Double Vaginal Penetration


I stopped moving completely, letting my pussy adjust to the cock that was stuffed in me, when I felt Rick rolling over until he was on top of me. He started to move and I began to move with him, slowly at first, but as my pain turned to pleasure, I began to slide my burning pussy up and down his stiff pole like a wild woman, sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body each time he rammed back into me, until I shook through another orgasm. As my second orgasm started to subside, Rick's movements began to quicken and his cock began to swell even bigger inside of me. As his excitement grew, mine also grew! As he continued to plow into me, I met him stroke for stroke, setting me off again. Then finally with one final lounge into me, he let out a loud moan and his cock exploded, shooting his hot cum deep into me.

As I was wondering about Jim and Dave, I heard Rick say that he'd be right back then he got up, opened the door, and left the room. After a few minutes, the door opened again, and he slipped back into bed behind me. As I pushed my ass back against him, he put his arms around me and to my surprise, started to play with my pussy again. I didn't think his cock would get hard again so soon, but as it pressed against my ass, I felt it quickly grow hard. Reaching between my legs, he guided his cock to my pussy and pushed against me until the head of his cock was once again sliding into my vagina. I figured that it would go in much easier this time, but as we moved together in a smooth back and forth rhythm trying to work it into me, it was a slow process. As he pounded into me, trying his best to bury that cock back into me, his cock now felt as if it was even bigger and driving much deeper into me than before.

At the same time, it was also putting extreme pressure on my still sensitive clit, causing my excitement to grow rapidly out of control. Suddenly my insides exploded as he brought me to a rapid and powerful climax. I was still trembling from my orgasm when he began pounding into me fast and hard, sinking his cock into me to the hilt. His balls bounced against my ass as he continued to piston in and out, pumping his throbbing cock deeper into me. Soon the room was filled with my cries, and as I twitched and shook through another incredible orgasm, his cock erupted and I felt a warm rush as his cum shot into my body in a series of quick blasts, flooding my insides with his semen. Collapsed on the bed with him on top of me, I just laid there panting and feeling our mixed juices seep from my pussy and waiting for the room to stop spinning.

When he removed his cock from my pussy, I rolled over to cuddle with him, but as I turned towards him, I gasped in shock as I realized that I had just been fucked by Rick's friend Jim. When I tried to say something, he just smiled and told me that everything was fine and I shouldn't worry about anything because this was my special night. Then he got up and left the room. The door opened and closed again, and as I turned, I saw Dave standing next to the bed. I didn't say a word as he got into the bed, spread my legs and entered me quickly and easily. My normally tight pussy was so wet that he had no problem sliding all the way into me on the first push. As soon as he was inside of me, he took one of my legs and lifted it up to his shoulder and then did the same with other. With both resting on his shoulders, his cock was pressing even deeper into me.

Everything around us became motionless as he worked his cock in and out of my slippery pussy. Slowly and gently at first, but when he began to move faster, so did I, bucking my hips up to meet his as they came down, pumping faster and faster, pounding his cock into my pussy like there was no tomorrow. I could feel my excitement building again, and I knew I was going to cum again very soon. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and started pulling him to me, urging him deep inside me. I started fucking him back with a vengeance as I my own moans of ecstasy filled the room. I was so hot and wet, my pussy began leaking its juices all over his cock as it involuntarily clamped, squeezed and contracted around it, trying to pull him even deeper into me. He began moaning and groaning above me as his cock began to swell and pulsate inside of me.

Then all of a sudden, I was exploding with pleasure. I felt Dave shoot his hot cum into me while I was still coming. My head was still spinning, but I was so exhausted, I just pulled the bed sheet up to cover me and I fell asleep. When I awoke, the three of them were all laying in the bed with me. As I lay motionless on the bed, Rick moved next to me and said, to make sure I never forgot this night they were all going to fuck me one more time. Then he rolled over on his back and told me to get on top of him. I crawled on top of him and lowered myself down on him. As his cock neared my pussy, I spread my pussy lips with my fingers and reached for his cock to guide it to the entrance of my still wet pussy. As the head of his cock pushed against my wetness, he placed his hands on my hips and slowly pulled me down towards him, as his cock parted and entered my vagina.

