tagGroup SexDouble Vision Ch. 06

Double Vision Ch. 06


[Note: This is a continuation of the story commencing with Double Vision Ch. 1 in which the main characters are introduced and described. The installations are meant to be read in order.]


Contrary to Darolyn's sense of herself as the more sexually-experienced twin, she had come to appreciate that Daniella had recently been the more adventurous one. The fact that Daniella had turned her inexperienced roommate Jennifer into a submissive who served her whims certainly gained Darolyn's admiration, and a degree of curious envy.

I now learned the stakes of their last bet. Darolyn had won the privilege of impersonating her twin for a session with Jennifer, with my assistance. On the Saturday night in question, the twins exchanged clothes at Darolyn's apartment, where Daniella remained for the evening,

Jennifer had already been told to prepare for an evening of fun with Daniella and I and when I got to the apartment, I found Jennifer naked and freshly shaved and showered on the couch with her straight black hair in pigtails.

"Hi Dio," she said, happy as a puppy to see me. "Would you like me to suck your cock until Dee gets home?"

"Sure," I assented, not wanting to change the routine or give any hint that tonight might be different. And in any case I loved Jennifer's blow jobs. With me as a regular practice aid, she'd become a proficient fellatrix.

Jennifer took off my pants and shoes and I sat on the couch as she ran her hands up and down my legs and nuzzled at my thighs and then my balls, breathing in my scent with pleasure.

"I love sucking your cock" she said with enthusiasm and popped the head between her lips, slathering her tongue all around the head while fluttering her hands around the base. She was getting really good at giving blowjobs and I told her so.

Just then we heard a key in the lock and Darolyn walked in dressed in one of Daniella's dresses. If I wasn't in on the plan I would have no reason to think she wasn't Daniella. After closing the door and putting down her bag, she stood watching Jennifer service my cock and gave me wink.

"That looks so good Jennifer," said Darolyn. "You've been so good I have a special treat for you tonight. Why don't you and Dio go to my bedroom and I'll be in shortly."

After entering the bedroom. I took off the rest of my clothes and sat up against the headboard as Jennifer positioned her delicious lithe body between my legs to resume licking and sucking my erection.

Pulling her lips off my cock with a pop, Jennifer fell into my arms and kissed me passionately for a moment. "I hope Dee lets us fuck tonight," she said before sliding down my body and taking my cock back in her mouth.

As the lean Chinese twenty-year-old took me deeper into her mouth, she grabbed my hands and put them on her head, signaling that she wanted me to dominate her by pressing her further down my shaft. I didn't really force her, and certainly didn't hurt her, but pushed her boundaries slightly. She said it excited her to be pushed just past her comfort zone.

I could just feel the head of my cock press into Jennifer's throat when Darolyn entered the room. She was wearing black high-heel shoes and a red strap-on dildo. With a wicked look on her face, Darolyn stepped behind Jennifer and knelt behind her on the bed. As Jennifer continued to slobber over my cock, Darolyn reached under to rub her pussy.

When she was satisfied that Jennifer was wet enough, Darolyn slid the dildo into Jennifer's pussy, causing Jennifer's eyes to open in surprise.

"Just keep sucking Dio's cock while I fuck your pussy," said Darolyn.

Jennifer complied and soon found a rhythm between pushing down on my cock and then back to Darolyn's latex phallus as Daniella's twin gripped Jennifer's hips.

"Turn around," ordered Darolyn and Jennifer obligingly spun around. "Suck it," Darolyn said, gesturing to the dildo.

Hesitating only a moment, Jennifer applied the skills she had honed with me to the dildo and Darolyn pulled on the pigtails in Jennifer's hair as she looked down at her. I regarded Jennifer on her knees before me and plunged my cock into her pussy. Jennifer's moans were muffled by the dildo in her mouth but her enjoyment was obvious as Darolyn and I plundered her from both ends. My pleasure was increased by the sight of Darolyn playing with her own breasts as Jennifer bobbed up and down on the fake penis.

"Wait a minute," Darolyn said and bent down to get something. She reached over, handing me a small butt plug and bottle of lubricant. "Put this in her, Dio," she said. "Jennifer, your treat is to be filled in all your holes tonight."

Jennifer looked at Darolyn and then back at me with her eyes shining in anticipation. I used my lubricated finger to loosen Jennifer's back opening, then lubed up the plug and very slowly pushed it in until it was in all the way and the tapered section of the shaft settled inside to hold the plug inside Jennifer's ass without my help.

Now I pushed my cock back into Jennifer's pussy and Darolyn directed her to suck the dildo. Jennifer was pushing back and forth and starting to perspire. Her pussy felt really tight because of the butt plug in her ass. Jennifer had such a wholesome look and persona in all other aspects of her life. It was incongruous and exciting to see her abandon herself to sexual pleasure with a man and a woman armed with sex toys. I could have cum pretty easily but I paused when I needed to so that I could make the experience last as long as possible.

