tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDorothy Does Oz Ch. 06

Dorothy Does Oz Ch. 06

byMaguppy Puppy©

06. The Tin Man

"I don't think that we're ever going to get out of this forest," Dorothy said as she walked down the yellow brick road, carrying Toto under her arm. Tall, old trees lined either side of the path and the leaves above them completely blocked out the sky. Without being able to see the sun, there was no way to tell what time it was or how long they had been walking.

Scarecrow walked beside Dorothy on the path with long gangly strides. "I'm sure we'll be out of here soon," he said cheerfully. He looked ahead and saw in the gloom ahead that the path curved off to the left ahead. "Why, I bet the end of this forest is right around that corner."

Dorothy gave the straw man a feigned smile. "I hope so. I'm dead tired. If we can't see the end around that corner, I say that it's time to stop for the night, if it is night right now..."

Scarecrow moved towards Dorothy. "I hope that you're not too tired," he said as he planted his gloved hand on her ass and gave it a squeeze. "I'd like to give you a repeat performance of this morning..."

She let out a sigh and said, "Some of us do need to sleep, you know."

The two companions turned the corner and Dorothy cursed under her breath. There was no end in sight to the trees. "That's it," She said. "I'm going to get some sleep. Wake me up if you see anything." She was about to sit down on the ground when the straw man grabbed her arm.

"Wait a minute! Look over there, Dorothy!" He pointed back into the trees. "There's a house over there. Maybe there's someone there who can tell us how much further we have to go..."

They left the path and approached the small house. The trees around the house had been chopped down and there was a small patch of sunlight that fell down on it's roof.

"It's not much of a house," Dorothy said as they came to the door. "More of a shack... It doesn't look like whoever lives here is much of a housekeeper either." The wood was faded and the windows were so dingy it was impossible to see into the house. She knocked on the door and waited, but no one answered. She knocked again and waited for a minute before testing the doorknob.

The door swung open freely, revealing a dark room with a table, one chair and a bed. There was a water pump with a bucket in one corner and a wood stove in another corner. There were cobwebs everywhere and a layer of dust covered every surface. "Whoever was living here must have moved on," Scarecrow said as he brushed away some cobwebs. "But at least you've got a bed to sleep on for the night..."

Dorothy tested the pump and was pleased when a gush of cool clear water filled the bucket. "And water, too," she said with a smile. "The canteens in the basket were running pretty low." She took a long drink of water and then splashed some on her face, washing away the dust from their trip. Then she stretched and walked over to the bed. "I'm going to sleep like a log." She pulled the dusty blanket off of the bed and laid down. Toto curled up at the foot of the bed. Moments later, she was breathing softly as she drifted into a deep slumber.


She woke up some time later to find that she wasn't alone in the bed. She was on her side facing the shack's wall with her skirt hiked up over her hips and Scarecrow was laying behind her, his body pressed against hers. His gloved hand had been slipped into the front of her dress and was playing with her large right breast. His other hand was stroking her thigh as his wooden cock pressed against her naked ass. "Mmmmmm," she murmured as she pushed her ass back against his cock. "I thought that you were going to keep watch while I was sleeping..."

"Yeah," he said as he teased her nipple, "I was, but my eyes kept wandering back to this gorgeous body of yours. I thought that you might like something to cover you and keep you warm so I used my body."

"Uh-huh," Dorothy said. "How thoughtful of you." She reached behind her as gripped his cock. "But now it looks like you have a case of morning wood..." she said as she began to stroke his long cock.

He moaned as she pulled on his cock. "Morning wood , afternoon wood and night wood, girl. I've got it twenty-four seven."

"I suppose that I'd better not let it go to waste, then," Dorothy said as she lifted her leg and pointed his cockhead at her shaven pussy. "It's my favorite way to start the day..." She pulled his cock forwards and felt his cock slip into the warm, wet folds of her pussy. "Ooooooh yes..." Her hand let go, allowing more of his length to enter her until he was all the way in and she held her hips against his. She moved her hips from side to side, letting his cock push against her pussy walls.

