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Dots and Dashes of Color Ch. 09



The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature - do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is the ninth chapter of a story that has grown well beyond its intended length and subject matter. I am no longer writing it - it is writing itself. My fingers are slaves to my imagination.

Harvey and his daughter Annie joined Harry Cocksworth and his twin daughters at an overnight private party. Arcuda Zenellis, chairman of an international conglomerate, is celebrating his company's new invention, an adhesive named FasTack, and his daughter Saroya's 22nd birthday. Zenellis has offered $50,000 to each father who suggests a use for FasTack, plus an additional $50,000 if the father fucks someone else's daughter, under the guise of "mentoring."

Mr. Marcus walked away from Zenellis's ideation/sex camp with $100,000 plus five percent of profits from the use of FasTack in medical applications. Except for royalty checks, he didn't expect to hear from Zenellis again. So much for expectations.

* * * * * * * * *

Two months after the sex seminar outing with Annie and the Cocksworth clan minus the missus, the phone rang in my office. Caller Id said Zenellis Enterprises. My first royalty check is ready, and they want my Social Security number? Nah, too soon. Product development takes time, and then there's testing and -. The phone hadn't stopped.

"This is the Office of the Chairman calling." The female operator had a nice voice. I tried to picture the body that went with it, but without clues my imagination couldn't focus. "The Chairman would like to meet with you, at your earliest convenience. Is one o'clock acceptable?"

Hell, it was eleven and I was planning a nice lunch. Maybe Zenellis would buy? Nah, not his style. "I'll grab an early lunch and come over."

Three crises delayed my departure, leaving me no choice but the food court on the main floor. The fast food didn't agree with me. My stomach rumbled all over to Zenellis's building and up the elevator to the penthouse. Even if the conversation is boring, the view should be spectacular.

The receptionist outside a row of mahogany doors greeted me with the same voice I heard on the phone. "How can I help you?" I never would have guessed she was diminutive - never call a woman short - with a button nose. She might be able to pass for a midget, but everything below her oversized breasts was hidden behind the desk so I couldn't confirm that hypothesis. "I'm Harvey Marcus, here to see the Chairman."

"Go right in. She's expecting you."

She? I opened the door. At the far end of a long room sat Saroya at an oversized desk. Since when did she become Chairman? Where was her old man? Retired? Nah, too young.

"I'm so glad you are here." She stood, and walked around the desk to make the greeting more personal.

Like I had a choice. "Nice to see you, too." I wasn't lying. A black bra showed through Saroya's thin white blouse, and her skirt showed almost all of her legs, stopping strategically at mid thigh. Memories of rubbing my hands all over her body, and her touching and sucking my dick and sprang up. So did my penis. I hoped she wouldn't notice. On second thought, why not? She'd taken at least some of the initiative.

She pointed to a chair directly in front of the desk. I sat, as she wiggled back, leaning against the edge of the desk. She slid one leg over the other, her skirt riding up even further. Saroya had the best legs, sculpted but not overly muscular. She could probably break one of my ribs if I found myself with her legs wrapped around -

"I called you here for two things," she said.

I didn't expect that one of them was fucking my brains out, but a guy can wish. "Yes?"

"I'm offering you a position with my company," she said.

Horizontal with her on top? God, I didn't think her teasing in the hotel room had gotten to me, but obviously it had. Always a good practice to listen. "Go on."

"I will more than match your current salary. I reviewed your product suggestion, and the terms of your agreement. You could have a bright future at Zenellis."

I didn't expect this at all. For one of the few times in my life, I was speechless.

Saroya continued, "Of course, employees surrender rights to their ideas to the company. Standard industry practice."

"Of course." That's why the job offer - to break my agreement for residuals for QuickSuture, or whatever they'd call it, my idea to use FasTack in medical applications. "Sorry, but no thanks," I replied. I could see there'd be some benefits - God, those legs! And I'd seen her practically naked. Not only seen, but touched. Damn, all I'd need is a sign she was interested and I'd have her on her sprawled on her back on that desk of hers -

She uncrossed her legs, pulled down her skirt, a futile gesture, and folded her arms across her chest. "In that case, I want to speak with you about the terms and conditions you negotiated with Father."

