Double-O Heaven


Summer always makes me think of being on the white sands of some exotic faraway beach. Just the thought of bronzing my exposed skin under the sun in my matching bronze Bond Girl bikini, gets my beach fever blazing. Closing my eyes, I imagine being there, and soon imagine seeing a firm, toned man standing just south of me on the beach, above his beach towel spread under one of those huge canvas umbrellas that stick in the ground. Mmmm, he's looking finer than there ought to be a right to in his mirrored aviator shades. He's staring a goddamn hole in me, too.

Before I go further, I'm going to get another dirty Vodka Martini -- shaken not stirred.

OK, I'm back. By now, my mind has easily traipsed into wanderlust of the Lust kind. Just for my own pleasure and to get me in my fantasy better, I've decided to put on my most bizarrely wicked hot pink string bikini with half-cup push up bra, slink on some black vintage silk stockings and attach them to my fuchsia satin garters, and slip on my tallest fucking lace-up sandals. I lay down on the printed Warhol beach towel I've spread across my bed as if I'm performing in a Factory Girl scene and someone is watching me...

Back to that suave vision of the beach guy. By now he's swaggered over to me and I can hardly contain confessing everything I wanted him to do to me right then and there. Head to toe. All about me time. I wanted him to give me pleasure on my terms, baby.

"Mr. Bond, it's nice seeing you this way. I mean, us being out of the office. Here we are, in our barely appropriate office attire. It's a bit naughty, don't you think?" I say, smiling. We both spend a quick second eying each other up and down, our skin slightly damp from the humidity and glistening like a Greek god and goddess. Feeling his eyes on me makes my nipples harden and pop out like a firecracker went off inside my bathing suit top.

"Ms. Petal -- may I call you Lily? Please call me James," he replies, as he takes my hand in his for a semi-wet kiss on the hand. I nod affirmatively, and I couldn't help but hold my hand near his lips a greedy second longer after he had already begun to release my hand from his. His lips were so full and inviting. I imagined them on my body.

He continued, "I've been looking for you, Lily. Let's just say I have my sources who said you'd be here today, and I am here for that reason alone. I feel this intensely erotic desire to figure you explore and discover your body and meld with you as I tweak the right buttons and knobs to tap into your pure unbridled energy current. Tell me what you want me to do to you. And where and how you want it done, Ms. Lily Petal. Oh, and for your suspense, I have a few surprises of my own for later that I think you will enjoy."

I look around through my over-sized Jackie-O polarized sunglasses, and see a breezy looking empty hut in the thicket of palms to the right that would be a great location for our private tryst.

"There's a little place over there where we can discuss this further, James." I say while pointing to it.

He looks approvingly, but gets a gleam in his eyes as he suggests his yacht instead, out there off the pier. I nearly creamed my bikini bottoms right there at the thought of boarding his massive boat. He takes my hand and leads me out on the pier, and we proceed into his below deck palace. The cotton candy blue sky is clearly visible all around the glassed-in cabin, and the linens are soft and silky on the plush circular bed. I detect a sort of masculine scent in the room that I can't place, yet it's so desirable and familiar. It's mysterious and musky, or is it just him? His pheromones make my animal impulses pulsate.

We embrace and kiss as we find our way closer to the bed, where I slink onto it in my barely there string bikini. He tells me in his husky British accent that he's going to massage a bit of oil around my clit and we begin to take turns oiling it up with the wonderfully scented virgin coconut oil, pressing harder and making rounder circles, sending concentric waves of current extending to my pussy and beyond!

"Please suck me, James. I want to feel your kissable mouth suck me and lick me ... around my tight hard nipples while your big man's hands grip my big tits," I purr softly.

He complies with a slow rhythm that amps up my nether regions to a wetter, deeper level, and then surprises me with a deep tongue kiss. He plunges two of his thick hairy fingers into my wet cunt, causing me to exhale a gasp of uncontrollable breath. He pulls them out with plenty of juice on them and slides them in my open mouth, letting me suck the juice off each finger, slowly savoring the sweet pussy juice we've just cooked up.

My legs weaken and tremble, so I sit and lean on the edge of the bed with him on his knees on the floor and his face buried into my throbbing bush. He raises his eyes to me and peers over my mound, and while still licking between words, tells me, "I want to blow your mind, you hot little slutty minx."

I love a man who wants to get into my panties AND my mind! That's where the shit gets real. Raunchy and nasty, and completely overpowering -- like everything in all of Outer Space is in perfect fucking harmony.

With the still-greasy film of Sea & Ski tanning lotion on his strong hands, he's feeling me up good! I blush a real blush as he tickles me with his flicking tongue and alternating mini-sucks all up and down my skin. I feel my vulva getting that full feeling it gets when the rush of blood hits my erogenous zones. My pussy lips have puckered fully, anticipating the good pounding headed their way soon.

"I want to suck your cock, James. You wouldn't deny my mouth the pleasure of sucking your gorgeous hard cock into my mouth, would you?" I say, smiling slyly.