Scarecrow moved his hand on her thigh up to her other breast and began to play with the two melons as he pulled his cock half way out of her pussy then slowly slid it back into her. She leaned her head back against his face as she moved her hips with his, slowly parting then joining again, slowly pumping her with his wooden cock. The small room was filled with the sounds of soft moans and wet squishes. The leisurely fuck continued for half an hour before, Scarecrow felt her pussy contract around his cock. Dorothy softly bit her lower lip as she trembled from her orgasm. The two laid in bed together, his still hard cock still in her pussy, for another five minutes before they decided to roll out of bed. As Dorothy stood and straightened out her dress, Scarecrow told her, "Any time that you want another go at it, just say the word..."

Dorothy and Toto had a quick breakfast as Scarecrow filled the canteens and soon they were ready to begin their journey again. As Dorothy stepped out of the shack and entered the gloomy forest again, she heard a noise from behind the building.

"What was that," she asked.

"I didn't hear anything," the straw man replied.

She went around the corner of the shack and headed towards the back. "It came from back here... It sounded like a person." As she reached the back, they were surprised to see a metal man standing there. The metal man was standing next to a tree and seemed to be frozen mid chop, his axe held out to his side.

"It looks like a metal sculpture," Dorothy said as she approached the man. She reached out her hand to touch him when it made a noise.

"Hahhhn Jaaahh," came out of the man's unmoving mouth.

Dorothy jerked her hand back. "I.. I think he's alive!"

Scarecrow took a closer look at the man. "Look," he said as he looked at the face. "The eyes are moving-- looking at us."

"Hahhhn Jaaahh," the man repeated.

"I think he wants our help, Scarecrow. What do you think he wants?"

"Hmmm... I think that if I were a metal man and my joints were stuck, I would want an oil can. Maybe that's what he's saying."

"Uhhhhhh Uhhh," the Tin Man said. "Hahhhn Jaaahh."

"I think that's it," Scarecrow said. "I'm going to check the shack for his oil can." He walked back around the shack, leaving Dorothy with the metal man.

"Don't worry," Dorothy said, "He'll be back in a minute with your oil can. We'll have you moving again soon."

"Uhh Uhh," the man said again. "Nuhh Ahhhhl Cuhhhn. Hahhhn Jaaahh, Hahhhn Jaaahh."

Dorothy couldn't understand his muffled words. "You don't want your oil can? What do you need?" She put her head near his mouth to hear him better.

"Hahhhn Jaaahh."

Her eyes went wide as she realized what the Tin Man was saying. "You want a hand job? Is that what you said?"

"Yuhh. Yuhh."

"Okaaay." She got down on her knees to look at the metal crotch of the man and found there was a metal panel on hinges on the front of it. She pushed in on it and it popped open. A shiny silver nine inch long rod popped out, nearly poking Dorothy in the eye. "Oh my!" She examined the rod as she gripped it, and noticed a hole on the end of it. The hole seemed to have some sort of liquid around it. "Is this precum," she asked as she touched a finger to the hole and got some of the liquid on it. She sniffed it and then licked the finger. "Mmmmm... Sweet yet salty," she said with a smile. "That's a nice cock you have there, Metal Man. I suppose that I could help you out."

She gripped the cool metal cock with her hand and pulled on it, letting her finger slide over its smooth surface. As she did this, the rod rumbled a little. Curiously, she yanked it again, a little hared and it vibrated again. She grinned and looked up at the Tin Man. She looked up at his eyes as she began jerking his rod, using the lubricant from the tip to lube up its length. She saw his eyes staring down at her and a low moan left his frozen mouth. The faster she pulled on the metal cock, the stronger it vibrated. Her hand quickly slid up and down the cock, making it buzz as it shook. "Is this what you wanted? Hmmm?"

The tin man groaned again and started making rapid little moans, still frozen in his mid swing pose. Dorothy took the quickened moaning as a sign that he was getting close to cumming. She continued jerking him off until his cock jerked in her hands. The first shot of honey colored cum hit her cheek. She quickly placed her hands over the tip and collected the following shots, trying not to spill any. As the cock grew still and quit buzzing, Dorothy's tongue darted out and licked the remaining liquid from his cockhead.

She slowly got to her feet and held her cupped hands in front of the tin man. "Is this what you needed," she asked.

"Uh huhn."

