tagMatureDots and Dashes of Color Ch. 01

Dots and Dashes of Color Ch. 01



The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature - do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.

* * * * * * * * * *

This story is another in my "Birthday" series, following "Pretty As A Picture."

What if someone depended on you for a critical life-or-death chore, but the subject under your supervision was less than cooperative? Wouldn't you go to any lengths to get the task completed? How about eight inches?

* * * * * * * * * *

Distinguishing Characteristics

The Klymonns were packing up almost before they reappeared in the neighborhood. Scuttlebutt said that some business enemies forced good old Bert out a decade ago by, causing his abrupt departure. Not one to learn from his mistakes, Bert had sawed off the limb he was perching on in California, which brought him back to town, his family back into their old house, and me between his daughter's thighs. Through fault of his own, Bert was messing up at the current position. Some friends came to the rescue, recommending Bert for a new position with yet another company, out East, far from his disastrous experiences.

As the moving van departed, we all met on the Klymonn's front lawn to say our good byes. Jake gave me a thumbs-up handshake and a pounded my back a couple of times. Janie gave me a big hug. I left my hands at my sides. No telling what trouble I'd have gotten into if I'd started fondling that body of hers. Maddie Klymonn gave me a tight squeeze that lasted too long. Her hand snaked between us, rubbing the front of my pants.

"Too bad we couldn't get together," she whispered in my ear, holding my erection through the cloth. "Maybe when I come back to visit family." Like daughter, like mother?

We all stood and waved like Beverly Hillbillies until the Klymonn's smoking station wagon disappeared around the corner.

It was about an hour later that a brand new silver crossover vehicle came up the street and turned into the Klymonn's former driveway. A man and woman and two young ladies piled out. Annie was out the door in a flash, introducing herself to the girls, hugging them like long lost friends. Since I knew what happened with most of Annie's friends, I stayed inside at our window. The incident with Janie, her brother Jake watching, had me skittish. The inner circle of savvy folks was growing way too large for my taste.

Annie waved, screaming so loud I could hear her through the double-pane. "Dad! Come over and meet the neighbors!"

It was only proper to say hello. I shrugged on a jacket and started across the street. I was seeing double. The two young ladies looked exactly alike!

"Dad! Look out!"

I turned to face a speeding truck barreling up the street. I leaped onto the sidewalk, out of harms way.

Annie held out her arm like Vanna White exhibiting a letter. "This is Randi and this is Brandi. They're twins!"

They were identical in face, hair, shape and size, even clothing. No way was I ever going to tell them apart.

Their father opened the garage door, and then came over. "Hi, we're the Cocksworths - Harry and Joy." He held out an open hand, which I shook in disbelief. What a name!

Joy looked up from her watch and forced a smile. "The real estate agent was kind enough to give us the key early."

"That's nice." Beyond their vehicle, I watched Annie helping the girls unload several boxes and suitcases from their vehicle.

Joy was tapping her toe to a silent rhythm, or perhaps to the tick of the second hand on her watch. "Speaking of which, we all need to get over to the mortgage company office for the closing. Come on, ladies."

Both girls came running over, faces drooping. "Oh ma, do we have to?" asked one.

"Yeah, what are we going to do? Just sit and watch you push papers around?" asked the other.

"Boring!" said the first.

"You're old enough to stay here by yourselves." Joy grabbed Harry's elbow and pulled her husband towards their vehicle. "Just stay out of trouble. We'll be back soon."

"Goodie!" shouted one. "Maybe Annie could show us around?"

"Just be sure to take your medicine," Joy glanced at her watch again, "on the hour."

"Yuckers!" said the second.

It was time to extract myself from this family squabble, since the family wasn't mine. "Well, welcome to the neighborhood. If there's anything we can do to help, just ask."

I faced the street, waiting for a stream of traffic to pass before crossing. Joy was one decibel short of screaming. "I don't want you getting sick and spoiling our dinner plans. Promise me you'll take your medicine."

I peeked over my shoulder. Both twins crossed their arms under their breasts, lifting them. I stood there, watching the soap opera.

"You'll have to stay home, honey," said Harry. He had opened the car door.

"The hell I will." Joy jerked her head in my direction. "Sorry about the language." She stared at her hubby. "We both need to sign the papers or the house won't be in both our names."

