tagGroup SexDouble Pleasure at the Mall

Double Pleasure at the Mall


Lisa wanted to go to the mall for some "fun", which usually involved plenty of skin. Erica had shaved her pussy and the moisturizer she had applied had a gentle peach scent. She was absently stroking her nipples when Lisa came into her room, wearing a sheer, white button up shirt, with the buttons removed and tied under her pendulous 38DD breasts. Her nipples were naturally dark, as Lisa was a brunette, and they showed through the material of the shirt like it wasn't there. Her only other garment was a white g-string. Erica really appreciated her roommate's body and said so.

"Girl, with my shorts and that top, you'll probably get us arrested. See if you can get most of that luscious ass in these while I get dressed."

Taking Erica's smaller spandex shorts, Lisa went to her room to finish dressing. Erica had picked her sheerest g-string and paired it with a leather miniskirt with a zipper that started at the bottom hem and ended at the waistband. The back of the skirt had horizontal slits just above the swell of her ass. Her top was not sheer, but made of a soft, figure-hugging material that sparkled in the light. Her c-cup breasts filled out the top nicely. Before putting on the sexy top, Erica attached her nipple clamps to provide some stimulation, as if her nipples needed it. Erica was checking herself out in her full length mirror when Lisa came back into her room.

"Holy shit! I thought you weren't into this!" exclaimed Lisa as she ogled her sexy roommate. "You'll be the one getting all the guys." Lisa had succeeded in getting the top of her ass in the stretchy shorts, but her asscheeks were quite obvious at the bottoms of the legs.

"My, my. What a little slut you have become," said Erica. "Come over here and let me check you out."

Embracing each other, they kissed quite passionately and felt each other's body, both lost in the visions of what was to come. Erica's nipples were even more prominent after she and Lisa disengaged.

Arriving at the mall, they had a little trouble finding a parking place.

"That means there will be lots of good looking guys here," said Lisa as Erica finally found a space halfway across the parking lot. As they started towards the mall, they were spied by a group of younger guys, who catcalled and whistled, but Lisa and Erica continued on their quest, looking for older, more experienced fellows. They entered the mall and were amazed at the number of hot girls and guys already there.

"Well," said Lisa, "that just makes our job a little more exciting. Do we want to eat or fuck?"

"I'm up for fucking, definitely," said Erica as she began her search.

"Well, guys hang at the sporting goods stores, so let's hit them first," said Lisa.

Reflecting later on the wisdom of Lisa's inclinations, Erica wondered if she were not being set up. Two shoe stores and a uniform shop yielded the girls nothing but appreciative stares from the male clerks. Finally they hit paydirt at a cap shop. Lisa went in first and immediately turned around in her tracks.

"There they are!" she whispered, rolling her eyes towards the back of the store. "They must be twins." Erica looked over Lisa's shoulder at the two young men trying on baseball caps, and approved of Lisa's choice immediately. Trim, but not skinny, the two were obviously athletes. Their sleeveless shirts showed well developed shoulders, and the one with shorts on had muscular legs.

"What do you think?" asked Lisa.

"Your taste is impeccable you hot bitch," cooed Erica in her sexiest voice. "Let's go have some fun!"

Entering the store arm in arm and giggling softly, they made their way towards the two guys. Nearing the back of the store, Lisa stopped and looked at a cap on the top rack. When she reached up to try and get it off the hanger, the entire bottom half of her ass presented itself for inspection. Immediately, one of the guys rushed to her side and got the cap down for her.

"Thanks," said Lisa as she looked into a pair of very sexy blue eyes. "I'm Lisa and this is Erica."

"Hi. I'm Tim and this is Tom," he said motioning the other guy over. "As you can see, we're twins."

Indeed they were. The only difference the girls could detect was in their clothing. Tim wore shorts, while Tom was dressed in jeans. Both had on Valley College athletic shirts.

"That's where we go to school," said Lisa, as she was trying on the cap and trying to look her sexiest while doing it. Tim and Tom were actually paying very little attention to her head; with such a sexy girl dressed the way Lisa was, they couldn't keep their eyes off her breasts and butt.

"Ahem," said Erica. "Do you think she's the only one here?"

It was as if Tim and Tom had just noticed her.

"Damn! This must be our lucky day," exclaimed Tim as he took in Erica's not-so-subtle outfit. "Is there anything we can do for you ladies?"

"As a matter of fact, there is," said Erica. "Let's go someplace quiet."

They found a secluded corner of the food court with a curved booth. The girls slid in first, and Erica made sure to give Tim a quick flash of her transparent g-string. Following the girls, Tim and Tom slid as close as was possible, as if to prevent Erica and Lisa from escaping. Little did they know!!

"Look guys," said Lisa, always the forward one. "We came to the mall for some fun. As you can see from the way we're dressed, our fun involves showing off our bodies and, if you're up for it, I guarantee you an afternoon you won't forget."

Taking her hand and placing it in his lap, Tom said, "Oh we're up for it. Feel for yourself."

Lisa indeed felt the hard cock under her hand and immediately began stroking it through Tom's shorts. Tim meanwhile had taken advantage of Erica's short skirt and had his hand halfway up her thigh. She returned the favor by reaching over and unzipping his jeans. After determining that Tim wasn't wearing anything under his jeans, Erica began stroking his rather large cock with slow steady strokes. She felt herself getting wet and giggled as she thought of what her transparent g-string would look like. Getting an idea, she told Tim to let her out to go to the bathroom. When she got there, Erica quickly removed her soaked g-string and balled it up in her hand. Unzipping her skirt almost to the waistband, she looked at her moist pussy in the bathroom mirror and figured she was ready. On her return, she found Tim and Tom with their hands inside Lisa's shirt, squeezing her titties and pulling on her nipples. Lisa had a cock in each hand under the table and Erica was struck by the raw sexiness of the scene. Her knees were weak, and her pussy throbbed. Sitting down quickly and scooting over to Tim's side, she took his face in her hands and kissed him, sliding her tongue into his mouth.

