tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDottie's Back Ch. 05

Dottie's Back Ch. 05


I was woken from my afternoon slumber by a soft touch to my lips. Opening my eyes, I found I was still in the room where I had been toyed to orgasm twice while an audience of men watched from behind mirrors. The mirrors had returned to their reflective setting. Kim sat beside me, looking down smiling. Her finger was tracing my lips. It tickled a little and I licked them to find her finger was coated in cum. She shifted her arm, scooped up more cum from my belly, and re-coated my lips.

"I told you that you would enjoy that, didn't I?" she asked.

"Yes you did. And were you ever right." I licked my lips after I finished speaking.

"We should get you dressed and be on our way. Come on get those lazy bones out of bed."

Shifting my body sideways then flipping my feet onto the floor, I felt the puddles of cum on my neck, chest and tummy start to drip down toward my lap. I moved to cup my hand under an especially large pool. "I need something to clean up with."

Kim casually picked up her purse and rifled through it, finally producing a spoon. She held it before me as if it were a trophy. "Would you like to do the honors, or shall I? Feed you, that is."

Taking the spoon from her hand, "I was really looking for a cloth or something." Scooping up part of the largest glob, I stared into Kim's eyes while sliding the dripping spoon between my lips.

"Oh gawd! I love it when you do that!" she moaned.

Flipping the spoon over in my mouth and sliding the now clean spoon out between my glossy lips. I innocently asked "Do what?"

"That sexy look you get when you are doing something really naughty! Watching you eat cum is almost enough to make me cum!"

Flashing her a naive grin, I went back for another spoonful. Scraping this one from just under my left breast-form, and raising it to my lips, I once again looked into Kim's eyes while moving the spoon between my lips. She moaned softly and did for each of the other eight spoonfuls until I was as clean as I was going to get.

Rising to my feet, I found I was wobbly and almost fell back onto the bed. Holding my arms out to my sides, I paused for a moment until I got my balance. "Wow, those were a couple of powerful orgasms!"

A soft knock on the door was followed by Walt peeking his head inside, "How are you feeling Dottie? You were incredible!"

"I don't know the words to describe how I feel. Those were by far the most powerful orgasms of my life, thank you." I said with enthusiasm.

"I have a few presents for you! Let's call them rewards for a job well done." He said while stepping into the room. In one hand, he held a plastic cup with his store's logo printed on the side; it had one of those domed lids with a straw sticking out. In his other hand, he held an unmarked white box. He handed the cup to me and set the box down on the bed.

After telling him I didn't need a reward, he insisted I accept his gifts. Taking the straw between my lips, I sucked. It was cold and had the consistency of a slurpee. As the fluid made contact with my taste buds, a shiver shot up my spine and it wasn't caused by the temperature. It tasted like cum! Looking up into his eyes, I smiled my biggest smile, "It's wonderful!"

He seemed so excited that I approved, "Do you really like it? Kim told me that you were... well... a cumslut. So, I put that together especially for you."

Taking a long draw from the straw, I let the fluid rest on my tongue until it warmed. Squeezing my teeth together and forcing the liquid between them, I thoroughly coated my mouth with that glorious taste. "There's a lot of cum in here, where did it all come from?" As soon as I asked it, I knew the answer.

"The men in the rooms..." Walt began, still very excited about my obvious appreciation of his gift.

I cut him off stating, "I understand." I took another swig then set the cup on the floor. Glancing to the mirror, I realized I was still naked and unsuccessfully tried to cover my body with my hands. "I should probably get dressed," I said, looking up at Kim "don't you think?"

Walt grabbed the box and offered it to me, "Open this first. I think you'll get a charge out of it."

Somewhat reluctantly, I opened the box. Reaching inside and removing its contents, I found a brand new, hot pink plug for my 'pussy'. It was the next larger size from the one I had been wearing for weeks now. Upon examining the bottom of this new plug, I found it had a hook in it just like my old one. In addition, there was a small door held closed by a screw. My mind was blank for a few moments, and then it dawned on me... batteries!

Reaching back into the box, I found two black, plastic tags. They were very similar in appearance to a keyless entry key chain. The tags were identical in size and appearance; each had three unlabeled buttons.

Walt spoke up, "One of those is for Kim and the other is for Stacy." He took the few steps to the table, grabbed a small tube of lubricant and a white hand towel. He offered the towel to me and said, "Your pussy is probably still slick with all of the lube I used."

