tagLoving WivesDot Makes Tim a Cuckold Ch. 07

Dot Makes Tim a Cuckold Ch. 07


Just incase you forgot, this is a story about a black man who is fucking a white woman. It is also a story about the husband who is now a cuckold. The HUSBAND wanted to be a cuckold!! Please understand, it's not against the husband's will, HE WANTS IT!! Enough said, read it if you like this type of story. Don't read it if you don't like this type of story. It's that simple and up to you.

The next three days that week were like they weren't there for both Tim and Dot. He didn't talk with her and she didn't talk with him. They lived in the same house, took care of their kids, went to work and came home. She cooked and they ate. She told him he had the dishes and he said the hell with them. They pilled up in the sink. She started using paper plates after the third day but didn't clean the real one. They stayed in the sink for days. It was that type of relationship right now, a test of wills. Neither wanted to give in an inch.

Then as the week went by on the forth day they slept together for the first time. Well on Thursday night Tim just came to the bedroom door. It was unlocked when he tried it so he open the door and he walked in and he saw his wife on her side and so Tim got into bed. Dot was lying there and didn't say a thing to him. He moved close to him and she moved over further away. But Tim felt he had won a battle, a small victory at least, when he lay down in the bed and she didn't tell him to leave. Dot just acted like he wasn't even there.

He made an attempt to kiss her good night and she turned away from him. When Tim turned out the light, she reached for the pink vibrator on the floor just like she had done every night he wasn't there. She began to use it and finally she turned it on and started to run it up and down her wet pussy slit like she had done every night. He heard the sound and about 10 seconds later Tim turned on the light again. He saw her lying there with her legs spread wide open almost pornographically and her nightie up around her stomach! She was running the long pink cylinder up and down the length of her bald pussy slit. Both her full breasts were out of the top of her nightie too and her other hand was squeezing one of them.

Tim sat up and watched as his wife slowly worked the toy all around and then into her hole. Again she paid no attention to him; it was like the other nights when he slept on the sofa. She was enjoying herself as she pushed the long cylinder against her cunt. It was going into her pussy hole easier each time that she had used the vibrator that week. She was actually stretching herself with it and for Lee. She now had all but the speed control deep inside her and it was then that she looked at her husband and said, "I see you are watching me fuck myself. Seems that's all you like to do is sit and watch me getting fucked. You would still rather jerk off than fuck me. Why don't you sit between my legs Tim and watch get a good look as I get myself off with this thick 10 inches of wonderful fake cock? You know it's deeper than you ever get and the vibration inside my pussy is absolute wonderful. So why don't you just jerk off in front of me for a change while you watch me get fucked?"

He didn't say anything he just watched the long pink cock move in and out of her hole. It was now wet and shinning with her juices. His cock was hard and when he heard her moan, as she shoved it all the way her hole again he started to play with his cock. She looked over at him and then adjusted the controls. When the vibrations got stronger Dot arched her hips and moaned louder. Tim's cock was busting hard as he watched her thrust her hips and ass up off the bed and began to fuck the top back now.

She started to move the cylinder in and out of her pussy faster and faster. Faster and faster it moved in and out of her and faster and faster Tim jerked off as he tried to keep up with her hand fucking herself. He watched her; he couldn't take his eyes off of her pussy as it swallowed the long hard vibrator again and again. Finally Dot arched her back and lifted her ass and hips up off the bed even higher and began to pump her hips as she fucked it and fucked it and fucked it. Tim sat there watching her body moving as she was climaxing on the fake cock. She moaned again and lifted her body up higher and cried out, "Oh yes! Oh God yes! It feels so good! So........so......so good! Oh God Yes! Ahhhhhhhhh! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yesssssssssss!!!"

And the big toy continued to vibrate and give her internal tunnel some very good stimulation. She held herself up off the bed as she climaxed with the long tube shoved as deep inside her as she could get it. And Dot stayed that way for a few minutes letting the vibrator please her. She first saw the arch of cum flying in the air and watched her husband cumming hard as he beat off. She smiled knowing he was caving in.

