tagIncest/TabooDots and Dashes of Color Ch. 05

Dots and Dashes of Color Ch. 05



The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature - do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

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* * * * * * * * * *

This is the fifth chapter of a story that has grown well beyond its intended length and subject matter. I am no longer writing it - it is writing itself. My fingers are slaves to my imagination.

Harvey and his daughter Annie joined Harry Cocksworth and his twin daughters at an overnight private party. Harry confessed his interest in young women - both of his daughters and Annie - while naked in the locker room. Harvey got an in-person look at Harry's cock, as big as his daughters claimed. Things got a bit out of hand at the swimming pool, and oral liberties were taken. Annie has a mutual interest in Harry. The twins are also interested in having their dad, but Harvey has promised Joy, Harry's wife, to keep them apart.

Harvey is still wondering why he had to sign a non-disclosure agreement just to get a room key, and why the outing is for fathers and daughters, no mothers allowed. And how will he keep three sexed-up young women off Harry's monster cock?

* * * * * * * * * *

Borderline Behavior Across The Border

I opened the inner hand-addressed envelope, the one labeled "GUEST FATHER ONLY." The card inside gave simple instructions. "Tune your TV to channel 3 at precisely 6:00 P.M. Use your Z-card and password to gain access to a closed-circuit broadcast." Sure enough, there was a card reader and numeric pad on top of the TV set.

Awfully high tech for a birthday party. But what does he want with just the dads? Probably to hit us up for his favorite charity, and doesn't want his daughter to know her party is a fundraising front. Well, sorry pal, I left my checkbook at home.

I showered quickly, and then got the TV set up as directed. I pulled up my pants as the broadcast began. There was Mr. Hound's-tooth, in the same suit as earlier. Dark paneling formed the backdrop.

"Good evening, fathers. For those of you I haven't met, I am Arcuda Zenellis. You and your daughters are here as my guests. Please enjoy all of the facilities this marvelous venue has to offer."

Magnanimous gent! I worked the buttons of my shirt while wandering around to find my socks and tie.

Zenellis continued, "I want to share with you the schedule for tonight's activities, and provide some information that I hope will answer your questions. Tonight, after dinner, there will be two events. First, the celebration of my daughter Saroya's 22nd birthday."

She looked mature, but I'm so bad at ages anyway.

"Second, the private introduction of a new product from my Chemical subsidiary."

Now the NDA makes sense! But why a private introduction and not a standard press release? Zenellis's marketing folks must be idiots.

"As my guests, you have two opportunities to profit by your attendance. If you are successful in both, you'll walk away $100,000 wealthier."

What? I sat on the edge of the bed, full attention on the TV screen.

"Before you depart this weekend, you can earn an easy $50,000 by suggesting an application for my new product. You may collaborate with your daughters, if you wish, but there will be one $50,000 payment per family."

Hell, my best skill is generating ideas. Should I keep the money in a private stash, or throw it into the family pot? It depends on Annie, I guess, and whether she rats me out to Harriett. So, how do I earn the other $50,000?

"I am a strong believer in role models. Since Saroya's mother died giving birth, I have worked hard to be both mother and father to her. In the process, I've learned how important a male role model can be to a young lady. In business, people learn from diverse sources. You get different perspectives, and it makes you a wiser person." Zenellis tapped his temple with his finger. "Therefore, each of your daughters will have the opportunity to have someone else's father be a role model for them."

Why does this stink like last week's fish? Maybe Zenellis's curled smile?

"After dinner, every father will circulate, meeting all of the young ladies, and vise versa. Then, each father will enter his top three choices for evening companion."

So, he's moved from student to companion. The innuendo is thick as Louisiana mud.

"Daughters will be assigned, meeting their trainer in the father's room. As a mentor, it is important to guide the young lady in proper behavior, so that their experience can be fulfilling."

Now I'm to provide fulfillment as a trainer. Is that worth $50,000?

"Embrace this opportunity. Communicate at a deeper level. Help a young woman throw off preconceived notions. Be passionate about the learning process."

