tagGroup SexDouble Down Ch. 01

Double Down Ch. 01


Jerry and I had a couple of beers and a burger and pondered what to do for the rest of the night. We were on the prowl but didn't have a plan. Jerry suggested we go to a movie and then we could hit a couple of dance joints afterward. It would save us money and keep us sober. We went to a neighborhood theatre and perused the shows that were playing. There was a R rated movie that looked like it would have some sex and violence in it, so we chose that.

The movie had already started when we went in. There were not many people there, so we let our eyes adjust and then spotted two girls seated up toward the back, all alone. We looked at each other and decided "why not" and went over and sat just behind them.

During one particularly steamy scene, I leaned over and spoke to the girls. "That looks like fun!"

They turned around and looked at me then at Jerry and one of them spoke. "Yeah, it does, doesn't it."

The scene got even sexier, with clothes coming off and she turned around again and said: "She has a nice set don't you think?" I laughed and whispered: "Not as good as yours, I'll bet." "Wouldn't you like to know." she smiled. I nodded back.

"Can we join you?" Jerry asked. They looked at each other and replied "Sure, why not."

We moved down a row and each of us sat next to one of the girls. I looked them over and now that I could see them better, they looked hot. Both were slim, with short hair and were wearing tank tops and jeans. I could see them looking us over as well. The blonde who had spoken before was next to me. "I'm Sara and this is my sister Patsy." I replied, "I'm Jim and that is Jerry over there." "Hi, Jim." Patsy said to Jerry, "Hi Jerry."

We sat and watched the movie for a while. During another sexy scene, I slipped my arm over Sara's shoulders, but didn't make any other move. She said nothing, but scooted closer to me and put her hand on my knee. I noticed Jerry put his arm around Patsy and she also cuddled up.

The movie was almost over and the last few scenes showed the hero and heroine getting into some pretty explicit sex. Sara squeezed my knee and rubbed her hand up my thigh. I leaned over and moved her hand higher. She did not remove it, but kept rubbing and watching. "That's hot." She said.

As the movie ended, we got up and walked out. As we exited, Jerry asked the girls if they'd like to go for a ride with us. They said that would be ok since they had walked to the movie and it was getting a little chilly out. We got in our car, Jerry driving with Patsy sitting close next to him. I opened the rear door for Sara and she sat in the middle of the big back seat. I got in next to her and put my arm around her again. She snuggled up to me and we were off.

As we drove, I saw Patsy lay her head on Jerry's shoulder. I knew this was getting better and better.

I reached over with my right hand and touched Sara's chin, turning it toward me. I gently kissed her and then pulled away to look at her pretty face. She smiled and then grabbed my head and kissed me back. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and we frenched for a couple of minutes. She put her hand on my thigh again and squeezed it.

"Where are we going?" Patsy asked Jerry. "I know a place that has a great view and usually no one is around." "Cool" said Patsy. "Ok with you guys?" she asked. "Ok with me" I replied. Sara said nothing.

We pulled off into the trees and drove on a little dirt road for a little ways until we broke out on the top of a hill overlooking the town. The lights were bright and the moon was out. Jerry parked the car, turned it off and we sat a moment looking around. There was nobody there.

I began kissing Sara again and she responded nicely. This was going to be great, I thought.

I heard noises in the front seat, but I couldn't see anybody. Jerry and Patsy were lying down on the front seat! I heard them kissing and Patsy was moaning a little. Sara looked at me and giggled. "Isn't this fun!"

I kissed her again and began running my hands over her back and her sides. She sighed and did not protest. I dropped my hand over her right breast and stroked it lightly. She pressed it up into my palm and turned into me. Her hand on my thigh moved ever so slightly up. I moved to her left breast and repeated the caress just a little harder. She moaned a little and sighed again.

As I was feeling her up, she panted a little and said "go under." I immediately took the hint and slipped my hand under her top and over her breast encased in a lacy bra. After a few minutes of playing around, I pushed her bra up and felt her nipples, hard and erect. "Wait" she said and reached around and unhooked the bra.

