tagGroup SexDouble Birthday Present

Double Birthday Present


'Thirty years old'...I grumbled to myself. It was Saturday night and I sat in my apartment feeling sorry for myself. My sisters or parents hadn't even bothered to call me on my birthday. I flopped down on the sofa and turned on the T.V., flipping through the channels. I should have gone out or something, but my mood was so gloomy. I had trouble getting up the energy to go anywhere, so I had a frozen dinner entree, showered and had dressed in an old comfy pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I had flipped through all the T.V. channels at least twice, when I heard a knock at the door.

I looked at the clock. It was 8:30 pm. "Dammit," I muttered as I went to the door. Opening the door, I found Dan and Mark, two brothers and old friends. Each carried a six pack of beer and stood there with big grins waiting for me to let them in.

I had casually dated Dan several years before and still considered him a friend. His brother Mark was married and didn't get out much. Though they were brothers they didn't resemble each other. Dan was tall, fair and lanky with dark hair and blue eyes. His brother on the other hand was a half foot shorter with a dark complexion, huskier build and brown hair.

"What are you two up to tonight," I grumbled and frowned.

"This town is dead tonight," commented Dan. "We thought we'd both stop by and drink a few beers with you. You busy?"

"Guess not," I snapped.

"Whoa, you are in a foul mood. What's up, babe?" asked Dan.

I opened the door and motioned for them to come in. They sat on opposite ends of the sofa. I settled down in the chair.

"Looks like you need one of these beers." Said Dan. "Straight up or a glass?"

I hesitated for a moment, but decided maybe a few beers would put me in a better mood.

"I guess a glass," I said. I went to the kitchen for a glass. Returning I reached over to take the beer Mark held out and Dan pulled me down on the sofa between them.

"Hey!" I yelled. Dan laughed and said, "Ok Suzy, tell me what's bothering you?" Pouring beer into my glass, I snapped. "Nothing...nothing at all."

"Come on...I know something's eating at you. You're always in a good mood. I was telling Mark here that we'd get to laugh and enjoy this beer if we stopped. Right, Mark?"

"Yeah," nodded Mark.

Drinking down a good 1/3 of my beer I took a deep breath and said, "It's my birthday, I'm 30, I'm old and I'm bored!"

"Hey hear that Mark, it's her birthday." Dan leaned over and said, "Well, Happy Birthday Suzy. And...you're not old. You still got it."

I knew he was looking at my tits. I have large breasts and nipples and fondly remembered that Dan always enjoyed them. Shaking my head and getting a grin out of me, I said, "Thanks, you two."

We spent the next hour laughing and drinking beer, making pee trips in between. Finally, we were all a little buzzed, not drunk but feeling good. After another bathroom trip, I sat between the two men again. I reached for my beer and felt Dan's hand touch my thigh. Next to me Mark reached over and rubbed my back. Glancing over at Dan and then Mark, I giggled. 'Hey what are you two trying to pull?

Dan looked at Mark and then looked at me and said, "How about we give you a birthday present you won't forget?"

I knew what they meant. But both of them? I thought. I looked at both then a thought struck me, "You two planned this, didn't you?"

"No, Suz, honestly we didn't. But who's it going to hurt? And you might just have some fun."

Dan's hand was rubbing my thigh as Mark's other hand reached over to caress my breasts lightly. My nipples hardened under Mark's touch as Dan leaned over and kissed me. I groaned as his tongue slipped inside my mouth. He pulled my hand to his crotch letting me feel his hard cock growing and pushing against the zipper of his jeans. I remembered his 9" thick cock and the idea of feeling that inside me again was turning me on.

Mark's hand had now pushed up under my shirt to rub the lacy material of my bra; teasing and pinching my nipples making me squirm.

"Come on birthday girl; let's go get comfortable on your bed," said Dan.

