tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDorothy Does Oz Ch. 02

Dorothy Does Oz Ch. 02

byMaguppy Puppy©

Dorothy awoke some time later, as Toto licked her face. The dressing room was dark but there was light coming in from under the door. She put her hand to the sore spot on her head, and was glad there wasn't any bump there. She saw the bright light coming from under the doorway. "Oooooh... How long was I out Toto?" She set the small dog on the floor and then walked across the room. The stripper's entire room was in disarray, with overturned furniture and cracks in the floor and walls. "I can't believe this place held together through the storm." She stepped over an overturned chair and grabbed the doorknob. Light flooded the room as she opened the door and it took several seconds for her eyes to adjust. When they did, she couldn't believe her eyes.

The landscape was vastly different from the Kansas country side she had grown used to. Instead of wheat fields for as far as the eye could see, there were vast fields of flowers, in almost every color she could think of. While Kansas was very flat, Dorothy could make out mountains far on the horizon. "Where the fuck are we, Toto," she asked the little dog standing behind her. She stepped out of the room and saw the it was the only part of the strip club that was left. She began to walk around the outside of the room and Toto quickly ran along side of her, not wanted to be left alone. As she turned the corner of the room, she saw a small village of strange houses.

The houses were all painted in bright colors and instead of being the boxy buildings she was used to, they all had a more organic feel to them, with almost no corners to them. All the doors and windows were quite small, about half the size of a normal building's. The one thing that she didn't see was a single person. The whole village was silent except for the sound of birds singing in the fields.

"Hello? Is any one here?" Dorothy walked towards the village and noticed that the road through town was paved with bright yellow bricks. She knocked on the door of the first home she came to but no one answered the door. The same happened with the next house and the next. By the time Dorothy had reached the center of the village, she was beginning to get frustrated. "Where the hell is everyone, Toto? Where are we, even?" She sat down on a bench by one of the houses and sighed. "I just wish that we could find someone to tell us where we are..."

Toto gave a lick to Dorothy's leg and then ran over to a bush. He disappeared into the bush and moments later, she heard a hushed voice from the bushes.

"Get away from me, little beast! Shoo! Shoo!" The branches shook as whoever Toto had found tried to get away from him.

Dorothy walked over to the bush to see who it was when a small figure dashed out of the bush closely followed by the small dog. The little man rushed headlong into her. When he ran into her leg, he fell back onto the ground giving Dorothy a good view of him.

The little man was only waist high on her and was dressed all in blue. He had boots with curly little toes and blue and white striped tights on. He had a blue jacket on and his hair was black with a little curl above his forehead. She also noticed that the little man was looking quite frightened.

"Please kept that monster away from me," the little man pleaded. "I'll do anything! Please don't crush me too!"

Dorothy couldn't figure out what the little man was talking about. "Toto wouldn't hurt you. He's just a little dog! I promise that we're not going to hurt you. My name is Dorothy and Toto is my pet." She extended her hand helped pull the man up.

The man slowly climbed to his feet and looked at Toto timidly. "So... you're not going to crush us all?"

"Why would you think that I would crush you, or even think that I could?"

"You crushed the wicked witch with your house," the man said as he pointed at Dorothy's dressing room. "We thought that you would drop your house on all of us!"

Dorothy was shocked that her room had landed on someone but she had to let the man know that it wasn't her fault. "First off, that's not my house, and second, I didn't mean to drop it on anyone. I was swept up by a cyclone and this is just where it dropped me off. I just want to get back to where I'm from." Dorothy could see that the little man was still a little wary of her. "Could I ask you, where exactly is this?"

"You are in Munchkin Land, in the country of Oz." The little man thought that this was an odd question for someone in a flying house to ask. He saw the puzzlement on her face and began to believe her story. "So, you're not a witch?"

"No! Of course not!"

"And you're not here to make us your slaves like the witch of the east did?"

"No, I just want to go home," Dorothy said. "Can you tell how to get back to Kansas from here?"

"I'm afraid that I've never heard of Cans-ass..." The little man turned around and called out. "It's all right, everyone! She's not a wicked witch! In fact she's a hero!"

A dozen little heads began to poke out of the surrounding foliage. Dorothy saw that some of the midgets were men and some were women. They were all dressed in blue and wore the same style of clothes as the first man.

"Sooo... is this some kind of midget colony," the busty stripper asked as the little people began to circle around her.

"Oh ho ho! No, miss. We are the munchkins. I am the mayor of this village and you are our savior! We were under the cruel domination of the wicked witch of the east and you killed her with your house! For that we will be forever in your debt."

"Oookay," Dorothy was wondering how hard she had actually hit her head on the couch. "All I really need to know is how to get back home. Does anyone here know how to get to Kansas? or even Los Angeles?"

The crowd of munchkins looked at each other, shaking their heads. The mayor looked up to Dorothy. "Sadly, none of us are very knowledgeable about the lands away from our village." He lowered his head sadly, until a female munchkin whispered into his ear. "But we know of someone who may be able to help you! Glinda, the witch of the South knows most everything. We will send for her immediately to solve your problem." He turned to one of the munchkin male. "Dorf, I need you to travel to Glinda's palace and let her know of our glorious news. She must come here to help Dorothy, after all this girl has done for us." The little man nodded and dashed off down the yellow road. "In the mean time, you will be treated as our guest. You may stay with us until the time that Glinda arrives."