Finally she turned off the toy and lowered her body back to the bed. She held the cylinder inside her for another couple of minutes and then slowly moving it around and then pulled it out very slowly as Tim watched it being removed. As it exited her hole it made a sucking sound. She said, "Ahhh yes! That felt so good. Good night Timmy!"

She put the tip of the wet toy to her lips and licked it as she looked at Tim. His hand was holding his deflated cock now and it was covered with his cum. He was done. Tim had climaxed hard as he watched her use the toy. She held the fake cock and continued to lick the tip lovingly. Then she turned to her husband and said, "Want to lick it clean for me Timmy?"

He didn't move he just looked at the long pink fake cock and saw her juices covering it. She sat up and turned to him. Her large breasts hung there with their nipples hard and long pointing right at him. She said, "Tim I'm talking to you. Do you want to taste me?"

He still didn't say anything he just took the fake cock out of her hand and put it to his lips. She took his hand; the one covered with his cum, in her other hand. She held his hand as his tongue came out and he licked the long cylinder like it was an ice cream or a lollypop. She began to lick his cum covered hand. Their eyes met and they stayed locked that way, looking at each other. He then put the cylinder into his mouth and started to suck it. She watched as he cleaned her pussy juices off of the fake cock. He looked like he was sucking a cock. She smiled and licked his cum off his hand as she watched him. Then Tim handed the toy back to her. She took it and said, "Lay back Tim."

Tim did what she told him and laid back on the bed as she moved over him. She straddled his head with her knees and placed her pussy on his mouth. Tim held her hips and licked her slit gently as she lowered it down on his face. She moved forward until her pussy was directly on top of her husband's mouth. She held his head stroking his hair as she sat down further down on his face. "I want you to lick and suck all the juice out of my pussy Tim. Suck it like you were trying to get Lee's cum out before he knocked me up with his black seed and gave me his mixed baby. I want you to eat my pussy, drink my cum and make sure you get it all. If you don't I might have a mixed baby in 9 months. You wouldn't want that because Lee would have to live with us to help take care of his child. It would his baby not yours. And you know he would want to fuck me all the time if he lived with us. So Timmy if you don't want me to have Lee's baby I want you too lick and eat me like you never have before."

Tim moaned and probing his tongue deep into his wife's pussy as far as he could reach. He licked and sucked and tasted her cum as it slowly leaked out of her after she had climaxed with the big vibrator. She moaned and told him he would have to get deeper because Lee's cock was so much longer than his little dick. Tim ate her like he was insane with fear and lust. He pushed his tongue into his wife as deep as he could again and again and again licking and sucking for all he was worth. He worked like a mad man using his fingers to sort of pull her cum out and open her pussy more so his tongue could go deeper and his mouth could suck it out!

Dot encouraged him and told him how good he was doing it. She held his head in place and rotated her pussy all over his face as she moaned deeply rubbing her clit against his nose as his tongue went in and out of her hole. Then she felt it! She placed her very swollen and blood filled clit on his lips and told him, "Oh yes baby! Oh yes! Now suck me! Suck me now Timmy! Suck my clit NOW! OH GOD YES! SUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!! SUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!"

Dot exploded with a tremendous orgasm which continued longer than she could remember any doing in the past from Tim eating her. She almost suffocated her husband with her cunt as she pressed it down as hard as she could against his open mouth and screamed for him to suck her, suck her, suck her. And then she collapsed on top of him and slowly rolled over. Tim lay there with his face completely covered with her pussy juices. Dot didn't move and neither did he for a long time.

When she did recover she sat up and looked at her husband. He was looking at her and she used the bed covers to wide his face. She said, "Sit up Tim."

He sat up and she took his hand and held it. She put it to her lips and kissed it. And then she said, "Thank you. That was wonderful. You have such a great way with your mouth and tongue. I don't think I ever climaxed that hard in my life. No not even when Lee fucks me. That was the very best orgasm I ever had. Thank you. I just wonder why are you so hard to live with Tim? I have no idea what you want from me."

