tagGroup SexDouble Fun Ch. 02

Double Fun Ch. 02


After shooting a huge load in the mouths of these two hot babes, we all laid down to rest, still breathing heavily. After a few minutes, Deb left to go to her bedroom, and both Allie and I used the bathroom, before returning to the living room and sprawling on the floor. Deb soon returned, but she was not empty handed.

"I've never done this before," she said, as she sat opposite us, leaning against a chair. She carried in her hands a dildo (that looked about the same size as my dick), a butt plug, and a tube of K-Y.

Deb said, "I got so hot when you were fucking me, because I knew Allie was watching." She looked over at us. "No one has ever watched me before, and I want it again." She paused, before asking, "Can you watch me again? I want to get all hot for you."

I could feel myself getting hard at the thought. I put my arm around Allie, before saying, "Do you want us to spank it too, or do you just want to be alone?" Deb shook her head. "Just watch me and tell me how hot I am."

"Go ahead and blow, baby," I said. Allie nodded her head, leaning against my chest. Deb laid back, cupping her tits and squeezing them slightly before picking up her toys. She gently rubbed her clit before opening up the K-Y and squeezing some on the butt plug. She closed the K-Y and started playing with her lips again, focusing on her clit. As she got herself hot, she started teasing her ass with the plug. I looked down and could see Allie's eyes were transfixed on Deb, watching everything she was doing, almost in the trance.

"Plug up that ass, baby," I said. "Be nasty for me." I could feel Allie's breathing change as I spoke; she was obviously getting turned on watching her friend fuck herself.

"Oh yeah. I'm so wet," Deb said, as she pushed the butt plug up her ass. It was longer and thicker than most butt plugs, but this babe clearly wanted to feel it. She opened her eyes to look at us. "Are you getting hot watching me?" she pleaded. I pointed to my dick.

"What do you think? I don't get this hard watching cartoons." Allie could only nod her head. "Good," said Deb, as she finally put the plug up her ass. "I want to get you horny just by watching me." She pressed the palm of her hand on the plug, then turned her attention back to her tits. She kneaded and squeezed them, saying "Oh yeah. It feels so good."

"Lick your nipples babe, just like it was me suckin on 'em," I said." She squeezed her tits tight, bringing her nipples close together before licking them and sucking on them. "Shit, I'm so fucking horny right now." As she said this, I felt Allie's hand grasping my already hard dick. She absent-mindedly began stroking me slowly up and down. I looked down and saw that her nipples were hard, and her breathing ragged.

"Ahhhh!" Deb had an orgasm from sucking her nipples. She leaned back and stopped for a minute, before grabbing the K-Y and the dildo. She quickly lubed up the dildo, and started rubbing in up and down her slit.

"Oh, yeah," I said. "Baby, I want to see you fuck yourself. I want you to be so fucking nasty for me. I want you to cum again."

"Uh-huh," was all she could say. "Mmmmm, yeah, I want to do it. Ummmm." And she slid the entire dildo into her slit. "Oh fuck!"

Just then, Allie sat up and bent over, pulling my dick toward her wet pussy. She turned and looked at me with pleading eyes.

"You have to fuck me," she said. Since I was thinking with my dick anyway, I knew what I had to do. I scooted her up so we could both look right at Deb's pussy with the big dildo sticking out of it, and I quickly lubed up my dick with her pussy juice before plunging in.

"Uhnnnn!" Allie felt my stick up her slit and pushed back, willing me to go harder and faster.

"Look at us, Deb," I said. "We're so fucking horny watching you, we had to fuck, too." Deb opened her eyes, and smiled.

"You got hot watching me?" She seemed genuinely delighted, and started pumping the dildo in and out of her cunt even harder, rubbing her clit at the same time. I hadn't lied -- she had really gotten me hard just watching her get herself off. I turned my attention back to Allie, whose big ass looked so tasty bent over and receiving my dick.

"Fucking good, ain't it, Allie? Your pussy feels so good on my dick, and I can watch Deb be a freak, too. Damn!" Allie turned her head to look at me. She was breathing heavily as I pounded into her.

"Fuck me hard, baby, yeah!" I watched as her big tits swayed back and forth with every thrust. Damn, fuckin this babe was keeping me hard! Just then, I felt Allie start to push back harder.

"I want it.... I want it.... yeah, baby yeah!" I grabbed her hips and started thrusting harder, slamming her ass into my thighs. I turned to see Deb going wild with her dildo.

"Watch her cum, Deb. She's nasty too!" That was all it took for Allie. She pushed back hard, and her breathing became rough and uneven.

"Oh, my God,... Ahhhh.... ahhhh.. ooooh! Baby, I'm....aaaaaah!" Her face became flushed again, as she looked back at me, then slowly she moved forward and lay on her stomach, her breathing finally coming back to normal. Just then, Deb got up on all fours, and pulled out her butt plug, while bending over.

"My ass, baby, my ass!" I wanted it too. I lost no time in lining up my wet dick and feeding it right into her ass. It felt good.

"Uhhnnn, yeah," I said. She was slick, but tight in her ass, and I could still feel the dildo pressing up against my dick from her pussy.

Deb looked back at me. "Fuck me hard, baby. Fuck my ass hard. Ooohhh!" I grabbed her hips and started pulling her back at me while I thrusted. It almost hurt, the way I pulled her so hard against me, but she was getting off on it.

"Oh, yeah," She said. "Fuck me like an animal, I just want your dick so bad. Fuck me!" I could feel her cum a couple of times while I pounded her, her heavy ass cheeks quaking every time I fed her my stick.

"Love your ass, baby," Gonna fuck your ass off with my hard fuckin dick." I slapped her ass hard once, and she shuddered, cumming for me. I struck her one more time, when I began to feel my balls tighten. I wanted to spray her ass with my load. I speeded up, ready to shoot.

"Yeah. Gonna cum in your ass, baby. Fuckin yeah!" I closed my eyes when I started to shoot, and shot hard, then I felt the dildo against my dick. As I opened my eyes, I saw that Allie had pushed the dildo hard into Deb's pussy as we both started to cum. This was un-fuckin-believable. I came hard, almost wanting to collapse, then slowed down and finally pulled out of her ass, and lying down on the floor. We were all breathing heavily, then I could hear their breathing slow, as mine did, and we finally fell asleep, tired, but very, very satisfied.

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