His hands tightened on my hips and he began to guide me up and down on him, pushing his cock deeper into my pussy with each stroke. Then something new and different happened. Rick reached one hand under me and started rubbing his fingers all over my clit until they wet with my juices, and then, to my surprise, he put his finger against my asshole and pushed it into me, quickly causing a flood of wetness in my pussy as I suddenly realized that I was having an orgasm. As my juices coated Rick's cock, I pushed down hard, forcing my pussy to swallow his huge cock. With his hands still guiding me, he began to ram that huge cock in and out of me, filling my hungry pussy with as much as it could take. Suddenly I felt another set of hands turning my head. Looking up, I saw Jim moving closer to me, pulling me towards him until his cock was pushing against my lips.

Forcing my mouth to open wide for his hard cock, his hands began guiding my head back and forth, so that his cock was sliding in and out of my mouth and deep down my throat, fucking my face as it was my pussy. It happened so quickly, it took me a minute to realize what had just happened. But as I felt those two cocks pumping in and out of me, I knew that there way no way they were going to stop. As I tried to clear my clouded mind, I barely felt Dave's hands take hold of my ass, spread my buttocks wide open, and rub something cold and slippery on and into my asshole. But when I felt his hard penis slide between them, my whole body tightened as I wondered if it was possible to fit both those cocks into me at the same time. When the head of his cock was pressed against my ass-hole, he leaned into me, put his arms around me, took my tits in his hands, and as Rick withdrew his cock from my pussy, Dave pulled me back towards him and I felt the head of his cock entering my ass.

As my sphincter muscle gave way to the pressure, a cry of pain escaped from my lips, but still he continued to pull me towards him until my ass was pressed against him. With the entire length of his cock stuffed deep into my rectum, he stopped for a moment, then with both Rick and Dave tightly gripping my hips and guiding my movements, both cocks began to slide in and out of me again as they began to move in tandem. We were all moving in a rhythm so that one cock was sliding out of my pussy while the other one was sliding into my asshole. Then as soon as the entire length of Dave's cock was embedded deep in my ass, I was pushed and pulled in the other direction. Just as quickly as Dave's cock entered me, it slid out of my ass as Rick's cock slid back into my pussy. Only now did I understand that this is what they meant when they told me that they were all going to fuck me one more time.

With my eyes closed for what seemed like hours, it felt as if I were afloat in a timeless dream just waiting to wake up, while they continued to fill me with cock. But as heavy breathing and loud grunts from all three of them filled the room, I had to accept the fact that three guys I'd just danced with only a few hours ago were all fucking me at the same time and filling me with more cock than I could have ever imagined! And with all three cocks throbbing and pulsating as they raced toward orgasm, something went off inside of me. Suddenly, my body had a will of its own and I didn't need anybody's hands to guide my rhythm. As my mind focused entirely on those three rock hard cocks, I lost track of everything else. My body was rocking violently and my hips were moving non-stop, bucking and slamming up and down then back and forth, trying desperately to force those cocks deeper and deeper to satisfy my burning desire to feel the full length all three cocks completely buried in me.

When Jim's cock started to pulsate against my lips, I put my hands on his hips and pulled him towards me as I sucked him deep into my hot mouth, now wanting that giant cock to fuck my face. I quickly began sliding my lips up and down the shaft of his cock, sucking the mushroom head of his enormous cock in and out of my mouth, as if I'd been doing it for years. As the head of his cock began to swell in my mouth, his hands tightened on my head and he began bucking and pumping his cock repeatedly into my face. Remembering what Rick had done earlier to me, I placed my finger against Jim's anus and pushed it into his asshole. As a long deep groan came from deep in his throat, he pulled my head towards him, stuffing his cock deep into my mouth and embedding it deep down my throat as it erupted and sent a river of hot cum down my throat.