Darolyn still had more tricks up her sleeves and told Jennifer and I to stop for a minute. Leaning back against the pillows with the strap-on phallus rising from her mons, Darolyn told Jennifer to climb on top of her. They fucked for a minute as Darolyn alternately pulled on Jennifer's nipples or reached around to grab her ass, pulling the pliant young woman down onto the dildo. Jennifer was really into it, cooing and moaning as Darolyn fucked her.

My girlfriend's twin stopped pumping and announced, "Dio, it's time for you to fuck Jennifer's ass."

As the two young women held still with the dildo still in Jennifer's pussy, I enjoyed the sight of Darolyn's manicured hands clutching Jennifer's golden ass. I removed the butt plug and lubricated my cock and Jennifer's back opening before placing my cock against her little pucker.

"Are you ready, Jennifer?" I asked.

"I've been wanting this," she responded. "Please fuck my ass."

Four months before, I had never fucked anyone in the ass. Now I was about to enter what would be ass number four. I looked at the pretty, petite Jennifer as she surrendered to Darolyn and me and then pushed my cock down into her ass hole.

"Oh! Jeez!" Jennifer called out in distress.

"Are you okay?" I asked her.

Breathing jaggedly, Jennifer responded, "it's okay. I can take it." Turning to look me in the eye, she quietly said, "I want you both to possess me."

At that, Darolyn and I began to fuck the pliant Jennifer between us as she moaned and cried out her intense pleasure. Jennifer came with a shriek, then came again as her body shuddered and she collapsed against Darolyn with a long, wavering cry. With a final thrust I pumped my load deep inside her ass while Jennifer whimpered.

"Don't pull out yet," Jennifer pleaded. "This is so perfect." It was. I enjoyed resting on top of my two lover's bodies as my heart rate slowly came back to normal.

After a few minutes my cock lost its steel and I went to the bathroom to clean up and then got glasses of water for all of us. When I returned, Darolyn had taken off the strap-on and Jennifer was between her legs, lapping at the pussy she still believed to be Daniella's. But is was Darolyn who held Jennifer's pig tails in her hands as the no-longer inexperienced Jennifer pleasured her room mate's twin.

They took a break to drink the water I brought and the three of us rested, leaning against one another as we recharged our batteries. Darolyn lazily ran a hand down my chest until she grazed my cock, causing it to stir.

"I haven't been fucked yet," Darolyn pointed out. "Jennifer, suck Dio's cock until it's really hard and wet for me."

Jennifer smiled at me as she reached for my cock and played with it as it began to harden again.

"Wait," Darolyn interrupted us. She directed Jennifer to lie on her back with her head hanging off the edge of the mattress. Standing by the side of the bed, I fed my cock into her mouth as Darolyn pinched and pulled Jennifer's nipples. As I reached full mast, I slowly pushed my cock head into Jennifer's throat until she began to splutter. I pulled out a bit and Darolyn remarked, "that's so hot!"

Next, Darolyn positioned Jennifer in the middle of the bed and straddled her backwards in a 69. Jennifer licked Darolyn's clit as I knelt behind her and stuffed my cock into Darolyn's sweet pussy. After fucking her for a few minute, Darolyn told me to stick my cock in Jennifer's mouth so she could lick it off, which Jennifer did with enthusiasm. I began to alternate between fucking Darolyn, who moaned appreciatively, and pushing my cock into Jennifer's obedient mouth.

"Put the plug in my ass," Darolyn requested, "it will make it tighter."

With a dab of lubricant, I pushed the black latex plug into Darolyn's ass until it was all the way in and plunged my cock back into her cunt. It definitely felt tighter and the sight of her ass hole gripped around the plug spurred me to fuck her harder. Jennifer was flicking her tongue between Darolyn's clit and my balls and we were both close to cumming.

Between moans Darolyn said, "when you're about to cum, pull out of me and cum in Jennifer's mouth. Jennifer squealed in delight and I pounded Darolyn as I pulled her hips back to fully impale her on my raging cock.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!" Darolyn yelled as she reached her climax. I pulled out and spluged right between Jennifer's open lips onto her outstretched tongue. Darolyn turned around to watch until all of my cum was in Jennifer's mouth.

"Do you like that Jennifer?" prompted Darolyn.

"Mmm, mmm," nodded Jennifer.

"Are you going to swallow that down to your belly when I tell you?"

"Mmm, mmm."

"Do you love cum?"

"Mmm, mmm."

"Good, Now listen," continued Darolyn. "I'm going to tell you something surprising. And when I tell you I want you to swallow that load of cum and smack your lips and then tell me what a good little slut your are. Okay?"