"Where is the old man, anyway?" I expected I'd be seeing him, although my dread had turned to delight.

Saroya leaned over to grab a manila folder.

I dropped my head just a bit, to perchance to get a glimpse up her skirt.

"Several fathers didn't take necessary precautions at our outing and their partners became pregnant." Saroya flipped the folder open. Pictures slid out, cluttering her empty desk. I stood to examine the photos. The cheerleader who'd leaped from her chair and whose breasts bounced under her shirt. Her face was sad in the photo, as if she'd just lost a dear pet. The second was a girl I hadn't seen at the outing. The third was very familiar. Carol, the skinny one with the eyes! Shit! Had I gotten her pregnant? Zenellis or any of the others would have had an easy time with her after she and I had fucked. No way was I going to volunteer any more information. "That's terrible."

"Our recordings of the tutoring sessions were stolen, so all we have are the planned match-ups," said Saroya. "Interviews with participants disclosed that many of the intended matches of fathers to others' daughters did not take place. And, some fathers and daughters might have come together on their own. Without the recordings, we have no substantiating evidence."

Damn right! Those disk drives were safely stored in my crawlspace, in sealed plastic and industrial cardboard cartons. "Seems like your dad's outing got way out of control. A little like you did, hmm?" No harm in reminding her of our brief encounter, sans clothes.

Her face reddened but she continued, "They're all getting abortions, as best we can determine. Although we were able to keep it from the public, there was private outrage from our Board and major stockholders. Fathers who used protection wondered why other guests didn't. They assumed such precautions were mandated. In the end, both groups demanded satisfaction. Father stepped down and turned the company over to me, about three years earlier than scheduled."

I sat back down. Now it was my turn to fold my arms. "My deal was with the company, not your dad. You're not going to renegotiate the deal I have! No way!"

"Let's set that issue aside for the moment. The other thing I wanted to see you about is product testing." Saroya fondled the buttons on her blouse with one hand, and extended the other. I stood. "Let's get comfortable on the couch." The sofa was at the far end of her office, near the door.

So was this the second item on Saroya's list, or the third? Gawking at her body, I'd lost track. We walked the length of her office past a series of built-in bookcases until the last section, which housed a floor to ceiling mirror instead. Getting comfortable on a couch with a desirable young woman was something I had experience with. Frequently. We sat on opposite sides. Behind Saroya, the large mirror played back my reflection.

"Father told me of an embarrassing incident at the outing," she said.

His or mine?

She continued, "That you glued your lingam inside one of the young ladies?"

Lingam, my penis. I'd gotten stuck inside Carol, and she got pregnant. Maybe it wasn't me. Zenellis acted like he would make a move on Carol any minute, and there could have been others. "If he said so."

"Well, we've productized the concept, modified of course. Our chemists have created a formula using the essence of FasTack with a natural lubricant. It's designed for couples who want more stimulation than the natural friction of lingam and yoni."

Yoni. Pussy. Terrific. My accident with Carol becomes a revenue stream for Zenellis. "So, do I get a royalty on this one, too?"

Saroya's face reddened. "No. This was my idea."

Based solely on my true-life experience. Saroya had said product testing. Was this my invitation to fuck her? I bet that natural friction would be sufficient, and StuckFuck gel would be unnecessary.

Saroya returned to the far side of the room, ass wiggling under her skirt. At her desk, she leaned over and tapped the intercom. "Letti, ask Natasha to come in now."

Natasha? Saroya wasn't planning on being my partner in the test? A sigh deflated my lungs but not my prick.

Letti's voice crackled over the intercom speaker. "She's not here, Ms. Zenellis. She left for lunch."

"Oh, she did?" Saroya growled. "When she returns, tell her she's on permanent lunch. We'll send her personal effects." She paced the length of the room, glancing at me, then the mirror to my right, then back at me. Saroya made no move to straighten her clothes or adjust a misplaced lock of hair. Not that her coiffeur was anything but perfect. Saroya stopped at her desk and tapped the intercom again. "Letti, get in here!"

The small receptionist came in. She was exceptionally well built for a small person, great body in a small package. For the first time, I saw her standing. In profile, she had a nice ass, too. She was almost like a version of Saroya that had been washing too many times in hot water.

