tagIncest/TabooDouble Scissored Into Jerking Off

Double Scissored Into Jerking Off


I came home from work and noticed my mother-in-law's car was over. Walking inside, I found her and my wife sitting at the kitchen table, laughing like crazy.

"What's so funny ladies?" I smiled, walking over to them.

They got quiet, looked at me, and burst out laughing. I had no clue what was happening, but was starting to get annoyed.

"Anne, what's so funny, c'mon," I asked my pretty wife, who was sitting on this warm day in short shorts, t-shirt and sandals. "Please tell me."

"Well if you must know, I was telling Mom about the time I scissored you into jerking off," Anne said plainly, looking at her mom and giggling. "And told you all the nasties that I'd done, all the time while I was squeezing your head in my legs."

My face went beet red, my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe Annie was telling her Mom about that time she made me put my head in her legs and crushed me, making me stroke my cock while telling me how she made other guys at work come as she squeezed them in her muscular thighs and calves. Obie, my very attractive, whitish-blonde haired 60-year-old mother in law, looked at me and laughed.

"Unbelievable, but I guess maybe not," she said, swinging her own legs out from under the kitchen table as she sat in a rather short summery skirt, her long, creamy white limbs still etched in still somewhat youthful muscle. "Good legs always ran in the family."

"And strong legs too, huh Mom?" Anne laughed. "Tell him, tell him about Daddy, what you used to do to him, before the divorce."

"Uh, maybe he needs to be in a better position to listen, whaddya think?" Obie laughed, looking at Annie.

My wife beamed - and then glared at me.

"On your ass, now, put your head between my mom's thighs, she wants to scissor you as you jack off," Annie growled.

"But...no...you've got to be kidding, Annie, please, you don't..." I stammered.

I never finished. Obie's sneaker clad foot shot out and racked my balls with a brutal toe shot deep to my crotch. I screamed in pain and doubled over, making it easy for my mother-in-law to grab my ears, twist me to a sitting position before her and slam-wrap her thick but hard thighs on my head. She cupped my chin in her hands and pulled back, the inner muscles of her incredibly strong thighs cutting into my neck and leaving my ears free to hear her.

"Well it's like this, sonny boy," she laughed. "Before we were married, I was a gymnast in my high school, had the best legs in town, you could say. I also used to rassle my brothers a lot and always managed to win, as I got older, doing to them pretty much what I'm doing to you now!!"

Obie squeezed hard and I yelped in pain. She let go my chin with her hands and leaned back in her chair, picking up her coffee and sipping it. Annie was howling, she was laughing so hard watching her Mom work me over in her old but unbelievably strong legs.

"Hey, you're forgetting something," Annie said to me, nudging my crotch with her foot. "Whip that out!"

"NO FUCKING WAY..." I started to protest.

"I believe...my daughter....gave you...an ORDER!!" Obie growled, accentuating every second word with a thigh-quivering, eye-popping surge of scissor power that nearly knocked me out.

I hurriedly obeyed, slipping my pants down and stroking my amazingly hard cock. Something about the legs in this family, I guess.

"Christ, Annie, that's all you've had all these years?" Obie said in disgust, looking at my pecker. "Shit, no wonder you go after strange cock at work, I don't blame you."

I cringed at the humiliation and Anne's laughter following it - and gamely pounded my pecker in my fist as Obie squeezed and continued her monologue.

"And my husband got his first taste of what you're getting now on our honeymoon," she sighed. "Wedding night, the little dick craps out on me, only fucked me once and rolled over to go to sleep. I straightened his ass out by lacing my thighs around his jaws and taking his face to my pussy."

"No kidding, Mom?" Anne laughed. "You scissored his face into your pussy, all full of his cum?"

"Oh, you bet," Obie hissed, squeezing me harder. "I figured he put it there, dirtied my pussy and all, the least he could do was lick me clean. And he did!!"

My cock twitched, my nuts knotted. It was happening again, just the way it did with Annie.

"Over the years, I can't tell you how many times I knocked that fucker out in neckscissors, headscissors, even bodyscissors," she said. "I busted his ribs on a number of occasions, so much so old Doc Pritchard finally came calling one day while your dad was at work."

"What happened, Mom, what happened?" Annie said, kneeling down now to massage her mother's gorgeous gams as they squeezed me, using one hand to rub her own cunt as she did.

"Well, I was in my early 30s then, just had you and your brother, so I was in pretty good shape," Obie said, now grinding her pussy into the back of my head while Annie massaged her legs, squeezing them in with her hands to put even more pressure on me. "He came in, started giving me some shit about how women shouldn't be beating up their husbands.