"Mmm, mmm." Jennifer assented with her mouth still open and full of cum.

"I'm not Daniella, Jennifer. You just let your room mate's sister dominate and use you."

Jennifer's eyes went wide as she took in the fact of her deception but she quickly closed her lips and swallowed, then opened her mouth to show us it was empty.

"I'm a good little slut," said Jennifer as she rose to sit on her heels. "I loved being dominated like that. I loved being stuffed in all my holes. Please tell Daniella I want her to do the same things to me, okay?"

"You're amazing," I told her. "You're both amazing. Is anybody else hungry?"

We showered and dressed. Darolyn rummaged through Jennifer's clothes and picked out a tight-fitting, T-shirt made of very thin fabric and low-rise jeans for her sister's submissive room mate to wear. Without a bra, Jennifer's hard nipples were blatantly obvious. With her long hair streaming free and her face still glowing, Jennifer had a "freshly fucked" luck that was really enticing. Darolyn, who looked great in anything, put on jeans and a crop top that showcased her narrow waist, taut belly and round breasts and hips. We went out to a local pizza place. As I walked with an affectionate, foxy babe on each arm, I felt like the king of the world.

The young ladies got a lot of attention at the pizza parlor. As we settled into a booth, a table full of football players took in the petite hotties with nudges and just audible comments about Jennifer's pointy nipples. Jennifer sat in the middle and after our pizza arrived, Darolyn told her to feed each of us a slice before helping herself. This kept the attention of the boys across from us as they unsuccessfully tried to avoid obviously staring.

"Too bad I didn't make you wear a miniskirt," Darolyn commented as she reapplied glossy red to her lush lips.

With the pizza dispatched, the three of us left, to the sorrow of the football guys. But on the walk back to the dorm, plenty of other guys and gals feasted their eyes on my companions.

In the elevator, Darolyn pulled Jennifer's shirt over her head. Leaving her breasts bare and an apprehensive expression on Jennifer's pretty face. We reached the 5th floor without any stops but when the doors opened a redhead from down the hall and her date were waiting for the next elevator down. Their eyes went wide and Darolyn pushed Jennifer through the doors past them laughing "she lost a bet, that's all. Have a good night!" Once inside, Darolyn turned to Jennifer and said, "you're a good sport, Jennifer. You've been so good, is there anything special you'd like tonight?"

Jennifer thought, then replied, "I've never had a man spend the night in my bed. Can I have Dio tonight?"

"Sure," Darolyn gladly assented. "I'm ready to kick back with a good book. The two of you can enjoy yourselves."

At that, Jennifer shyly took my hand and led me to her room.

We stripped off our clothes and slid into bed. Jennifer nestled her naked body against my chest and looked at me uncertainly.

"How are you feeling?" I asked her.

"I feel so lucky," she replied, "but..."

"What is it?" I pressed her.

"I love being told what to do. It frees me from my inhibitions and I'm grateful to Dee for sharing you with me but I'm worried that...that you don't respect me. And that I won't be happy with my own boyfriend, or he won't be happy with me. If I ever get one, I mean."

I stroked Jennifer's cheek reassuringly. "I don't think badly of you, it that's what you mean," I said. "But I realize we don't know each other very well in spite of our sexual intimacy. I'd like to get to know you better."

Jennifer looked at me with a calm and happy expression.

I continued, "I think you'll make some guy extremely happy. And it's totally selfish of me but I hope you don't meet anyone too soon because I don't want to give you up. I love Dee and hope we'll stay together, but you're also very special to me. The sex is hot, but it's also intimate. I feel lucky too: lucky that I get to be with you."

Jennifer wiped a tear from her eye, then gave me a tender, lingering kiss.

"Let me please you tonight," I said.

I lovingly massaged and licked Jennifer's lean body from her toes to her fingertips then licked her pussy to a shuddering orgasm.

"Please fuck me," she said softly.

Lifting Jennifer's legs over my shoulders, I slid my cock between the wet lips of her little cunt as I held her slim hips and began to thrust. Jennifer moaned and cooed as my balls slapped against her ass. She pulled and pinched her nipples as I steadily plunged into her tight pussy as she locked her feet behind my neck, pulling me desperately into herself. Jennifer came so I continued to pound into her, then she came again with a loud cry as I filled her with my seed. As I collapsed on top of her, Jennifer murmured, "I love you," in my ear.

"I love you too," I murmured back.

We fell asleep in each other's arms.

As daylight flooded the edges of the window blinds, I awoke to the sensation of silky hair brushing my thighs and wet lips sucking my cock which had risen before me. Jennifer tickled my balls as she slurped and sucked energetically until I spurted into her mouth and she swallowed it all. Moving up to snuggle with me, Jennifer looked at me with puppy eyes and said, "I don't know if Dee will let us do this again. But I'll always remember spending the night making love with you."

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