Double Dip


Now mindless of how her voice might carry, she answered, "Give it to me!" The last word turned into a squeal as she teetered on the brink.

Greg's cock invaded her depths a few more times, each accompanied by a grunt of effort, and then he let out an explosive growl. With his cock buried to the hilt inside her, pulsing as it pumped her full of cum, Vanille came as well.

Squeezed tight around him, she could feel every contour and throb of the big cock inside her. She let out a sound somewhere between a moan and a squeal as the waves of beautiful agony assaulted her.

"Shit. Still coming," Greg grunted as his hips pumped haltingly.

Vanille came hard, every throb of his manhood setting her off again. Her arms turned to jelly, and she sank face down into the grass. Above her, she dimly heard David chuckle and say, "Damn."

When she felt Greg jerking his cock free, she moaned the word, "No," and then whimpered. Letting her knees slide apart, she lay down on the ground and curled up. Still within the grip of orgasm, she twitched from the pulses of ecstasy flowing through her.

"Holy shit. That was good. Guess you get real sloppy seconds this time," Greg said, and then let out a weak chuckle.

Vanille rolled over on her back, feeling the mingled cream inside her already seeking an exit. She was greeted by the sight of David's cock — rock hard and ready.

"You ready for some more?"

She shuddered and clamped her knees together for a moment — but only for a moment. "Oh god, give it to me," she answered as she parted her legs wide.

Obviously as excited as his friend, David was moving before she even finished answering. Vanille groaned as his cock slid deep into her cream-filled pussy. "Oh, fill me up."

"Fuck yeah," he said as he started thrusting.

Though her face flushed from the flatulent sounds his cock made as it penetrated her, the thought of what caused them overcame any embarrassment. David was pumping his cock into her, already filled with Greg's cum. Still twitching on the tail end of her previous orgasm, she felt another building rapidly.

"Want a taste?"

Greg held his half hard cock toward her lips, and Vanille answered by slipping a hand to his rock-hard butt and tugging him toward her. As soon as he was within reach, she teased his balls with her tongue, lapping up the dribbles of cum. David's cock slammed into her, rocking her body and making it difficult, but she managed to lick and suck Greg's member almost clean before he jerked away.

"Holy shit. Enough of that," Greg gasped out.

David pushed her knees a little farther back, leaning over her as she licked her lips. Vanille yelped and cried out, "Ah, yeah," as his hard young cock slipped along her clit. The angle was perfect for his hardness to tantalize the sensitive bud for almost the full length of every hard, fast stroke.

Her breasts bounced and her breathing quickened. The embers of approaching release she'd felt previously exploded into a bonfire, shocking her. Her eyes popped wide open as she realized that she was on the verge of coming so soon.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh god!"

"Mmm — fuck yeah," David growled in response.

The words emerged in a breathless rush, barely above a whisper but a couple of octaves above normal. "Harder! Faster! Give it to me!"

David appeared to be up to the suggestion. His cock pounded into her, grunts of effort accompanying each thrust. Sweat beaded on his gorgeous, muscled body, matching hers, which already ran with rivulets. The mingled cum inside her spattered on both of their bodies.

It hit her without warning.

A full voiced scream she couldn't contain in the slightest accompanied the first wave of orgasmic energy ripping through her. It continued, warbling as he ravaged her climaxing body. The beautiful agony claimed her mercilessly, spiking with each thrust of his hard cock.

Then she came again.

The first orgasm hadn't even begun to dull when the second took her. It was no mere spike, but a second eruption. She'd heard of multiple orgasms, but she'd never thought to experience one. Her mind was a fog of almost painful pleasure that seemed to encompass every square inch of her. Her vision dimmed, going dark at the edges. Cries that she barely realized were her own burst from her lips, and she just kept coming.

David's growl sounded as if it was echoing from inside a small empty room, but she heard it. "Gonna cum."

The final thrust slammed into her depths, and she swore she could feel the jets of cum hitting her cervix. Every muscle in her body tightened. Her toes curled and her fingers turned into claws. David's cock pulsed and throbbed in the vicelike grip of her pussy. Satiated beyond her wildest dreams, Vanille reveled in the aftershocks rippling through her body.

He finally jerked free when he couldn't take it any more, strands of mingled cum spattering on his washboard abs. Vanille groaned in protest, her throat dry and scratchy from screaming as she came.

Filled with a double dip of cream — if not the iced kind — Vanille let out a languid chuckle as the words bubbled up in her head.

We all scream for ice cream.

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