I didn't give him time to answer yes, because I already knew he wanted it bad! It feels so good shoved in my wanting mouth - warm and firm, and wet - as I run my tongue up and around the engorged purple head of his smooth stiff rod. He has his hands on the sides of my head and his fingers in my long blonde hair as I pump my wanting lips back and forth over his slippery hot cock. I can taste my favorite treat - his mini-leaks of pre-cum! I lap it up ravenously and enjoy the pure deliciousness of it. I get up and kiss him passionately, and he starts to take over again...using those magic words and hands of his to introduce me to different tricks and gadgets he has acquired in his interrogation and espionage vocation.

It was as if a whole new world opened up. I'm on all fours and he's slipped a velvet blindfold over my eyes. He delicately, or forcefully - whatever it took -- turned me on to maneuvers that really did drive me wild and insatiable. Little aggressive moves that reveal a real command of the female libido. My favorite gadget he introduced me to was a specially shaped dildo he sculpted himself out of Italian marble that targeted my g-spot with laser precision. He worked it like no man has ever done before and could tell by my louder and louder moans that I was on the threshold of cumming.

"FUCK ME, James. Fuck me really hard! I need your sweet cock inside me right now!" I yell.

He stops and pulls my shoulders up to where I'm standing on my knees in bed. He's holding my belly from behind to steady me as he begins to plunge his steaming shaft between my wet, desperate pussy slit. It feels so shocking to my tight pussy, I let out a long moan of surprise and desire. Our fucking is so rhythmic and jungle-like that my tits are bouncing up and down in quick little jerks ...his conga thighs pounding up against my soft firm bottom, giving me every inch of his monster cock. I'm feeling the sheer joy of feeling him spread open my ripe juicy peach with his manhood barreling in me like a primitive sex trance dance. I'm practically in tears of perfect joy.

I tell him I want him in every hole of my body. He grabs my vibrator with the rabbit on it and begins to tease me with his stealth-like moves, using the vibrator on my vulva slit with one end, and massaging my clit with the attachment. He lightly pinches my nipple and then sucks it hard. About half of my full milk-white tit goes into his mouth as he sucks hard and flicks my dark nipple with his slick wet tongue. I wish he had two mouths - one for each breast! Goddammit, it's amazing!

He greases his finger again and lightly taps and prods around my jealous asshole, then barely enters just past the tight muscle and holds it there a few seconds for me to relax and then slightly pulls back toward my tailbone to help stretch it a bit. The tension it creates for those sensitive nerve endings is HOT! He's telling me to relax and breathe because he feels me tense up. He knows what he's doing -- a professional telling me how to follow his lead and knowing that I like it when he's in control. This allows me to slow my breathing and enjoy the feeling of his finger in my ass. I'm writhing and moaning, and feel myself about to explode.

He pulls out and gets on his knees on the bed facing my sideways body, with his left hand finger in my ass, and his right hand fingering my cunt - I'm in his firm grip and I cannot move at all, or do anything but take it. I grab the vibrator and press it hard on my clit while he grips my ass and pussy with his firm hands. He's mouthing my body front and back and I tremble wildly as I explode from a depth in me that I swear comes from the bottom of the ocean or the ends of the universe. He holds his fingers motionless in my greasy asshole and dripping pussy while I experience the biggest bang since the mop top Liverpool lads landed at JFK. James himself experiencing a woman cumming on his right finger and feeling the waves of orgasm through my rectum and vaginal wall with his left finger. He feels every syncopated twinge. I turn around to catch the look on his face -- it's priceless -- like a wide eyed little boy in sheer wonder at the iconic marvel of a tight pussy spasming all over his lucky fingers. FUCK, he's adorable!

When the waves subside in my pelvis, I'm laying in a hot mess of sensuous sex heat. I can almost see the heat waves blur around him as I see him now standing on the floor over me as I lay near the edge of the bed. I notice his still firm cock practically in my face. I know he's longing for me to suck him off, plus I'm longing to taste a full portion of his holy cum. I slide over and take it all in my mouth. He thrusts it deep and it's touching my throat balls deep. It took less than a minute for him to shoot off a rocket load of love cum so strong I almost choked. When his last throb pulsated his last precious secretion into my mouth, I laid back with my eyes closed and relished the taste of his pure sex seed as I swallowed. We collapse side by side entwined together and after sweet little nothings were whispered and tender kisses were exchanged, we fell asleep to the gentle rocking of the boat and the sound of seagulls on the dock.

It took a moment to come down from that totally hot imaginary hookup fuck. My mind still swirling, I soon decided it was a perfect time for a long, sensuous shower. Afterwards, while toweling off my fresh dewy skin, the phone rings. I was happy that it was the office, informing me that they need me on another international assignment, this time in Cuba. YES - it's finally back to work in my real job as Top Secret Agent, Ms. Lily Petal.

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