"Uh, Doc', I told him, 'Doc, how many housecalls do you make to tell husbands to stop beating their wives, huh, answer me that'," Obie said, crushing me harder as the memory clearly angered her. "he said none. I said 'No shit'!! That's when I let him have it."

"You let Doc Pritchard have it, Ma, you let him have the leg?" Annie cried, leaning over to run her tongue over her mother's muscular thigh.

"Fuck yes, Annie, my girl, I took that old bone man to the carpet in our living room and just laid into him," Obie laughed. "We used to wear garters and nylons in those days, and dresses, workdresses, and next thing you know old Doc Pritchard's got his face buried up my bloomers, his nose caught in my asscrack, and my thighs just crushing his head!! My nylons got wrecked from him pulling at them, trying to get loose!"

"What did you do then, Mom, what then?" Annie asked wide-eyed as Obie's legs grew tighter on my neck.

"I did THIS!!" Obie cried, suddenly taking her locked sneakers that were before me and ramming them repeatedly downward into my balls. "Only I used my hands!!"

Annie roared. "You mean like this?"

And with that, she balled up her fist and pummeled my nuts as I tried to jerk my dick, flattening the meat in her knuckles until I screamed in pain. My dick went limp from the pain.

"Hey, you get that hard again, you hear?" Obie growled, pulverizing me with a renewed scissor burst. "Annie, why don't we double team this sucker?"

"Great idea mom!" Annie said brightly.

Annie laced her long, muscular legs around my guts for a bruising bodyscissors as her mother continued to pummel my head in her thighs. The double scissor was on and I was fucking dying, hanging limply in the legs of a ferocious mother-and-daughter scissoring/ballbusting team. I picked up my dick, which was again hard, and started stroking.

"Tell me more Mom," Annie hissed, facing her mom, moaning and licking her muscular legs.

"Mmmm, Annie, that feels nice," Obie groaned, leaning back in the chair to squeeze me harder. "It turns me on..."

"And you scissoring my husband into jerking off rrrrrrrrrreally turns me on," Annie said in husky voice, running her tongue up the length of Obie's rocky thigh. "Tell me more..."

Obie laughed and continued. "There was the time these legs came in handy, on vacation, the year we went to Yosemite, you remember that?"

"Sure do, I was what, 12 or so?" Annie said, rippling her legs on my guts, looking back to make sure I was still stroking my meat.

"Yup," Obie said, vibrating her thighs harder on me, grinding her cunt on my head through her shorts, to which Annie now added her hand, fingering her mom's quim by reaching up under the short legs. "We'd run out of money, thanks to your idiotic father's misjudgment, and we pulled into this little store out in the middle of nowhere. I went inside, there was this little mousy clerk there..."

"Shit, mom, you're kidding, I remember that!" Annie said, fingering her mom harder now as the memory returned. "You were in there for a good half hour."

"Make that a good CALF hour!" Obie laughed. "Remember those pedal-pusher pants that were in then, that ended at the knee? Well, I had, and still do, some really big calves, all muscle and rocky, and I went into that store and said I was robbing him. HE said 'With what, I don't see no weapon', real cocky like. So I said 'Well here's a weapon, two of 'em!!'

"With that, I pulled that little shit over the counter, bulldogged him to his knees and stepped over him to take him like this, in my calves!"Obie hissed, pushing my head down to her rocky lower limbs, slicing the thick calf meat into my neck. "You shoulda heard him howl!!!"

And howl they heard ME, from the unbelievably painful crunch of my mother-in-law's iron calves. She punched the scissor on hard and stars swam before my eyes. As I almost passed out, my hand involuntarily slipped off my dick. The women noticed, and were not pleased.

"GET IT UP!!!" they both chorused, at the same time powering their respective leglocks into me, Annie's hugely muscled thighs crushing the air from me and squashing my guts, Obie's chiseled calf meat just about separating my head from my shoulders.

They finally let up just enough to let me start beating my dick again. Obie laughed as Annie's hand returned to her cunny under her shorts.

"You know just how to rub me the right way, girl," Obie hissed, taking her daughter's hand out for a second to lick her pussy-wet finger then return it to her cunt.

"Keep talking, Mom, I'm getting so fucking hot, I'm almost cumming by just rubbing my pussy on his side," Annie growled, grinding the scissors on harder, and her pussy into my ribcage.

"Anyway, I got 200 bucks from that guy in the store, I made him open the safe for it," Obie laughed, slowly humping my head in her scissoring gams. "I had the calf-lock on him and made him move to the safe, open it, and give me the works. Saved our vacation, it did, and your daddy never asked a thing about it. Course that night in the hotel, in our room, I 'bout scissored him to death for not bringing enough money to start with."