Embrace. Deeper. Passion. All euphemisms regarding sex. You know, it wouldn't take much for a guy to misinterpret these instructions and attempt to seduce his young student. I was half erect at the mere thought. Zenellis ought to choose his words more carefully.

"You and your student should take advantage of this intimate learning experience. Any lessons you perform must be with mutual consent."

Intimate learning? Mutual consent? Shit, he is talking about sex!

"I have provided some tools to advance the learning process. Some of them are already in your room."

I ran around the room, pulling open drawers. Nothing in the dresser. Ah ha! The nightstand had a stash of condoms, plain and lubricated, smooth and textured. Damn, Zenellis wants us to screw them!

I checked the labels - large and extra large, as if Zenellis wasn't precisely sure of my endowment. How did he know I wasn't small?

"You'll register mutual consent using the card reader on your TV. After your lesson has completed, and we verify the result, I will pay each of you $25,000. If your daughter makes the same arrangement with her mentor, then your family total will be the additional $50,000."

Verify our sex lesson? How? Cameras! Son of a bitch! Another search. The dresser had a mirror, against a wall common with the hallway. I pulled the picture away from the headboard. Nothing. I looked up at the ceiling. Near the door, a smoke detector. I dragged the desk chair over and got closer. A transparent panel on the half-sphere. Found it! I ran to my duct tape in my tool bag, ripped off a piece and slapped it over the dome. There, record that!

"If you feel uncomfortable in any way, then please submit your product concept at any of the terminals in the lobby and depart at your convenience, with your daughter of course. Your check will be mailed to you. However, an opportunity of this type does not come along every day."

Except if you're me.

"I'll look forward to meeting each of you at tonight's dinner."

The screen showed the Zenellis logo on a black hound's-tooth.

So, Zenellis is going to pay me $25,000 to fuck some girl, and another $25,000 if Annie does the same. I wonder if she's up to this? And who will they assign her, anyway? At least, the twins won't get assigned to their father Harry. Looks like some joy with Joy will be an added bonus.

I finished getting dressed and checked myself out in the mirror. I clean up nice, if I have to say so myself. I stuck a pen and notepad in my breast pocket, to take notes during the "howdy round."

The elevator was filled with dads who'd just seen the same message. Most of them were primping and smiling. We were all going to get lucky tonight, that is, if our assigned young lady was accommodating. The only downside was, I wasn't making the choice myself.

Before I could walk three feet out of the elevator, a waiter put a glass of champagne in my hand. Nice touch, getting the fathers drunk so they'd cooperate. Were the girls getting spiked punch as well?

I found Annie and the twins giggling with a larger group of girls. Even Brandi was chatting up a storm. Only one of the group was memorable - a tall brunette, skinny, her hair pulled back into a stubby ponytail, not much of a chest, skirt halfway down her legs. But her eyes! Large and round, like a magnet, pulling me in. Despite her awkward stance, knees almost knocking and the sway of her shoulders as she stood in one place, I don't know, how do you explain physical attraction? Anyway, I couldn't get her to look directly at me no matter how close I walked.

Tables were set for eight, but Harry's threesome messed things up. So, only one father/daughter team joined us. He was in the accounting department at headquarters. His daughter was fat and whiny, pulling at his sleeve through the entire meal. He did all he could to please her, including ordering a completely different meal, at his own expense. She left all but one bite on the plate, and then ran off to bother the DJ, who was packing to leave.

Zenellis stood up at the special guest table in front of the ballroom. I recognized him and his daughter but none of the others. "Those are Zenellis's hand-picked board of directors," Harry whispered. How many of them, all men, had listened to the close-circuit address? None of them were sitting with their daughters.