Setting the tags and plug onto the bed, I thanked him and took the fluffy towel. Standing on shaky legs, I put the towel to use. Bending forward and in an extremely unladylike manner, I wiped the excess goop from my pussy and cheeks. Rising up, I accepted the tube and squirted a modest bead of lubricant onto my fingers. Arching my back and bending slightly forward, I reached back and gently applied it to the 'lip' of my 'pussy'. It was a little sore, but nothing I couldn't deal with.

Reaching between my legs, I stood the plug up on the bed. I bent my knees and essentially sat on the plug. Moving very slowly, I let the weight of my body shift from my feet. My 'lip' parted and I felt this larger plug enter my 'pussy'. Having been stretched out so recently, the majority of the plug slipped in rather easily; however, the biggest portion forced me to wiggle my hips and push downward a bit.

My 'clitty' was reacting to the stimulation, and perhaps the audience wasn't hurting either. Kim and Walt stood just a few feet from me watching as I sat on a plug and worked it into my 'pussy'. My petite 'clitty' was pointing directly away from me, the silver ring piercing the head weighing it down.

Very suddenly, I felt the walls of my 'pussy' stretch, and the plug was sucked up tightly between my cheeks. I sat there with a naughty grin on my face while I became accustomed to the larger size. My 'pussy' was so full; I knew walking normally was going to take some practice.

Kim asked me to stand up and bend over, it took some assistance getting off of the bed, but once I was standing I wobbled to the table and bent forward. She squatted down behind me, and taking my partially erect 'clitty' between her fingers, she pulled it back, looping my ring over the hook in the plug. She then helped me into my panties and dress. Placing my heels on the floor, she offered her arm for my stability as I stepped into them.

Assuming we were ready to go, I took a step toward the doorway. In mid-stride, Kim pushed a button on the tag she had attached to her key chain. The plug deep inside my 'pussy' came alive and vibrated. It fit so tightly and vibrated so deeply, I couldn't contain the grunt / moan that slipped through my lips. Walt stepped beside me and took my arm; if he hadn't I probably would have fallen to the ground.

"Feel alright, Dottie?" Walt asked with a guilty grin on his face.

"Um... It'll take some getting used to, being surprised like that," I gave Kim a pseudo dirty look, "but yes... definitely... I like it!"

Kim handed me my cup of cum-slurpee and we started out into the store, the plug still vibrating inside me. They both reassured me I appeared no different, but I felt like I was walking like a cowboy after a long ride. Several shoppers were milling about through the store's products; I didn't recognize any of them from the glass room. As we passed near each man, he would gaze up in my direction and smile. The only thing I could think to do was return the smile.

As we neared the front of the store, I noticed a thin layer of perspiration covering my body. This new plug was going to keep me horny all the time!

I said goodbye to Walt and thanked him for an incredible experience, leaning in and kissing him on the cheek. He countered by thanking me. I patiently waited by the door for Kim to finish her conversation with Walt. Out of nowhere, the intensity of my plug's vibrations increased drastically. I leaned against a nearby wall for support. As the plug danced around inside of me, it gently tugged on my 'clitty's' ring.

I stood there, breathing heavily trying my best to act casual. Eyes from all over the store began to look in my direction. I self-consciously adjusted my dress to ensure I was covered. I felt embarrassed for some weird reason. Not knowing what else I could do, I stood there stupidly and wiggled my bellybutton ring with my index finger while staring at the floor.

Finally, Kim said goodbye to Walt and she led the way out of the store. I followed behind her, right on her heels. As soon as the door closed behind us, my plug stopped vibrating completely.

"Thank gawd!" I muttered under my breath.


After Kim had dropped me off at home, I relaxed on the couch and watched Oprah. Guilt plagued my mind for having skipped my exercise regimen that morning. My muscles felt tight and I knew the workout would loosen me up. Thankfully, I could still make the afternoon aerobics class with time to spare.

After a quick shower I changed into my workout attire, white spandex hot-pants that had the words "Trust me... It's tight and pink" written across my butt. A white sports bra that had nipple graphics printed right where they should be, and they looked real! Little white ankle socks and my tennis shoes completed my outfit. I re-applied my eye and lip make-up, but didn't spend a lot of time on my hair just enough to make myself presentable. Just before walking out the door, I left a voice mail for Stacy letting her know where I would be.

