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Double Submission


You walk into the bedroom, and two girls are kneeling on the end of the bed, their hands resting softly on their thighs, waiting in silence.

"Mmm, beautiful," you say as you approach and touch each girl lightly on the face. You step to the side of the bed, and remove all of your clothes. Sitting on the end of the bed, between the two girls, you reach for one.

"C'mere, my pet, and give me that ass." You pull her pussy down onto your cock a few times, listening to her gasp as you moisten your skin with her juices. Then, you lift her so you can position correctly and gently begin rocking her ass up and down your cock. In the process, you open her legs to drape over yours, spreading her thighs wide.

The other girl watches, but doesn't move from her kneeling position. You can see a small flare of jealousy in her eyes as you softly fuck your pet onto your cock. Smiling, you reach your hand down between her thighs. As she should, she parts them so that your hand can easily slide to her pussy. You smile again. She's very wet.

You withdraw your hand, and return your full attention to the girl who's ass is now completely covering your cock. You push her down firmly, forcing your cock as deep as it can go, then you wrap your arm around her waist to keep her still.

In a soft, but commanding voice, you speak to the other girl. "Down here girl," you say as you point to the floor between your legs. "Show me how much you enjoy pussy."

She quickly obeys, anxious to please you and desperate with her own need for pleasure. She kneels on the floor and presses her face to your pet's wet pussy. Licking and sucking, she begins to moan, enjoying the taste and feel of how wet flesh against her tongue.

You slowly begin to rock your hips, moving your cock in your girl's ass. Keeping one arm securely around her waist, your other hand slips up to take hold of her neck. You softly kiss her ear before whispering, "Relax, my pet. Relax and just enjoy." You hear her whimper and you tighten your grip against her neck. She inhales quickly and releases a slight moan, then lays her head back against your shoulder.

The other girl responds to the sound and reaches her hand up to play with this girl's pulsing pussy. Probing at first with two fingers, she continues to lick and suck at her clit. Your pet gasps and moans, her body trembling. Your other girl pushes another finger deep into her pussy, sucking and tasting the juices that are now freely flowing. Moaning into your girls' pussy, you can see her body start to squirm with need.

You move your hips a little more, moving your cock in her ass. Your arms around her waist pushing her hard against your flesh so that she is helpless to only endure what's being done to her ass, and her pussy.

Your pet rolls her head to the side and groans loudly. Her hands start to claw at you. Your arms, reaching up for your shoulders, the back of your neck. She's desperate with need as she moves against your grasp. "Please Master," she begs breathlessly. "Please Master, I need to cum!"

You moan and kiss softly against her neck. "Not yet, my pet," you whisper against her skin. "Just enjoy, but do not cum. Not yet."

She whimpers and moves against you, desperately trying to take more from your cock. Thrusting her pussy against the fingers and lips of this other girl, who is moaning against her, and taking her own enjoyment out of your pet's sweet torment.

You tighten your hand on her neck a little more and hear her gasp. She swallows hard and whimpers. "Be still slave, or I'll make it stop," you warn her.

She whimpers again and you feel her body tense as she tries to sit still. Smiling to yourself, you rock your hips into her, and listen to her gasp. Desperate for release, she begins to beg you once more. "Master, please! Oh god please Master, I need to cum!"

You ignore her pleas and continue to rock your cock into her ass. You can feel her body trembling with her needs, her breathing shallow and fast between each beg for release.

"Girl, come up here," you address the one on her knees. She obeys and climbs up on the bed with you. Kissing her softly, you release your hold on your pet and use your hands to turn her around. You push her pussy down hard onto your cock and lay on your back.

Your pet groans and begins to rock her body freely on your cock. Releasing a moan of your own, you reach for the other girl and guide her pussy onto your lips. Pressing your tongue against her clit, she moans and squirms against your mouth. "Play with my pet's pussy girl," you instruct her. "Yes, use your mouth too."

She bends down, laying her stomach over your chest, to take enjoyment from your pet's pussy that is now desperately riding your cock. Using her hands and her mouth, she takes enjoyment out of her pussy, as you devour her own.

"Slow down, my pet," you command the girl riding your cock. "I'm not ready, slow down."

She whimpers and hesitantly obeys. She begins to grind her pussy slowly against your cock, gasping as her thrusts force her sensitive clit against this other girls fingers and tongue. She bends forward, pawing against her back, gasping and unable to speak.

"Yes. Yes girls, Master wants more," you mumble between licking and nibbling at her clit. You moan and push your tongue deep into her pussy, then bring your hand up and smack it down onto her ass. She flinches and moans, so you do it again, then rub her hot flesh, squeezing it with your hand. You reach your other hand down and find a hard nipple. Twisting and toying with it, you smile... Enjoying the sounds both girls are making, and their bodies shaking on top of yours.

"Please Master," she gasps against your pet's pussy. "Oh god, I'm going to cum."

"Yes girl, let it cum," you reply, smacking her ass again, licking frantically at her wet pussy. You hear her moan and can feel her body building for release. You smack her ass again and suck her clit hard into your mouth. Running your tongue against it as it's pulled between your lips, you hear her gasp and cry out.

Wet juices slide across your lips. You take them in, savoring them. Nuzzling your mouth against her pussy, hearing her moan again. "Do not stop girl," you whisper. She obeys your command and continues to suck and stroke your pet's pussy.

Her body is shaking frantically as she grinds against your cock. Her weight is now completely supported as she leans and claws your other girl's back. "Ride that cock," you command her. "Show me how much you want it!"

"Oh god, Master," she cries out, using what's left of her energy to thrust herself along the length of your cock. You continue to suckle at the other girl's pussy, slapping her ass from time to time, as you thrust your hips up into your other girl. She adjust her movements to move with you. Up and down. In and out.

"Yes slave, that's it. Show Master how much you want his cock!" You lay your head back, relaxing onto the bed, feeling your body getting ready to cum. Her muscles tense around your cock, as her body shakes. She's close. Very close. So are you.

"Not yet slave," you whisper, trying to hold back the oncoming waves. Knowing that she can't take much more before her own control will be lost. Your hands reach up and squeeze the other girl's ass. You close your eyes and take a deep shuddering breath. You need to cum. You're going to cum.

Just as you start to explode deep in her pussy, you whisper one simple word. "Cum."

She moans and you feel her body shudder. Her wet pussy clenches tightly around your cock, pulsing as she cums hard and fast against you.

Tired and satisfied, you pull both girls softly against you, their heads resting on your shoulders. You kiss each of their heads softly, and stroke their hair. Sighing happily, you close your eyes and allow the exhaustion to pull you into the darkest embraces of sleep.

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