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Turk Louis is the name. I'm a burly guy, late thirties. Married once, no kids, thank the Lord. I'm a computer programmer at Long & Therus, a major seller worldwide. Make enough to spend some bucks. Dress well, look good. Drive a flash sports car. Have a great pad.

I'm lucky enough to have my glass-walled office near the ladies washroom, seventh floor. I like watching the data processors and secretaries walkin' by. Sometimes, as door swings slowly closed, I catch a glimpse of a big babe with big tits hanging over the sink, touching up her lips with Ruby Red lipstick.

The data manager, Grace, is an uptight, straight-laced broad. A set of full breasts straining under a prim blouse; loose, round ass harnessed by a well-cut skirt. Great legs and she knows it. She likes to brush her teeth after lunch. Sometimes I get a good look at the foam on her lips. I like to imagine her on her knees, servicing me, blonde hair clenched in my hands.

But she's as cold as ice. Never even glances in my direction, if ya get me.

This one night, I was working late. I was messing with a problem and I don't like to leave work til I've got it figured out. I was all alone on the floor, most of the lights were out. It had been a long day and I was ready for some relaxation, and old Mr. Jack was nodding, prodding, straining to be freed from my wool pin-stripe slacks.

"Go to sleep, you bugger," I said as I peered at my monitor.

"What's that?"

I turned around. She was a tall, well-built filly. Dressed in the pale grey uniform of the cleaning staff. She had a pale, long face. Her auburn hair was tied up underneath a scarf and she was wearing rubber gloves. She had to be about 25 or so.

"Hi," I said. "You must be new."


"What's your name?"

"Jasmine," she said, stretching her arms over her head. I couldn't help it. My eyes were drawn to her firm breasts. The top buttons of her uniform were open and I could see a slight sheen of sweat resting between the round orbs. She was a little heavyset, but man she was sexy. Mr. Jack was now at half mast. I pulled my chair closer to my desk.

"Got much left to do?" I said, wanting to hear more of her husky voice.

"Yours is my last office on this floor," she said. "Then I'm off."

"Go ahead," I said, "do whatever you need to do."

I tried to go back to work but my eyes kept drifting. She was wiping the windows. Each time she reached up, the uniform fabric tightened around the round cheeks of her ass. She slowly moved around the room. Her movements were fluid and strong. Like a dancer.

"Do you mind?" she said, gesturing to my desk. A scent of furniture polish and soap, but also something else, a sweet perfume, wafted to my nose.

"No, that's fine," I nodded at her. She smiled and leaned forward to reach the farther edge, giving me a birdseye view of the pink orbs held captive by her uniform. She wasn't wearing a bra.

"It's warm in here today," she said. "How can you wear wool in this heat?"

"I don't know. Used to it, I guess."

"I'll be happy to get out of this uniform," she said.

I smiled at her. "I could help you with that."

She laughed a delicious laugh, beautiful white teeth parting for a languid tongue that ran the length of her lips. "I bet you could. Is that the ladies there?"


"Well, I'm done here. See you." She took her cart and put it in the closet, and then, carrying a bag, went into the washroom.

I turned away and checked my email to see if the coding information I was waiting for had come in from Europe. It had, but I decided to close up shop for the day. I powered down my computer and switched off my desk light. It was then I realized the door to the ladies was propped open, and light was spilling from the door into the darkness. And she was there, in front of the mirror, leaning over the counter, pushing back the hair from her face.

She took a toothbrush and toothpaste out of her purse. She squeezed a liberal amount of toothpaste on it. She brushed her teeth with fluid motions, her body swaying in time to music I could not hear. She didn't rinse her mouth. She licked away the foam from her lips with her tongue.

She put some water in the sink and dropped a cloth in it. Then, still swaying, she unbuttoned her uniform. She was naked under it. She rung out the cloth, and passed it over the back of her neck, around to the front, and down. She shrugged off the uniform. Her beautiful, full double Ds moved seductively as she ran the cloth over them. She rinsed the cloth again and tenderly moved it over her round ass and down one fleshy leg at a time. The hair of her bush was red.

I swallowed as Mr. Jack sprang to attention.

She turned around and pulled herself up to sit on the counter. And then her eyes met mine.

I pushed my chair away from my desk and took off my shirt. I was at the washroom door in less than a minute.

She didn't say anything, just looked at me.

I moved up until I could smell her clean perfume. I ran my eyes over her firm breasts, oversized waist and generous hips. She lifted up her hand and took one of mine, and pulled me closer. I needed no further invitation.

I buried my head between her luscious pink breasts and licked, my darting tongue thrusting its way to one of her nipples. I suckled. She moaned. Eager to be fair, I moved to the other breast, taking its nipple into my mouth, flicking my tongue around its taunt peak, sucking like a babe. My hands grasped her generous waist and she leaned back into the mirror as I drifted down her soft plump belly to find her centre.

She lifted her beautiful meaty legs over my shoulders and I thrust my tongue at her clit. She was soft, warm, liquid. I sucked softly. I flicked my tongue. I buried my tongue in her pussy. I ran my tongue from her clit to her pussy over and over again. She arched in my arms and trembled. Her juices were oh-so-sweet.

I came up for air and she came with me, arching forward and reaching for my pants, undoing my buttons. I dropped my slacks and my shorts. Mr. Jack's entire eight inches thrust out, firm and erect.

She flipped around and put her legs up on the counter, letting her head hang over the edge of the counter. She reached for me and took Mr. Jack into her mouth, sliding him in over her tongue and into her throat. My hands went to her head. I could see what we were doing in the mirror. It was more than I ever imagined. Her mouth was hot and moist. She moved and arched with me. She reached out with a hand and clutched my ass. She sucked me until I almost came.

"No," she said in a hoarse voice. She thrust me away. She swung around, and positioned her legs on either side of me. I was ready. I grabbed her big hips and I got Mr. Jack into her tight hot hole and pushed. And pushed. She was so tight I thought I would cum before I even got all the way in. She grabbed her legs and threw them up over my shoulders and wriggled her ass until she was hanging over the counter. I leaned into her and she gasped as I slid all the way in. She took all of him, my hard cock, she took him so deep inside I must have been touching her very core.

I lost touch with reality.

I put my hands on the back of her knees and pushed her legs away as I pounded into her. She held the edge of the counter in both hands to steady us. I felt her tighten around my cock as she came once. Then again. Then over and over again. I felt her juices drip down onto my feet. Beads of sweat formed on our bodies and mingled as we rutted.

I looked in the mirror and froze. Grace was standing in the doorway. Watching.

"Don't stop," moaned Jasmine.

"Fuck her," Grace whispered. Her red lips were parted, and she was breathing fast.

Oh, God. I watched Grace's face as I pounded my cock into Jasmine. My body convulsed as my jissem saturated her pussy.

Suddenly Grace was beside me, pulling me away, pushing me aside. She lifted Jasmine's legs over her shoulders and got her head down. Jasmine gave a small cry, but it was one of pleasure, not of annoyance.

Jasmine reached out her hand and I took it. I watched as she came again. Grace drank her cum. I watched with even more interest as Jasmine pleasured Grace, tongue on tongue, on breast, on clit, in pussy . Then Grace got down on her knees and took me in her mouth -- and made my dream come true.

One redhead and one blonde. Two double Ds. Two fantastic big girls ready to spend quality hours with me.

Working overtime was never the same again.

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