"I know!" said Annie, who joined the fray after emerging from the garage. "Daddy can give Randi her medicine. Can't you, Daddy?"

There she goes again, getting me involved. I faced the new neighbors. "Oh, gee, I don't know. She doesn't seem -"

"Could you do us that favor?" Joy's eyes were wide, and a genuine smile lit up her face. The girls took after their mother, who was 1000% prettier when she smiled.

I pointed to my chest. "Me?"

"Yes. I know it's asking a lot, but if you could come over in forty-five minutes and make sure Randi takes her medicine, I'd really appreciate it." She batted her eyelashes.

"We might not even be here," said one.

"Yeah, maybe we'll go cruise the mall," said the second.

"I thought you two were too old for a sitter. All right then, Mr. uh?"

"Marcus." How quickly they forget, even when they want a favor.

"Mr. Marcus is going to stay with you while we're gone," said Joy. "Obey him as if he was one of us." She approached and handed me the house key and a bottle from her purse. "Follow the dosage. On the hour."

The two girls had run off, playing some sort of private game of tag. Annie was circling, trying to figure out the rules. With all of their motion, the twins were mixed in my mind. "Excuse me, but how am I going to tell them apart?"

Joy came back from the open passenger door of their car. "Ladies, get over here," she screamed.

The two stopped their cavorting and ran to their mother's sides. Joy pulled them closer. Then she stuck her index fingers at the neckline of their t-shirts.

"Ma!" they cried in unison.

Joy pulled the collars down so that their minor cleavage was exposed. "Randi has this birthmark." Sure enough, on one girl, there was a black spot decorating the inner surface of otherwise blemish-free tit flesh.

I realized I had not yet agreed when their vehicle screeched out of the driveway and down the street.

"Can I take them for a rollerblade tour of the neighborhood? Please?" asked Annie. "Less than half an hour."

The twins were leaning forward, awaiting my decision. "Go ahead, but don't be late." They flashed smiles and ran into the garage for their gear. I wandered up the front walk and into the house. Almost all of the furniture was gone. Back in the family room, the Klymonn's had left a threadbare plaid sofa and a 13" TV set sitting on a small wooden crate.

I turned on the TV and clicked through the channels. No cable service, of course, just snowy images of the locals. I flicked it off. Leaning back, I spotted something behind the Klymonn's old sofa, leaning against the wall. I reached down. It was a plain manila envelope. I unclasped the flap and pulled out a well-worn magazine. "Teen Temptresses." Hmm. Bert must have left this behind. Or Maggie? The kids? I flipped through the pages, pausing at the ones that stayed open themselves. Young women in skimpy outfits adorned every page. My dick hardened at the display. One quarter inch more of exposure in any of the photos would have made the magazine X-rated. Given the see-through and slipping costumes, it was a solid R. So, one of the Klymonns and I shared the fantasy. I wondered which one it was.

The sounds of clumping on the front porch signaled the girls' return. I pushed the magazine back into the envelope and stuffed it under the seat cushion. The twins jogged in wearing tight tops and tighter shorts, one in blue, the other in red. It took no imagination to picture them naked.

"Where's Annie?" I asked.

"She said she had a friend from art class coming over," said blue.

I studied my watch, and then looked back and forth at the two young ladies. "Almost time for your medicine."

"Keep your pants on," said red.

I stood up, holding the bottle. "So, which of you is which?"

"Guess!" said blue.

I thought about performing the same examination their mother had done, except their shirts were much higher and tighter. No way could I tug at their collars. "I'm not going to do what your mother did. Please tell me, which of you is Randi?"

"Well, he did say please," said red. In a choreographed motion, she took off her top. Blue hesitated, then followed suit.

With no bras, their pert tits were pointing straight at me. As I scanned from chest to chest, I uncovered a problem, besides the fact that I was sporting an erection. Both had a black spot, in almost the same location.

Their dialogue was a ping-pong match, each taking turns.

"We used indelible marker," said blue.

"The medicine will make Brandi really sick," said the red.

"Randi has to take full doses until it's used up. Doctor's orders."

"So you can't give it to both of us."

"Now Randi doesn't have to take her meds."

"So you're stuck!" They both folded their arms again.

I grabbed their wrists, narrowly missing their breasts. "This is no game. Your folks trusted me to make this happen."