Tim looked at his wife and said, 'I just want you to know that I love you Dot. I love you with all my heart. I may not show it or say it as much as I should but I do love you. I also know it was me who started this cuckold thing. And I guess I got carried away with it. But you're right I do jerk off too much. And I can't help myself. I don't have the self-control I should have. And the worst part is to know I won't be able to stop it without help. The sight of seeing you with Lee fucking you or you sucking his big black cock makes me want to jerk off and cum right then right there. And I know I should be in the bedroom asking you to make love. I'm very sorry Dot, very sorry I have been doing that and not satisfying you like I should as often as I should."

She said, "So are you telling me you can't stop and that you will wear the cage?"

He said, "If you promise to let me take it off when we're together and if I want to stop wearing it like you said after about 3 months and I have change and you are happy with the change. Then yes, I'll wear it for you. It's the only way I know I would be able to stop jerking off."

She smiled and touched his face with her hand. She said, "I know Timmy it excites you so much when you see Lee fucking me. I know because it excites me too baby. OK Timmy! I'll put it on you when Lee comes over this weekend and we can continue with your fantasy. I'll cuckold you again I would love to do it for you baby. Until then let's you and me make love as much as we can."

He kissed her and they merged their bodies together. They rolled around in the bed with Tim sucking her breasts and licking her nipples as she held his head and let him nurse on then. She held his cock with her two fingers and played with it. She kissed him and whispered, "Want to look at the photos I haven't showed you yet sweetie?"

He looked at her and she smiled, He smiled back as she opened the night table and took about 10 or 12 new photos out and handed them to Tim. They showed Lee pounding Dot's pussy from behind and there were photos of his cock all wet and slippery looking as it was almost out of her pussy. Tim could see the dark mushroom cock head just inside her pussy hole. And other photos showed Lee fully imbedded in her with his balls slapping her cunt. There were photos of her facing away from Lee as she rode him reverse cowboy style. And photos of her lifting up so his cock was just touching her open pussy lips. The last one showed Lee's cock buried completely inside her. She said, "He was this deep inside me in that one."

She was pointing to her belly button. Tim moaned as she felt his cock grew with each new photo she showed him. She was lying next to him with her left leg over his hip and her hand stroked his cock. She felt him hard and she knew he was almost ready to fuck her now. She showed him the last photo and Tim saw Lee's cock half way in her ass. He moaned loud and said, 'Fuck me Dot! Please! Please! Please fuck me right now."

She moved over next to him and as he looked at the last photo Dot said, "No Tim you fuck me. Fuck me in my ass just like that!"

She pointed at the photo and then got down on all fours and pushed her ass up for him to fuck. She looked back at him and smiled as he said, "OH FUCK YES!"

He moved behind her and she passed the KY to him. He rubbed it all over his cock and around her rear hole. Then he used a finger and inserted it into her rear. She moaned a little until she felt her ass adjust to it. She said, "Do it Tim. Use your cock I'm ready baby."

He removed his finger and immediately pushed his cock head against her opening. It took a couple of pushes but it went in and he stayed still letting her adjust. She looked back and said, "More, give me more baby. Give it all to me fuck my ass now Timmy. Now baby!"

He pushed again and went in about ¾'s of the way. She wasn't really as tight as she should be back there. But she wasn't loose either. For Tim she felt tight. He knew she had been fucked back there a few times either by Lee or the vibrator and recently too. Tim knew it but he didn't care at this moment as he began to move back and forth sliding his cock in and out of her tight hole. She laid her head on the pillow and said, "Rub my clit with your fingers baby! Use the vibrator too sweetie."

He bent over her and licked and bit her neck and shoulders as he rammed his cock into her ass again and again. He began to use his fingers and stroked her clit as she pushed the vibrator against her hole. It was vibrating and it felt like a pulse. She moaned and told him, "Harder baby! Fuck my ass harder."

He rammed into her faster and faster and faster as his fingers flew over her clit. And then as if they were timing it, they both climaxed together. She fell forward and his cock slipped out of her. Cum was oozing out her ass and she was panting hard. She moaned as she felt him on top of her. Tim moved over and held her and began kissing her as she shivered with the thrill of just having her ass fucked by her husband. His cock was now soft and again looked like it was an inch long. He said, "I have to wash it off Dot, Then I'll bring you a warm cloth and towel so you can clean yourself."