She took a dab on her fingers and dabbed it along the hinge of his jaw. She worked it all along the edge of his jaw until it began to move slowly. It worked itself back and forth, moving more each time. Finally the tin man spoke.

"Ooooch... Thank you, Miss," he said slowly. "I've been stuck here for months and I thought that I was never going to move again. Say, do you think that you could get my neck next?"

"Of course," Dorothy said as she began dabbing at his neck with the lubricant. "How did you get stuck out here in the first place?"

"Well, I was out chopping down this tree and I was caught in a sudden downpour. My joints rusted up before I had a change to get inside and I've been stuck here ever since. I heard you two inside of my house and I've been trying to get your attention for the last several hours." He began moving his head back and forth on his neck, working the stiffness out of it. "Yes, that's much better... The arms next if you don't mind. I can't wait to set this axe down."

Dorothy began working on his hands and asked, "If you don't mind me asking, why do you have a metal body?"

"It's all tin, actually," the man started. "I've had the metal body for a while, but I used to be a flesh and blood man. My name was Nick Jacker and I was a woodsman on the edge of this forest. I was doing quite well for myself and decided that it was time to find myself a wife. I chose the wrong girl to go after. She was a beautiful girl but her mother didn't approve of me. I continued to see her daughter against her wishes and the mother went to a witch to get rid of me. The witch enchanted my own axe and it attacked me hacking me to pieces. Luckily, I was found in time that they were able to save my life by giving me a metal body. You can move onto the legs now. Make sure you get the hinges around the groin nice and loose, heh. Any ways, as I was saying, they were able to give me a new body. The bad news for me, beside being made out of tin, that is, was that the man who built my body was a bit of a joker. He thought that since my name was Jacker, it would be funny if I had to jerk off to lubricate my limbs. Well, the girl no longer wanted to marry me and my new body and everyone in the village would snicker at me when I walked through town, so I decided to leave. I moved here to the middle of the forest where no one would bother me."

Dorothy was working on his knee as she asked, "Isn't it a lonely life, living so far away from everyone out here?"

"Oh, yes it is. But it's better than being a joke to everyone around. You're the first person I've seen out here since I moved. Not many people take the path through the dark woods, especially not beautiful young women like you. What is it that brings you past here any way?"

"Scarecrow and I are on our way to the Emerald City to see the Wizard. I'm from Kansas and Toto and I need to get back home. Scarecrow has a case of permanent blue balls and needs to ask if the Wizard could give him a cock that can cum. Who knows, maybe he could help you too." She checked his legs and stepped away. "I think that you're all oiled up now."

The tin man dropped his axe to the ground and stretched his arms and legs, giving off a creaking noise that lessened the more he moved. "That's the stuff," he said with a metallic grin. "Do you think he would help me," he asked Dorothy.

Before she could answer, Scarecrow came ambling around the shack.

"I couldn't find any oil can in there but-- Oh! I guess we don't need it anymore." He reached out his gloved hand and shook the tin man's hand. "Hi, I'm Scarecrow."

"Scarecrow, this is Jack-- um, I mean, Tin Man. His name is Tin Man. He had an oil can in his... pocket. I loosened him up and he's all better now. I was just telling him all about the Wizard."

"I was thinking about joining you two on your way to the Wizard," the Tin Man said. "These woods can be dangerous and I'd feel terrible if something happened to either of you."

"That's... great," Scarecrow said, hoping to himself that this metal man wasn't going to be interfering with his getting into Dorothy's honey pot again. "We'll be glad to have you with us."

"We'd better get going then," Dorothy said as she grabbed the two of them by the hands and led them back around the house. "I want to be out of this forest before it gets dark tonight."

"Ha! I doubt if you ever leave these woods at all, Bitch," a voice said with a cackle above them.

The three friends looked up to the roof of the shack to see where the voice had came from. They saw a woman in a black boostier and panties. She wore a long black cape and thigh high leather high heeled boots. She had long straight black hair and light green tinged skin. Her body was very trim and her breasts rivaled Dorothy's for size.

"I'm the Wicked Witch of the West. You killed my sister, Slut," the woman said as she pointed her broomstick at Dorothy, causing her large green breasts to wobble. "Prepare to die."

To be continued...

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