tagGroup SexDouble Her Pleasure

Double Her Pleasure


You and I had just finished a very romantic dinner and moved to the living room which is lit by many scented candles. We sit on the love seat and begin to kiss and explore each others bodies. Even though we have done this hundreds of times, each time is new and exciting. We love to get reacquainted with our objects of desire. During our passionate kissing we don't even realize that we have undress each other. I look at your perfect body which reflects the soft golden glow of the candles.

You sink to your knees on the floor in between my thighs and begin to lightly lick and kiss my skin. My erection is already straining and you can see and taste the precum forming on my cock head. I place a blindfold over your eyes as you gently take my manhood in your mouth. Your head bobs so softly up and down my shaft coating it with a mixture of your hot saliva and my salty lubricant.

After a few minutes I stop you and say, "Babe, you remember the fantasy you told me about the other night?"

You reply, "Umm yes, why?"

As I caress your face I say "because if you want, tonight is the night."

Just as I say that you feel another pair of hands massaging your perfect firm ass. You take off your blindfold.

As you turn around to see who is there I comment, "You remember my friend from Atlanta don't you?"

He is standing there naked and hard.

I say, "It's up to you dear if you are uncomfortable we can stop."

You turn to me and look me in the eye and say, "I love you babe."

You look at him and say, "Just no kissing, that's reserved only for my true love."

He quickly agrees. You return to sucking my cock as he lies under you and between your legs. He begins to lick your hot pussy and you press your hips down onto his face. I can see his head between your thighs and while he is eating you out he is stroking his cock. After a few minutes he and I change positions. You slowly lick his length almost studying this new cock. Before I go down on you I watch you suck off my oldest friend. Your pussy is on fire as I plunge my tongue deep into you. You are so wet I'm almost drowning in your tangy juices.

The room is filling with our moans. You continue to give your new friend head as I enter you from behind. My cock is so hard as I watch his dick disappear into your mouth.

Then I say, "Now it's time for the real surprise".

I pull you off him and lie on the floor. You mount me as he watches and strokes his cock. As you are riding my cock you feel his cock touch your ass.

You look a little scared and I grunt, "Don't worry he isn't going to fuck your ass babe."

You smile a little then feel his cock begin to push into your pussy which is already filled with my cock.

You hold still as you let out a scream, "OH MY GOD!"

It's weird for me to feel another cock rubbing against mine but being with you and in your pussy makes it okay. As he finishes entering you, you cum hard. You have never had two 7-inch cocks in your pussy at the same time. With me deep inside you he pulls out. As he pushes back in, I pull out. Feeling our cocks stretch your pussy and slide in and out at the same time causes you to cum continuously.

The super tight fit is too much for either of us to handle. He pulls out and with a guttural groan shoots his cum at your pussy and ass while I pull out and shoot my cum at your pussy. After his climax he just watches as I roll you over and continue to fuck you. He comes and stands over us stroking his still hard member. I'm kneeling between your thighs when he cums for a second time shooting his cum over us both right where my cock and your pussy join. A few more hard pumps and I shoot another hot load deep into your soaking wet pussy. I lay down on you after my cock stops spasming and we share another deep passionate kiss.

You say, "We should have company more often."

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