Several cars slowed down as they approached me while I ran my usual zigzag path through the neighborhood. As a woman passed me in a minivan, she yelled something mean out of her window. I think she called me a slut and told me to get some clothes on. Having someone I didn't even know call me names hurt my feelings. The little hot-pants and sports bra didn't leave a whole lot to the imagination. I slowed down my pace and almost turned around and went home, when a black sedan passed by and the man driving smiled and waved to me. That must have been exactly what I needed, a simple smile and wave cheered me right up. Speeding up enough to feel my heart begin to beat harder, I continued in the general direction of my gym.

The aerobics class instructor's name was Candi, and she was just like my usual teacher, solid as a rock and pretty enough to be a Playmate. She must have been having a bad day because she worked our asses off! After 45 minutes of nonstop, heart pounding exercise, I was covered in perspiration and my abs ached.

My jog home turned out to be more of a fast walk. As I turned onto my driveway, I saw Brian and Jerry the young boys from down the street knocking on my door. Their presence immediately caused me to grin. They both turned and saw me as I approached from behind. When Brian asked if I was okay, I looked down at myself. Covered in sweat and feeling exhausted, I told him I was just fine but a little wiped out. Putting my hands on hips, I mischievously asked "Do you two need something today?" I lowered my sights to their groins and then looked back into their eyes, "Or did you just stop by to say hello?"

Brian replied while looking down at his shoes, "Well... uh... we were... uh... hoping you would... uh... you know."

"I hate to do this to you guys, but I am really beat. Do you think we could do this another time?"

"Sure Dottie. It's not a big deal at all. Maybe tomorrow?" Jerry asked.

"Tomorrow sounds perfect, thank you for understanding guys." Taking another step, I stood close enough to feel their breath on my face. Reaching out, I cupped their cocks in my hands and whispered, "I promise I'll make it up you."

"We... we... we better get going." Brian stuttered.

Feeling their cocks spring to life in their jeans, I squeezed them both gently and kissed them both on their cheeks. "Thanks again guys," I said, lowering my hands to my sides, "see you tomorrow."

They seemed awfully chipper as they walked away. It surprised me that they weren't more upset at me letting them down. As I watched their butts while they walked out of sight, I tried to think of a special way to make it up to them. They were very easy to please and I knew it wouldn't take a whole lot to pay them back.

The first thing I noticed as I passed through the door was the blinking light on the answering machine. Strolling to it and pushing the button I heard Stacy's voice, "Dottie, I am going to be really late tonight. We are still putting the finishing touches on the contract I won last night. Anyway, don't wait up for me. Bye."

An evening alone, I hadn't had one of those for a long time! To start with, I needed another shower. What was this, the third one today? Nothing wrong with being clean, I told myself.

As I passed Stacy's room on the way to the bathroom, my plug once again began to vibrate. My knees buckled, after I regained my balance I stepped back and looked through the sliding glass doors, I saw Kim sitting on her deck waving to me. I returned the wave and motioned to her that I was going to shower.

My plug continued its vibrations through my shower and while I dried myself off. After slipping into my short pink silk robe I decided to call Kim and let her know that Stacy would be back late and I would be staying home tonight. She pouted into the phone for a moment and then agreed that every girl needed some time to herself. As I hung up the phone, my plug stopped vibrating. At first I thought the unexpected pulsating in my 'pussy' was going to drive me crazy, now I knew it would tease me to the brink of orgasm each time it was turned on.

I warmed up the leftover eggplant and ate it at the table. Carrying a blanket to the couch, I curled up and watched some of the prime time sitcoms.

I must have dozed off at some time because as I roused myself from my slumber, the room was dark. I was wondering who had turned the TV off when I heard it. Was it a moan? I heard it again; yes, it was definitely a moan and it was coming from the back of the house. It wasn't a scary sound; I found myself interested in finding out what it was. As quietly as I could, I got off the couch and silently tiptoed down the hallway. Stacy's room was dimly lit and I knew there wasn't a light on in there. Clinging to the wall, I peeked around the corner.

Shocked, that's the only way to explain how I felt. Shocked and turned on. Yes, I was definitely getting horny as I absorbed the scene before my eyes.