Jim continued to hold my head until I drained and swallowed every drop of his semen before finally withdrawing his still throbbing cock from me and allowing me to give my full attention to the other two cocks being pounded into me again and again. Suddenly, I could hear both the moans of pleasure and the sounds of pure lust escaping from me as the feeling of those two hard cocks scraping along the insides of both my pussy and my ass were suddenly overwhelming me. And then it happened! It started deep down inside of me and rippled through my entire body. As the walls of my pussy started to vibrate and the muscles of my thighs began to quiver, my pussy and ass began to throb and contract, clamping down on both cocks and I screamed as it hit me. My body shuddered violently and rocked in orgasm after orgasm.

I was still rather shaky in the aftermath of my orgasm when Rick and Dave, reaching the peak of climax at the same time, thrust themselves into me, completely burying the full length of both their cocks inside me as deeply as possible. At almost the same instant, my body began to tremble again, as a second series of orgasms erupted within me, igniting the fires of a passion that I had never before known. As I felt the hot cream erupting from them squirting into my pussy and up my ass, my vaginal walls quivered and a rush of spasms spread though me in waves.

I heard myself screaming out and begging them, "OH, FUCK ME", "OH, FUCK ME HARD", "OH, FUCK ME HARDER", "OH PLEASE, JUST KEEP FUCKING ME", as I was consumed by the most intense and incredible orgasm, one followed by a series of aftershocks that left me shaking for the next hour. I can hardly believe that this really happened to me, but I have to say, it was definitely a night that I'll always remember! Exhausted and sore, we fell asleep for a few hours. Rick would occasionally fondle me or poke me with his erection to start the action again. When I mustered the courage and enough desire to let him enter me, I guided the head of his member to the opening of my pink swollen slit. He pressed the head against my lips slowly pushing his way inside. He lifted my legs and placed them across his arms giving him more access to my warm wet pussy.

With a quick thrust he was completely inside me. I gasped in pain that was completely replaced by pleasure as he pumped his cock deep inside my passageway to ecstasy. Our pleasure continued together until the early hours of the morning. Rick, Dave and Jim fucked me more times than I can count, and I came almost as many. They bent me over and entered me from behind making me cum two or three times before they spewed their load all over my insides. Then I took turns riding them like I had never ridden cocks before, rolling my hips above them and moving their large throbbing cocks in and out of me as my lips wrap tightly around another. We fucked in so many different positions I can't name them all. We were going at it on our sides with one from behind and one facing me, when I noticed the sun coming up by the sky lightening outside.

I hated to rush them to finish but I had to get home soon. The guys understood and quickened their pace, quickly cumming deep inside my pussy and throat. I got up and dressed, thanking them all for an amazing night. I kissed each one last time and left to go home. I pulled into my driveway with my stomach twisted in knots and my pussy lips swollen. I quietly entered the house and made my way down the hall to our room. Scott was asleep, so I hoped he wouldn't realize what time I came in. I stepped into the bathroom connected to our room and began to undress. Then I heard a deep voice from the room.

"So you're finally home."

"Yes baby I'm home. I had a good time!"

"So you did them all? Huh?" My husband asked from our bed.

"Yes I did. Are you happy now?"

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes I did baby!"

"Well, why are you in there instead of in bed with me giving me all the details?"

"You horny old man," I laughed, as I finished stripping off my clothes and climbed in bed beside him.

"You know I am and that's why you love me so much. Now give me all the details."

It didn't take many details of my night fucking Rick and two total strangers for my husband to be hard and ready to fuck me like he never had before. One of his biggest fantasies had been fulfilled and I was giving him all the dirty details of it. He forced his cock inside my swollen sore pussy.

"Your pussy is so wet. Did you let them all cum inside you?"

I couldn't answer with more than a moaned yes. He was replacing my night with Rick and his friends as the best sex I had ever had. He fucked me hard and fast climaxing quickly inside me. He didn't stop! He kept pounding my pussy until he was hard again and bringing me to an orgasm. My pussy began to quake around his cock letting my juices run down between my ass cheeks. We fucked until I couldn't do it anymore, and then once I recovered, we started all over again. Next time he wants me to bring them all home so he can watch. I'm excited about the whole idea. It has become my biggest fantasy now that I know how excited it gets my husband and how well he fucks me just from hearing details.

Thank you hubby!


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Why does he want to share his wife just to get a double penetration.
This willing cuck obviously has his pea brain situated in his cock end, now his wife can only be satisfied big a big phallus.

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