in here." Amber said, fanning herself with one of the brochures.

"Hmmm ... I guess it is a bit warm now that you mention it ... I'll adjust the air conditioning for you." I said.

But first, I took time to pour them both another glass of wine. I got up and went over to the thermostat, turned it down a couple degrees, and then returned to the couch. When I sat again, my knee was touching Amber's bare leg.

"So Mr., ah, John, tell me, what kind of stuff do you like? I'm sure we've got a magazine for it." Amber asked. She seemed to be deviating a bit from her prepared sales presentation.

"Well my dear, I don't read many magazines." And what I did not tell her, was that the ones I do read have a lot of very nice looking girls her age doing at lot of very nasty things with a bunch of young studs.

I smiled at her.

Amber took another long drink and said, "Ya know, this stuff gets better the more you drink." Her sister had already finished her glass, this time being one up on Amber.

"Mmmmm ... yeah, it does. Could I have another?" Jenny asked.

"Certainly ... let me freshen your glasses for you." I filled Jenny's glass.

"Oh, dear me, this bottle is empty too. Let me get another one; I do believe there is one more chilled." While I was in the kitchen uncorking another bottle, Amber yelled to me from the living room.

"Well, do you read any magazines at all?" She was sounding a little frustrated. Perhaps she was thinking that her sales strategy wasn't going exactly as planned.

"Well, yes I do, Amber." I said as I carried the new bottle of wine in from the kitchen and topped up Amber's glass.

"So, which ones?" Amber asked and emptied her glass again. "Could I have suuum mooore?" She was starting to slur her words a bit.

"Me too ..." Jenny said holding out her empty glass. Jenny's glass was swaying back and forth a bit so I had to hold her hand steady while I poured; otherwise it would have ended up on the carpet. Both girls were rather tipsy. Well, that can happen on a hot day if you get dehydrated and then drink a little too much wine.

"Well Amber, the magazines I read are not ... how can I say this ... ah, not what you'd typically find in the public library's periodical section. And I am quite certain that your company would not carry them."

"Oh come on ... we have everything aaaaanybody could ever eeeeeever want." She said, giggling.

"Yeah ... so what do you like ... porn?" Jenny said, and then she started laughing hysterically.

"Jenny! How could you?!" Amber exclaimed, clearly furious with her big sister. "I can't believe you said that to this nice man!"

"Well Amber, ah ... don't be too harsh with your sister; because, I do happen to prefer magazines of ... ah ... an adult nature."

"Oh gawd ... you've got to be kidding. Really? I don't believe it; you're just pulling my leg." Amber said. I couldn't let that challenge go unmet.

"I suppose I could show you my collection, but I warn you both that you may find my magazines, shall we say ... shocking." I filled their glasses, yet again.

"I love porn." Jenny blurted out. "It makes me so fuckin' hot."

"Sis please! That is soooooo rude! And since when did you love porn? I bet you've never even seen any -- I know I haven't, and mom would kill you if she found out." Amber said, scolding her sister. "Besides, I don't believe he even has any dirty magazines ... I think he's just teasing us."

"Well, Sis there's a lot you don't know." Jenny said glaring at Amber, and then Jenny took another long drink from her glass of wine. "So, John, I would really really like to see your porn ... I bet it'll blow my little sister's mind."

"Well I've seen dad's girlie magazines ... you know the ones he hides in his closet. So what's the big deal about a bunch of naked girls, anyway?" Amber said, confronting her sister.

"Well ... if you girls are sure you want to see ..."

"Bring it on, John." Jenny said boldly.

"Yeah, let's see it, but I still don't believe you've got any." Amber dared me.

"OK, but I warned you." I went to my bedroom to retrieve my hardcore magazines.

When I returned, Amber had just finished pouring more wine and she took another drink, but drank more slowly than before -- the third bottle was almost empty too. She and her sister put their heads together talking and giggling about something that I couldn't hear.

"That stuff is really good but it's really making me woozy." Amber said, giggling again.

"Well little Sis, when you get to college next year, you'll build up a tolerance like I have." Jenny said, lauding her own worldliness over her sister. But Jenny was clearly swaying a bit, so I doubted her to capacity for wine was much greater than her little sister's.

I set my collection on the table and sat on the sofa again. My leg was pressed tightly against Amber's.

The covers of the magazines I spread out on the table screamed their content. Naked girls sucking huge cocks, or girls with legs spread wide taking massive dicks in their young pussies -- they all left no doubt as to what sort of literature I preferred.

"Oh gawd!" Amber exclaimed. I fully expected her to bolt for the door with her sister close behind. "That is soooooo hoooooot!"

She opened one of the magazines and spread it out on the table to see more -- depicted on the pages were several scenes of a pretty young girl taking one guy in her mouth while another hot stud filled her cunt.