"Well, thank you very much, Mayor!" She bent over and placed a kiss on the Mayor's forehead, noticing that the little man stole a quick glance down her dress as she did so. "Just let me grab my things from my... house." The mayor nodded and Dorothy felt the eyes of the entire village on her as she headed back to the wreck of her dressing room.

She walked around the far side of her room and and gasped as she saw a pair of legs sticking out from underneath the house. Though she was shocked by sight of the legs, she couldn't help but notice the shoes they were wearing. A pair of ruby studded high heels that sparkled in the bright sunlight. "Pretty good taste for a witch," Dorothy said to Toto as she admired the shoes. "I don't suppose that she'd miss them much now." Dorothy saw that the shoes were about her size and she slipped them off of the dead witch's feet. She slipped on the red heels and entered her room. She gathered up several things from the room, including the plane tickets. She stuck them in her purse and turned to leave the room for the last time.

When she went outside, she found three of the munchkin men waiting for her by the room. Each of them held a large lollipop. "Oh, Hello! Can I help you guys?"

The middle munchkin stepped forward. "Oh no, Miss Dorothy! You have helped our village enough. We are the Lollipop Guild and we are here to offer our gratitude for your actions." Each of the men held out their candies in offering to Dorothy.

She dropped to one knee as she took the lollypops from the trio and slipped them into her purse. "You've all been so nice to me," she said as she flashed a smile to them. She noticed that all three of the little men had grown bulges in their blue tights and wondered what they were packing down there. "I'd like to show you how thankful I am..." The stripper reached out and cupped the crotches of the left and right munchkins, causing all three to blush brightly. "Oh my! It feels like you're not at all small down there... Do you mind if I have a peek?"

The munchkins quickly shook their heads, letting her now that they wouldn't mind giving her a look at all.

Dorothy tugged down the tights of the first man and found a six inch cock that looked enormous on such a small man. She wrapped her fingers around his rod and began to stroke it as she reached for the second munchkin's tights. The next cock proved to be as large as the first and she began stroking that one as well. "You boys must keep the women around here very happy..." she said as she slowly wanked off the two men.

The middle munchkin was getting impatient watching his friends get all the attention and pulled his own tights down. He stepped towards Dorothy, his cock pointed at her beautiful face as she was so close to the ground.

Without a word, Dorothy leaned over and kissed the head of his cock. She could taste the precum on the tip and licked her lips. In her year of working at the strip club, she had dated quite a few men, and had learned that she loved giving head. She loved the feel of a cock in her mouth and loved the taste of a man's cum. She quickly took the cock into her mouth and began sucking on it.

As she bobbed her head on the middle cock and her hands were full of the other two men's cocks, little hands began to grope at her large breasts through her dress. She grinned around the cock in her mouth as she felt them squeeze and grope her tits. She let go of one of the cocks and deftly undid the buttons on her dress, letting her braless e-cups free of the confining dress. She went back to stroking the cock as little fingers tweaked her nipples.

She could sense that the munchkin cocks weren't going to last much longer and she began to increase her speed when she felt her skirt being lifted up. She turned her head to see another munchkin man curiously looking under her dress. Dorothy resumed her blowjob as she felt the man's fingers roam over her inner thighs.

The little man ran his fingers along the crotch of her panties which were now damp with Dorothy's pussy juices. Then the finger slid into the panties and pulled them down her legs, exposing her neatly trimmed snatch. Dorothy moaned around the cock in her mouth as the man's fingers slid between her pussy lips, probing her warm wet hole. One finger, then two fingers entered. She was a little disappointed when the fingers pulled away, but they were quickly replaced by his cock.

As the little man began pumping Dorothy from behind, she could sense that her three friends in front were about to finish. She smiled as a delightfully naughty idea entered her head. She reached into her purse and pulled out one of the lollypops. She kept blowing and stroking until all three cocks were ready to blow. As soon as the first munchkin's cock began to erupt, she moved her candy under it to catch his seed. She repeated this process for the second and third cocks as they came until the brightly colored lollypop was glazed in white cum. The three exhausted munchkins each fell backwards into the grass, leaving Dorothy with just the cock in her pussy left.

She leaned backwards until the munchkin behind her was lying on the ground, pumping her from below. Dorothy began to bounce on his cock, careful not to come down too hard on the little man. As she rode up and down, her ripe breasts bouncing wildly, she began to devour her dessert. The salty taste of the cum mingled with the fruity candy underneath, giving her a real treat. She was careful not to spill any of it as she continued to get fucked. With her free hand she began playing with her clit and stroking the cock as it slipped in and out of her. It wasn't long before she came, her whole body trembling in pleasure. As her pussy spasmed, it squeezed the munchkin cock inside of her and pushed the man into his own orgasm.

Breathing heavily, she lifted herself off of the man's cock and laid down in the grass. "You munchkins sure are a friendly group," she laughed as she looked at the four little men around her, each with their spent members still hanging out of their tights. She laid her head back and closed her eyes in a daze. She absent mindedly ran her fingers over her sweaty chest when she suddenly heard the mayor's voice calling to her from the other side of the dressing room.

"Dorothy! Dorothy! Glinda is here! Come quickly!"

Dorothy sat up like a shot as she began to button up her dress. She stood up and straightened out her skirt. She realized that her panties were missing. Glancing around the area, she couldn't find them. Deciding that she could get by without them, she headed back to the village, ready to go back home.

To be continued...

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