Stacy was completely naked on her knees, her head buried in a pillow. Fredrick, her client from last night, was pounding into her pussy from behind. I heard the wet sounds as his cock slid in and out of her cute pussy. My mouth fell open and went dry; I had never witnessed a sexual act like this before. Standing in the hallway rubbing my 'clitty', I felt like a peeping tom, and it felt good!

I thought I was being extremely quiet, but when both Stacy and Fredrick jerked their heads in my direction and froze, I knew I had been caught. I pulled myself back into the hallway and hoped with all my might that they didn't see me.

Stacy called out, "Dottie? Is that you?"

Crap! They knew!

Feeling guilty and embarrassed, I stepped into the doorway, "Yes, it's me."

With his hands on her hips, Fredrick began thrusting his cock back into Stacy. I watched as his shiny cock slid in and out of her; the wet sounds returned along with the moans and grunts.

"We were trying to be quiet, sorry for waking you." Stacy said between moans.

Feeling uncomfortable being in the room while two people were fucking, I tried to excuse myself by saying "Oh, you didn't wake me. But I am really tired." I stretched and faked a yawn. "I am going to go to bed, good night."

Before I could even turn, Stacy grunted deeply and said, "Oh, don't leave yet. Come over here and sit down." She patted the bed by her knees.

With baby-steps, I advanced to the bed. Pulling my little silk robe tightly around myself, I sat down. It was impossible for me not to stare at Fredrick and his cock sliding in and out of Stacy. I could smell her in the air; she had always had such a pleasant naughty scent.

"Want a better view of his cock?" Stacy asked

"Wh... What do you mean?" I replied, the excitement of being so close to these two fucking was driving me up the wall with desire.

Fredrick stopped pounding in and out of her while Stacy lifted one leg, "Come on, lay down under me. You will have the best view in the house."

"B... but you are my"

She cut me off, "Roommate, yes I am your roommate. But Fredrick has such a nice cock, I thought you would be anxious to see it in action."

Anxious probably didn't cover it, and I didn't just want to look at it. I wanted to touch it, to suck it, to be fucked by it. Without replying, I laid on my back beneath Stacy. My face was within millimeters of her pussy and Fredrick's cock. I could feel Stacy's warm breath on my left thigh. She trapped my head in place by lowering her leg and holding me in place.

Fredrick withdrew his cock from her pussy and thrust it back inside her. I couldn't resist, I opened my mouth and licked his balls after they were dragged across my nose. He held his cock deep in her pussy as I took one of his balls between my lips. I sucked ever so gently and massaged it with my tongue.

He moaned as he ground his cock against her. Spreading my lips, he pulled out of her and slammed it back. I took his other ball in my warm mouth this time, repeating the tongue massage. Stacy must have felt neglected because she pulled away from him just enough to grind her clit against my chin.

As Fredrick pulled out the next time, I stuck out my tongue and licked the underside of his impressive manhood. It was big; he must have been stretching Stacy's pussy to its limits! He pulled it out until only the head was between her pussy lips. He rocked back and forth, teasing her by fucking her with only his cock's head.

Very suddenly, he reached down, pulled his cock all the way out and aimed it at my wide-open mouth. Laying it on my nose, I craned my neck and he slid it in. Clamping my lips down around it, he began to slide a few inches in and out of my mouth. Tasting his cock and precum along with Stacy's juices was pure bliss. Fredrick fucking my mouth while Stacy dragged her clit on my chin made me feel like such a slut. I was merely here for their pleasure. Absolutely no attention was being paid to my hard little 'clitty' or aching 'pussy'. Stacy's head was resting on the outside of my thigh as I bumped and ground my hips.

Fredrick yanked his cock from my mouth and slammed it back into Stacy's dripping pussy. A combination of their juices was dripping down onto my face as he power fucked her. The sounds of pleasure were coming at steady intervals from his mouth, and when I saw the muscles in his thighs begin to tense up, I knew he was close. He pulled out, wrapped his hand around his throbbing cock and jacked himself off while aiming for Stacy's little brown hole.

He yelled, "OH MY GAWD!" as the first blast of cum erupted from his cock.

His aim was perfect and I had the ideal view when the glob of cum struck the rim of Stacy's asshole. It splattered onto both of her butt cheeks and ran down her crack. The next shot of cum landed in the same spot. A stream of cum parted around Stacy's pussy lips and was still running toward me. Flattening out my tongue, I cupped it over her clit. Fredrick's last shot caked her tight little hole once more.

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