"Sis, look at this!" Amber exclaimed. Jenny leaned in closer to get a better look at the lewd pictures.

"Holly shit! That is so awesome!" Jenny exclaimed. She tried to be subtle, but I saw her sneak her hand under her short skirt. It was sort of obvious that the explicit pictures were getting to her.

I placed my hand on Amber's leg just below the hem of her mini-skirt. "Do you like these magazines honey?" I asked. My heart was racing with excitement. I expected Amber to remove my hand or say something. Instead, she said something even more shocking.

"Oh geeez yes. I can feel my pussy getting wet right n..." She said, then she realized what she'd just said, and to whom. "Oh gawd, I'm so sorry ... I didn't mean ..."

"Sis!" Jenny exclaimed.

"Don't talk Jenny, you're the one with her hand up her skirt!" Amber said, pointing out what was already obvious.

"Well, I ... I can't help it ... these pictures have really got me turned on." Jenny retorted. And she didn't remove her hand, either. In fact, I could tell from the movement of her arm that she had to be rubbing herself.

"Girls, girls ... it's alright ... there is nothing wrong with ... ah, enjoying this sort of ... ah ... literature."

I stroked Amber's thigh, moving my hand a little higher up her leg each time. She did not object, but responded by spreading her thighs apart, apparently without thinking.

"Wow ... look at the size of that guy's ... and she's got the whole thing in her mouth. What's that white stuff on her chin?" Amber said, apparently oblivious to my hand creeping up her leg.

"It's cum, you dummy." Jenny pointed out, in a rather unkind manner, to her little sister.

My hand was very high on Amber's leg. I moved a little higher and my fingers touched her pussy through her panties. I could feel that her panties were, indeed, soaked with her juices. She moaned. I was so excited feeling the soft warm wetness of her young pussy that my sweatpants looked as if I had a small teepee sitting on my lap.

"Oh ... that feels so good." Amber sighed.

"Sis! What are you doing ... he's got his hand up your skirt." Jenny chided Amber.

"You jealous Sis? 'Cause he likes me better?" Amber taunted her sister. "Plus, you've got a hand under your skirt."

"Jenny, I'm not hurting you sister ... I'm just trying to give her pleasure ... the same pleasure you're giving yourself. Is there anything wrong with that Jenny? Doesn't rubbing yourself feel really good? That's all I'm doing for your sister." I said to Jenny.

I knew I was at a crucial juncture and that I had to handle the situation carefully, or I might lose them both.

Jenny looked down at her own hand under her skirt as she continued to stimulate her own clit.

"That does feel delightful, doesn't it Jenny?" I asked her again.

"Well yeah ... it feels really nice." She finally admitted.

Amber leaned back on the sofa and slid her hips forward then spread her legs very wide for me. The hem of her skirt was up around her hips. I moved the material of her panties aside and pressed my fingers into her slippery crease. I found her little pleasure nub and flicked my finger tips rapidly over it.

"Oh fuck ... that feels soooooo awesome!" Amber sighed.

"Jenny, why don't you come around and sit over here and I could help give you pleasure too. Would you like that?" I said.

Jenny came around and stood next to me, though she didn't sit as I'd suggested. Instead, she pulled her skirt down over her hips -- her panties went with it, and both fell to the carpet. She pulled her top up over her head revealing her perfect breasts with large dark areola and hard nipples. I took her disrobing as an invitation, so I placed my free hand on her thigh and slid it up her bare leg. I started to explore Jenny's sweet wet pussy while I continued to stimulate Amber's swollen clit with my other hand. Jenny closed her eyes, titled her head back, and moaned loudly. Her legs began to tremble when I found her clit. The way Jenny stood, I was able to rub her clit with my thumb and insert two fingers into her extremely tight pussy, all at the same time.

"Oh shit!" Jenny yelped as her hips twisted and writhed from the intense sensations my fingers were provoking inside her tight cunt. As I continued to rub her slippery swollen clit, her breathing quickened and became shallow and she moaned with desire.

While I was finger fucking Jenny, I had also been rubbing Amber's clit. Amber grabbed my hand and started working her own pussy furiously using my hand as the vehicle. I heard Amber moan loudly and I turned my head in her direction.

"Oh gawd ... I'm gonna cum!" She threw her head back, went rigid, and squealed in delight. After a few moments I withdrew my hand while she recovered.

"Was that good honey? Did you like that?" I asked Amber; it was obvious she'd had an orgasm.

"Oh yes!" Amber sighed.

From my other side I heard her sister moaning and felt her writhing in ecstasy on my fingers which were still inserted in her hot little cunt. I started pumping my fingers into Jenny. Her legs started to buckle and I had to hold her up with my other hand.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" She shouted as she came. Her whole body shuddered and I eased her onto the couch next to me. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she continued to squirm around because I kept rubbing her clit. She came again.

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