"So that's why you guys were making so much noise!" Annie squealed. "We thought you must've been fucking!"

"Nope, just scissoring," Obie sighed. "Well, at least I got to cum a few times that night, with his mouth. He never did, but I didn't care."

My cock was about to burst listening to them and watching out of the corner of my pain-wracked eyes as Annie continued to lap at her mother's muscular thighs. Obie continued.

"Then there was the time I was hosting your brother's Scout party, you don't remember that, you were away at Auntie's house, I think,"Obie said. "A couple kids were clearly out of line that night, I kept telling them to be quiet. Well, they didn't, so next thing I had to do was put 'em in line - and my legs!! I took one kid's head high in the thigh, like I have your hubby now, and crushed him in that scissors, and hooked the other little shit's neck in my big calves, and STILL managed to cross my ankles. You shoulda heard those fuckers scream!!"

My nuts were aching, knotted and ready to burst. It wouldn't be much longer, especially now as I heard Annie start to cum, rubbing her cunt on my side as she leaned up to devour her mother's big thighs in her mouth, all the while fingering the old lady's quim with a furious digit dance under her shorts.

"Oh, Annie, that's nice, don't stop...." Obie growled. "Lemme tell you about the day that Daddy finally decided to leave, that'll put you right over the fucking edge..."

And me, too, I figured. I jerked harder, Annie squeezed my guts a little tighter and Obie's relentless thighs scissored my skull more brutally. It wouldn't be long.

"Your daddy comes home one afternoon early, and there I am banging Billy, his best friend, on the bed...while Auntie Mary is sitting on my face!!" Obie groaned. "I'm devouring my sister's pussy, taking Billy's fucking enormous cock in my pussy, and your father's standing there, mouth open, shocked....I looked around your Auntie's gorgeous ass, lapped at her butthole and growled to Daddy, 'What the fuck are YOU looking at, short cock? Stick around, you might learn something!'"

"And we kept fucking, switching positions, taking Billy in my ass and pussy, your aunt's ass and pussy, all the while Daddy's standing there, crying, tears running down his face, not knowing what to do next," Obie hissed.

"So....Goddam, this is soooooooooooooooo good," Annie hissed, furiously fingering her mother's hot cunt as she neared orgasm herself by squeezing me in two. "What happened....tell me...quickly!!"

"Gonna cum...soon...too...baby, don't stop fingering my cunt, or licking my big legs, lick 'em, girl, lick the thighs that are destroying your husband's head!!" Obie screamed, totally blasting my skull in her huge thighs.

She kept talking, stopping occasionally to let her orgasm build.

"Then Billy....finally cums in my cunt, with Aunti lapping his nuts...." Obie rasps. "Then Auntie gets up, grabs Daddy by the hair and drags him to my pussy..... 'LOOK AT THAT CREAMPIE!!' Auntie screamed at Daddy. 'LOOKIT ALL THAT NASTY CUM Y OUR BEST FRIEND DUMPED IN YOUR WIFE'S HOT CUNT!!!'"

"Oh, Mommamommamomma..." Annie growled, snapping her legs on me, bending my ribs as her mother's scissors grew tighter as she came.

"And then....Auntie rams Daddy's face to my cunt and screams, 'EAT IT UP!!!'," Obie yelps, scissor-snapping her thighs hard, her hips bucking back and forth as she came on Annie's plunging finger. "And I took Daddy's face so hard in my cunt...made him eat me 'til I came again...and knocked him out FUCKING COLD!!!"

The women went nuts, squeezing me blind as all three of us came, my wife against my side, in the process snapping two of my ribs, Obie on her daughter's finger, cracking her headscissors on my so hard it dislocated my jaw, and me spraying cum all over Obie's big legs, Annie's hand and my own face. Five minutes later, by the time their orgasms finally died down, about four and a half minutes later than my own, I was unconscious. But not for long. As they recovered, they brought me around by Annie rubbing her cummy fingers all over my face and nose.

"Smell that," she hissed, putting her oily digits into my nose. "Smell momma's hot cunny cum...."

I had to obey, then licked her finger's clean of not only her mother's cum, but my own. My face was laced with spunk, as were Obie's now gently squeezing thighs. She grabbed my ears and moved my face around to the sides, ordering me to clean up the mess I made. Finally, she released me, as did Annie, and I slumped to the floor.

"Mom, that was the hottest..." Annie hissed, hugging her mom, the two women cupping each other's butts.

"Why don't we, uh, give my kid sister a call, have her come on over," Obie said with a sly smile and a look my way. "I like reminiscing this way."

Annie laughed and got the phone. What a fucking family.

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