"Letti, this is Mr. Marcus. He is here for product testing," said Saroya. "Natasha was going to work with Mr. Marcus, but since she decided to fill her stomach instead of her - well - you'll have to substitute."

"Whatever you need, Ms. Zenellis."

"Good attitude. Take off your sweater."

"What?" Letti's cheeks gained some additional color.

"Are you deaf from those things you wear in your ears? Take off that sweater, and drop your slacks. Did I approve of slacks as dress code?"

"You're kidding, right?" Letti's head turned back and forth.

If this was to be a demonstration of the new sex lube, Saroya was setting Letti up to be my partner. Not that I'd mind. "Leave the young lady alone," I said. Best to be the hero in these kinds of circumstances.

"And you, drop your trousers," said Saroya.

Her tone was like a military commander barking out orders. Is that how she got things done at Zenellis? Not for long. "The hell I will!"

"Must I remind you of your agreement with Father? The terms and conditions specifically state-" She strutted back to her desk, and grabbed a document. I followed.

"- That you will, quote, provide any and all assistance with product development and marketing as determined by Zenellis Enterprises, unquote."

"For ideas I came up with," I said.

Saroya waved the document. "There's no such qualification. So, if you'd rather lose your five percent-"

I glanced back at Letti. The idea of having sex with her wasn't distasteful. We were just being thrown together in such a casual way. Shouldn't a student of the Kama Sutra like Saroya understand the necessity of foreplay?

"And you," Saroya said to Letti, "there's a five thousand dollar bonus in it for you to undress."

I knew that stripping was only the preliminary to testing the sex gel. Perhaps Letti would earn additional bonuses for spreading those short legs-

Letti looked at me for assistance.

"Ms. Zenellis, this young woman is obviously unprepared for your direction. Perhaps I should attempt to put her into the mood."

Saroya shrugged. "Go on if you must. Back there, by the couch."

I didn't think it made much difference where we warmed up, but I gave in. Letti stood, stiff, arms at her sides. "Have you ever seen Ms. Zenellis's brown wrap-around dress?" I asked.

Letti nodded.

"Well, I had the fortune of helping her, uh, get back into it."

Letti giggled.

If she thought her boss lady had disrobed in front of me, perhaps this was a less obnoxious situation.

"Let me demonstrate how I applied the swath of cloth." I leaned forward and whispered in Letti's ear, "I'll be touching you, gently. Somehow, we'll get through this together." I straightened up, standing behind the receptionist. "I started up here -" I placed my hands on Letti's shoulders and massaged. It wasn't precisely what I'd done with Saroya, but I expected it would relax my partner. I began to circle her. "And on each pass, I'd drape the cloth around her body, pressing it firmly so it would stick." My stick was getting harder by the moment. I faced Letti, hands on her upper chest.

Letti glanced at Saroya over her shoulder. "I bet she enjoyed it. I am."

In one circumnavigation, I had my hands on Letti's breasts, with no complaint. She licked her lips and kept her eyes closed. I paused there, stroking them, pressing them together.

I walked around back, reluctant to take my hands off those treasures, and rubbed her back. Another pass put me in front, and I stroked my hands up her belly to the underside of her breasts. I couldn't help it, and gave them another squeeze before proceeding to her back. "Eventually, I was down to here." I put my hands on her ass. She pressed back, so I was holding her buttocks. She humped up and down, so my fingertips slipping towards her privates. I came around ninety degrees, stopping with Letti in profile, keeping one hand on her ass and placing the other on her crotch.

"Oh God!" Letti moaned.

I glanced up at Saroya. "You said something similar, didn't you?" To Brandi, when her mouth was on your pussy.

Saroya's face was shiny. She tugged at her collar, shaking her breasts beneath her blouse. Her other hand was on her abdomen. Was she getting as turned on as I was, and as excited as I hoped Letti was?

Letti panted and moaned, leaning on me for support, as I cupped her crotch, letting my fingers dance across her pussy.