"Thank you for joining us here tonight." He patted his daughter's piled-up hairdo. "Let me get business out of the way first. That way, I can write off this whole extravaganza." That got a good laugh from everyone except the accounting guy at our table. "Some of you have asked about the non-disclosure agreement you signed." A projection screen lowered behind him. "Here's the reason. I am pre-announcing FasTack, the miracle adhesive, the latest technology from the Chemical division of Zenellis Industries." A logo in modern lettering and bright colors appeared on the screen. "FasTack can be formulated in different strengths, depending on use. So, it can be temporary or permanent." He reached into the podium and brought out two pieces of cloth, one black, one white. He slapped them together and pressed down. They came up off the table stuck together. The audience cheered. They pulled apart easily, and that too got an ovation. I guess liquor lowers one's threshold of awe. "It can also be formulated to work at some temperatures but not others." He picked up a different example. He handed it to his daughter, who struggled to separate the cloths. He dunked the material in a glass of ice water and handed it back to her. The pieces came apart easily. What was this, a fucking magic show? "We can also design FasTack to operate under particular pressure and stress characteristics."

These were all very nice demonstrations, but even a techie like me knows that products are where the development dollars hit the road.

"I trust FasTack implicitly, even with my daughter's dignity. Stand up, my dear. Saroya's dress is one long ribbon of fabric, held together by FasTack." The applause was deafening. I cheered for another opportunity to view Saroya's body. Her face pointed down. Was she embarrassed to be on display, or scared that the adhesive would fail and she'd be standing there, buck naked, in front of a large audience?

Zenellis went on to describe the $50,000 award for anyone supplying an application of FasTack to a product or service, just as he had in the closed circuit broadcast. The daughters hadn't heard this before, and exploded in hollers and screaming. Annie hugged me close, and Harry was smothered from both sides, as the twins used this as an excuse to hug and touch their dad.

"Now, to the real reason you are all here. Saroya's birthday." Everyone applauded the birthday girl. Her gaze remained down. "This is a celebration of maturing and learning." I wondered how Zenellis was going to finesse the sex. He repeated the opening justification for father swapping, almost word-for-word. Not bad for starters.

"The fathers will visit each table, meeting each young lady. When everyone has circulated, tables will be dismissed one at a time. As you leave this hall, each of you will enter your top three choices. Daughters will select possible mentors, and fathers will select possible students. Our information systems group will process the preferences, and deliver mentor assignments to each daughter within the hour. What a glorious educational experiment! Embrace it and enjoy yourselves!"

Everyone rooted, each for his or her own reasons. What was going to happen when half of the fathers selected the sexiest five daughters in the group? Although, to be honest, except for chubbette, most of the girls were attractive enough that I'd let any of them in.

Saroya tugged her father's sleeve and whispered in his ear as dads began to stand up. He nodded. "Thank you, dearest. Wait. I almost forgot." A line of staff walked in carrying large cardboard boxes with the omnipresent Z logo. "We have sets of special garments for each of you to wear this evening. Please take them back to your rooms and change. An envelope with the assignment for your daughters will be delivered as soon as we have tabulated them."

One father at a table near the front walked up to Zenellis and posed a question that no one else could hear. "By the way, all assignments are final and cannot be changed. Thank you for your cooperation. Have a good time, and learn from each other."

Zenellis sat down, conversing with the gentleman seated to his left.

Like the rest of the dads, I stood up, hiked up my pants to disguise as much of my stomach as I could, and circled the room, sauntering from table to table. After saying hello and shaking clammy, limp hands of the young ladies, I'd add any reasonable prospects for the night's activities to my notepad. The alcohol had affected my standards, and soon the list of possibilities overflowed to a second page. Soon I was near the head table. Zenellis was eating some frozen dessert we didn't get. His daughter sat, with a frozen expression. She wore number "001." That made Zenellis zero. I chuckled silently at my private joke as I approached the table directly in front of Saroya. Two of Zenellis's guards with hound's-tooth epaulettes bolted from the ends of the table.

"Happy birthday," I said. I was suddenly sandwiched between the burly protectors.

Zenellis whipped his head and scowled. He scanned me, up and down, looking at my chest as if to memorize my number. Saroya's lips curved into a smile, revealing sparkling white teeth. I stepped backwards, not taking my eyes off her, and crushed the foot of a father behind me. Saroya's smile burst into a laugh, as the other dad hopped around on one foot. So much for being suave.

