tagToys & MasturbationDoug's Fantasy Ch. 03

Doug's Fantasy Ch. 03


Author's Note: This story is not meant to be realistic, it is a complete work of fiction... this particular chapter involves oral sex, masturbation and playing with food. Enjoy the Fantasy =)


Doug awoke the next morning, feeling very satisfied indeed... with such a luscious body as Mary's next to him he was hard as usual, but he had the feeling that he didn't really NEED the sex. After all, he'd had more sex the day before than he had in the past month! Still, no reason to waste a hard on.

She was barely awake as he pushed her underneath the covers, her lips automatically opening to receive his turgid member... Mary had learned quite a lot the previous afternoon. Her warm mouth engulfed him, eagerly if slowly... and she slid her lips down down down without using her hands. Fingers caressed his balls as she managed to swallow down most of his cock, and Doug ran his hands through her hair, pushing her further down onto him so that she gagged a little. Then he felt her relax, just as he had taught her, and his dick began to press into her throat.

As always her muscles convulsed at this strange invasion as she tried to both gag and swallow at the same time, and he moaned at how good it felt, her tongue lashing the underside of his shaft. Mary's nails dug into his thigh a little as she fought against his pressing hand on the back of her head, and he released her so that she could get some air. Then, without being told to, she eagerly tried to fit him all the way down her throat again... she could get so close to the base of his dick now, although not quite there. It felt fantastic... her warm mouth and throat wrapped around him, the soft sucking noises erotic on the morning air.

Humping his hips up and down, Doug fucked her mouth like he had her pussy, his hands on her head to control their every movement. Mary just swallowed and did her best to keep up, sucking and humming around his cock while her tongue laved his sensitive head. Very gently her teeth scraped along the top of his dick, making him jerk and moan... she learned very quickly.

His thrusts between her lips became more forceful, his fingers tangling in her hair as he pushed her down, lifting his hips to shove down her throat. Mary tried not to resist as his strokes became faster and harder, tears sparked in her eyes as she felt a little like she was choking... Then he suddenly pressed her all the way down, her lips wrapped around the very base of his dick... it was the first time that he'd gotten his cock entirely in her mouth. Panicking a little, Mary tried to pull away, but his hands on the back of her head held her fast. She could feel him swelling up inside her mouth as her throat convulsed around him in fear, pulsing spurts that sent liquid shooting straight to her belly, and she swallowed frantically, her throat massaging his dick as he came.

As he began to relax, his orgasm subsiding, she was able to relax. Like a good girl, she didn't stop gently sucking on his slowly softening member until he pulled her off. Her throat felt a little sore, but she was also proud of herself for keeping to her lessons, and for swallowing him whole for the first time. Doug was a little upset to see that there were some tears in her eyes, he hadn't meant to hurt her... but she didn't seem to mind at all. Mary's face was glowing with triumph, and he could tell from her hard nipples that she'd been turned on by it all.

"Alright," he said, "Let's get ready for the day and you can cook breakfast."


Doug watched as the beautiful young woman scampered naked around his kitchen, eagerly trying to please... he could tell that she wanted to play some more, her side-long glances letting him know that. Also the way she bent over the oven and into the fridge... but he was feeling rather content.

On the other hand, it might be fun to introduce her to something new.

Very proud of herself, Mary placed a plate full of eggs and bacon in front of him and went to get one for herself. As she was about to sit down, Doug said, "Wait."

She looked at him, tilting her head to the side with curiosity. Reaching across the table, Doug pulled a banana out of the fruit bowl, "Lie down on the table, on your back."

Mary looked confused as he started to peel the banana, but she obeyed, spreading her legs when he ran his fingers up her thighs. She panted a little as his fingers brushed against her pussy, her hard nipples standing out.