Both girls dropped their heads. My hard-on was a lump in my pants.

"Look at that!" said red. "Mr. M is horny!"

"Oh my!" said blue.

The girls pulled away and huddled, buzzing in each other's ears. In profile and close together, their pointy nipples almost touched.

"Tell you what. There's another way to tell," said red.

"Are you sure about this?" asked blue.

Red licked her lips. "Oh yeah, this is perfect."

Blue's voice was hesitant. "Okay."

"Give us a minute," said red.

"Only one, as long as afterwards, Randi takes her medicine," I demanded.

"We promise!" they hollered in chorus.

They ran out of the room. In a few minutes, they were back, both wearing short bathrobes. Their legs were long and bare.

"Randi has another birth mark," said red.

"So show me!"

They glanced at each other, and then plopped down onto the sofa. "Ta da!" Red threw open her robe. She was completely naked. Blue glanced sideways at her sister, then did the same. I gasped and got stiffer. Then they both spread their legs. What was going on?

"See here, on my pussy lip," said red.

I crept forward.

"You'll have to get closer to see it," she continued.

I knelt down in front of her.


Sure enough, there was a dark spot, on the right side just outside her pussy. I was transfixed.

"Mine too," said blue.

The other twin was pointing to a similar dark mark next to her pussy, hers on the left.

"No tricks! You said I'd be able to tell the difference."

Red licked a finger. "We used water-soluble ink this time. You can just rub it off."

My hands shook as I looked at my watch. Ten minutes to go.

"Not fair. We're naked and you're dressed." Red leaned over and pulled at my belt. Blue joined in, unclasping my pants. "Stand up."

Time was passing, and I hadn't figured out who was who. When I looked down, my pants and jockeys were at my ankles. Oh well, as long as Randi, whichever one she was, took her meds, this was a small sacrifice. After all, how many of Annie's friends had seen me. Or worse?

"Wow. That's a big one," said blue.

"Bigger than K-Man, for sure," said red. "Better get started, Mr. M."

I knelt down and reached out tentatively, rubbing along the edge of red's cunt. The skin slid away and the black dot didn't come off.

"Harder. Rub harder," red said.

As I made another pass, red shifted position, and my finger slipped between her pussy lips.

"What about me?" asked blue. "Check my mark." She took my other hand and rubbed it across her pussy, already wet.

"Don't stop." Red was panting and squirming.

"Rub me too," pleaded blue.

There I knelt, finger fucking one while massaging the pussy of the second.

The dot on blue's pussy faded with each pass of my fingers. I looked red straight in the eye. "You're Randi."

"I sure as hell am!" She gripped my wrist and thrust my finger deeper into her cunt.

"Are you ready to take your medicine?" I asked, as if she had a choice.

Her hips were bouncing off the sofa. "Oh yes."

When I went to stand up, I noticed that my other hand was unconsciously still caressing Brandi's cunt. I fetched the bottle, poured a tablespoon and brought it to Randi's lips. As the spoon entered her mouth, Randi wrapped her hand around my cock. I startled, but the medicine had already reached its destination. Randi made a face as she swallowed.

My watch told me that we weren't late. I sighed, relieved. Randi was still sitting, legs apart, glowing with perspiration from skating and her little game. I bent over to pull up my underwear.

"Oh no you don't." Randi jumped from the couch. "We're not done. It's time for you to take your medicine."

Randi pushed. My jockeys and pants were like feet handcuffs. I fell backwards over Brandi, who was on all fours behind me. I rose up on my elbows but the pair pushed me back on the floor. Brandi held my shoulders down with her knees. That put the top of my head squarely in her groin. Randi positioned her pussy over my dick.

"Can you take that whole thing?" asked Brandi.

"Sure. Good preparation for the main event," replied her sister.

The question was too obvious, but I felt obligated to ask. "What are you doing?"

"Can't you see?" asked Randi. "You're going to fuck me."

This was nuts. I'd been with these girls for maybe an hour, and one was impaling herself on my erection, with assistance from her sister. "Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked.

Randi kept out of the range of my hands, wiggling my erection into the folds of her pussy. The first two inches went in way too easily. "It's not a question of want." Randi took another inch and grunted. "Fucking that tool of yours is good practice for a really big prick."