"I have something for you," she said huskily, and slipped the g-string into his hand. Surprised by the moist cloth, Tom put it to his face and inhaled deeply.

"Damn, girl. You're hotter than she is!" Having said that, Tim removed his hand from Lisa's tit and gave Erica his full attention. Noticing her nipples, he realized she had on a pair of nipple clips. "Hey Tom. Look at this-she's wearing nipple clips!" Tom looked at Erica's nipples and smiled appreciatively.

Lisa told them, "We need to take this somewhere more private, but I don't think I can wait till we get to our apartment."

"I used to work in this mall," said Tim. "I know just the place." He then led the group into a hallway with several doors.

Stopping at the first one and using a credit card to get in the door, Tim showed them the mall employees' restroom. Carpet, private stalls, and a double sink led Erica to exclaim, "This is nicer than our bathroom at the Toy Shoppe!" Turning around, she quickly took off her top, grabbed Tim by the head, and buried it between her breasts. "Baby, if you don't suck them soon, my nipples are going to burst!"

Taking her cue, Lisa shrugged off her top and freed her massive titties. Tom was on them in a flash, and soon had Lisa moaning and holding his head to her chest. Sucking one nipple and mauling the other, Tom knew how to push Lisa's buttons.

Tim had pushed Erica back to the handicapped lavatory and urged her up onto it. Being lower than the other side of the lavatory, Erica slid onto it easily, sliding her skirt to her waist, and spreading her legs. After a quick lick of that sopping pussy, Tim dropped his jeans and slid his dick into her moist slit. Sliding all the way to the hilt in one stroke, Tim realized just how wet Erica was. "Baby, you're so wet. I could fuck you forever!" he panted.

"Then do it Stud!" urged Erica. Looking over at Lisa, Erica saw her bent over grabbing the edge of the countertop, her shorts and g-string gone, and Tom fucking her slowly and gently doggie-style. Lisa's breasts swung in rhythm with Tom's thrusts, making for a very erotic scene. Suddenly, they heard a key in the door.

Before anyone could stop or make a move, a mall security guard walked in. His eyes widened and before he could utter a word, Lisa said, "Well, are you gonna arrest us or get your rocks off?"

Reaching out to his belt, she pulled the guard to her face and quickly unzipped his pants. Pulling out his cock, she kissed the head, licking it to get it wet, then slid the entire length down her throat. Tom resumed fucking Lisa and Erica turned her attention back to Tim. She put her legs over his shoulders, giving both of them a better angle. They regained their rhythm, and before long, Erica felt that wonderful tingle start in her toes and begin to work its way throughout her body. Tim increased his speed, sweat forming on his body, and really tried to drive Erica's pussy into the countertop. Just as he felt his balls begin to empty their load, Erica crashed over the edge. Tim pumped a copious amount of sperm into Erica's pussy and watched it ooze out around his dick. Sliding a finger around and under Tim's cock, Erica retrieved a dollop of jism and leisurely sucked it off her finger. Tim's dick slid out of Erica's pussy, still semi-hard.

"Give me a few minutes," he said and flashed Erica a smile.

Looking over at Lisa, Erica began to get aroused again. Tom was driving his dick into Lisa's pussy by now, and her ass shuddered with each stroke. That was sexy enough, but the mall cop was getting the best end of the deal. Lisa, expert cocksucker that she was, would pull back when Tom withdrew. Each outward stroke allowed Lisa to suction "Mr. Security's" dick from its base to its head. When Tom drove forward, Lisa slid her talented mouth back down the length of his dick in perfect time. Both men were nearing the edge, and as the tempo increased, so did Lisa's pressure on the cop's dick. Suddenly, the security guard grabbed Lisa's head and held it tight to his body, shooting his load deep into her throat. Lisa swallowed most of the cum, allowing only a trickle to escape. Tom could hold back no longer, and when Lisa wiggled her ass, he shot his load, almost going to his knees with the exertion. Pulling his spent member from Lisa's steaming pussy, all three men were surprised to see Erica on her knees between Lisa's legs, lapping up the juices that flowing out of her roomie's well-fucked pussy. Tim had recovered and was sporting a hardon, so Lisa turned and began to give him a sensual blowjob. Holding his dick in her hand and sucking slowly, she knew he wouldn't last long, even though he had just cum minutes before.

Lisa stopped her ministrations and said, "Mr. Policeman, would you like to fuck my ass?"

Not waiting to answer, the cop maneuvered behind Lisa and eased his dick into her asshole. Surprisingly, he slid in all the way and began fucking in earnest. Tom stood absently stroking his hardening dick, just watching the erotic scene in front of him. Lisa's ass bounced with every stroke, causing him to reach full hardness in a matter of seconds. Erica saw his predicament and moved over in front of him, taking his dick in her hand and looking into his eyes. When she sucked it, she sucked it all the way to his balls. Never having been deepthroated before, Tom shot his load after a few strokes. Lisa really began sucking Tim's cock at this point and the security guard couldn't hold back. As he shot his cum in Lisa's ass, Tim filled her mouth.

After swallowing and grinning like a sated cat, Lisa said, "I told you we'd give you an afternoon you won't soon forget!"

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