"Pinch your nipples," he whispered, liking the view as she obeyed. Mary moaned as she pinched her own nipples... and then she felt something firm pressing into her pussy... it felt strange, not as hard as his cock... and she looked down and gasped as she realized that Doug was inserting the peeled banana into her pussy. Throwing her head back she shuddered as the fruit pushed into her, she hadn't even thought of any kind of food in such an erotic way, but it really did feel good. Her pussy quivered, trying to grip the soft fruit, but the heat of her insides just mushed it.

Doug pulled the fruit from her, slightly smushed and coated in her pussy juices, and brought it to her lips, "Eat it."

His eyes glowed as Mary opened her mouth and took the first inch of banana between her lips, her face wrinkling a little at the musky taste of her pussy on the fruit. Only the first few inches had her pussy juices on them though, so as soon as she'd gotten through those he brought the banana back down to her pussy and pushed it in. Mary moaned, writhing a little... the banana was such a tease! It was too soft to give her real pleasure, but felt so good all the same.

When a few more inches of its length were coated with her juices, Doug brought it back up to her mouth and she ate some more. This time the taste of her pussy didn't seem quite as objectionable, she could smell her arousal, taste it in her mouth. They went through the entire banana that way, her pussy was on fire with need and teasing by the time she'd eaten the entire thing.

"Please..." she pleaded, moaning and squeezing her nipples even harder. It was the only real contact that she'd gotten.

Doug lowered his mouth to her pussy to eat his own breakfast, licking up the bits of fruit that were in her pussy, wiggling his tongue in her hole. Mary moaned and thrashed as he feasted, his firm tongue and eager lips filling her with a kind of fire that could not be denied. She pinched her nipples even harder, rolling the tender buds between her fingers as he licked... her orgasm was coming... it was building...

She let out an agonized cry as he pulled away and her pussy was left empty and itching, so close to orgasm and yet not able to achieve it. Doug moved quickly to the fridge, and then was back between her legs, but now something very large and cold was pushing into her.

Mary shuddered as the coldness seemed to go straight through her body, without taking away any of her heat... looking down, she saw an incredibly thick cucumber pushing into her, its green length spreading open her pinkness. Doug's eyes were transfixed on the way her tiny pussy stretched around the cold green vegetable.

The young woman on the table before him moaned and her body arched as he pushed the cucumber deep inside her. It was incredibly erotic to watch her getting fucked by the large green vegetable, she was obviously enjoying it immensely. Mary's lips were parted as he started fucking her with the cuke, rubbing his hand up and down his own cock, masturbating at the sight of her.

Her nipples were bright red with the abuse she was heaping onto them, her legs spread wide to accommodate the large vegetable, the green shaft sliding in and out of her glistening wet pinkness, its skin covered with her juices. Mary humped the vegetable, her lips parted as she twisted back and forth in eager pleasure. It was obvious that she was quickly building back or orgasm, her body having heated the cold vegetable in her pussy.

Doug pushed his hand down on his cock every time he thrust the cucumber into her, his face incredibly close to her pussy, watching her muscles contract as he fucked her with it. His own breathing was getting excited, he'd never realized how erotic it could be to just watch, especially up this close.

"OH GOD!" Mary suddenly screamed, her body arching as her fingers twisted her abused nipples, he could see her pussy tightening around the cucumber, and he shoved it all the way inside of her. Standing quickly he began jerking frantically as she writhed on the table before him, legs spread with just the stem of the cucumber peeking out of her pussy lips.

With a bellow, Doug jerked and white cum began to spray onto her stomach, spurt after spurt making a trail down to her stuffed pussy, while Mary panted from her subsiding orgasm. She released her nipples with a whimper, they were distended and obviously sore after all the pinching and twisting.

Moaning a little, Doug finished spraying cum across her spread pussy, sighing happily. Mary whimpered again as he carefully pulled the cucumber from her pussy, it made a sucking noise as the large girth of it left her body. Tossing the glistening vegetable into the sink he smiled at her.

"Time for breakfast."

As they ate, Mary wriggled a little uncomfortably in her seat... and Doug thought about how much fun it had been to play with her. He'd have her clean the house after breakfast, while he ran out for a few errands... there were some things he wanted to pick up.

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