I whispered, "How about if we get more comfortable now that you're -"

Letti jumped away. She was down to her bra and panties in an instant. Must need the sex or the money. I unbuckled and unzipped, taking off my shoes as well as my pants. I folded my slacks over the chair near Saroya's desk. It was obvious that I was semi-aroused, and the fact that Letti's large dark circles were visible through her sheer bra didn't help. Actually, it helped a lot.

Letti had recovered from the brink or orgasm. Her hands were on her hips, chest thrust out proudly. "Okay, I did what you asked," said Letti. "Is that all?" Her eyes darted back and forth, between Saroya and me.

"No. Now I want you to sit on Mr. Marcus's lap," said Saroya.

I sat down on the guest chair near Saroya's desk and patted my thighs. Maybe this testing wouldn't be so bad after all, now that Letti was in a better mood. And, down to her undies.

"No, no, on the couch." Saroya shooed me without touching towards the rear of her office.

Why did it matter? On the couch, Letti and I would be able to see ourselves. In the mirror. It hit me. There was a video camera behind the mirror! Blackmail, just her father used on his Wisconsin outing. Damn! I'd have to keep my wits about me, to get a piece and still retain my percentage. Saroya deserved payback for trying to screw me out of my fair compensation. Fucking Letti would be a bonus. Or bone-us.

"Come here, darling. Sit on Harvey's lap." I waved her over.

She crept closer and sat on my knees. I put my arm around her and stroked her back. "There, not so bad, is it?"

"Are you as big as I think you are?" Letti couldn't keep her eyes off my shorts.

I couldn't keep my hands off Letti's tits, still encased in her bra. "Can I show you?" I helped her stand and dropped my underwear.

"Oh my God. That's the biggest dick I've ever seen."

Obviously her father was not named Richard.

"And your breasts are a sight for sore eyes. Why don't you show me?"

Letti reluctantly reached behind and unclipped her bra. One arm held the bra tight to her bosom.

"Come on, fair is fair." I hooked one finger at the center and pulled. She let the garment drop, and so did her breasts, without the support. "They're marvelous." I pictured a glorious tit fuck, except that a video of that event would give Saroya the leverage to cancel our contract.

"Enough with the foreplay," barked Saroya.

Such language, for someone who claimed she'd memorized the Kama Sutra.

Time to tell Letti the truth. "Ms. Zenellis here wants us to have sex, as an experiment, using a lubricant formula her scientists have invented."

"No way!" Letti jumped back, cradling her tits in one arm and gathering her clothes with the other. Bent over, her head was at crotch-level. "That's a great looking dick and all, but I don't fuck some stranger I just met. Not even for a bonus!" She stood and turned to Saroya. "What do you take me for, some kind of fucking laboratory animal?"

Letti bounced from the room. I wondered how many employees would get a glimpse as she ran naked to the nearest bathroom.

Saroya pointed at her departing secretary. "Come back here, or you're fired!"

My erection swayed in my lap. "Lost one of your guinea pigs, hmm? Willing to be the substitute?" I asked.

Saroya backed up, as if my erection had become a weapon, something to be feared.

"You've seen me naked before. Hell, even sucked a little. Why the reluctance?"

Saroya ran to her desk. "I'll find someone else." She stood, back to me, frantically flipping through a loose-leaf booklet, probably the company directory. Then she dialed the phone.

Did she think some other employee would come down and have sex, just because she said so? Maybe, since she was Chairman. "Looking for another female employee who'll spread her legs for a few grand?" I stood directly behind her, leaning on the desk with arms on both sides of her, preventing an escape. This put my erection between her thighs, slapping back and forth.

She hung up. "Back off!"

I stood my ground. From my observations, Saroya was at least partially aroused from my foreplay with Letti, plus the sight of my dick. "We could do the experiment."

She reached down and took hold of my organ. Was she going to direct it into her yoni? Without the gel, it wouldn't be an experiment. Screw the lubricant! If Saroya was willing, I'd take her right there, standing up.

"You're not going to put that, that, oversized organ into me. Ever!" Her dialing was frantic. She made mistakes, hung up, and tried again, all the while holding my prick away from her pussy.

"Did my description bring back memories?" I asked.

"Nothing happened."

"You call sucking my dick nothing? You call the pleasure when I rubbed my hands all over your body nothing?" I raised my hands to her stomach.

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