No man wants to be told that his penis isn't big, or big enough, or smaller than some other guy.

She pushed forward and down, cramming another inch. "Now comes the hard part," said Randi.

The whole thing was hard. "You have more than eight inches in your future?" I asked.

"Way more!" Randi said.

My dick shrank with the thought. Randi slid forward, until our pubic hairs were mingled.

"Now fuck me good, Mr. M. Make me cum."

She was determined, so I turned off my propriety filter. Randi was now within range of my hands. I caressed her sides, raising my hands and squeezing her breasts so her nipples stuck out, red and swollen.

"Don't tear them off!" she cried.

Was I pulling that hard? I ran my hands around to her back.

She leaned forward, and I pawed her ass. She was riding me, back and forth, up and down. "That's it. Ooh, you fuck good."

"Better than K-Man?" asked Brandi. She'd backed off, allowing freedom of movement, now that I was fully engaged in the activity.

"Much better, and four times deeper," Randi said.

When I started to buck up to meet her thrusts, Randi plastered herself against me, motionless. The friction vanished.

"I thought you wanted to fuck," I moaned.

"Yeah, but no way are you cumming."

I breathed a sigh of relief. Here was the first of Annie's acquaintances who didn't want to push me over the edge. Then I wondered. "Why not?"

"'Cause after you fuck me, you have to fuck Brandi."

Brandi stood up. "Oh no he isn't!" I had a view all the way up her legs to her cunt. "I'm not doing that."

"You wouldn't fuck K-Man because he was so thick. Now you won't fuck Mr. M 'cause he's too large."

I didn't know K-Man, but evidently he was stumpy, thick but short. My balls tightened. Randi stopped moving, and the urge dissipated.

She continued, "How you going to get ready for the main event?"

What was that? Oh yeah, the guy with the really big dick. They both had an appointment later with Mr. Hung? My penis throbbed in Randi's pussy.

I resumed thrusting. Who was this snotty young lady, to tell me If I could cum or not? Wasn't that for me to decide? To hell with Randi. I bucked up and down, determined to spurt inside her. The hell with Brandi. She didn't want to screw anyway. Randi didn't respond with her trick. She wobbled back and forth as I attacked.

"Whoa, boy. Much more of that, and you'll be juicing me up." Without warning, Randi stood up, leaving my erection waving in the air.

"Cum in my mouth," said Randi.

"You said I could suck him," said Brandi. She pushed at her sister, who teetered backwards.

"No fuck, no suck, sis," said Randi.

They took positions on opposite sides of my body, grabbing at my prick, slapping each others hands away, thwacking it back and forth, arguing about who was entitled to my cum. No one had ever treated my dick to such punishment. It pulsed, hard as steel.

"If I have to take that yucky medicine, the least I can do is suck him off," said Randi. Her hand was pistoning my dick.

Brandi batted Randi's hand away and took over. "I should drink his juice since I'm the oldest."

"By eight seconds," said Randi. She sat back on her haunches, arms folded.

The silence was deafening, the lack of interest debilitating. My erection began to fade.

"Tell you what," said Randy. "Let him eat you, and after he gets all hard again, you can suck him."

Brandi straddled my head, facing her sister. I could barely breathe, my nose and mouth covered by Brandi's sweet pussy. I felt stiffness return to my dick. Randi remounted me. "What a great birthday present."

Silly me. Of course, the twins were celebrating a birthday. When didn't one of Anna's friends have a birthday when I was fucking them?

Randi sprung up and down. Her cunt had lost some of its moisture, and the fucking became chaffing.

"You're fucking him again!" Brandi's voice was hesitant, as my pussy eating was distracting her. "I thought you said I could suck him."

"I can't help myself," said Randi. "Better than dinner out, hmm, Mr. M?"

Brandi shook as I ran my tongue around and through her pussy. "God, this is awesome!" she cried. Her thighs clamped against my head.

The sound of an engine startled us all.

"Quick, get into the shower," Randi screamed. She and her sister bolted from the room with their robes, leaving me lying there with my raw penis, and my pants around my ankles.

I pulled them up, and was threading my belt through the buckle when a female called out "Anybody home?"

Joy walked into the den and sniffed. "Hmm, musty. Needs a good cleaning." She walked closer. "Did Randi take her medicine?"

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