She moaned and told him he was a good husband. He washed his cock clean and then came in with the warm cloth and towel. He washed her rear removing the cum from her rear hole and then dried her off. She rolled over and he washed her pussy too. Then he dried it off and slowly stroked her slit. She felt her pussy open from his touch. It seemed to her that it didn't take much to make her pussy lips open these days. It seemed like she was ready to fuck now with just a couple of touches. She seemed to be quick to accept a touch or a feel. She lay there watching her husband as he touched her pussy in a loving way. She knew he loved her very much and she loved him. It was just that Lee did things to her, which Tim could never do even if he tried. He wasn't like that; it just wasn't in him to handle her the way Lee did. Lee treated her like a slut, a whore and fucked her wildly, where as Tim loved her and treated her gently. She like both but wanted Lee's method more at least for now. Love, oh she didn't love Lee not at all but she sure wanted his cock to fuck her.

As she lay there letting her husband play with her pussy Dot began to think back about the last few days. Tim hadn't bothered her and she had a lot of time to read the book Lee gave her, It was a book all about the art of cuckolding a man. She remembered at first just flipping the pages and stopping only to read the headings of each chapter. She read the chapters that caught her attention or she knew Tim wanted. It was amazing! The book went into every aspect possible of cuckolding and domination over the partner. Dot focus mainly on the subjects of cuckolding and humiliation. She did read some of the denial and teasing chapters since she knew Lee wanted to soon begin to deny Tim her pussy. He told her to give him a lot of sex and then cut him off. It will drive him wild Lee told her but she knew he wanted to have her fuck only him and make her husband beg for it. They had talked about that earlier and he told her she should now make him beg and to keep him in the cock cage and not give him sex until he was almost crying for relief.

She knew Tim enjoyed being teased so she didn't think it would be to bad to deny her husband later on when things settled down and Tm had been wearing the cage for awhile. She also knew that Lee wanted her body all to himself. She would have to balance them both.

There were even chapters about fetishes and included turning your husband into a sissy or even a transvestite or a queer or making him bisexual. She didn't think she want any of that stuff. It seemed to just go too far with hormone drugs and even operations to change him to a shemale with tits or an operation that would make Tim a real actual woman a sister rather than a husband. She sure didn't want that for her husband! But she read that it was all very real and could be done. Dot was amazed!

As she lay there now letting Tim play with her open and now wet cunt she said, "Tim"

He came up to her and asked what she wanted? She said, "Oh Timmy, would you please lick me. Lick me again baby! Make me cum again with your sweet wonderful tongue. Please!"

He moved between her legs and she opened them wider for him. She spread herself completely and her husband moved his head between her open legs and began to lick and eat her pussy again. As he did Dot stroked his face and held his head gently. She began to remember when she read the book how she started to shake as she read some of the things in it. It was wild and so nasty in some places. The thought of some of the things it discussed went way too far for her. She could never do some of those things to Tim. But she decided she would take the time to read it all and learn about it. She wanted to learn exactly what her husband was interested in and what he wanted her to do with him. She also loved having Lee's big dick to fuck her while Timmy enjoyed being a cuckold husband.

It was during that week when Dot first saw the illustration of a penis locked in a cage. She remembered Lee had talked to her about it last week when she told him about Tim jerking off all the time. They had purchased one just for that reason. It had a tube that had a curve which would bent the cock down and make it almost impossible for the cock to get hard. There were two of them called a CB2000 or 3000-cock cage. She started to read the paragraphs under the illustration.

It told her that there were different sizes and styles but they all did the same thing. Basically the cock was locked in the cage with a small padlock and pins to keep it secured. She saw from the picture it curved down making it extremely painful if a man started to have an erection. So it would stop him from having one. It said that the man would soon know his place and would only be allowed to cum and orgasm if and when the owner of the key wanted him to do so. It was used to train and instruct the male and regulate his orgasms since it stopped him from having them. Dot realized that if Tim had a cage on his cock he couldn't jerk off any more and he would have to come to her if he wanted to cum. That was exactly what she wanted, Tim asking her and then fucking her in order to cum.

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