I continued my rounds of the tables, but the young ladies all paled in comparison to Saroya. Whenever I looked back at the head table, she averted her eyes, but I felt she'd been watching me make my way around the room. What size balls would it take to select Zenellis's daughter as my first pick? Bigger ones that I had.

With a list of over twenty names, I returned to the table. Annie and the twins sat together, voices just above a whisper, probably comparing notes. Harry was taking his sweet time, engaging each young lady in conversation. Why was he bothering? Did he expect meaningful discussion while they were shacked up?

"So, see anybody interesting?" I took my seat and grabbed a few nuts from a bowl on the table.

"A few," said Annie. She leaned close, my arm hugged between her breasts. "Too bad I can't pick you."

"And too bad we can't pick daddy," said one of the twins. I think it was Randi. She wore the red dress, pulled high on her thighs.

Whoever got her was going to get a handful tonight. Did the girls know what was in store?

"I hope I get you, Mr. M," said Brandi. I choked on a cashew. She wore blue, but used Randi's nickname for me. This was too confusing!

Harry finally returned to the table but didn't sit down. "Our turn to leave." Sure enough, every table between the door and us was vacant. We stood, picking up our special garments for the evening from a tuxedoed assistant at the door.

We waited in line at the touch screen terminals again. I swiped my card as instructed. The screen confirmed my name and asked for my three choices, in order of preference. I touched in the number of a cute blond cheerleader type in a short skirt who'd jumped from her seat, breasts bouncing under her blouse and panties flashing. If we didn't fuck, at least she'd be entertaining. Second, I chose Brandi. Maybe I was setting myself up for conversation and a cold shower, but there was always the possibility. Third was Plain Jane, my nickname for the tall skinny one with the enormous eyes. Alone, she'd be obligated to look at me.

I waited until Harry and all three girls had made their selections. We rode silently up to our floor, then walking ahead of Harry and the twins to our room. Inside, Annie reached behind and untied the halter of her dress. Her bra was overflowing.

"Mommy needs to buy me new bras. I've outgrown my old ones." Her breasts bulged out, bigger than I remembered.

How did I miss this? "You want some privacy?"

The dress slid from her body and pooled around her ankles. Only a thong covered my daughter's body. She shook her head, hair and boobs waving. She reached up and massaged her shoulders, thrusting her breasts even further at me. "Come on, since when do we hide our bodies?" Annie remained in place, watching me.

I methodically undressed, emptying my pockets, hanging up my suit, and folding my tie. "Do you know what's going to happen tonight? With the assigned father, I mean?"

Annie walked over to the nightstand. "Some of the girls said they found rubbers in their rooms." She opened the drawer and held out her hand full of sealed packets. "Did you bring these?"

"No, they were provided by our host." I unbuttoned my shirt as I divulged the truth about Zenellis's scheme. "So, the father you get will try to seduce you." When I got down to my jockeys, she sat down on the bed and motioned for me to join her.

"Daddy, you know computers." One finger dangled from her lip.

Here it comes. Annie strikes that provocative pose when she wants something. "Could you hack into Zanellis's computers and arrange for me to get Harry?"

She was serious. "I don't think so, baby. Looks like he runs a pretty tight ship. Besides, I don't have any equipment. I didn't bring my laptop."

"You're equipped, all right." She slid closer; too close given my penis was tenting the cotton of my undies. Her hand circled my bare stomach. "Do you think he'll fit? I mean, if I get Harry?"

I didn't know what to say? Repeat the old line 'stretches to fit?' I'd gotten stuck in several girls' pussies, and Harry is one and a half times longer than me. "It'll be fine." I stroked the side of her face.

"Maybe we should do a warm-up exercise," she said. Her hand went straight down the front of my jockeys, stroking my erection.

The one time I fucked Annie before, it was in an anonymous sort of way. I didn't know who was wearing that oversized Betty Boop head. This time, it would be face to face. Annie increased the temp of her strokes. A man only has so much "won't" power. Shit! Someone else would bury themselves in her within a few hours, or die trying. And, if Annie did get Harry, it wouldn't come as such a shock if she'd had me first.

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