I was in heaven. I pushed the top up and looked her over. She had small but ample breasts with the cutest perky nipples I had ever seen. I used both hands to cup them and began sucking on the nipples. She just about lost it. She was panting and moaning and I was nervous that Jerry and Patsy would hear her.

I looked toward the front and could not see them, so continued what I was doing. Sara's hand moved up and rested upon my crotch. She squeezed me and broke our kiss. She looked at me in the eyes and began caressing my hard on. I reached down and undid the top button of her jeans.

"No, please don't do that." She said. "Not until we're alone." I looked at her and then rose up and looked into the front seat.

Patsy and Jerry were half undressed. He was sucking her nipples and she had his cock out of his pants and was jerking him off. Her jeans were at half-mast and her panties were full of Jerry's hand, his fingers working hard.

I whispered to Sara, "take a peek at your sister and Jerry." She rose up and looked and her eyes went wide as saucers. She jumped back and said "Oh, my God. They're going to do it!"

"Yeah, looks that way. You wanna watch?" I said. She was quiet a minute then said "No, I want to do it too."

She reached down and undid my zipper, pulled the flap apart and rubbed my cock. Without another word, she reached in and pulled me out and ran her hand up and down my hard cock. "Do you want to do it? We better hurry or they will be done before us."

I shimmied out of my pants and shorts and she took off her jeans, leaving her panties on. We reached for each other. My hand went under the panties and hers went to my cock. As I fingered her, she got very wet and very loud, panting and moaning. I kissed her to keep her quiet and let her passion build. When she could not be still any longer, I stripped the panties off and turned her to lie on her back on the seat.

She stared up at me, still holding my cock. She put her right leg on the back of the seat and hooked her left leg around me and pulled me on top of her. I pushed her little top back up and sucked on her nipple as she rubbed my hard cock against her hot and wet pussy.

"Do me now, Jim. I want you so bad." She inserted the tip just inside her and took her hand away. I raised up on my hands looking at her pretty face which was twisted with passion. I pushed slowly into her and she cried out. "Oh, that is so good. More please, give me more." I moved in and out slowly and pushed until I was all the way in her tight pussy. I rested there, just soaking and feeling the exquisite sensations.

After a minute, she breathed. "Are you going to move? I really need you to move now." I smiled and kissed her and then began to stroke in and out. "Oh, yeah." She said. "That's better. That's a lot better."

I heard some giggles from the front and looked up. Patsy and Jerry were peeking back at us. They were smiling and laughing. "Having fun, guys." Patsy said. We ignored them. Sara hugged me and moved her hips against my cock. Soon, they disappeared again.

I picked up the pace a little and soon Sara began whispering again. "Harder, Jim. Fuck me harder." I went faster and then slammed her into the seat. She moaned and then clasped me with both legs and raised her ass up off the seat. "Oh, that's good. Give it to me, give it to me." We went at it for a few minutes until I couldn't wait any longer.

"Now, Sara. I'm going to come. Are you ready?"

"Just a minute. Please keep going for just another second. Right there. I'm almost there."

"Too late. Where do you want it? I'm coming now!"

"Don't come in me!" She reached down and pulled me out and up over her body. Her lips closed over my cock just in time, and I came hard into her mouth. She gagged slightly and swallowing hard, frigged me until there was nothing left. She licked the cock and cleaned me and swallowed what was left.

I reached down and rubbed her clit and fingered her hard. She bit her lip and closed her eyes and in just a moment reached her peak. Shuddering, she pulled me onto her and hugged me tightly. "So hot, so hot."

There was still movement and noise from the front. Sara and I looked at each other and laughed and then looked over the seat at Jerry and Patsy. Jerry was lying as if dead and Patsy was sucking and frigging his cock like mad. As we watched him come in her mouth, Patsy rolled her eyes upward at us and half smiled, but then was too busy to pay us much attention. We cuddled and waited.

We all lit cigarettes (a tradition they say) and watched the moonlit scene. Not much was said.

Continued in chapter two.

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