In the bedroom, both brothers stripped off their clothes, cocks pointing straight at me as I sat on the edge of the bed. Walking closer to me, their cocks aimed at me, I reached out grasping one in each hand. Pulling them closer, I leaned forward slipping Dan's cock inside my mouth, working my tongue around the head while stroking him with my hand. I switched to his brother's cock. He was a little smaller than and not as thick as Dan, but with a beautiful shaped mushroom head that was begging to be sucked. I stretched my lips around it, enjoying the feel of both in my hands. I switched back and forth, getting them both slick with my saliva.

"That's it baby; show him how good you are." Dan said.

At that urging, I slid Mark's cock deeper into my throat, getting a groan out him. Sensing both were getting too close, I stopped. Dan reached down and pulled my t-shirt off over my head and I reached back to unfasten my bra. His eyes lit up as my breasts bounced free of my bra. I slipped my jeans down over my hips and slid over on the bed.

Dan was beside me, reaching for my breast, sucking my nipple between his lips; I gasped as the muscles of my pussy twitched. Intent on the sensations Dan was causing, I hadn't notice Mark had positioned himself between my legs. But I felt his cock rubbing up and down my pussy slit. I pushed my hips up toward him as his brother worked my tits. Feeling Mark's cock rub against my clit, I opened my legs further encouraging him to push his cock in.

I moaned as the head pushed past my lips, slipping inside, stretching me open. I shoved my hips against him to force more of his cock into me, feeling an orgasm close. Sensing my need, Dan increased his attention to my breasts and nipples, pushing my breasts together so he could go from one nipple to the other back and forth, flicking his tongue and then sucking on them. "Oh yes," I cried, slamming my hips repeatedly up against Mark's and pulling Dan closer to my breasts. The sensations of having Dan kiss and suck my sensitive nipples and Mark fucking was pushing me over the edge. I felt Mark's cock swell larger as pumped his cock in me. Finally he rammed in deep. I cried out as my orgasm hit me and I felt his cock spurting inside me. Flopping down beside me, Dan traded him places sliding his big cock all the way in wet with my juices and his brother's cum. My body reacted again as he stretched and filled me. Stopping and pulling out he lay on his back and pulled me atop of him. Grabbing his cock, I positioned him, taking him in one stroke. I knew he liked this position so he could watch and fondle my bouncing breasts. Next to us, Mark was stroking his cock back to life. He stroked himself as he watched me ride his brother's cock, tits bouncing, Dan pinching and teasing them. Standing up, he moved around behind me and I felt his hands on the cheeks of my ass, kneading, probing and spreading them apart. He wet his middle finger with the juices and his cum flowing from my pussy and teased my asshole lightly.

Sliding his finger in a bit, wiggling, I groaned, leaning forward as I rode Dan's cock. Stopping when he felt some resistance, Mark started sliding a little of his finger in out of my ass, until finally he was able to push the entire length in. I whimpered as I felt his finger and his brother's cock in both holes. He added a second finger, burning a bit, but he took his time, easing his digits in my hole. Pulling both fingers out, he leaned me further forward over Dan, as I felt the tip of his cock press against my asshole. I heard him whisper, "Relax, I won't hurt you." Dan' grinned as he stopped his gyrations while his brother's cock pushed against my backside. Relaxing, I felt the tip of his large cock head slip in. Oh, God, it felt so painfully good. Feeling resistance, he whispered, "Bare down and relax." Listening to him, I felt his cock slide deeper in my backside, until I felt his stomach against me. I felt so full, two cocks buried deep inside me. Mark started slowing fucking my ass. At the same time, Dan held his cock in me, slipping a large nipple in his mouth sucking and licking to his brother's movement. Feeling the burning in my ass, the cock filling up my pussy and Dan's mouth, I could feel my orgasm approaching. Mark was pumping faster now, groaning and breathing hard. I squealed when he rammed in hard as he let loose his cum in my ass. Pulling out, cum dripping down my ass onto his brothers balls, Dan started slamming his cock into me my pussy harder and harder cumming as he came with my own orgasm. Spent, cum filled and knowing I would be tired and maybe a bit sore; I curled up on the bed. Both brothers leaned over, kissed me and said, "Happy Birthday Baby!" as my eyes drifted shut.

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